Always Respect Your Daddy

Better living through chemicals


By Corwin

Peter wound his way through the halls of ChemTech's research facility heading toward Professor Goodman's lab. He knew the route now, but a month ago he hadn't. How things had changed for him in that month.

He remembered the ad: Research subjects wanted for exercise physiology experiment. Must be in good physical condition. Apply ChemTech.

Peter needed money. He was in debt from overspending on his credit cards. He had tried a stint in the army, but his bad attitude never really reconciled with Army life. It was recommended that he not re-enlist. So he was in descent shape, and the ChemTech offer seemed like easy money. Little did he know what they had planned.

The building seemed to vibrate with each step he now took. Doors rattled when he walked near. When it all started, he had been a 200 pound six-foot three inch man. Now he was so much more.

Peter entered the lab. Dr. Goodman was waiting for him.

"How did it go?" Goodman asked, a certain anxiousness in his voice. "Did you destroy the chemicals?"

"No problem," replied Peter. "They had it stored in tubs of some kind. Put a steel plate over top of it. It was probably pretty heavy. Here." Peter threw a softball sized mass of crushed metal on the floor. There was a loud crash. "That's the metal plate. I crunched it a bit." He laughed.

Dr. Goodman walked over to the ball and tried to lift it. He couldn't.

"I think you'll need these." Peter raised his arm and flexed. 30 inches of bicep rose from his arm, his more massive tricep hanging down. When Peter had started, he had 18 inch arms. Pretty big, but not like now. Dr. Goodman had given him the refined formula, and he grew. He grew big, then he grew huge. He did whatever Goodman and ChemTech wanted, because they promised him more. Peter wanted more.

"You said they were in tubs?" asked Goodman, impressed with Peter's physique, strength and confidence.

"Ya. I saw the junkyard dude and his son lying in them. Made them puke and halluncinate."

"I'm not surprised," said Goodman. "The chemical they had was in its raw form. Not refined. Not ready for humans," said Goodman.

"So, I got the good stuff then," said Peter.

"Yes, you and Brian got the good stuff. Is Brian still watching them?"

Brian O'Hearn was the other subject in the experiment. He and Peter hit it off right away. Both were under-achievers with attitude. Both had been reasonably well built at the start. Now, Brian weighed nearly 3000 pounds of super dense, super strong muscle. Peter, though, was turning out to be the star. He now had 5000 pounds of muscle. Bullets bounced off his unflexed mass. His chest was 95 inches around, but he could benchpress a small building. His 45 inch thighs registerd on a Richter scale simply by walking. And his arms -- his biceps alone were 30 inches, but the circumference of his flexed upper arm was 69 inches. This is what Dr. Goodman's experiment had done to them. One shot of experimental drug a week for four weeks.

What the doctor didn't know was what Peter and Brian had found out. When they sucked each other off, they grew more.

"Ya, Brian is still tailing them. Dumbasses don't even know he's there," replied Peter. "So, do I get my reward or not?"

"Yes, Peter, you can have another shot. Brian gets one too, when he comes back to the lab."

"Fine by me," said Peter.

Brian had challenged Peter to a test of strenghth after their first shot. Wrestling. Winner gets whatever he wants. After the shot, both had felt amazingly strong. Peter had 21 inch bis, Brian 22. Peter's chest was 55 inches, Brian's 58. Brian was the more accomplished wrestler. With his stronger muscles and skill, he kept getting Peter into compromising positions. But Peter too had the beginnings of his power. He could normally flex or flip or power his way out of holds that should have clinched the deal for Brian. The match had gone on for nearly half an hour, both contestants getting hot and sweaty, but neither willing to accept defeat.

Finally, Brian pinned Peter between his massive legs, and Peter cried 'uncle'.

'Suck me!' Brian had order. He stroked his 13 inch python and demanded that Peter take it all. Peter had never sucked cock before, but Brian had won and Peter wasn't going to welch on the bet. For the first time, Peter experienced the smell of sweat around a real man's dick. He inhaled the musky aroma as he licked Brian's cock. Brian leaked massive amounts of precum, and Peter had to take it all. Slowly, Peter started to inhale Brian's cock.

Peter knew what he liked, and he did that to Brian. Licking the sensitive area under the head. Thrusting hard and taking inch after inch as fast as possible, only to pull out slowly. Wrapping his tongue around the cock as he sucked. Brian approved, and shot load after massive load down Peter's throat.

That's when Peter grew. He felt it first in his abs, which seemed to get harder and more defined as the cum was absorbed into his blood stream. Next was his chest and back. His lats rippled and pushed outward, commanding more room as they thickened and swelled. His pecs heaved outward as his chest passed 61 inches. Then his cannonball delts thrust larger, forming a massive V with his bicep. His arms felt like they were on fire as they grew to 25 inches. The veins in Peter's forearms swelled as his muscle forced them to the surface of his skin. Peter's balls hurt as his expanding thighs crushed them between unmovable muscle. Lastly, Peter's calves exploded in dense size and power. Brian had looked at Peter growing, and could only say, "Whoa."

"Wanna rematch," asked the now larger and stronger Peter.

Since that first match, Peter had constantly won their battles. Sometimes he let Brian suck him. Most of the time, though, Peter got the benefits of Brians cum. If only Dr. Goodman knew.

Goodman approached Peter with a syringe of the refined chemical. "This is 10 times stronger than the raw chemical those men have been exposed to," Goodman said. "You've experienced the results. I think I should warn you, though. I'm not sure what would happen if you were exposed to the raw chemical. It could neutralize the refined product, renderin g it inert." Goodman gave Peter the shot , puncturing the thin skin and accessing a vein that was pushed up by invulnerable muscle.

Peter felt the warmth of the drug travel through his body. It felt wonderful. He felt strong. He knew his muscle was changing, getting denser, growing bigger and getting stronger. Peter felt his body begin to expand, getting more massive as he got stronger.

Suddenly Peter began to notice the room begin to shake slightly. The tremors grew bigger and bigger, then Brian burst through the door.

"Peter! Doc! We got problems! They're on their way here!" Brian yelled. •

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