Always Respect Your Daddy

Doug Flexes at the Gym


By Huge_Fan

Doug carried the unconscious body of Dave over to a couch and laid him down on it. He was amazed at how light the gym owner felt in his arms, and how small he looked. Doug had never felt these sorts of things before, always used to being the smaller, weaker man.

He stood in front of a corner mirror, and for the first time checked himself out. He couldn't believe what he saw. His son's XL shirt looked like it was painted on his incredible torso, the fabric on the sleeves strained to contain his huge biceps, and he wasn't even flexing yet!

Watching himself in the mirror, he lifted his huge arm and flexed the bicep. His huge arm bulged with power and their was a definite tearing sound and the fabric of the shirt sleeve ripped apart, unable to contain his massive flexed bicep.

He flexed with his other arm, and grinned as that shirt sleeve too was shredded, by his fantastic flex.

He strode over to a set of weights. His sons always bragged when they got home about how much they could lift, or what new record they had set in the gym. Doug loaded the bar with 500lbs. If his theory was right, and he had gained the strength of both his sons and that of Dave, he should have no problem with this weight.

He lifted the weight off the rack and went back to stand in front of the mirror. Slowly he curled the weight up, pulling his arms up to his chin. He felt the resistance of the heavy weight and he slowly pulled it up, but his spirit soared as he found that he could lift it without much effort.

Doug felt a slight tingling between his legs as he felt his cock begin to stiffen. He'd always been turned on by big men, but never in his wildest fantasies had he ever expected to be turned on by his own incredible body. He finished ten reps, without much difficulty. The gym was hot this time of night, and it was for that reason, rather than any real exertion that he began to sweat. He noticed in the mirror that the white shirt clung so tightly to his sweaty body that it was almost transparent.

He placed the bar on the gound and spread his lats, just as he has seen his sons do when they were showing off how big they were. There was a loud tear as the skin-tight shirt developed a tear across the back He lifted his arms flexing in a double bicep pose. It was too much for his shirt was fell away in torn shreds, exposing his entire upper body.

Doug felt his cock becoming very hard now. He could see it presssing against his pants tenting the fabric nearly twelve inches out from his body. He moved his hands down and stroked his incredibly huge and cut pecs, running his hand down his chest over his washboard abs. He saw a wet spot spread out in the front of his pants as his cock began to leak copious quantities of pre-cum. It was all too much for his poor pants as his cock finally tore free from the remaining over-stressed material.

He stared at the torn shreds of clothing lying around his incredible body. "Wow! It's like I'm the Incredible Hulk or something!" •

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