First Dates


By Corwin

Tim slowly bent his legs, lowing his butt to the ground, then pushing himself upright, forcing his legs to lift the 500 pounds of weight that rested on his shoulder. An artificial voice counted, "eight" and Tim placed the weight on the rack with a thump. 'It's over,' he thought as he stepped away, nearly stumbling from the pain in his legs.

The robot servants began to move, removing the collars that held the plates to the bar. They lifted two ten pound plates and resecured the collar.

"I thought that was the last set," protested Tim.

"I calculate that you can handle more weight," responded Hal. "You have not reached your potential for this workout."

Tim knew it would do no good to argue with the machine. Arguing would only cause the servants to punish him, and he didn't want that. At times, he considered disconnecting Hal, but Hal had lived up to what he had promised Tim. Tim was growing. If Hal was being a task master, maybe a task master is what he needed.

"Your rest time is up, Tim. Please start your next set."

Tim returned to the rack, got under the bar and forced it up with his shoulders. He began the set of squats. His face turned red after two reps, forcing his legs to do what they didn't want to. He screamed as he completed the forth rep, and screamed louder after the fifth. Screaming got his adrenaline going and helped him overcome any psychological barriers he had to lifting the heavy weight. He tried to return the weight to the bar after the sixth rep, but the robots stopped him. "One more, Tim," said Hal. Tim felt tears run down his face from the pain of trying for the seventh rep. He felt his thighs begin to give out halfway up, and the robots spotted him, helping lift the weight. The bar returned to the rack with a clang.

"90 seconds of rest, then two more sets please Tim," said Hal without any emotion.

Tim completed two more sets. Hal allowed him to stop after six reps on the second, and after four on the third. Tim could barely walk. As he passed the mirror, he looked at himself. He was covered with sweat, but his legs were huge. His quads and calves were red from the blood that had them pumped. He flexed, cramping the muscles and marvelling in their definition and size. He tried to bring his legs close together, but couldn't. There was too much muscle in the way. Tim knew he'd be sore, but he also knew it was worth it to grow.

Tim went up to shower, dropping his body monitor off at the computer. It would download while he cleaned up, and Hal would prepare a report for him.

The warm water felt good as it hit Tim's sweaty body. He squeezed soap onto his hands, and rubbed it onto his chest, arms and stomach. His body was hard and muscular. Every day, he seemed to be bigger and stronger. Hal was constantly ordering him to lift more weights, and his body was responding by growing. He bent over to rub soap onto his thighs, massaging the sore, blood-filled muscles and stretching out any cramps. After washing his hair, he turned off the water and dried himself, then returned to his office to see the report on his workout.

Tim looked at the screen. The computer told him that he had burned 4850 calories yesterday, and had consumed 4900, mostly protein and some carbs. He had had 4 hours of physical activity, which he knew had been 2 hours of weight lifting and 45 minutes of cardio. The rest had been his normal busy schedule. He slept for 7 hours and 45 minutes, and had been in bed for 8 hours, meaning his sleep efficiency was 96%. He looked at the leg workout he had just completed. He had burned over 6 mets, meaning that his weightlifting was at the bodybuilder/powerlifter level. Months ago, when this started, he had lifted at only 3 mets, meaning he wasn't working hard enough to grow. Tim was pleased, and as he turned away, Hal said something.

"Tim, I noticed some anomolous readings in your data from last night when you were out. Something made you nervous or excited, and there was a spike in your temperature and heat output, but you were not moving. Were you sick?" Hal asked.

"No, I don't remember feeling sick. When did this happen?"

"Between 9 and 10 O'clock last night."

That was when Tim was at the club and he had seen Derek. Was Hal detecting the effect Derek had on him? Shit, Tim wasn't even sure how he felt about Derek. Ya, he thought the guy was a stud, but...

"Oh, it was nothing Hal. Just met someone at the club, that's all. No, I wasn't sick."

Hal noted the anomaly in the data.

"Tim, there is something else. I need you to upgrade my systems."

Now Tim was confused. Hal had never asked for such a thing before, and seemed more that capable in areas that Tim had never anticipated. "Why?" he asked.

"I need to decrypt some documents and it is beyond my current capabilities." Hal responded.

"What documents? Hal, what are you talking about?"

