Magic Muscle



By Corwin

Larry wanted to grow. Larry NEEDED to grow. He wanted more strength, more size, more power. He would show Jake what muscle size and power was, and he'd get Jake back.

Larry had thought Jake's return would make him happy, but it didn't. Whenever Jake would start to worship Larry, he'd note his own large size, his bigger biceps, fuller chest, wider lats and more massive legs. Larry was so small. Why should Jake worship him? Larry gained small consolation from the hundreds of men who marvelled at his pictures on the internet, but the gains in size seemed so small compared to the body Jake had gotten from Stephan.

Now that Jake had left him, Larry was free to grow again. He closed his eyes and attempted to contact the many worshippers his internet site had given him. He felt a small rush, but nothing like what he expected.

"Something's wrong," he thought. Yes, some men were still looking at his size, his mass and in awe of his power, jerking off and worshipping him from afar, but most had stopped. Why?

Larry walked over to his computer and pulled up the website. He scanned the entries, and his eyes were quickly drawn to a new one -- Jake Drakna. He clicked the link. Jake had posted his pictures there, a massive bicep shot, a most muscular, a relaxed, and several nude shots. There was one shot with Larry comparing their arms, with Stephan smiling at his much bigger show muscle. "They're worshipping him now, not me!" Larry screamed. It didn't make sense to Larry. With Stephan vanquished, Jake didn't grow through worship. Jake had no pantheon of dieties feeding his powers. Why deny Larry his ability to grow?

Larry needed to grow, and he needed to be worshipped. If Jake was the new hot man on the internet, there was still the clubs. Larry visualized leather pants and a leather vest to fit his massive body. With his magic, he summoned them. Larry would go to one of the local leather clubs and find worshippers, and he would grow.


Jake sat in the gym where Stephan had performed the ritual. There was still power here. Jake could feel it. He summoned a magic wand and cast an incantation. Red sparks flew from the wand to the ground. Jake traced out a triangle, then a second inverted on the first, making a six pointed star. He drew a circle around the star, connecting the points with arcs.

Jake stepped into the center of the figure and stipped off his clothes. Raising his hands upward, he chanted in the ancient tongue. The room seemed to darken, then Jake said in English: "I challenge Hercules."

Within the circle, mists formed, then smoke. The fumes coalesced into a cylindrical shape that became a man.

The figure that emerged was large and muscular. His delts were round, and his traps obscured much of his neck with their height. The man's pecs formed a shield of muscle on his chest, and his ripped abs demonstrated that he carried no bodyfat at all. The man wore only a brown leathery loin cloth, and his legs were ripped pillars of steel. The man had shoulder length brown curly hair. When he spoke, his voice thundered, "Who dares challenge Hercules, champion of Greece."

"I do!" said Jake.

Hercules turned and jumped at Jake. Both knew the rules. If Jake could pin Hercules, he won. If Hercules could force Jake from the circle, Jake died.

Hercules smacked his massive shoulder into Jake's abs, and bounced off. Before Hercules could recover, Jake grabbed him and lifted him from the ground. He threw the Greek demi-god to the floor face first. He ripped the loin cloth off, and jumped on top of him. Hercules struggled, but never had he faced a man with the size and strength of Jake. Jake spread Hercules butt and began to insert his massive dick. Hercules cried his submission, but Jake would have none of it. He raped the demi-god, only pulling out after injecting his seed and satisfying his carnal needs. When he finished, he lifted Hercules from the ground.

"You are mine now."

Hercules bowed his head, and vanished into smoke that engulfed Jake before it vanished. In his mind's eye, Jake could see Hercules.

"I challenge Sampson," screamed Jake and the scene repeated. "Thor", "Odin", "Apollo", "Zeus", "Neptune" and "Achilles" were all summoned in turn, and all lost to Jake, adding to his pantheon of protector gods.

Jake sat in the circle, seeing the male gods, demi-gods and heroes he had defeated. He felt their power, their strength within him. He chanted once again in the ancient tongue.

"Beautiful Aphrodite, a beseach you. Come to me and bestow you gifts upon me. Eros, son of love of beauty, come to me too. Heed your mother and bestow your gifts."

The mists formed once again, turning to smoke and finally becoming two figure, a woman and a boy.

"What requests you wizard?"

