Always Respect Your Daddy

Becoming the BIGGER man


By Muscl4life

Doug was already leaving followed by Chris, when Jake tried to pull him back - "DAD! You can't let Greg like that!" Yhe boy asked nervously and Doug realized for the first time how serious was Greg's condition, his 8 feet tall freame shouldn't weigh 100 pounds at all. "Why are you worried about that guy? He tried to kill all of us!" Chrsi protested, but then it was Doug who looked seriously into Chris's eyes. "I was the one who came looking for revenge, son. And I was wrong since the beggining! Remember Greg had been exposed to the chemicals before than myself, if he acted like me well, you know how it would end, don't you?" Chris nodded as his father finished, then hte giant father brushed his fair brunette hair "You are a good kid!" Then Doug turned to his other son. "Jake, I didn't mean to do this, I was just expressing my anger from all those years! And when Greg tried to defend himslef, I went nuts! Please say you forgive me!" Doug asked looking at Jake's serious face. "We gotta help him, and Brad too!" Doug looked at Brad who tried to run away, but the booming daddy asked in his powerful voice. "Brad, please, let me help you! I am so sorry for everything!" Brad was shcoked to see the gargantuan mas apologizing, kneeling in front of him. "HOW?" asked the huge jock. "Let's take him inside!" Jake said as he carried Greg "Please dad, don't touch him, or you can drain even more muscle from him!" Soon, they were all inside GReg's house and Jake had lied him on the bed. "Brad, bring every sweet thing in the house, I am gonna need lots and lots of carbs!" Jake said as he checked for food. The guy went back in a minute bringing two glasses of protein shake. "It's all we got, Dad ate everything this morning!" "That's okay!" Jake quickly gave Greg the sweet liquid and the former muscular man slowly drank it, almost with no power. Jake felt that it wasn't helping much, given his extreme condition. The jock remembered what his father did to him the first time he grew. "Dad, please stand back!" Jake said as he removed his shirt, he grabbed GReg's hand and placed on his chest, and quickly he felt Greg draining the sugar from his bloodstream and qucikly he was passing out, but Doug quickly grabbed him in his arms. Greg's body slowly changed, from the skeletic zombie form, he gained over 50 pounds summing the protein shakes and the help of Doug's youngest son, but he still looked too weak. "Chris, can you help him please?" Doug asked and Chris rolled his eyes - "Oh, okay, here we go again!" Chris said as he approached Greg's horrible figure, taking his shirt off - "Help yourself!". The incredibly skinny man hesitated at first, but Doug encouraged him. "Go ahead, Greg it will help you recover!" Greg waited no more, he just grabbed Chris pecs feeling his own body getting stronger, the power surge feeding his former amazing physique. Doug watched a little apreehensive as Greg regianed many pounds of sheer sized muscles, Chris gave him almost 100 pounds, and now Greg was strong enough to stand up once again. Brad grabbed Chris limp body and laid him on the bed, almost at the same time Jake was regaining consciousness. "Hey kid, thank you! I was condamned!" Greg thanked Jake and Doug's son smiled. Then, Greg and Doug exchanged looks and the boys thought it would start all over again. "Listen, Greg! All you have to do to get back your muscles is lots of sugar and protein, you'll be back in no time! I am sorry fr all that happened!" Greg looked at him, realizing Doug was still much bigger than him "Why don't you get the hell out of my house, before I change my mind and kick your ass, Matthews!" Greg said roughly but he kept a smile on his lips. "Brad, the same thing goes to you! a few shakes and you'll be just as big as before!" Jake said as he left the house. Doug carried Chris's body easily over his shoulders and they were already leaving when they heard Greg calling for them. "HEY MATTHEWS! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Doug hesistated at first, but Jake encouraged to go there and soon the giants were looking at each other, but Greg was still only 350 pounds, very skinny to their standards. Greg offered his hand and Doug diddn't know what to do. "Come on! I am not afriad of you, if that happens again, I know you'll retrieve your hand!" Greg said confident. Chrsi opened his eyes and realized he was actually on Doug's shoulder. He saw his father shaking hands with Greg, and smiling, unbelieavably nothing happened this time. "I guess the amount of actiavtion energy needs to be increased in order to start another spurt" Jake considered as his dad suddenly hugged Greg with enthusiasm. "Look, Greg, I was a jerk, sorry for almost killing you!" "Well, Doug, I can't say I wasn't mad at you, but don't worry, I'll be even bigger than I was when you came here, and then we'll see who's THE MAN!" Greg laughed out loud and Doug qucikly joined him. "WE'LL SEE WILSON! WE'LL SEE THAT!" Doug said flexing his left biceps. Soon, Doug and