Magic Muscle

The joy of hunting


By Muscl4life

I wake up and sepnd the next half hour admiring my body, feeling the newly gained size - my arms are so better pumped and buffed like they are now. I go through my wardrobe but not seems to fit me now, my body deserves to be shown, even thoug it si not one tenth the size I want to be! I grabbed some cyclist shorts and an old tank top, everything very tight and showing my lean muscles. I had an enormous breakfast, never ate so much in my life, probably to keep my newly acquired mass (not to self groceries must be done everyday now) and prepared to my daily hunt after muscles! Why on earth would somebody rent an apartment in venice Beach if it was not for the muscle beach? I don't know but it worked really fine for me! I go down the beach sidewalk showing my naked torso while i roll in my rolerblades. This is a good to spot my possible worhsippers, they have to be completely hypnotized by muscles. It was then I notice a couple of bodybuilders doing some bicep curls. They'are big guys, both are over 6 feet tall and probably weight 250 pounds each one. Good material, but I would soon outgrow them. What really attracted me was one cute young sparky blond man, he shouldn't be 20 yet, but he was there watching the guys working out, but making sure to remain unoticed. I smile and stop paying attention to the scene. At certain point, one of the guys figure out they are being spotted and tell his partner. They look to the blondie and flex him from afar, the guy freaks out and pretend they're not talking to him - "Hey you queer! You've seen enough, now get off before we kick your queer ass!" One of them shouted and suddenly all the guys on the beach were mocking of the poor kid, who just got up on his bike and vanished. I smiled meanly realizing my next target. Since i'vebeen magically focusing on him, no matter how fast culd he go with his bike I was right after him, knowing exactly which direction he had taken. Fifteen minutes later, he stopped at an isolated part of the beach, near an old pier - "Time to grow!" I thought as I approached the cute blond. He was really cute, 5'8" about 155 pounds so lean and cut, but what turned me most on him was his face, so young, so fucking beautiful. "Pretty hot huh?" I said anticipating the dubious interpretation of my speech. "I beg your pardon?" The cute blond answered me timidly "I mean, the weather, pretty hot today huh?" I smiled "My name is Larry, by the way, Larry Carter! I offered him my hand and he shook it. I realized he was checking me out and it really turned him on after all, I was 5'9" and 175 pounds, ripped to the max, glistening and sweating skating all the way from the muscle beach. "Mine is Jake Feldens" he answered after a little while, still checking my hot body. "Nice to meet you Jake!" I shook his hand with enthusiasm, but then I decided to set up the trap. "I am sorry for those bullies back there!" I said looking into his blue eyes, and he went instantly red. "No need to be ashamed, jake! Those bastards were there to show off their bodies, anyone could look!" I tried to comfort him. "I didn't want to cause any trouble!" Jake said trying to leave but I grabbed his hand - "Why are you so embarrassed, I was there checking them out too, in fact the only reason I go that ugly beach is those muscle guys!" He looked at me - "Really?" "Sure! Don't you too?" I asked with a glint in my eyes. "I guess.." Jake answered already trusting in me. We sat on the pier admiring the beautiiful day. "I like to wacth those guys, they give me inspiration in the gym1" I said, trying to cach him ... "You work out?" He asked me pretending he didn't realize my soberb physique. "You could say that! But I only started, i want to be HUGE, much bigger than those guys who snobbed you..." "Bigger than Tom and Hank?" "You know them?" I asked acting surprised "Yeah, I joined the same gym as them, I keep looking them every where they go! I don't know what's wrong with me!" Jake laughed nervously, but I comforted him. "You just a muscle junkie, like me!" I said smiling and he smiled back at me his white teeth shining "You're into huge guys too?" "Kind of, I am more into getting HUGE! One day I'll be so freaking huge, those bastards are gonna fear me!" I said flexing my muscles in a most muscular pose. "I would like to see that..." Jake replied smiling, but his eyes never abandoned my pec muscles while I bounced them. I could feel they already starting to grow and I didn't even begin, that guy was good stuff! "Say, Jake, why don't we go have some frozen yogurt?" I asked "Sure!"he smiled "This one is mine!"

