Magic Muscle

Showing off


By Corwin

On our way out the door, I notice Jake's digital camera. That gave me an idea.

"Jake, grab the camera. I think its time we document my new size."

Jake was more than willing.

At the gym, the two muscleheads were training legs. They had the rack loaded with 16 plates. Jake id'ed the guy under the bar as Hank the Tank. His partner counted seven as The Tank returned the bar to the rack. Sweat poured over his big body. Tom changed places with Hank as Jake and I walked over to the next rack. I loaded my bar with nine plates. I could feel Hank watching me.

"Jake, get a shot of my warm up." I got under the bar and lifted it easily. Jake snapped a shot as I lowered my butt to the floor, the powered the bar up. I did 12 reps. After eight reps, I could feel Tom watching me too. He had completed his 6, and I felt his lust and envy of my stronger body. With each rep of mine, I was growing bigger. My spandex shorts began to rip, unable to contain my massive quads.

"Damn. And I just bought those. " I threw Jake a 20 dollar bill. "Jake, see if they have some shorts at the desk I can change into." I winked and Tom and Hank. "Bet you two know how it is, huh?" I added two more plates to the bar and started another set.

"Hey man, we'd better spot you. That's some weight you're pushing there." They counted my ten reps.

"Thanks," I said, returning the bar. "But I'm just warming up. I don't want to interfere with your workout."

"No prob, man," said Tom. "Besides, not like that queer Jake could spot you."

"Be nice," I told them. "Jake's a bud of mine. You might say, he made me what I am."

"Whoa, sorry dude," said Hank. "It's just that he checks us out a little too much. Too obvious for our tastes."

"We like to be a bit more discrete," said Tom.

"Well, Jake is here to get some photos of me. Don't mind you join my workout, if you don't mind getting your pictures snapped with me."

"No prob."

I have to admit, they were quite the workout partners. As they pushed me, I felt myself grow. They did HIT training, so the intensity was incredible. As I bested their best lifts, they high-fived me and told me I was "the man." They couldn't believe my pump, and with each "the man" and each high five, I grew bigger and stronger. Jake got it all with the camera.

At the end of the workout, Tom and Hank flexed their massive legs in the mirror. "Get the tape, man." We gave Jake the pleasure of measuring us, snapping pictures of the tape as it read out our massive size. Tom had 30 inches, and Hank 31, but nothing compared to my 39 inch thighs. I flexed my bicep, and stretched the tape to 30 inches.

"Fuck, his arm is as big as your leg!" said Hank to Tom.

"Stronger too. " I said.

"No way man." replied the Tank.

"Wanna test that theory." I said.

"Now?" said Tom.

"How about later tonight at your place. I'm kinda hungry now, and need to feed my muscles. You know how that is."

"Ya, I could eat a horse. How about at 8 tonight." I got their address. They shared a house near the beach.

"What now?" said Jake as we left the gym.

"We post those pictures on the internet. Imagine what will happen as all those people see this bod. All that worship from afar. "

On the way back to Jake's, we stop at a clothing store so I can pick up some XXL sweats, then to the grocery for supplies. Steaks, tuna, milk and other snack food. I eat like a madman, then let Jake feel the results. I'm huge, and he's a great worshipper. My arm grew to 32, and my quads now stretched the tape to 42. My dick was even bigger than before.

It was almost 8 o'clock, and I needed to get to Tom and Hank's.

"Jake, do me a favor and download those pictures. Find one of the muscle worship sites," I gave him a url, " and post them there. Then come over to the apartment for some fun."

I put on the sweats I bought and head to the apartment. As I get to the door, I suddenly feel a rush of strength. My shirt begins to tighten as guys view the net pictures. I begin to grow. As Hank opens the door, my sweatshirt splits open, revealing massive growing pecs. •

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