his kids were back at the house. "Jake, I've never realized you were so smart!" Doug said as he ducked to enter his house "DAMN! I am too fucking Wide too, I can't barely pass thorugh this tiny door!" "Dad, I just kept secret about my grades, but i am straight A!" Jake said a little blushed. "My kid brother is a nerd! What a loser!" Chris mocked of Jake, but soon Doug's enormous figure filled his entire sight. "Talking about grades, how are yours, young man?" Doug asked crossing his mighty arms. "Er- well, hmmm, I am not bad at all, but, but I" Chris tried to say something to escape from his now titanic daddy's anger. "Why don't you two sit down as I fix something for us! I am starving!" Jake said putting on his apron and Chris disappeared as soon as Doug said "GREAT IDEA! I AM STARVING TOO!" Jake cooked absolutely everything they had at home, chicken breasts, burgers, potatoes, everything, and the three of them finished the food almost too quick, in fact Doug ate almost everything by himself, and only then he realized an upcoming problem in thier lives. "How am I supposed to support you guys? I've just ate our entire food! And you boys need to eat, you're athletes!" Doug considered as he looked at his enormous hands all greased with meat juices. "Don't worry with that now, dad! Something is gonna come up, we still have some money left, and remember Clyde said you would get some money from the chemical industry!" Chris said as he took the plates back to the kitchen. Doug realized how sensible Chris sounded, he smiled and looked at his boys washing the dishes - "All they needed was a strong paternal figure!" Doug smiled and he went outside, already feeling his stomach digesting the food he just ate. Chris realized Doug rubbing his stomach. He went to the backyard to have some fresh air. "Jake, I think daddy Kong is going hungry again!" "So soon? But we have anything here!" Jake repleid drying the dishes, only those hyper energetic shakes we bought last week! "But we spent almost our entire savings on those! The season is almost begining, and we need to bulk up!" Chris protested in a low tone so, Doug didn't hear them. "You don't understand, do you Chris? Daddy just needs the food, look at his body, he is over 8 feet tall now, and he must weigh close to 700 pounds! Just his arm is thicker than our chests! you think it is easy to keep all that mass?" Jake asked already knowing tht Chris would give up - "Fine! The growing guy needs something to eat, look at his face!" Chris said as he went after the energy drinks. "Daddy? Are you okay?" Jake asked a little worried. "It ain't nothing, kid! Just, hmmm, I feel hungry all over again!" Doug said a little embarrassed. "WOW! You've eaten almost everything we had! Chris is getting something for you!" Jake smiled a little nervous as Doug sttod up. Doug was now at least two whole feet taller than Jake, but he was just so much WIDER than him, Jake literally felt eclipsed by his father. "It's like having the HULK for father!" Jake said out loud, looking at Doug's pecs. "You think i am monster?" Doug asked in a mix of laugh and pain from hi hunger. "No! I thin it's AMAZING! You know all my life, I envied my friends when they showed their big fathers and..." "You two had to introduce skinny, flabby me as your father, right?" Doug completed "But that;s different now! I mean you're the biggest man in the world!" Jake said laughing "Look at those arms!" He said a little more serious. "You think daddy has big muscles?" Doug asked in a low tone, smiling patronizingly, he kneeled before Jake so their faces were nearer. "y-yEAH!" Jake answered with no further shame. "Feel Daddy's muscle!" Doug oredered as he flexed his 58 inches arms and Jake had literally to hug the enormous arm, just then Doug stood up and brought Jake along with him. Jake kept squezing it hard, but never trying to dent it. Doug laughed and lowered Jake back at the ground. They were still laughihng when Chrsi arrived with the case of hyper energetic drinks. "Hey, nice trick you taught Jake, dad!" Chris said as he lowered the case. "I can do it with you too, young man, as soon as you get higher grades!" Doug said approaching Chris. "Oh, dad! You know I am just big and stupid!" Chris replied in a whimpy tone. Doug simply grabbed him in his arms. "You know that's not true! You can be whatever you want! I am proud of your athletical accomplishes, but it doesn't mean you can't excell in other areas, and most important, if you try hard, I'll be satisfied with your results, no matter what they are!" "Wow, dad, you never talked to me like this before..." Chris said realizing how much bigger his father was, and how much stronger he had became, his steel hard muscles, his warm feeling of power. "Yes, Chris, I know that, and it was my fault! You just didn't respect me because I didn't respect myslef!" Doug said tenderly, then he grabbed Jake too and he had his two sons in his enormous hug. "Daddy changed, bigtime! I am not the loser I was, somehow I got all the strenght I needed and much more, from now