Becoming the Ultimate Man

By MuscleStory

Jeff woke up in a terrible sweat. "Jeff, your breakfast is ready -- come on, you're going to be late for school," cried his Mom from downstairs. It was Jeff's Junior year in high-school. He was just an average 17-year-old, going through the typical stages of life like millions of other kids around the country his age. He had just started sleeping in his underwear a few months ago. He liked the feeling of his skin against the sheets of the bed -- nothing in between. In the heat of puberty, he was enjoying watching his body change, feeling how it grew in different ways and how he grew larger. Weary, he grabbed his cock and gave it a rough massage. He loved the way it felt now that it was larger -- more adult sized. It even felt a little bigger lately, maybe another growth-spurt. He started to work his way out of bed -- how he longed to stay in bed and not go to school this morning. He just wanted to sleep. He had a night full of restless dreams. He couldn't remember what they were though. . . but they excited him just thinking about them. Clambering out of bed, he walked to the bathroom in his underwear with a soft-boner under his briefs. Still groggy, he took his under wear off, enjoying the feeling of his cock flopping free from his underwear's constraints. Taking a shower, he massaged his body with soap, rubbing all over -- feeling his body and how grown-up he was. He had started shaving weekly a year-earlier, so he had some rough stubble on his cheeks. He didn't bother shaving today though -- he didn't care. He even like the way it felt, kinda rough. It was cool going to school with a rough look -- showing off how manly he was. Still, he was waiting for hair to sprout on his chest and forearms -- the day that happens he will truly be a man.

Walking back to his room in a loose towel, he started getting ready for school. He decided to wear boxer shorts today. He liked the "free" feeling it afforded him. It was going to be a hot day, so he put on shorts and white t-shirt.

After a quick breakfast, he was off walking to school. He stopped by his friend Todd's house. They were best friends. Todd was more athletic than Jeff, and his body showed the signs. He had a well built chest and large biceps. Todd was 18, and had the fortune of physically maturing faster than other boys his age. He already had a full hairy chest and his forearms had dark hair on them too. Todd was a full fledged man. He liked to show it off too. He wore v-neck under-shirts with casual short sleeve button-up shirts over that, showing off his hairy chest. He always wore shorts to show off his muscular legs and never wore socks. Usually, he had sandals on.

"You're beard is starting to come in good Todd, I can't believe Principal Astor hasn't caught you yet!" Jeff was glad to be Todd's friend. They did a lot of cool stuff together like going dirt bike riding through the woods and swimming. Jeff was actually on the school swim team, while Todd was on the football team. "Thanks. Hopefully I can go all the way. I actually pulled out the school handbook last night and couldn't find anything against growing a beard! So, nothing should stop me. You should start growing one too, it's really cool. I definitely feel more like a man now. "

Jeff and Todd split up once they got to school, each in different homerooms. This was their last year in school together because Todd was going to graduate in a few weeks. Jeff sure would miss Todd, so he was hanging around him a lot more lately. Actually, he was hanging around him a little too much. Jeff wasn't sure if he was gay or not, but he sure did like to be around Todd. He liked the way he looked in the shower after swimming, his hairy muscular body, well defined -- broad shoulders -- and huge cock. Todd was well endowed. Jeff certainly was envious, if not in love. Around 2nd period, in History class, Jeff started to get really hungry. He ate down his mom's breakfast, and even ate a pop-tart on his way to school -- why was he hungry? He started to tune out the teacher and tuned into himself, trying to figure out what was happening. On top of being ravenously hungry, he felt flush. He heart rate increased, and he started to have a fluttery feeling in his stomach. Vaguely tuning into the teacher, he pretended to write down notes so he wouldn't be called upon. Looking down at his hand write on the paper, he saw his forearms. They looked different now. He actually had small dark hairs sprouting on the outer edges of his wrists. . . He couldn't believe it! Why didn't he notice it in the shower? Or yesterday? Dark hairs just don't sprout up overnight. >From the excitement, he felt his crotch stir in its free environment his boxers afforded him. It was like he was about to get an erection, but he wasn't getting an erection? It was almost a sensation like his dick was being reeled out slightly, kinda like a fire hose. This was almost too much for Jeff to handle. . . he loved the feeling of his dick doing whatever it was doing, and seeing dark hair on his forearms, but he was kinda scared.

