Magic Muscle

The story gets THICKER


By Muscl4life

Larry kept listening to Clark – “These men have a special quality, me dear Clark, they are unaware of their potential, they take their lives normally, working, studying, dating, loving, but their most intense feeling is their love for muscle. It is their most sincere and intense feeling.” “I don’t see anything new about this!” Larry said at once. “But you will, Larry! These men’s energy are very, very powerful, you’ve not seen anything like that, they are like Jake, except they are not magical deities themselves!” “I am ready Clark, bring them on!” Larry said a little impatient. “I will, but please, be calm, those are very special men, and you can’t even think about hurting them, otherwise you will lose all the benefits from your protector gods, they will not tolerate if you start acting like Drakna.” Clark replied seriously. Larry took a deep breath, he listened to his pantheon’s advises, and he recovered his gentle personality. He held hands with Clark and they both enchanted the summoning spell. “Forces of Magic, ruler of the cosmos, hear me now, bring into our presence those who loves Larry’s muscles and only Larry’s muscles!” Suddenly a hurricane seemed to come from the middle of the room, Larry and Clark were happy because their spell seemed to be working. When the smoke faded out, instead of the ten special worshippers, only one skinny old man appeared. “Didn’t expect to see me, did you Larry?” The man said ironically. “Master Aeobius? What are you doing here?” Larry asked in disbelief. Clark could not believe in his eyes, he was looking at Aeobius Yuklam – one of the most powerful wizards ever been, he was famous by his accomplishments and his powerful pupils such as Larry and Stephan. “I’ve come to this realm because of your last acts, Larry, I am very disappointed at you!” Aeobius said and walked towards the ultra muscular figure of Larry – “You can do whatever you want to become the way you desire but you can’t just use people like you were intending to do!” “I beg you pardon?” Aeobius smiled – “Don’t you recognize the importance of the last happenings? You’ve set the power of the Lost wizard into this Realm, now you are going to forget about this?” “But I need the power of those ten men to grow stronger” Larry defended himself. “Yes, you need, but you can’t simply bring them here, you are the one who needs them, you gotta be humbler.” Aeobius looked at him “You have to understand how important you are to those from whom you get your powers!” “I am sorry, Master, I didn’t mean to do anything wrong…” Clark said in Larry’s favor. “You are a very good wizard. Clark, you were only trying to help Larry, but he must act on his own this time! With your help, Larry became Utlunta’s avatar, and his goddess is at his side every time, blessing him, just as the other protectors. But becoming such powerful being has responsibilities, too!” “W-what responsibilities are those?” Larry asked stupefied. “You have to EARN their respect, Larry, do something to conquer their love and admiration, and especially you have to feel like you are their servant! Only then you’ll be able to feel the REAL power you had asked for!” Aeobius smiled and looked at Clark – “Take Clark from example, he found you, defied you but did exactly what you wanted, he challenged your strength and power, and fought with every fiber of his big muscles in order to please you!” The wizard blushed – “He loves you, you don’t love him as much as you love Jake, but you should learn with him, he is doing everything he can in order to help you, and yet you don’t recognize his worth!” “Aeobius, please don’t force him to do anything he doesn’t truly want!” Clark said with tears in his eyes. “I am not, Clark, that’s why I am here to help!” The wizard said smiling. “Larry, you feel that Jake does not love you anymore, because he got to be bigger than you! It is incorrect!” Aeobius said approaching Clark. “He loves you the same way he did after he first saw you growing because of his powers!” “So what seems to be the problem?” “The problem is with you Larry! You don’t appreciate your worshippers, remember when everything started? You just wanted more power so you went after Tom and Hank, while you bossed Jake around, you said he would never regret being with you, but instead of staying next to him, you went after Hank and Tom, and when they started worshipping you again, you forgot all about their acts!” Aeobius concluded. Larry felt Aeobius’ words like a punch in his guts. He suddenly realized everything. He was the one who should deserve the worship of those men, and not the contrary. He looked at Clark and ran towards him, kissing him deeply – “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I am in love with Jake, but it doesn’t mean I can’t love you too, and I do, I realized now, I only think at you whenever I am in trouble, it’s because I trust you and feel protected by your wisdom, I love your wise being, and especially your incredible strength, you clever mind.” He kissed Clark once more and suddenly he felt his muscle starting to grow once more, he could feel it beginning in his groin, going down to his legs and up to his chest, it was the same feeling again. “You see Larry, those men didn’t stop worshipping you just because Jake was bigger, Jake felt exactly like them once, enchanted by muscles, and he knows exactly how to behave according to each one of his worshippers!” Aeobius said smiling “I will take Clark with me!” He added. “W-why?” Larry and even Clark asked in chorus. “Well I need one final pupil, someone who will take my knowledge forward, you are a very skilled wizard Larry, but you are already too powerful, I need someone who can really strengthen from my teaching! Besides, the way you dismissed Stephan’s powerful spell really amazed me, you have talent, young man!” Clark looked at Larry “I love you so much, don’t worry, you can do it!” Clark said and walked toward Aeobius and they both disappeared in the air.

