Always Respect Your Daddy

Doug grows more


By Muscl4life

Back at Doug’s house, the boys were still shocked at what happened to his father. “What if his heart can’t hold such extra mass? What if he suffers a heart attack?” Chris was nervously walking from one place to another. “Chris, calm down! He’s fine!” Jake tried to calm his bigger brother, but deep inside he was just as nervous. “Where you think he’s gone to?” Jake finally asked and Chris seemed to be anticipating it. “He went to the gym, of course? Wouldn’t you want to try your huge body if it happened to you?” Chris said as he grabbed the car keys. “Come on!” Dave came back to his senses, realizing he was now lying at his couch, he heard the sound of metal plates clapping and he remembered the huge musclebound who shook his hands, the last image he had from before his passing out. He timidly went to check on his huge guest. “Can I help you?” Dave asked realizing the guy was the size of a Mr. Olympia. When the behemoth turned around he was sporting the hugest hard one Dave have ever seen. “Look, I don’t want this is my gym! You get out of here!!” Dave yelled as he yelled for help. Doug realized his giant cock oozing precum, and he tried to cover it quickly. “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean it!” Doug said trying to hide his enormous manhood. “I am calling the police!” Dave said grabbing his cell phone. “PLEASE, don’t do that, Dave”” Chris yelled entering the gym. “Do you know him?” Dave asked intrigued. “He’s our father!” Jake confessed and Dave went even more shocked. “You father? WOW! I see where you guys got your muscles after! You father is HUGE, and I’ve seen many huge guys in my bodybuilder days!” “THANKS!” Doug said blushing, but then his cock managed to escape from his grip slapping his washboard stomach with a loud THUD sound. “SORRY!” “He’s going through middle age crisis lately, and we are sorry if he caused you any trouble!” Jake whispered in Dave’s ears. “No, I guess he just helped me, I passed out a while ago!” Dave mumbled. “Him too? Dad what are you doing to people?” Chris asked terrified. “I don’t know Chris!” Doug answered realizing how much bigger he was since he last saw Chris, he was already 90 pounds heavier, but now he seemed even bigger! “Dad, come here1” Chris said as he prepared the scale for his behemoth father. Doug did as he was told and Chris suddenly got scared – “457 POUNDS! FUCK ME!” “WATCH IT, YOUNG MAN! I DON’T WANT MY SONS TALKING LIKE STREET RATS!” Doug said it out loud and his voice thundered around the gym. Chris nodded nervously and scared, as well as Jake and even Dave. Doug realized for the first time he was being respected by other people and he sure liked it. “Listen Dave, I am sorry if you saw me in this state, but I couldn’t help it, my cock just got too big for these tiny shorts of my boys!” Doug really enjoyed referring to his huge sons as boys. “I guess they didn’t get their cock sizes after me!” Doug looked to his now ashamed sons, after all a 12 inches long 7 inches thick cock was really a thing to behold. “U-uuh, no problem, I have a few shorts of my own, I think I can find you something” Dave said as he left to locker room. Both Jake and Chris were terrified. “DAD! You’ve totally humiliated us! Chris protested and Chris supported him. “Before this morning you were just a wimp…” “YES! But now I am WAY bigger than both of you, and I demand some respect from now on!” Doug said a little louder, he noticed the car keys hanging of Chris’ pocket. “HOW MANY TIMES I TOLD YOU THAT I DON’T WANT YOU GETTING MY CAR WITHOUT PERMISSION?” Doug yelled at Chris and the big jock barely could excuse himself – “Oh come on dad! We were worried about you! You’ve just left us at home!” “How does it feel, being there worried for a change? You’ve done that many, many times with me!” Doug said getting the keys in his hands. “Let’s get out of here, before that Dave guy comes back!” Doug just pulled his two protesting sons out of the gym. “DAD! We gotta find out what’s wrong with you!” Jake said as he felt his 200 pound body being easily dragged. “There’s nothing wrong with me! I don’t know what happened to me, but I definitely liked! Some things are gonna change at home!” Doug said as he put his sons inside the car and entered the driver’s seat – “DAMN! This is fucking cramped!” He cursed as his chest simply got stuck near the wheel – “Chris, how come you drive so tight?” Doug asked as he simply ripped the car seat off and throw it in Jake’s lap – “BETTER!” He said as he started the engine. When they got at home, Doug went straight to the