Always Respect Your Daddy

When dreams come true


By Muscl4life

Brad woke up hearing the noise of his father hurling, he opened his eyes and saw Greg panting, sweating all over –

“HOLLY FUCK! THAT SHIT IS PRETTY STRONG!” Greg said as he checked Brad – “Are you okay? I saw you passing out, just a little after you’ve entered your tub!” Greg said to his still astonished son.

“You mean we didn’t stay there for twelve whole hours?” Brad asked feeling his own stomach convulsing.

“HELL NO! You couldn’t make five minutes, you were almost drowning in that stuff, so I had to drag you out there!” Greg said still recovering his breath.

“And what happened to us? Didn’t we get HUGE ? I mean twice the size Doug was?” Brad was still disoriented, almost in panic. Brad had grown to 6’10” over 380 pounds and Greg was now 8’5” and weighed 850 pounds of pure ripped muscles! He was even bigger than when Doug came near.

“Brad, listen! You and I couldn’t make it so long as we thought! That shit is pretty toxic, son! I’ve almost couldn’t save you! We could have died if we stayed longer exposed to that stuff!” Greg said as he walked closer the tubes, just the smell of the liquid, made he vomit once more, and the same thing happened to Brad.

“We definitely can’t get in there again!” Greg said as he managed to cover the tubes with some steel plates.

“But how are we gonna grow bigger than Doug?” Brad asked feeling his rage building again. He wanted the power, for real, he wanted to be as huge as in his dreams, he wanted to humiliate Doug and those stupid sons of him.

“Well, I think Doug didn’t last much longer than you did, remember he was a wimp! And since I already have the stuff on me, and you are pretty bigger than Doug when he started, I think we are good to go!” Greg concluded. He grabbed his truck keys.

“Come on! We gotta find energy drinks!” Greg said as he started the car.

“Wouldn’t we better eat for real?” Brad asked in his usual stupid tone.

“No you asshole! Didn’t you hear what that Jake guy said? WE need ENERGY, but digesting takes more time than drinking! Besides, remember what that kid did to me? I felt his energy savings flowing to me! It must work on other people too! We are gonna stop at Dave’s and grab everything we want, then we can drain all those guys like they did to us! WE can do it too!” Greg laughed nervously.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to do that again!” Brad joined him, but he was quickly get slapped in his head by his father –

“I TOLD YOU WE DIDN’T GROW, YOU WERE HALLUCINATING!” Greg repeated as they reached the main street.

“OH MY GOD! PLEASE, DON’T KILL ME!” It was all Dave kept repeating as Doug held him effortlessly five feet from the ground. Doug had ripped his tight spandex shorts and was playing with his “little” 11 inches cock.

“DAD! Put Dave on the ground!”

Jake yelled coming from the kitchen. Doug looked at him and pretended to be offended –


“Come on dad! Look at poor Dave, you’re scaring him!” Chris completed still kidding.

“FINE!” Doug lowered Dave back at the ground “Sorry, little man, you just looked too hot!” Doug said giving him two thumbs up.

“Dave are you alright?” Jake asked, but when Dave looked at him, noticing that the kid was just massively grown since the last time he saw him, which was less than four hours ago, he got even more frightened.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?” Dave asked in despair. He tried to run away, but Chris held him pretty fast - “Dave, you gotta be calm! You’ve seen the size of my daddy? You wouldn’t him to go mad, would you?” Dave also realized that Chris was now even taller and at least 200 pounds heavier!

“Look, Dave, I am sorry for ripping your pants, I was just so fucking horny after the blow job my kids gave me! I thought you were one of them, you little guys look alike from up here!”

Doug said smiling

“Hey, I am not a little guy! Especially after I’ve sucked your huge hose!” Chris protested.

“Are you okay?” Jake said approaching the dwarfed bodybuilder.

“I-I can’t believe!” It was all Dave could say. He walked closer to Jake, then he touched his chest, and the feeling was even stronger than when he touched Doug. Dave felt his mind going dizzy and his eyes closing. Jake, felt his chest puffing, his muscle bulging, and his shoulders widening. Her moaned as the spurt got even more intense, making him look bigger, more muscular, almost as huge as Chris. In fact, Jake now looked at his brother at eye level, and frankly he looked even heavier than him.