on, things will be different!" Doug had tears in his eyes. "Huh, Dad, could you please put us down?" Chris asked a little nervous, and Doug realzied why, he felt the hardness on his son's cock as he pressed him against his muscles. He noticed Jake was as hard as well. Doug was getting his both muscular sons to sport their erections! He never imagined that! "Sure boys!" Doug lowered them both and rubbed his hands together "What did you bring to daddy?" "It's a hyper energetic drink! It's for nutritional high maintainance sports, like bodybuilder, each one of this guys has over 300.000 calories per 100 mililiters. "Why did you buy it anyway?" Doug asked ripping the case "Well, we needed to bulk up for the upcoming season, and we saved our birthday money to buy those!" Chris said sadly. Doug stopped "I can't drink them! You guys need it more than I do!" "Dady, don't be silly! You're starving! We can't sit on our asses and watch you going hungry!" Jake said and Chris backed him up. "Besides, you always gave us what we asked, now it's your turn to accept a little present! Please drink them at least they should keep you cool for the rest of the day!" Chris smiled. "If you insist!" Doug grinned, and he opened the first bottle. gulping it down immediatelly. "Tastes good!" Doug said as he opened the other bottle, which he gulped down easily, he opened the third and the fourth, then he drank the fifth, sixth and seventh with no difficulty. "This stuff is really good!" Doug belched and drnk two bottles at once, then he finally drank all the 12 bottles. "FUCK! Each bottle was pure energy!" Chris said as he saw Doug thrwoing the last bottle away. "Delicious!" Doug cleaned his shake musctache, but suddenly he took a deep breath. "HERE I GO AGAIN BOYS!" Doug yeled as his muscles started expanding. He moaned as his chest inflate, his guns grew bigger and longer, thicker than ever, he looked at his abs and they got even more ripped and cutter. Doug looked at his shoulders, they were gigantic. "COME HERE BOYS, FEEL DADDY GROWING!" Doug called them and they were irhgt there, feeling his hardness, his growing power, his enormous muscles. "My father, the Muscle Monster!" Chris commented. "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT CHRIS!" Doug said as he felt his body enlarging. Doug was growing so fucking huge, Jake and Chris felt that his muscles could engulf both if them. Doug felt his cock growing, he just heard his shorts ripping given the shher size of his cock, almost 2 feet long and over one foot thick, Doug only moaned and felt hismself growing each time freakier. "Daddy, you're so fucking huge!" Jake said as he finally kissed the perfection of his abs, and Chris bit his steel hard biceps. "YESSSSS" Doug groaned. He looked down and saw his two beautiful boys, looking marveled to his monster cock. Doug grinned and his arms supported each son. "Hey boys, I think it's time for you meal!" Doug suggested and the boys attacked his monster cock. First it was Chris who sucked him hard and powerfully, then it was Jake's turn who was gentle and tender, but also very sexy. They kept changing the turns as his father kpet gorwing and growing each time more powerful. Doug only smiled, his view was magnificent, he saw his ever growing muscles and his two big sons feeling his hardenss, sucking his enourmous uncut cock. He stood up lifitng his sons with him and he finally came. "ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Doug said as he fountained cum, which was being savored by Jake and Crhis. Each sun sucked like newly borns, not wasting one drop. Crhsi managed to drink almost twice the amount Jake drank, but they kpet sucking, becasue Doug only kept cumming and growing. Suddenly, both of the boys felt their guts burning, they felt a rush sensation and gasped for air. "Boys? Jake? Chris? Are you oaky? Doug held both of them in his arms. "So fucking huge!" Chris moaned as he flet his father holding him. Then both of them doubled over and felt their bodies enlarging! Doug realized his two beautiful sons growing more muscular and he went hard again. The gaint fahter, wrapped his mouth around Jake's cock and started sucking on him, alteranting with Crhis's own mamooth sized tool. The boys felt their bodies enlarging quickly and powerfully. Each one was well over 350 pounds, and Chris was actually much bigger than Jake. The looked at each other, in the arms of the behemoth father, noticing that their big old man was sucking on both of them at the same time! Soon both of the boys were cumming on Doug's mouth, a massive load, which none of them had been capable to produce before. Soon, they were completely dry, and their incredible growth was slowing down, but not Doug's - he was still growing more massive and powerful. He getnly managed to nurse his two son in one arm as he gave himselef the blwojob of his life, his cock was so lone, all Doug had to do was a little strecth, and he found the enourmous mushroom head, already filled with more cum for him. Jake and Chris were just too mareveled with their