kitchen to stuff himself with food. “Dad, I was thinking, you grew the first time in the kitchen, right after you had a huge meal, like that.” Jake considered as his father vanished with an entire ham. “But, then when you got near us, we had that thing and you grew even more!” Chris added in a mix o curiosity and fear. “And I am sure the same thing happened with Dave, it was like you grow because of our muscle!” Jake concluded. “Oh boys, come on, and what if it was coincidence! As Far as I concern I could just have another growth spurt right now…” Doug laughed out loud but suddenly he felt his muscles growing once more. “Oh, boys, I guess I was right…” Doug said as he started growing once more, but this time he was growing much faster. As he looked at Chris he was so much wider, his arms were indeed thicker than the boy’s 30 inches legs. Jake looked at his father, and he got a little carried away, he grabbed a bucket of ice cream and gave it to Doug – “EAT IT!” Doug was starving once more, he just grabbed the spoon and dug the ice cream, as he kept growing more muscular, more massive, freakier, and stronger each second. “What are you doing?” Chris asked as he realized his father kept on growing, stuffing his face with ice cream. “Just checking my theory!” I think Dad grows because energy source. You see, when he touched us, he drained our body energy, the sugar of our blood, through our pores and then he grows, that’s why we pass out, it is like we are hypoglycemic!” “Since when you are a nerd?” Chris asked shocked at Jake’s knowledge. “Well, believe you or not, I do want to become a doctor” Jake answered. “YOU KNOW, I HAD THE SAME DREAM!” Doug said as he tossed the ice cream bucket away – “Say, if he had all that sugar, wouldn’t he…” Chris wondered “OH BOY!” Doug said as his chair broke with amazing bodyweight. He was growing much faster now, his arms ballooned, his chest had completely ripped his snug shirt. Doug’s legs were so thick now, and they were noticeably growing longer and longer. “DAD! You’re enormous!” Both of them screamed as their father enlarging figure stood up, he was over 7 feet in height, but he weighed close to 550 pounds! “I FEEL SO POWERFUL!” Doug said as he noticed his 40 inches arms and the amazing 90 inches chest! He felt his body so much bigger, and his cock was indeed over 14 incehs long. Chris and Jake were in awe, Doug’s growth was beginning to subside, but he was so much stronger now, he was so fucking wide his shoulders were at least 4 feet wide. The huge teenagers helped his father to get in his feet. “WHAT A RUSH!” Doug said as he realized that his sons were so much smaller than he now! He had completely ripped his clothing, his arms were marvelous and his legs were so thick and muscular, his now 10 pack washboard stomach. “Quick let’s measure him!” Chris said looking for the measuring tape. The boys were now proud of their growing father – 7’3” tall, 563 pounds, 45 inches arms, 95 inches chest, 57 inches quads, and 18 inches cock. “DAD! You’re huge even down there!” Chris complimented him. “Thanks, Chris, sorry for that joke, I know my boys are also very hung!” Doug brushed his boy’s heads. “HEY BOYS, LOOKSLIKE WIMP DOUG HAD BECOME SUPER DADDY!” He lowered his arms and grabbed his sons, one in each hand and tossed them up and down. “DAD! Put me down!” Chris pretended to be offended but the fact is that he was adoring that his father was happy, and now he would be really proud of him. “Say, Jake, will dad grows each time he touches muscular men?” Chris asked with a mean look. “I suppose!” Jake replied with the same look. “What are you boys planning?” Doug asked curiously. “Well, we could introduce to our wrestling team…” Chris started “And then you could get even bigger!” Jake continued. “Could be, but first I want to test my strength!” Doug put them down. “We’re going to the junkyard!” “Why?” the both asked in chorus “I wanna test my strength! Besides, the owner is an old friend of mine…” “Friend of yours? WHO?” Chris knew his father was the most unpopular kid in school. “Greg Wilson, he was a jock when we were at High School, and he made my life miserable! He ended up becoming a junk yard owner, but he is still full of himself, bragging he was the biggest man in the city!” “Greg the BEAR Wilson? Dad that guy is enormous, he has a son Brad Wilson, he is a 300 pound gorilla of the football team!” Jake considered. “Well I wanna teach them both a lesson!” Doug said as he rushed his car. “Dad! Wait for us!” The yelled as they heard the car outside the house! •

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