Suddenly, a 40 minute History class came to an end with the bell. Time seemed to have flown by for Jeff, he was entranced with what was unknowingly happening to him. He put his books in his bag, completely bewildered, and stood up. As he stood up, his shirt seemed not as loose as it did when walking to school. He looked down at his chest and noticed his pecs were protruding slightly. Jeff had a relatively flat-unmuscular chest, but now they seemed a little more like Todd's pecs. This threw Jeff for a loop, and the fluttery feelings in his stomach increased, so did the size of his dick -- now he was definitely getting an erection. He headed for the bathroom while walking in between classes, and knew the only way to get rid of an erection was to beat it out manually in a bathroom stall.

Hanging his bag on the back of the stall door, he pulled his pants down, then his underwear. He was stunned to see his dick actually had grown a little bigger. Instead of being around 5 inches long, it was now around 5. 5 - 6 inches long, and a little wider too! He grabbed it with his left hand and roughly stroked it. It felt good. Then with his right hand, he felt his pecs. They were definitely slightly bigger than in the shower earlier that morning. He pulled his shirt up a little and looked at his stomach. Dark hair had sprouted from his groin up to and above his belly button. More fluttery feelings filled Jeff's stomach, and he increased his stroking -- this was too much for him and he quickly came. At the moment of orgasm, he felt his muscles twitch and warm up -- he watched his pecs physically get a little larger. He felt his dick in his hand "reel" out a little more and got a little thicker -- within seconds. Holding his forearm up to look at his watch, they too were a little hairier than before. Jeff was floored and couldn't believe what was happening to him. Then the bell rang. Jeff instinctively stood up, and pulled up his pants, flushed, and ran to his next class -- math. He felt his shirt, a little less loose than before, rub across his chest and his slightly larger cock still kinda hard, flop between his legs as he ran. He loved the way he felt, his body growing and maturing. . . he started to get hard again.

Entering his math class already in session, he apologized to the teacher for being a little late. Although, when he spoke, a slightly deeper voice came out -- it didn't seem like his own voice was speaking aloud. The teacher accepted the apology and motioned Jeff to sit down. He held his book bag in front of him to conceal his hardened cock, and went to sit in the back of the class.

He tuned the teacher out for the entire class, and all he could think about was his body. He studied the hair on his forearms and was utterly amazed. He loved how manly he was becoming. He rubbed his hand under his shirt and felt his slightly hairy stomach. Not knowing what was happening to him still bothered him a little. He was definitely scared -- but excited at the same time.

Then it hit him -- Jeff realized that his next class was gym. Not only did he have to reveal his changing body to other guys in the locker room, but it was swim week. He was about to reveal his body to everyone. Being a swimmer and all, he wasn't bothered by that, but this was different. He got really scared and started to break out in a sweat.

Math went by quickly, and Jeff reluctantly made his way to gym class. He was so scared, that he didn't feel as empowered as before when his body was changing. He was concentrating more on his scared feelings.

Jeff attempted to ditch swimming by talking to the gym teacher he felt sick. The teacher had a knack for knowing if someone was faking being sick or not, and called Jeff's bluff. "You be in that pool in 5 minutes or I'll have you suspended from the swim team."

Jeff went into the locker room and opened up his locker with his swimming trunks inside. Unfortunately, Todd was in the same gym class and they had lockers next to each other. Jeff pulled off his shirt and looked down at his more defined pecs and hairy belly. He noticed that some hair had started to sprout on his chest too. He was embarrassed in front of Todd, exposing his changing body to his idol. Todd looked over and commented "Jeff, you're finally joining the club! You'll be a man in no time! " Still scared and embarrassed, he quickly changed his shorts and boxers into his swimsuit. His heart was racing from emotions and anxiety. Now he was more scared of changing while most of his body was exposed to they guys and girls in his gym class.