The report vanished from the monitor and a picture appeared. There were three bodybuilders, each holding a trophy. They looked like Mr. Olympia competitors, but the caption read, "U.S. Military Bodybuilding Championships". The three were Army men, and had swept first, second and third places overall.

"You need the upgrade to decrypt bodybuilding pictures?"

"The men in this picture were recruited into the Army less than six months ago," Hal explained. Three new pictures appeared on the screen.

At first, Tim didn't understand. The new pictures were of ordinary men, rather out of shape. As Tim looked at them, he realized that the three out of shape men and the three bodybuilders were the same people. He looked more closely. The third place bodybuilder was a white man with blonde hair. He had been rather thin, but now was packed with muscle. His arms looked to be about 21, and his legs were ripped. The second man was also white, or maybe latino. He had darker hair, and had originally been a bit pudgy. Now, he was more massive than the first. His chest and lats appeared to be his best muscle groups, though everything on him was huge and ripped. Nothing compared to the third man. He was African-American, and had originally been fat. His shoulders sulked forward in the original picture. In the championship photo, however, he held the first-place trophy high. He looked a bit like Lee Haney, only bigger. His biceps dwarfted the other two, and had to be at least 23 or 24 inches of solid ripped muscle. His pecs were massive, and his legs had such a wide sweep that Tim wondered how the man walked.

"What does this mean, Hal?" Tim asked.

"After basic training, these men and their unit were transferred to Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Camp Hill is near the Hershey Medical Center of Penn State University. This is where the research on the muscular mice was done. I was able to gain access to those computers, but there were many documents that were encrytpted. My normal cracking algorithms would not work on them. I believe it I had state-of-the-art multi-processing capabilities, I should be able to break the encrytion is about a week."

Tim knew all about Hal's cracking programs. He had written that code himself when he was in college, mostly to gain access to the school's records. They had worked well. He knew Hal was using those same programs to manipulate his bank accounts and do other things, but he rarely asked. For Hal to admit that those programs weren't working now meant these were some pretty serious documents.

"What is in these documents Hal?"

"I can't answer that question. The records are stored for these soldiers on a machine that also includes research on the muscle growth protocol. I estimate that there is a high likelihood that the documents explain the soldiers' performance enhancements."

"And why do you need these?"

"I want to recreate the formula for you. I also estimate that I should be able to refine the technique, though I can't be sure until I decrypt the documents." Hal explained.

"Do you think anyone detected your in their systems?" Tim had asked that before, and the answer had always been 'no.' He wasn't sure Hal would admit it to him if the answer was 'yes.'

"There is an 85% probability that I was undetected."

That was a new answer. "So, you think so but maybe not."

"That is what I said."

Apparently, it was too late to quibble. "What do you need?" Tim said, agreeing to the request.

"I believe five dual process G5 computers will do. May I order them?"

"Yes, go ahead." Tim left, going downstairs for tuna fish and protein shakes that he knew Hal had waiting for him.

The computer upgrades showed up several days later, along with some spare parts for more robotic servants. Tim installed the upgrades and continued to workout, breaking 400 on his bench press and 160 on his bicep curls. His weight broke 200 pounds.

Several weeks went by when Tim got a phone call from Derek. "Hey dude, remember me?" said the voice on the phone.

"Ya, Derek. Are you back in town?"

"Not yet. I'm still in New York, but I'll be back on Thursday. I was wondering, if you're not doing anything Friday night, maybe we could get together?"

"Well, I have to work out, but I should be finished by 7:30. Is eight o'clock too late?"

"No, that would be great! I don't want to intefere with your training or anything. You been making good progress?" There was something more than curiousity in Derek's voice.

"Let's just say I'll need to buy some new clothes for Friday," Tim said, being evasive. "Have you ever been to the Zuni Cafe?"

"Ya. Good hamburgers. Then it's a date."

"It's a date."

It had only been a month, but the clothes he had the last time he went clubbing were now too tight. He could no longer button the shirt over his massive chest, and his lats felt like they were about to shred the back of the shirt. He couldn't even pull the pant legs up over his massive thighs. The sales clerks at Banana Republic were very helpful, finding pants with loose fitting legs and shirts with spandex that would flex over his rippling muscle. Tim had to admit, he looked hot.