While we were eating the yougorts Jake didn't stop asking me if I would really like to be so huge like Butch and Hank. "Of course! It is a fantasy of mine!" "But they work out since 12 years old! And I've heard they are severely into roids..." "Well I am just 19, I still have much time to grow, and about roids, I won't need them!" "You wanna be a natural? Well, it's healthier but let's face it without drugs you'll never get as big as them..." "Oh, I will, and much sooner than you can possibly imagine!" I said finshing my ice cream and looking right into his eyes. "would you like see me that big?" I asked touching his lips with mine and he barely to mumble "OH YESSSS!!!" and we kissed. The mere fact of our kiss made me gain twenty pounds almost immediatelly! I felt my pecs getting heavier, my arms ballooning and my legs thickening. "Let's go to my place!" I practically dragged him for three whole blocks to my place. I even held him in my arms as I rushed upstairs. i was almost 50 pounds heavier than when I first met him, and i showed! My skin tight clothing was giving up; my shorts wer so tight now, showing my huge 8 inches cock cramped inside my skimpy shorts, and my tank top, WOW! My nipples were so huge and excited now, my shoulders completely cramped and my abs popping out. "Larry, what's wrong?" he said as I gasped in awe with myself! "You're, you're GROWING!" As he said that I doubled over feeling my stomach packing insanely ripped muscles. He didn't scared as I thought at first, he was HORNY! "Y-yes, and it's becasue of you!" I said looking into his eyes. He approached me realizing each enlarging muscles, each detail. "Wh- h-how?" He asked rubbing his hands on my chest and I felt so much more powerful each time he touched me! I kissed him deeply and this time, he wuit asking and just kissed me even deeper. You could actually hear my bones cracking as they addapted to my uncanny muscular mass packing my body! As we broke the kiss, my chest was humongous! This guy was pumping hugely now! "I made you grow didn't I? GAWD you're huge now!" I looked at the mirror, over 270 pounds of pure ripped and strongest muscles. "YES! and you barely kissed me!" "Huh?" "The more you worship me the bigger I'll grow! Only for you, Jake, you can make your wildest dreams come true! Don't you wanna big man just for you?" I flexed my arms and my 22 incehs biceps peaked ripped and round, gistening with power! He came near me, put his hands on my thighs and I felt them packing in size, then placed his other hand on my stomach and getnly kisssed my nipples. "You're so fucking beautiful, you're muscles, your biceps, you are so hugely muscular!" He said as he rubbed his hands over my body. I kept listening to his words as my body inflated in mass and muscle, completely sheer muscles. "Larry, your muscles are the most amazing thing in the world! You're the biggest man in the world!" Jake really knew how to do his job! Each time he talked to me I was pounds heavier and my muscles packed wildly. When my arms passed 25 inches, I just laughed "THAT'S IT JAKE! MAKE ME GROW HUGE! BIGGER! MORE! MORE! MOOOOORE!" That's when I realized his mouth wrapping his mouth around my now 10 inches hard cock. He literally blowed me! Each time he went down on my shaft I was 10 pounds heavier and all in muscle! Bigger! BIGGER!! BIGGEEEER!" I felt my body inflating so fast, so amazinlgy fast, the room seemd tight now, and Jake kept on sucking, and sucking. By the time I finally had spewed my immense load down Jake's throat I was amazed. "YOU'RE A HOT LITTLE LOVER! I said feeling how deeper my voice became. I rushed to the bathroom scale. I went up and Jake read the weight almost as happy as I was - "380 pounds! Fuck me Larry, you've doubled in weight!" "YES! But it ain't done yet!" I said grabbing him and kissing him roughly, while we were making out I gained another 20 pounds. Then I showed him what he had done to me, explained that the more worshipped i was, the more I could grow! "If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would never believed!" "So, will you help me?" I asked him with a low voice. "Help you with what?" He asked me feeling my enormous 27 incehs arms in his hands. "Jake, I am not done yet!" I said pulling him closer to me " You gave me so much more power, but I can get much more, and that's what I want! Do you want to help me?" "YES!" He said already grabbing my cock in his mouth, but I had to stop him. "Unfortunatelly, there are some rules! You've already gave me all the power you could today! Once I came for one worhispper, I can only grow because of him some time later..." "How long?" He asked interested "7 hours!" Each guy who makes me grow can only make me grow more after 7 hours, are you okay with that?" "I can live with that!" He smiled and I grabbed him in my arms, nusrsing my hot worhsipper cand making him feel special. I've fucked him three times, and each time it felt better, he just got addicted on me, wanting to please me more and more. After three hours of hot wet sex, I had him lying on my pecs using them as pillows. I brushed his hair and smiled when he woke up. "You're so huge and yet, you are a gentleman when you fucked my ass!" He confessed feeling my arms. "You were the one who gave me the muscles, the least I could do was being kind to you..." I flexed my arm and he quickly hugged it like a child hugs his teddybear. "Larry, you're magnificent!" He said kissing my cheeks. I smiled and looked at the clock - "Still four hours to go! What about a snack?" He accpeted it, but then I realized I had vanished with the food. "Don't worry big man! I will get you more food!" Jake offered himself to bring the groceries for me. He came back one hour later with 200 dollar worth groceries, and I simply ate the whole thing in a matter of thirty minutes. "WHOA!" Jake said as he noticed I had eaten the whole food. "How are you gonna feed yourself?" I looked at him with a mean glint. I got up and invoked an old banquet spell, one I've learnt as a child, to fee the less afortunate ones, but it would fit perfectly now, because i was still starving "Once I grow, I gotta eat food in order to feed my new mass, and since you've made me gain so much mass, I need more food!" "But you've... I mean, you...." Jake asked surprised. "I am a wizard, a mystic caster! I can do that and much more!" "You could have said me that before I spent a fortune with food for you!" He joked but I grabbed him tightly on my arms. "From now on, you won't regret from anything! I will make up to you, by growing HUGE like your wettest dream!" I kissed him deeply. lifiting him from the ground. We both looked to the watch - "We still have two hours!" I said a little impatient but Jake had an idea. "You remember Butch and Tank?" "Those skinny guys who mocked of you?" I replied enjoying to refer to them as skinny guys. "Yes, they always train at the gym about that time..." He said with a mean look in his face, I just grabbed him under his knees and carried him out of my room. "Say no more, boss! We are gonna give them a lesson!" Jake smiled, but I was really looking foward to meet those guys, after all no one admires MUSCLE better than a MUSCLEMAN! •

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