Today's lesson was diving. They had to do drills diving off the diving board. Jeff waited in line for the board behind Todd. Todd jokingly talked with Jeff "You know, if you're going to want to stay on the swim team, you'll need to start shaving your chest or it'll slow you down!" Jeff just looked at Todd's hairy and muscular chest flex and unflex as he talked to him. Jeff could feel his crotch stir with emotion. He began to feel a "wet" feeling within his stomach. It took everything he had to keep from getting an erection right then and there. Todd then turned and dived off the diving board. Now it was Jeff's turn. Jeff was never before filled with so much anxiety and scared feelings. Why was he scared though, he thought? He's finally growing into a man -- this is what he always wanted. His whole attitude changed. He could feel the power welling up within him. He wasn't scared anymore, he accepted his body and what he was becoming. He wasn't scared to leave behind childhood and enter manhood -- he looked forward to the miraculous change. His stomach started to fill with more fluttery feelings. Stepping forward on the diving board, he felt empowered. He felt like he could do anything now. Jeff bent his left arm up, and looked at the bicep that formed. He felt it with his right and -- how hard it was. Jeff took a deep breath, and started to run forward, jumping onto the end of the board and flying up in the air. Jumping as high as he could, he felt free, his body felt free. In the second of airtime before hitting the water, Jeff felt free to grow, to mature. Nothing to hold him back. He welcomed the change and accepted it. Even before he hit the water, he felt his body start to change more. He felt his cock "reel" out more than before, and his muscles tightened up all over his body. He felt powerful. His legs stretched a little bit longer. Once in the water, he still felt powerful and decided to swim all the way underwater to the other end of the pool. Succeeding, he got out of the pool and went straight back to the end of the line for the diving board. He loved the feeling and unknowingly wanted more. Looking at his body as he walked, he felt taller and bigger. Jeff again raised up his left arm and felt his bicep -- now bigger and bolder than just a few moments before. His chest was even more defined and now he could see more dark hair on his chest, now darkened by the water. His stomach was coated with more dark hair that led down into his swim suite. His legs and forearms had gotten a little hairier too. He couldn't decide though if they were just accentuated by being wet. Jeff chuckled as he walked. Todd turned around and noticed Jeff. Taken aback, Todd noticed Jeff seemed a little taller, and he has definitely a little more hair than the last time they had gone swimming. "Show off, you didn't have to swim to he other end of he pool Jeff. " "I know, I just felt like it" boomed Jeff's still deeper voice. Todd was a little thrown back, "you're almost a man now Jeff!" Jeff still envied Todd's body, and the feelings intensified. Jeff couldn't help but admire Todd's wet hairy muscles, bulging with each word. Jeff felt another erection starting, and knew he had to go to the bathroom before it was too obvious. It was coming on pretty quick, and he had to act fast. Jeff turned around and just about sprinted to the bathroom. Alone in the locker room walking barefoot on the tiled floor, Jeff felt empowered still. He started feeling his muscles all over, his hand brushing over his new hair, discovering his new muscularity. He felt daring. Knowing nobody would come into the locker room during class, he took his swim trunks off and walked around naked. He stroked his cock and felt its new length and girth. God, he loved rubbing his cock in the open like this. He felt flutterly again, and his cock hardened all the way. After he thought it had completely hardened, it still kept growing -- and growing! Jeff winced as the skin stretched. Finally coming to a stop and throbbing up and down with each rapid heartbeat, Jeff was stunned by its true size, he started stroking harder in the middle of the locker room. He masturbated out in the open. Stroking with one hand, he felt with the other. His feelings intensified, and again he quickly came. As he came, his body again grew a little bit. He welcomed the changes, and felt his cock stretch out a little more, his muscles protruded more to the point that he started to look like an amateur body builder with defined muscles. He felt his feet and toes reaching outward, and he felt like he was rising a few inches like he was in an elevator. He relished the feelings and continued to masturbate after he came. He just stood there naked feeling his new body and discovering new hair that was sprouting.