Jake smiled, he had all those men under his charm, but not any charm, they were hypnotized by his MUSCLES! He stood there at the bar and all the other men were around him, struggling for some space to worship his body. “Gentlemen, please, There’s enough JAKE for every single one of you and much more!” He leaned and opened his arms – “Come on in!” He said with a grin in his eyes. The men didn’t say a word, they just climbed at Jake’s enormous arms and adjusted them selves – Each huge arm had 3 big men sitting on them. Jake smiled and stood up, easily lifting the 6 huge men, each one weighing at least 250 pounds. “AS YOU CAN SEE I AM A MUSCLE POWERHOUSE!” Jake laughed as he felt his muscles growing again. Those men were lusting after him, and thanks to his new pantheon. The mythological muscle Gods and Heroes he had defeated and the goddesses he had conquered with his incredible good looking all of them were blessing him now, and the more those guys were desiring him, the more he grew. One of them noticed that Jake’s arms were getting thicker, somehow. “Yes, my dear man, I am growing because of your lust for my muscles, the more I will grow stronger and more muscular!” Jake said almost moaning feeling his muscles getting even more ripped. The other men on the bar also noticed his growth and they all jumped into Jake’s powerful body, hanging on his arms, on his neck, his back, his traps. The titanic Jake only laughed as he felt his own power increasing. Soon Jake had over 20 huge men hanging on him, only his beautiful blond head, above the rest. He felt each of his gods blessings upon him and he grew strong muscles were uncanny and getting even freakier. Each of the worshipping men was his personal heaven, the cocks were soon out of the leather pants, and the jerking session soon started pretty much after that, and Jake kept flexing his growing muscles to please his worshippers. “Oh, man look at those pecs! I’d give anything to see then flexing!” Jake heard on his mind, and he flexed his pecs. One man explodes in cum, spreading his juice all over Jake’s chest, and Jake’s pecs rolled with the new size they gained. “Those legs! If he flex his legs, I can’t help but cum!” Another voice said in his mind and Jake obliged, feeling another moan, the warm wet feeling over his enormous thigh and the subsequent growth. “I can’t believe, I am sitting on his biceps! If only he could say that…” another voice, and Jake smiled – “Are you comfy, little men?” and soon the guy cam all over Jake’s biceps, and they grew even more freakier. “I’m fucking his abs! how many slabs are there?” “Twelve packs, Howard! And I am sure liking what you’re doing!” And Jake felt his growh increasing Suddenly, all men came at the same time, it was like Jake had touched them in synch. The explosion of cum, power and muscle was magnificent, and from the great number of worshippers, emerged a NEW Jake, standing up and dropping all his worshippers at the floor. He was COLOSSAL, still 8 feet tall, but now his muscles seemed to be made of pure marble! He was unstoppable, uncanny, unbelievable – 500 inches chest, 425 inches arms, 450 inches legs, 16 pack stomach, and his cock only got thicker ad longer, like a mighty anaconda between his enormous pecs. His beauty only increased, if that was possible, and now his mind was clever than ever, he has the wisdom of Athena now and the world now seemed so much clearer. He had the whole world for him, but first he had to avenge his lover, his Stephan his only true love from Larry and his mean acts. “Thank you gentlemen, you were very kind to me!” He said flexing his biceps and bursting the door as he left.