"Highness, please, I request your favor. I have defeated champions of the ancient world, but do not seek to defeat you. I request your blessing, and your sons. Join as my protectors with the others. Make me irrestible to man and woman alike, beauty beyond any other man. Make is so that all whom I desire fall in love with me."

Aphrodite looked at him. "Wizard, your power is manifest indeed. I shall do more than honor your request." She turned and raised her hands. Two columns of smoke appeared, and transformed into two more women. "Athena and Artemis, join with me and this hero. Protect him and give him wisdom and bravery in battle, for no better champion can we have than he in the battles yet to come." The four gods vanished as the others.

Jake raised in hands and the mystic symbol seemed to rise from the floor. It floated above Jake, then turned vertical, shrinking and splitting into two and bursting into flames. The flaming symbols converge on Jake's massive shoulders and burn themselves into his skin. Now, Jake has the gift of gods too.


Larry entered the leather bar, and immediately all eyes turned to him. Never had they seen a man with so much muscle. Murmurs of desire spread between the other leather men as Larry stepped to the bar and ordered a whiskey. He felt their worship.

One of the bigger men came over to Larry. He wore a harnass and leather armbands that wrapped around arms that had to be at least 22 inches of solid muscle. The harnass lifted his pecs, though he didn't need the help with the definition. His six pack abs were clearly defined, even when he wasn't flexing. He wore chaps and his package was full, the snake running halfway to his knees.

"You're new here," said the man.

"Uh huh," responded Larry, feeling the man's desire.

"I'm Tom."


"Man, you are huge! Mind," Tom said, wrapping his hand over Larry's leg sized upper arm. "I got a place a few blocks from here. I'd love to take you there. I'd do anything you want."

"Would you worship me?" Larry asked, knowing the answer.

Before Tom could answer, another man entered the bar. He was shirtless and wore only jeans and leather boots. All eyes turned from Larry and stared at the new man, even Tom's. Tom walked away.

Larry turned. He recognized the immense blond man. Jake was here. Larry jumped from his seat. Each step he took made him more angry. "What are you doing here," he growled.

"I've come to show these boys what a real man is, little one," Jake said, roll his pecs in a show of superiority. "Let them worship a real man."

"Let them worship me!" Larry said. It sounded more like a plea.

"No," said Jake.

"Why are you doing this? You know I need to have my body worshipped to grow. Why are you stopping me? You use to love me."

"Isn't it obvious? I don't want you to get any bigger. "

"Why? What does it matter to you?" cried Larry.

"Because. Now I am the biggest and I will stay that way," said Jake.

"But you loved me?" Larry said.

"Past tense," responded Jake. "How could I love someone who wants to enslave me?"


"You think you are so good, and Stephan was so bad. Well, I got news for you. You've got it wrong. Stephan wasn't all bad, and you aren't all good."

"But Stephan killed you," cried Larry.

"No. I sacrificed myself for him, and I became more than he ever was or could be. And you killed him," said Jake. "You only wanted power for yourself, and I won't let you have it. Now leave, before you make me more upset!"

Larry was speechless. The man he had loved had turned against him. He left to find Clark as Jake began to give a muscle show for the men in the bar, lifting men sitting on stools with one hand.

As Larry left, Jake closed his eyes. He saw his god-protectors watching over him. With them were all the bodybuilders Stephan had drained, killed or used to become huge. Standing alone was a tall, hooded figure, long blonde hair hanging over the front of his robes. "Avenge me, my love," said Stephan. "I will," thought Jake.

--- Clark listened to the turn of events with unease.

"Jake is more powerful than both of us," said Clark. "The mystic forces he commands are far more dangerous than anything either of us can muster."

"There has to be a way," said Larry. "If we can't beat him with magic, we'll have to beat him with muscle."

"That's hard if he's blocking you. Face it, guys that want muscle will want him," said Clark, thinking. After a short pause, he added, "but there might be a way..."

Larry looked at him and got a gleen in his eye, "you mean a locator charm?"

"One attuned to muscle worshippers. Powerful ones who prefer dark men," added Clark.

"Ones who want me and only me!" said Larry. "With them, I could grow again. Get bigger than Jake, and maybe even make him love me again.

"I love you," said Clark, knowing that it was unrequited.

Together Clark and Larry performed the charm. They found 10 men. Three in the United States, one in Canada, two in Asia, three in Europe, and one in South America.

"We must bring them here, to me. I need to grow and they're my only hope," said Larry. •

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