Derek was waiting at the restaurant when he arrived. Derek grinned, but the once over he gave Tim revealed that he was impressed. Derek ordered quail and Tim had salmon. They chit-chat about work, politics and life. It turns out Derek worked at Stanford, and was in New York giving a lecture at NYU and Cornell. He also partied and checked out the scene in Chelsea.

After dinner, Tim and Derek decided to go for a walk. Tim was surprised at how well he and this man were hitting it off. He had always thought Derek was stuck up, but now he seemed personable and friendly. They walked down Market to the Castro, then over to Mission Street, ending up back on Market. As they neared their cars, Derek changed the subject.

"Man, I've been meaning to tell you all night. You look great!"

"Thanks, you don't look bad yourself," said Tim, returning the compliment.

"No, I mean it. Whatever that trainer is doing for you, it _is_ working." Derek nudged a little closer to Tim. "Man, you look so much bigger."

"Ya, I probably put on another ten pounds," said Tim, feeling the heat radiating off of Derek's body.

Derek stepped in front of Tim, and turned to face him. Derek looked Tim in the eyes, then moved his mouth forward. Tim tilted his head one way, Derek the other. They closed their eyes and their mouths met for the first time. Tim reached forward and pulled Derek toward him as the kiss became more passionate.

"I wouldn't say no to an invitation to your place," Derek said. Tim felt the hardness of his cock in his pants, and knew he wanted the same.

"You won't think less of me in the morning, will you?" Tim chided.

"Not at all," Derek said with a lustful grin.

"Follow me," as Tim got in his car.

Tim could hardly believe what was happening. He always wanted someone like Derek, but never thought that such a person would be interested in him.

When they got to Tim's place, neither said a word as they walked to Tim's bedroom. Derek came over to Tim and kissed him. Derek began to unbutton Tim's shirt. When Tim started to do the same to Derek, Derek pulled back.

"Let me go first," he said. "Unwrapping the present has always been my favorite part." Derek's lips met Tim's as he inserted his tongue into Tim's mouth.

Derek's hand returned to Tim's chest. As he undid the buttons, Tim felt Derek's hand caressing and feeling the mounds of muscle he had developed on his chest. As the third button gave way, Derek stuck a hand in and cupped the pec, his hand being engulfed under Tim's pec. Tim bounced the muscle in Derek's hand, making it hard, then soft, then hard again. Tim felt Derek's 'mmmmm' in their kiss, and knew that Derek liked what he felt. So did Tim.

Derek moved his hand lower, undoing the forth button. Derek's fingers found the first bulges of the top abs, and the deep divide between them. Derek rubbed his index finger in the divide, and undid the fifth and sixth buttons, noting that the divide went to Tim's bellybutton. The abs below were as hard as metal, and Derek mouthed 'oh ya' as he felt Tim's steel-like stomach.

Derek pulled the shirt from Tim's pants. Starting at his belt, Derek raised his hands on either side of the shirt, stroking the ridge where Tim's intercostals met his abs, then feeling the shelf of his pecs and the deep ravine between the two muscles. Derek flicked Tim's shirt over his broad shoulders, feeling their round shape and ridges where the three heads of the muscle met. Derek pushed Tim's shirt over his arms, and the shirt fell to the ground.

Derek placed his hands around Tim's upper arm, noting the size and shape of the muscle. "Fuckin' huge," Derek whispered as his kiss became more intense, more erotic. Tim twisted his arm, then extended it, making the bicep jump and the tricep burst into a massive horseshoe shape. Derek squeezed, and moaned approvingly. Derek seemed to be getting more wild, more turned on the more he stripped Tim. "How big?" Derek whispered.

"18 1/2 as of last Monday," Tim whispered back.

"Fuck. That's an inch in a month. Growin' huge." Derek placed his mouth on Tim's bicep and bit gently. He then kissed the muscular hill and licked up to Tim's delts and down to his nipple. He bit and sucked, causing Tim to moan appreciatively. Seeing the reaction, Derek looked up with puppy-dog eyes and kissed the firm flesh. He licked under Tim's pec, then down the main divide of his abs, stopping at Tim's belt. He moved his hands to the buckle and opened it. Unbuttoning the top button, he bit the zipper and pulled it down with his teeth. Derek put his nose to Tim's package and sniffed. "Mmmmmmm".

