Always Respect Your Daddy


By Muscl4life

Douglas Matthews was the incarnation of the word “loser”. 5’5” 140 pounds of bones and misery, Doug never had succeeded in anything in his life. After 20 bloody years working his ass every single day, they got him fired from his job at the bank, and he ended up working for a little company which provides private security for companies. At least, working at night turned out to be a good thing, he didn’t need to face his loneliness in the bed. You see, Doug never admitted, not even to himself, that he is gay. Back at High School, every jock used to pick on him, making his days longer and painful, especially when no one wants to be friends with you, not boys nor girls. Doug’s parents thought he would end up single for the rest of his life. Then, one girl named Miranda came in Doug’s life. It was not he was in love with her, but at least she seemed to get along with him, and one night they went to bed together, not just one but a couple of them. To poor Doug it was just “for fun” and he could prove himself that his last fantasies about big muscular guys from the football team were meaningless, but Miranda didn’t see it that way she was five years older than Doug, and she was trying to catch herself a husband. She knew Doug’s father was the manager at the city’s bank and he had no brothers or sisters, so she figured out Doug should be a “rich guy”. In sum, Miranda got “knocked out” by Doug, as his father proudly announced to his fellow players in the bank. He also got Doug a job in the bank, so he would support his new family. Since Doug was a complete failure, he couldn’t convince his father that he was too young to get married, that he wanted to go to college, you know the usual stuff, but his father was irreducible, Doug and Miranda got married, three months after they found out she was pregnant. After that, Doug’s life became more miserable each day. The married routine sucked, and Miranda wasn’t very helpful. She only wanted money to buy clothes, have facial treatment, etc. Doug only got respected in workplace, because his father was the manager, but no one liked him there. The kid was named Chris, after Doug’s father and he was really big and cute for his age, very different from his father. But you just take one look at the boy and you could notice the same dark hair and hazel blue eyes. Sex life sucked as well, Doug couldn’t feel anything for that woman, and frankly she didn’t seem to care. Doug almost could tell he was being cheated, but he just didn’t care enough to bother. Even so, he got her pregnant for the second time, and once more a beautiful baby boy, the same shape of face, the same blue eyes, Doug felt sorry this time the kid wasn’t different, at least he could get an excuse to divorce, because he didn’t have the guts to do it otherwise. Time passed, the kids grew up very big and strong, and even Doug’s father was relieved by that, he didn’t want to see his grandsons being picked up like Doug was. After 18 years of a sad, miserable marriage, Miranda one day called Doug and told him it was over. She didn’t want to be with him one more day, she had found her a rich doctor who would take care of her, but only her so he still had to take care of the kids. And so, Doug was finally free! His wife had walked on him and he could be happy at last! But it didn’t turn out as he pictured. His father, the only thing who kept him from being fired, died from heart attack, and less than a week after the tragic incident he was fired by the new manager. His only chance was working as a security guard with Clyde, a former security guard of the bank who was a close friend of his father, but the wage was much lower than his previous job. Bad news to Chris and Jake, Doug’s kids. They were 18 and 17 respectively, and both were on the High School wrestling team. Jake was 6 feet even and weighed 220 pounds of pure muscle and strength, and Chris was really the biggest guy in the team, 6’4” 270 pounds, cut ripped sheer muscle mass. Each one of the teens ate huge amounts of food per week to keep their hulking sizes, and it was no cheap thing, especially with the many supplements they consumed. Not just by that, the guys were jocks, as you may guessed and their favorite prey was their own father! “Hey little man! Wassup? Sorry if I didn’t see you in there, you’re so fucking small!” Jake said every time Doug called him to help with something. “Oh come on, dad! Are you telling me you don’t have the money? Fuck I need those supps! I have a body to feed you know, I am not skinny and flabby like you!” Chris mocked when Doug tried to explain him that he couldn’t afford more supplements. But the worst part was