Family Ties


By Muscl4life

The rest of the weekend just flew by. When Jamie returned home Sunday afternoon Randy literally carried the 15 year old boy to his room to show his older brother the clothes he had picked up by himself! Jamie got shocked at Randy’s new wardrobe but of course, he couldn’t help making lots of jokes about those tight spandex shorts and the skimpy tank tops Randy had bought. “You’re going to 9th grade not to an amateur bodybuilding contest!” he teased as he watched the very colorful wardrobe. But Alex stood once more for Randy. “Come on, Jamie, Randy choose these clothes all by himself, at least be a little more considering” “All right, all right, I won’t say anything else!” Jamie looked at Randy and smiled back at him “If you have the guts to wear those pants on High School, then you must REALLY like them!” Alex smiled and asked his brothers if they were in the mood for pizza and the answer was obvious. He ordered 6 large pies— one for him and Jamie and the other five, well you might guess who would vanish with them. When the delivery guy rang the door, Randy was more than happy to go pay him. When the guy took a look on the size of the man who answered the door, he almost left without even getting paid. “Hey Mister, you forgot your payment!” Randy yelled as he ran outside to give the poor guy his money. Jamie was at the door laughing out loud – “You know Randy, we could use you more often! We would save a fortune ordering our meals!” “Very funny, I should finish with your part!” Randy said smiling. A few hours later, Alex called it a night – “It’s bed time boys!” Jamie said something very low which Alex pretended he had not said. Randy quickly obliged and went upstairs to the bathroom and take a good shower. Jamie didn’t bother Randy was showering, after all they were family, so he just entered the steamy bathroom and checked his face on the mirror. Jamie was a really good looking kid, maybe he had quite delicate features, which always made him an easy target to bullies. His expressive blue eyes and his thin delicate nose caused him many troubles in the past, that’s why he decided to grow a mustache, but since he was only 15 his almost one month attempt ended up to be a total failure, he could only get a few darker whiskers on his cheeks, which made his face look dirty but not even a tidy bitty more manly, so he decided to shave that ugly hair from his pretty face. He applied the foam and grabbed the razor and was about to start shaving, when he noticed the huge figure of his brother behind him. “What are you doing with Alex’s razor?” Randy asked kidding. “What does it look like? I am shaving!” Jamie said kind of impatiently. “OH!” I didn’t know you had anything to shave!” Randy replied provoking Jamie. “Look’s who’s talking? You still have this baby butt for your face! And you don’t even have hair on your groin!” “I really don’t, do I?” Randy said as re moved the tiny towel which covered his enormous endowment. “Look by yourself!” Randy showed his groin. It was hard, veiny, but soft as his face. Jamie laughed “You’re as smooth as a baby, you dweeb!” Jamie said, trying to disguise his own surprise at the size of Randy’s cock, that huge snake should be at least eleven inches, and it was completely flaccid! “Look closer!” Randy ordered and soon Jamie was looking at some darker isolated whiskers here and there. He laughed out loud – “OH, my, look at the forest you’re growing there!” Both of them busted into laughter and Randy grabbed Jamie in his arms. “One day, you’ll see, I’ll have to shave two times a day!” He said trying to sound mean, but Jamie just laughed even louder – “Sure, buddy, when pigs fly!” Jamie and Randy were ready to sleep, when Alex entered the room and sat on Randy’s bed – “I wish you all the best to you tomorrow!” Alex kissed Randy’s forehead. “Oh come on, stop being such a wuss!” Jamie threw his pillow on Alex who just had time to duck. It was the spark which started a huge pillow war! And as usual, Randy ended up crashing his smaller siblings, forcing them to give up fighting. When Alex finally left the room and turned the lights off and Randy practically drifting off Jamie had the guts to say – “Don’t worry, big guy, I know everything is gonna be all right!”