“You see what I meant, Clark?” Aeobius asked as he dismissed the magic puddle who shows him whatever he wants to see – “Jake is, above everything, a dedicated worshipper and he hears those who worship him, and Larry forgot all about it, he thinks he is doing a favor for those who love muscle, but is it him who needs their favor in order to grow!” “But why Jake stopped loving Larry?” “He didn’t, he is only under Drakna’s influence!” Aeobius said at once. “But Gakira dragged his soul!” Clark refused to believe. “You are very wise, Clark, but you still have much to learn from me. Gakira would take some time to absorb Drakna’s soul, and since Jake exiled him, Stephan’s soul was free to return to his body, but since Jake’s powerful soul now inhabited the powerful body that once belonged to Drakna…” “You mean Jake is being haunted by Drakna’s soul?” Clark asked nervously. “No, not exactly, Drakna can’t reach this realm, and his body is forever lost to Jake, because he is the most powerful magic force that ever existed, but although Jake is yet so powerful, he didn’t spend years dedicating himself to the arcane arts, he doesn’t know how they work, he only feels how to use them, and it can be very dangerous for your realm, that’s why I am gonna teach you, you will be Clark’s tutor once I leave this Realm!” “Me? Why me? You are much more powerful and skilled than I will ever be!” Clark said despaired, but Aeobius knew he would react like this. “You are very powerful yourself, Clark, and besides we both know there’s a very strong reason for you to teach Jake…” “No, please, I gave up that life to dedicate myself to magic! I gave up Jake a long time ago! I was scared, selfish, I didn’t want to rise him…” “But it doesn’t make him less of your brother! Jake was still a newborn when you left him at an orphan’s shelter after your parents died, you wanted to live your own life. You had helped Jake to find a good family, with your very first spells and once he was adopted by the multibillionaire couple, you could dedicate yourself to your own desires.” Clark had tears in his eyes – “I never thought we would meet again, and fall in love for the same man!” Aeobius smiled . “You can’t fool fate! Now you gotta rise your brother in the arts of Magic, but you can’t alert Stephan, he has very power in Jake’s mind, your brother thinks they’re soulmates. I will teach you how to disguise your real intentions from the warlock’s knowledge, and then you will be able to teach Jake how to see the truth!” names “Master, but what about Larry?” “Larry has his own mission, Clark, he has to learn the value of his muscles for himself!”

Larry had come to a conclusion. He was all by himself now, he had to find each one of the ten worshippers and learn with them the value of MUSCLE, only then he would stand a chance against Jake and his unlimited powers. He looked at the names written on the paper, the first were the names of the American ones, since they were closer, he should start with them. He read the first name aloud and vanished in the air.

Scott was finishing his last chapter on his story, he had been typing the words all the afternoon. But he was soon to be free and releases himself from his situation, and frankly his cock was so hard it ached. Scott liked muscle, he had a decent body on himself, thanks to his biking passion, but he wanted to be much bigger, much more muscular. Anyway, he liked MUSCLE! Big Time! He would love to worship some huge guy just like he had just written on his story… Suddenly, the lights faded out – “What the heck?” Scott quickly checked his file, fortunately nothing was lost. “Hello Scott!” A low, powerful voice called his name. Scott frightened, he couldn’t believe his own eyes, this guys was HUGE, how did he enter his house? What did he want? “Calm down Scott” the man brushed his face tenderly, his fingers were almost as thick as his arms. Scott was calming down, but he was still very afraid. “My name is Larry, and you know I am true!” Larry used his magic to tell his whole story to Scott, and the man was shocked, he had written so many stories, but he would never believe it was gonna happen. “You can’t deny that I am pretty solid!” Larry said flexing his arms in a double biceps pose and Scott almost came in his pants, then Larry kneeled and begged him. “PLEASE, SCOTT! I NEED YOUR HELP! I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT, BUT LET ME GIVE YOU THE PLEASURE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO HAVE! THIS NIGHT YOU’RE MY MASTER! I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! JUST LET ME SHOW YOU HOW MUSCULAR YOU CAN MAKE ME!” Scott gasped, he couldn’t believe! But who was him to judge that musclebound anyway? •

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