Always Respect Your Daddy

What does a body good?


By Corwin

Chris got up and walked toward Jake. As he approached, he could see his father sitting at the table, the empty plate in front of him. His father's shirt looked too tight, and the collar looked like it was choking him.

As his sons approached, Doug felt his growth increase. His shirt suddenly felt much too tight. He instinctively flexed his neck and the top button of the shirt popped off. Doug stood up, and as he straightened he heard the back of his shirt around his shoulders start to rip. He moved his hand to his neck, and the sleeve tore, revealing a throbbing, growing bicep. Two more buttons flew from his shirt, unable to contain his chest. Below his thick, dark chest hair were two perfectly formed pecs. His sleeves ripped from his shirt and split more, unable to contain the growing power of his upper arms. Doug grabbed his shirt and ripped it off. His flabby waist was becoming thinner. The waist of his 38 inch pants now hollow, save for his ever firming abs. The legs of his pants began to split as his quads and hamstrings expanded. His growing glutes caused his pants to split open. Doug looked toward his boys and realized that he was now taller than Jake and still growing. Doug felt a sharp pain where his dick was, like it was being squashed. He tried to open his pants, but instead ripped the fabric apart. Doug's package, normally small, was straining at his cotton briefs as if a python snake had invaded his BVDs.

Jake ran toward his Dad. When he touched him, Doug's felt a current of raw power flow from his son into him. Jake felt it too. His knees seemed unable to support him, and he began to fall. Chris ran forward, and Doug grabbed him. Again, a feeling of power and strength hit him. Doug's growth accelerated and he was looking down at his tall son. Doug was at least 6'6" before his growth slowed. Both his boys seemed to have gone limp. He helped them to the living room and sat them on the couch.

Doug stood before them. He wore only his white briefs and a pair of dark socks. His clothes were shredded and lay in a heap in the kitchen. The boys barely recognized their father. He was huge. The boys looked at each other as they began to feel more like themselves again. There was a shocked expression of awe on their faces.

'Chris," said Jake, "he's bigger than you!"

Doug ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He had seen his sons shirtless and it was true. His chest was now larger and more developed than his biggest son. In fact, he thought, if you took Jake's muscles and added them to Chris, that's how big he was now.

Doug pulled the scale out from under the sink. He stepped on it. His weight was 360 pounds. He thought, add Jake to Chris, subtract bone and organs and...

Doug flexed his arm. Chris bragged about his 21s and Jake strained to break 20. Both boys were big boned, and their peaks were a good 7 or 8 inches. Doug's arm looked to be about 27.

"That chemical did something, but did it do what I think?" He ran into Chris's room. He grabbed a pair of shorts and the XL t-shirt was a bit snug on him. He ran out the door.

"Stay here," was all he said to his sons.

Both boys belonged to a neighborhood gym. It was mid afternoon, and there were only a couple guys in the gym. One was the owner. He had been an amateur bodybuilder. He came in second in the Nationals, but never really pursued it, though he remained in pretty good shape. His 48 inch chest and 18 inch arms were nothing to sneeze at, though some of the boys who trained there were bigger than he was. He saw Doug and walked toward him.

As David, the gym owner, approached, Doug began to feel the same feelings of strength as when his sons were near him. David extended his hand to Doug. When Doug shook it, David seemed to fall forward, getting suddenly weak in the knees. Doug, on the other hand felt great. He felt strong, and he began to grow again. Doug was adding David's size to his own. •

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