“WHOA! What a RUSH! Is that how you felt dad?” Jake said noticing his growth. Chris pretended he didn’t care for unexpected growth of his brother – “We’ll see who’s bigger in while, enjoy while you can!” Jake laughed and simply grabbed Chris mouth and planted his lips tightly on his brother’s ones.

“THOSE ARE MY BOYS!” Doug said as he hugged his two sons at the same time, lifting them from the ground.

“DAD, you’re crushing DAVE!” Chris managed to say and Doug let them go once more!

“So, I think you two can now, suck up the energy from the guys too!” Doug said as he sat down on the ground, and Chris quickly sat on his lap.

“Yes, we could say that! Although I still don’t understand!” Jake smiled and adjusted Dave’s body on his arms and sat over his daddy’s lap too.

“What are we gonna do about him? You’ve sucked his energy twice this day, you think he’ll survive?” Chris asked feeling his father’s biceps.

“He is just okay, he’ll coming around in no time!” Jake concluded as he checked Dave’s breathing. That exact moment, Dave started to open his eyes and quickly he remembered the amazing Ferguson men, father and sons, bigger than life, overmuscular, overdeveloped, hyper masculine, absolutely HUGE!

“Look who decided to join us?” Doug said brushing Dave’s cheekbones.

“What are you doing to me? I can’t stay near one of you!” Dave finally said, fearing he could pass out once more.

“Yeah, I think this an awkward situation, but fortunately there’s a solution!” Chris said poking Jake’s chest with his elbow, and Doug smiled – “Sure there is!” He said as he stroke his giant cock – “If you drink from me, you’ll never feel weak near us again!”

“What you mean?” Dave asked puzzled.

“In short, Daddy’s spunk can make you grow just like us!” Chris said flexing his enormous arms, and frankly Dave needed no more encouragement, he grabbed on Doug’s cock and sucked like never, barely managing to engulf the head alone. Son, Jake and Chris helped him, but Doug had another plans for his two musclebound sons.

“Say kids, I’ve been wondering, I am so huge now, that my whole is a lot bigger also, and daddy would be so happy if his boys used their new improved cocks to fuck my new hyper muscular butt!”

Both of the teens almost jumped with the new, they would fuck a 10 feet tall 1500 pounds muscle behemoth. Doug simply adjusted himself, lifting Dave’s body in one hand, while he exposed his enormous butt, showing his tight prick to his two desiring sons. Chris and Jake exchanged looks, their cocks were almost the same size, but Chris’s was thicker so he went first –

“OH, DAD! WHAT A TIGHT ASS!” He said feeling Doug’s enormous butt. Jake was nervous, his own cock was aching with such hardness.

“Come on in, Jake, there’s plenty room for you here!” Chris invited and Doug moaned in pleasure as he felt the second cock going up into his ass. Both of the teens were fucking in a beautiful motion, and Doug really felt his own orgasm approaching.

Meanwhile Dave was in heaven himself, he never felt such a big log, he never thought it was so fucking intense sucking on a cock, he felt Doug’s power in each stroke, he could hear those melon sized balls shrugging with gallons of man juice. Dave sucked even harder and it made Jake and Chris fuck his daddy even stronger, and soon it was too much for Doug. He blasted his juice into Dave’s mouth, at the same time Chris and Jake flooded Doug’s tight ass with their combined juice. All of the guys felt like touching the sky. Doug stood up carrying Dave with him, and towing Jake and Chris’s giant cock. They all were blessed with absolute powerful orgasms, and their growth quickly started. Jake and Chris felt their cocks growing bigger inside their father, although their old man was augmenting just as fast as they were, not to mention Dave who was close to 300 pounds with just w few minutes of growth. Gently, Doug gathered his little musclemen and nursed them in his wide embrace. Jake, Chris and Dave, they were all growing and getting more muscular just as Doug himself. They looked at each other growing more massive and more ripped, the shoulders, thighs, chests, biceps, abs, every muscle was growing beyond words, magnifying their power to amazing proportions, reaching new levels of power and strength. Dave was the first to come back to reality, since his growth was the first to slow down, he noticed his muscle so much bigger, thicker and denser, he was not at least 6’6” and weighed close to 420 pounds – a total gain of 180 pounds in less than 15 minutes! WOW! But soon Dave snapped back to his relative insignificance, Chris opened his eyes and noticed his new magnificent body - he was 7’7” and weighed 570 pounds, a very good gain, he was so much bigger than he was, he was dying to show Jake his new improved muscles, when he realized his “little” brother wasn’t that little anymore! Jake stood up, reaching 8’3” in height and 650 pounds in muscle mass!