Tim kicked off his shoes and Derek pushed Tim's pants over his muscular thighs and calves. Tim stepped out of his pants. Derek's hands moved up Tim's legs. Tim flexed, and Derek felt the hardness and size of his calves, then the deep ridges and cords of his quads and hamstrings. When Derek got to Tim's underwear, he placed his hands inside the legs. Tracing the hard ridges at the base of Tim's abs, he found Tim's hard 8+ inches. "Oh ya!" Derek said, yanking the underwear down and placing his mouth on Tim's erect head. Derek seemed a man possessed as he sucked Tim's organ, pulling on his balls with one hand and stroking Tim's abs with another. Tim felt like he was floating.

Derek continued to suck Tim's cock as Derek felt Tim's body. Tim's muscles were an obvious turn-on for both of them.

"Hey stud, when do I get my turn," he asked, when his bliss mellowed enough so that he could form coherent words.

Derek pulled his mouth off and took one last lick. He stood. "Anytime you want, sir."

Tim had longed to see Derek's body, and feel his warm skin next to his own. He unbuttoned Derek's shirt, marvelling at the firmness of his pecs and definition of his abs. He was smaller than Tim now, but still mighty fine. Tim pushed Derek's pants down and smiled at his perfect bubble butt and runner's legs. The bulge in his underwear looked huge. As Tim started to push down the BVDs, Derek said, "nice surprises come in big packages." Freed from his underwear, Derek's snake popped up. It had to be at least 10 inches long and half again as thick as Tim's.

"Wow!" said Tim.

"At least I have one thing bigger than yours. Makes up for my wimpy arms, I guess." Derek said with a smile.

"You have nothing to complain about," said Tim, kissing Derek and squeezing the big snake that he had set free. He ribbed his own hard cock against Derek's feeling the difference in size. Tim picked Derek up and threw him on the bed, where their mouths found the other's cock. Hands traced the other's body, like explorers searching a new land for hidden treasures. As erotic zones were discovered, they were played to give the other joy and excitement.

Finally, Derek pulled away a bit. "Tim, can I fuck you? Do you want to fuck me?"

"Can't we do both?" Tim said, pulling out two condoms. Tim unrolled the latex protection on Derek. Derek placed the condom in his mouth, and put it on Tim while he sucked the hard, sheathed organ. "Show off," Tim said, kissing Derek. "Just for that, you go first." Tim rolled on his back.

Derek assumed the position over Tim, and slowly spread his hole open. Expertly, he pushed the lubed head in, allowing Tim time to adjust for his girth. As Derek inserted inch after inch of his long snake, he asked, "Tim, flex for me. Spread those lats and let me feel your hard muscles. Please."

Tim didn't have to be asked twice. He spread his lats, causing a topological map of muscle to appear on the wide, V shape. He pushed up, flexing his horseshoe triceps and cannoball delts. Derek ran his hands over Tim's powerful body, and Tim felt Derek's hard cock throb with his excitement. Tim flexed his glutes, forcing more blood into Derek's organ, causing it to expand deeper into him. Their hot sweaty bodies were one, and they shared the erotic pleasure for minutes before they shot their loads together. The force of Tim's pleasure pushed Derek out of him, and they laid next to each other as they experienced the bliss of their love making.

Tim rolled over and kissed Derek, removing their condoms and throwing them in the trash.

"Looks like I lose," said Derek.

Tim shook his head and stroked his still hard dick. He got out a fresh condom and more lube. "I can go on for hours," said Tim.

Seeing Tim's endurance gave Derek a second wind. In no time, his legs were thrust over his head as Tim assumed the dominant position. As he inserted himself, he allowed Derek to suck his bicep. He flexed his pecs and Derek rubbed his hard torso as he plunged himself in and out of the blonde stud. Derek's body was cut, but Tim's was ripped. As the sweat of his exertion glinted off each muscle belly, Derek marvelled at the man that was filling him up. Derek flexed his abs, lifting himself and placing his mouth on Tim's nipple. Derek sucked, smelling the musky sent of man that eminated from both of them. Tim wrapped his muscular arms around Derek's back and pushed him into his mighty chest, supporting Derek as he worshipped Tim's powerful pecs. Likewise, Derek wrapped his arms around Tim's bomber shaped back, feeling the deep ridge of muscle. Tim had no problem supporting the weight of his lover's body as he continued to thrust into him. Again, they orgasmed together.

They made love for hours, ignoring the video camera that was Hal's watchful eye. •

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