Then he started hearing voices. Gym class was almost over and the other guys were coming back into the locker room. Jeff quickly went to his locker and started to change back into his clothes. He forewent the shower, giving him more time to reduce his erection, and get dressed. He pulled his white t-shirt over his chest, and it felt tight now, almost uncomfortably tight. His pecs bulged outward through his t-shirt , and he could actually see dark hair through the fabric. In fact, Jeff kept trying to pull the shirt down, as it didn't cover up his stomach all the way. A hairy trail leading up to and around his belly button was revealed to all. Slipping on his boxers, he realized that they were no form of containment nor concealment. In fact, you could see his dick laying peacefully on his bulging balls protruding obscenely through the fabric. He tried to pull his pants on, but they ended up feeling too tight, and were a few inches too short for the length of his taller legs. Jeff had to resort to his loose gym shorts -- a worse option because they wouldn't offer any form of protection against his bulging groin.

It was hardest putting his shoes on. Hs socks stretched when he pulled them on, but his shoes would no longer fit. He had to forgo the shoes, and ended up ripping off his socks. He pulled out his flip flops from the locker, only to find out that his heals overlapped the flimsy shoes by 2 inches! His toes, now slightly covered with sprouts of black hair were longer and bonier than before -- looking finger sized! Jeff gave his body one quick glance before quickly exiting the locker room. He looked at his hairy legs coated in a generous amount of hair, and his forearms too, now coated in more dark hair. His hands seemed larger too. He threw his backpack over his shoulder and got out while every one was still in the shower. Todd noticed a somewhat muscular figure in a tight shirt leave the locker room and wondered what was happening to Jeff.

Walking in the empty halls before the bell rang, he was trying to decide whether or not he should continue the rest of the day at school. He figured he would see what happen in the next class, and then make a final decision.

The bell rang, and Jeff managed to get into the next class while everyone else was leaving -- nobody recognized him enough to see how he had changed. Fortunately, the teacher had left too, and wouldn't come back till the bell rang again. Jeff settled in the back of the class and pulled out a copy of the school newspaper to cover his face up so no one would notice him.

After a few minutes, the bell rang, and everyone settled in. Jeff was unnoticed and he quickly tuned the teacher out again. He concentrated on his body more and more. He practiced flexing his pecs, enjoying how they contracted at will, expanding his shirt with their flexing. He looked at the white fabric and loved seeing dark hair underneath. Jeff especially loved looking down at his stomach with his shirt no longer long enough to hide his hairy trail around his belly button. He ran the pencil tip over his forearm, watching how it lifted up the hair, now coating his arms. Unlike never before, he noticed his knees touched the bottom of the desk now that he was taller, and he practiced lifting the desk up just by lifting his heels off the ground. Watching his hairy calves expand with each contraction. Every time he did this, his dick rubbed against the side of his leg, and it started to stimulate him again. Jeff looked over to his right and noticed a student staring at him in awe. Jeff bent his arm up and flexed his bicep for the onlooker -- straining the fabric of his already tight t-shirt. The kid looked away in disbelief. Jeff realized he liked showing off. Suddenly, Jeff became aware of an odd feeling that he had the power to make himself grow, mature and become a man at pure will. If he accepted the feeling and let it take its course, he could change more and more. But would he want to change now, in front of everyone? That would be extremely embarrassing, and who knew what could happen? But, the thought seemed too tempting. . . he enjoyed changing and really wanted to be a man. Before he knew it, he was thinking the thoughts, he was lusting for more muscle, more hair, more height. His heart rate quickened, and his breathing turned to heaving. He felt the intense fluttery feeling of his stomach. Then he felt his dick start to "reel" out again, but with more length than ever before -- his gym shorts began to rise up like a tent. He felt his muscles tighten, and with it his shirt tightened up too. He looked down at his pecs, and thought "no, not here. . . not in front of everyone. " But the feelings were there in his body to grow. He really wanted to grow. He felt his shoulders broaden, his shirt fabric stretch. Other students began looking over as Jeff moaned. Out loud, Jeff began saying -- "No, not now. Not here! Stop. Stop it!" Jeff jumped up next to his desk, and without thinking, flexed his muscles as he continued saying "No! Stop!" With each word, Jeff's voice grew deeper and more powerful. Jeff flexed muscles grew. Kids around him didn't know what to think as they watched the shirt expand. His gym shorts couldn't hold back the erection that was protruding out in front -- revealing a monster growing and throbbing, ripping through the shorts and flopping out free from its constraints. The teacher ran out of the room to get help as the kids slowly moved away from Jeff. Jeff yelled out "NOOOO!!!!!!!!" as he felt the surge of growth release. Simultaneously, his shirt began ripping apart as his muscles expanded and Jeff grew taller before everyone's eyes. The kids could see Jeff's hairy chest through the tattered clothes. Jeff gave into the feeling, and loved the fact that kids his own age watching him transform into the ultimate man. He flexed harder and yelled out "MORE!"