“JAKE?” Chris asked dumbfolded.

“CHRIS? You look so fucking huge!” Jake said not realizing his own muscle development. As soon as Chris approached him and they compared their size the elder brother got a little disappointed, because now Jake was a lot more muscular than he was.

“I guess that the more you drain energy from other individuals, the stronger your own growth spurt becomes! That’s why I grew bigger than you, bro!” Jake tried to justify, but truth was he actually enjoyed being so much bigger than his former bigger brother.

“I AM STARVING!” Doug yelled, he was still 10 feet tall, but he had gained at least another 300 pounds in MUSCLE growing much wider and powerful than before. His breath was difficult and he sweat like a pig.

“We need food! Lots of food!” Chris said out loud, Dave pointed to his van.

“I have tons of supplements in my car! I was just renewing the stock!”

Doug heard that and he walked towards the fence, simply lifting his giant legs and going over the thing. He looked at the minivan with tons of sports food, Doug simply grabbed the car and lifted it over his head, bringing it inside the house. Once he was back in the yard, he simply lowered the vehicle and ripped the top as it was made out of paper. He grabbed the cases of supplements and tore them easily, drinking, eating or simply sucking the contents into his enormous body. He kept growing more muscular and powerful as he ate, and so did the other three men, especially Dave who had never ate so much in his life. He kept stuffing his face with more and more food. When their growing banquet finally ceased, all the guys were lying on the ground feeling their huge muscles still expanding, but much slower than in the beginning.

“WOW!” Dave exclaimed for the tenth time in a row, he still was impressed to what happened in his life, so fast and yet it changed it completely!

“You guys were great!” Doug said kissing each one in the forehead.

“WELL, WELL, WELL! LOOK WHO’S HERE!” – Greg yelled crossing his arms on his chest. He was almost as big as he had been, but he had this strange look on his face. Dave remained lying on the ground as Greg approached him.


“YEAH! WE’RE GONNA KICK YOUR ASSES!” Brad said as he approached Jake – “And don’t think your father will suck my old man’s muscles, cause we are prepared this time!” The Ferguson men exchanged looks, then one by one they stood up. Chris, Jake and then DOUG stood up revealing their new augmented sizes.

“OH FUCK!” Greg yelled as he prepared to fight he launched himself into Doug, expecting to feel the rush of growth, but he didn’t!

“What’s the matter, Greg?” Doug asked meanly. Chris and Jake stood up towering over Brad – “You think he’s challenging Jake?”

“No way! You could take him with an arm tied!” Jake answered. Doug walked towards Greg who was clearly panicking. Doug hugged him tightly, and Greg could almost tell his muscles were shrinking once more, but they weren’t!

“Greg, you know why I hated you back in high school?” Doug asked in a friendly tone.

“Huh?” the huge muscle man was puzzled.

“I was in love with you, you were the biggest mother fucker in the school, and you were always picking on me! But it doesn’t mean I still had a crush on you! Especially after I found out you had grown so massive!” Doug said as he kissed Greg deeply.

“What the Fuck?” Brad exclaimed at the scene, but soon he was surrounded by Dave, Jake and Chris –

“You know Wilson, although you can be a pain in the ass sometimes, I think you ass is really cute, and you have a nice package on you, doesn’t he Dave?”

“He sure does!” Dave said already feeling Brad’s muscles.

“You wanna grow Greg? You don’t have to fear me! I know how to make you as big as me!”