that Doug wasn’t respected by his own children, they kept making fun of him saying, that they couldn’t be their legitimate sons, since he was such a wimpy skinny pencil neck! They didn’t want him to show up at school, not even during their competitions, because he would embarrass them. The house was a mess, the boys didn’t help him, and he had to take extra shifts to support his enormous siblings. One morning Doug came from his almost 24 hour shift and the boys didn’t even slept at home, they arrived a little after him, and he could smell the booze on their clothes and breath. “Boys! I told you to be back before midnight! You’re both grounded!” Doug exploded in anger, but the boys just laughed! “And who’s gonna keep us here? You? Come on dad, you’re looser!” Jake lifted him by the collar. “J-Jake put me down!” Doug tried but his younger kid just tossed him to Chris, and even bigger son who just grabbed him under the armpits and shook him hardly. “Listen, dad! Don’t push it or we are coming down really hard on you, you heard that!” Doug was thrown at the couch and the huge jocks laughed hard as they went to their rooms. “And you should clean this house, not even rats want to live in here!” Jake said from his room. Doug cleaned his tears and started cleaning, for the first time he was scared at his own kids, but mostly he was disappointed at them and especially at himself. He felt the kids were just expressing their disappointment at Doug, he was a loser, a failure, a disaster! Doug considered this as he walked down the isles of the old factory. He needed the extra shifts, so he accepted that stinky place where many chemicals were produced and stocked. Doug didn’t really know why would anyone steal something from that stinky place but it was his job to watch out. Doug was never a brave man, quite the contrary, and he prayed everyday not to find a thief during his shift. But this time, he wasn’t granted his prayers, he heard other footsteps approaching him. “Who’s there?” Doug asked trembling. It happened very fast. Doug could only see a figure running towards him, and he only got time to protect his face, and then he felt being lifted and thrown inside some chemical container. It was full of powerful chemicals, Doug never learnt to swim, and he almost drowned drinking the bitter contents of Tank #8… Doug woke up a, lying down in a hospital bed. “You were lucky, Mr. Matthews! You were rescued right in time by your fellow worker!” The nurse said as she tried to make him more comfortable. “W-who are you?” Doug asked nervously. “My name is Rachel, and I am your nurse, Doctor Smith was just here and said you are fine! Fortunately, you didn’t drink any toxic product, according to the exams you are completely clean! Just slept for two days in a row” She smiled. “TWO DAYS! I am gonna be fired!” “Relax, Doug!” Charlie himself appeared. “Don’t worry just put yourself together! The old man comforted him! The guy who attacked you, was one of the company’s worker, and so you are not liable to anything! We’re gonna sue their ass off!” Clyde said smiling but Doug didn’t care. He was driven home by Clyde and the boys were waiting for him, with a mocking smile in their faces. “Who would want a skinny guy like you as a security guard? It was expected to happen, you got beaten up, little Doug!” Chris smiled as he hugged his father. “Don’t worry, old man, we’re gonna take care of you now!” Jake helped him to get inside. Doug never paid attention to their words, he was just feeling strange, his muscles were sore and his bones ached. Doug just wanted to get something to eat. Chris and Jake were on the living room watching sports, mocking of their weak father, while Doug kept eating and eating, the more he ate the hungrier he was! Suddenly he felt his body tingling, his muscles cramping. Doug got panicked and yelled for his sons, he thought he would die right there! But to his own surprise he was feeling better, alive! “Dad, what the hell…” Jake never finished his sentence, because he just took a look at his wimpy father and almost fainted. Doug was growing! His muscles were filling, his shoulders widening and his bones were cracking to adjust the new mass. Jake kept looking as his father keeps growing more muscular! Soon his shirt was tight, his jeans were coming to his ankles and completely cramped, and his abs popping out… “Jake? What the hell skinny did this time?” Chris asked from the couch. “Better come here bro! You’d never believe it…” Jake said as he noticed the shocked face of his father – a 36 year old man, whom had been a loser for his whole life, now was filling out with sheer muscular mass!” •

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