He realized he couldn't stay there any longer, so Jeff jumped out the window and ran away from the school into the woods. He loved the feeling of running with his new body. He felt his balls snuggly contained in his gym shorts being slapped repeatedly by his dick freely flopping around. He loved branches brushing against his chest and muscles as he ran through the woods. Jeff ran and ran for a half hour -- deeply embedded in the woods. Stopping to catch his breath, Jeff was in awe of what he had become. He flexed his biceps, feeling the bulging muscle and how hard it had become. He practiced making his pecs bounce as he contracted each one individually. Jeff felt that urge again, his dick was becoming aroused once more, his balls began to churn away under his gym shorts. This was perfect -- in the middle of nowhere, free to grow. Jeff ripped off his shorts and began to masturbate. He stroked his dick with his powerful hand coated in dark hair, he used his other hand to rub over his hairy tight muscles, flexing them as he desired. He accepted the growth once more and welcomed the feeling as he again grew. He yelled out with pleasure, hearing his deep voice resonate through the forest. Jeff raised both his arms up in the air, tilted his head back and just felt the growth in his body as his dick throbbed up and down, spewing cum non-stop. Jeff grew and grew -- wider, taller, bigger, stronger, more masculine. Jeff became the ultimate man. As he continued to cum, Jeff walked over to a tree and wanted to see how strong he was. He grabbed around it with arms, and wrestled with its massive trunk. Jeff was realizing that the more resistance he encountered, that his body seemed to respond with more growth. The harder he tried to pull the tree, the more power he felt coursing through his body. Jeff strained, feeling his muscles grow, he could feel the tree rub against him as he grew taller in response to the needed strength to pull at the tree. Jeff yelled out in strain, his dick continued to cum, and he felt his muscles continue to grow. He could hear the tree start to crack, and finally start to slowly topple over and collapse to the ground. Jeff had done it!

With his own bare hands, he felled a tree. It wasn't until now did Jeff realize how big he had become. He looked down at the shredded gym shorts, and picked them up with his massive hand. They looked like they were meant for a 3-year-old. He was now probably 12 feet tall with muscles bulging all over his body -- naked in the forest. He stood there, heaving, wondering what next to do? Jeff began wondering through the forest, his dick flopping side to side, now probably 18 inches long. He came upon a quarry, and saw giant boulders of all sizes everywhere. Jeff wanted to grow more. He went over to one of them, and began lifting it. It so heavy, he couldn't budge it. Squatted, he strained and yelled out again. He tried with all his might to lift it -- his dick began growing to its full erection and he felt his muscles tingle again. He could feel the power welling up. Jeff's dick started to spew cum and he began to grow. Jeff watched his biceps bulge out more and more, veins popping out all over his arms. His pecs looked like water balloons being filled with water. He grew wider and found that he had to squeeze tighter to maintain his grip on the rock. He grew taller, and found that he had to squat more. With one giant deep roar, Jeff started to lift the rock off the ground. With every inch that it rose, Jeff continued to grow. He could feel his feet stretching outwards, the dirt passing through his toes. As he stood up, lifting the rock higher and higher, he felt himself becoming a giant. He continued cumming and growing, lifting the rock over his head. Now a 25 foot tall giant with muscles bulging and twitching all over his body coated with hair, he roared in gratification. He threw the rock away from him an astonishing 50 feet, smashing as it hit the floor. He was giant. Jeff continued to stroke his massive dick, caressing his muscles, running his hand through his body hair. Jeff looked around and saw bigger boulders, and could only imagine the possibilities! •

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