Doug said leading Greg’s shaking hand to his throbbing cock –

“Drink from me and you’ll grow! Doug said as he stroked Greg’s chest hair. The orgy started all over again. Doug quickly got Greg to fuck him while Brad fucked Chris, who fucked Jake who fucked Dave! The six huge men fucked for over two long hours and they kept growing during the whole time. When they woke up from their orgasms, the whole seemed smaller, but it was them who got bigger, and much bigger! Dave was now 7’3” tall weighing close 500 pounds, followed by Brad who stood only two inches taller at 7’5” and weighed 587 pounds, then came Chris at 8’4” 750 pounds, followed by Jake who stood at 8’7” 860 pounds, and finally stood the HEAVYWEIGHTS Greg stood at 11 feet tall 1850 pounds, 265 inches chest, 120 inches guns, 150 inches legs and 4 feet long cock! Doug had grown to 11’5” tall, 2400 pounds of solid muscle, his chest read 310 inches, his guns are 160 inches around and his legs are 200 inches around, with a 4 and a half foot long pole, almost three feet thick! The men were all laid down in the ground, too much exhausted to fuck again, but also starving like never –

“We have to do groceries!” Doug commented as he licked Greg’s cum from his chest.

“But who can afford it?” Jake asked with Brad’s cock up in his ass.

“I have some savings! But it won’t do for long!” Greg said feeling Doug’s cock resting near his armpit.

“We gotta put ourselves together!” Chris laughed as he unplugged from Dave’s cock.

“We don’t exactly need to eat, we can just drain from other guys, and then we can go look for some food!” Dave said with a mean glint in his eyes.

“HEY! There’s this new huge gym which opened downtown! We could go over there!” Chris said as he felt his muscles almost grow in anticipation. The six behemoths finally stood up.

“Well, we gotta organize ourselves!” Jake said calmer – “We basically need three things, EAT, TRAIN and FUCK!”

“Well we can train at my gym, I think the weights are pretty good, but the place is too exposed.” Dave concluded

“We could move the things to my junk yard, no one ever goes there!” Greg said a little thrilled.

“That’s good! Now about food, Chris, we gotta sell the car and change it for supplements and food!” Doug said in a said tone.

“You don’t need to do this, Doug, I have a plan!” Dave said

“I am the smallest among us, but I’ll be a hit into the bodybuilding world! There’s an amateur show this week, and I am competing, you know no one except you can beat me! It’s a 2000 dollar prize! Not to mention the supplements!”

“That’s a beginning, but still not enough!” Doug considered.

“Well, there’s a way!” Greg finally said “I also work for my cousin Lenny, in his demolition company, he makes lots of money, but he has to share it with all the workers, I think we could make a fortune if the five of us demolish the building!”

“That’s it, we are gonna do as Greg says! We’re a team now, boys! We gotta stick together if we want to GROW!” Doug said as he leaded Greg to inside along with Dave –

“I need to make you bigger Greg, you gotta handle my cock inside you!”

Brad, Chris and Jake stood there in the yard.

“It’s gonna be tough feeding all of us!” Chris considered.

“Yeah, we’re just too big!” Brad added.

“I know, but, we can get all the supplements we want!”

“How?” they asked in chorus

“We need to find a lawyer to sue that company who did it to our fathers; I know the money we can get from them will make us rich!”

“Yeah, but how can we prove it?” Chris asked skeptical

“My father found the stuff which your father fell in, you think it will do?” Brad said full of hope, and Jake once more showed his brilliant mind!

“We can have it analyzed! It’ll work as charm, no court will liberate the company from the tort liability!” the biggest teen concluded.

“But we gotta have the stuff back, you know where it is Brad?” Jake asked and Brad nodded his head. The three of them squeezed in the car and went back to junk yard. When they found where the chemical bath was kept, they realized the whole stuff had vanished.

“You think it evaporated?” Chris asked intrigued.

“No way! Dad put a huge steel plate over the tubes, it was too heavy for any little man to move alone!” Brad concluded. Chris noticed something on the floor, it was a name tag form the ChemTech industries, the same one to whom Doug worked.

“WE gotta do something about it guys!” Jake said as his brain worked to put things together. •

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