own growth, to notice what was their father doing, all they cared was theiur huge bodies pressed together. They kissed tenderly, powerfully. "Chrtis you're so fucking huge!" "You too bro!" Chris said in return and they kissed once more. Meanwhile, Doug kept growing more muscular, and more powerful all the time... He lowered his boys, who were stil worried about their growths, and kissing each other, and took a deep breath, feeling the rush of his growth. Jake stood up, looking to his brother. Jake was now 6'8" tall and weighed close to 390 pounds. His biceps were 29 incehs around and his chest tapped at 58 incehs, with 41" legs, most amazing was his now 17 incehs cock. "CHRIS! LOOK AT ME!" Jake screamed, but as soon as he saw his brother he went shocked - Chris was now 7'2" tall and weighed any less than 445 pounds of pure muscle! His arms were 31" and his chest read 60 inches, his legs were full 45 inches and his manhood reached 20 incehs long and 12 incehs thick. "NO, JAKE YOU LOOK AT ME, BRO!" Chris boomed as he flexed in a front double biceps pose. Their desiring bodies pressed together feeling their new masses. "BOYS? I THINK YOU SHOULD TAKE A BETTER LOOK AT DADDY!" Boomed a powerful voice and the enlarged jocks got shocked with waht they saw. Towering over them and seeming WIDER than both of them togheter stood their powerful DADDY. 10 whole feet of pure POWER!!! He weighed nothing less than 1500 pounds! His chest read 200 inches around! His arms were perfect 100 incehs Hi legs were 120 incehs He Had 12 pack enormous ridged flat washboard stomach His incredible cock was now 3 feet long and almost two feet thick!

"DADDY! YOU'RE AWESOME!" The boys said in chorous and jumped into his arms, Doug had no trouble in catching them and nursing them comfortably in his arms. "Those are my kids!" Doug said kising each one in the lips! "Daddy, we have grown too!" Chris said flexing his biceps "Feel them daddy!" Doug smiled and said "You two look incredible! I am so happy it happened!" "You gave us the power dad!" Jake said huggin Doug. Doug lowered them, and he realzied that even after the boy's growth, the difference bewtween their bodies and Doug's was actually BIGGER! Doug was now almost three feet taller than Chris, who was the tallest of their children, and he was about eight feet WIDE, much more than if you sum Jake and Chris's width. Such thing made Doug happy, he wanted his boys to grow bigger, but he really loved being the big man of the house. "Boys, you are so beautful!" Doug whipsered as he hugged both of them. "Yes, but you're GARGANTAUN, DAD!" look at those arms! they're almost twice as my chest!" Chris said excited. "Chris, you are very big yourself!" Doiug added but Crhis kept feeling his huge guns "Yeah, but you, you, you are just too powerful! My dady is the biggest man on the planet!" Chris reached and kissed Doug's motuh passionately, he grabed his father's waist with his enormous legs. "Crhis, what are you doing?" Doug asked laughing at his son's attitude. "Well, daddy, what Chris just showed you, is that well, we are completely in love with you!" Jake said as he rubbed Doug's chest. "WHAT?" Doug asked a little shocked. "Jake is right again, dady! Look at you! You're awesome! Amazing, unbleiavably HUGE! And I love your muscles daddy! I will do anything if you let me touch them, lick them, worhsip them!" "Anything?" Doug asked a little curious. "You bet!" Chris added "Even cleaning your room?" Doug asked crossing his arms over his chest. "What you mean?" Chris asked dumb folded. "Well, Crhis you're a pretty messy guy, you room isn't cleaned in quite a time! If you wanna feel Daddy's muscles again you'd better clean your room!" Doug said as he brushed Chris's hair. "If you do a god job, Daddy will press a fork lift just for you!" Chris disappeared into his room, to clean everything. "You sure found a great way to convince Chris to do his chores around the house" Jake said laughing out loud. "And what about you, young man?" Doug said with a serious look. "Me? I've cleaned my room!" Jake said in his defense. "Yeah, but there's a pile of your laundry, it won't washed by itself!" The giant father concluded. "If I wash them, will you do something for me too?" Jake grinned. "Sure kido!" Doug answered blinking, and JaKe rushed to the laundry room. Doug laughed and decided to enoy his moutainous bulk at the hot sunny afternoon, he just sat down and crossed his arms under his head, he just fell asleep quickly after he closed his eyes. "Hello?" called an approaching voice - It was Dave, the gym's owner who was after the boys and especially their HUGE father. Dave looked over the fence, and almost passed out again. He saw Doug, but he was even bigger, COLOSSAL! "HOLLY FUCK IS IT SOMETHING IN THE WATER?" Dave yelled and woke Doug from his sleep. Just at that moment Jake and Chris came running, but Doug had already grabbed Dave with one hand. "Oh boy, here we go again!" The boys said in chorous as they saw Doug ripping Dave's pants... •

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