08.12 a.m. – Mrs. Livingstone, the English Literature teacher had barely started her class at the 9th grade, when Mr. Redwood knocked on the door, asking for her, she went outside and a few moments later, both of them entered the class with a strange look in their faces. Jamie knew what was coming next and he had butterflies in his stomach Mr. Redwood did the talking. “Dear class, I’d like you to welcome a fellow student who will, from now on, attend classes at the 9th grade. I am sure to say that most of you already know him” Redwood looked outside – “Come on in son!” The students face had the same surprise looking when Randy entered the classroom. He wore black Lycra pants and a white tank top, showing the immensity of his bulging triceps as he carried his knapsack easily along with him. “Randy Ferguson, Jamie’s brother, will attend this class, since the Board of Education concluded that he is completely capable of joining more advanced classes. I hope you’ll help him to catch up with the lessons which had already been taught. Now if you excuse me, I think Mrs. Livingstone has a class to resume.” The door closed after Mr. Redwood and time seemed to freeze. Randy stood there looking at the class, with his eyes full of doubts and the class looked at him, admiring his enormous physique. Finally, the teacher got a clue – “Randy, why don’t you take that seat in the back of the room?” she said pointing to the chair right aside of Nate Phillips, the same guy whose ass was kicked by Randy last Thursday. The overdeveloped kid gulped and walked towards his seat “Sorry for last Thursday, Nate, I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Everyone stared at his glorious bouncing movement as his muscular legs leaded Randy to his chair. Nate Phillips looked at him with a furious look in his face. Randy said nothing else; he just sat down and started taking notes of the class. When lunch came, Randy finally got the chance to meet his brother Jamie. “So, it wasn’t so bad, was it?” Jamie asked curious. Randy seemed a little uncomfortable. “Fine, I guess. I watched the classes and they weren’t very difficult to follow, I am worried about next week we’re gonna have a mathematic test with Mr. Birmingham.” “I am not talking about that you over muscular nerd! I am talking about the way everybody reacted when you entered the classroom dressed like Mr. Olympia?” Jamie smacked the back of his huge kid brother head. “Oh, they all keep staring at me at first, but then it became normal, they only kept talking a little when I solved the Math quiz, Mr. Birmingham purposed.” “Talk about that! You solved a quiz right on your first day at 9th grade! Man, they’re gonna think you’re a giant geek!” Jamie laughed as he took a bite on his burger. Randy was already on his sixth sandwich. “Hey, the teacher asked if anybody could solve the problem, and I said that I could, so he asked me to come to the board, and that’s what I did” Randy said casually. “WOW! One day, you’re treated like a mentally challenged, next week they’re thinking you’re some kind of genius!” Jamie waved his head. “Hey Jamie, we have Physical Education today, don’t we?” Randy asked with his mouth full of food, and Jamie nodded – “COOL! I love PE!” Randy said as he tossed his older brother hair, just to tease him – “See ya later, kid!” the behemoth kid got up of the table and went back for his third row of lunch, fortunately, Alex always gave him extra money for lunch. Jamie arranged his hair and left the table, when he got out of the cafeteria, he realized how bad luck he had, he walked into Nate Phillips and his gang. “Hey, if it isn’t little Jamie Ferguson? How you’re doing dweeb?” Nate asked arrogantly, but Jamie also had a sharp tongue – “Fine, thanks, and what about you, Nate? Are you totally recovered from being beaten up by my brother Randy?” Nate got mad and grabbed Jamie by his collar. “Listen, you dweeb! You gorilla brother only got lucky that time! If he messes with me again, I’ll get him kicked out of the school!” Nate dropped Jamie at the garbage can – “Now, you stay there where your family belongs!” The bullies left him. Jamie got some help and got out of the garbage can. “I wanted to teach you a lesson, you miserable sun of a bitch, but I can’t get Randy into more trouble!” He thought as he walked to his next classes. Coach Sanders gathered the students on the football field. “Listen, boys! I am proud to present our future star player – Randy Ferguson!” Sanders asked for the students to applause Randy as he approached. “I know you’re gonna be one hell of player, Randy!” Sanders tapped his shoulders – “Thanks, coach!” Randy look absolutely powerful, wearing that tight uniform, he had to borrow from a 270 pound athlete, but even so it was hard to fit in such skimpy uniform. “Wait a minute, coach!” Nate stood up—“This guy never took any exam, how come you’re already offering him a place in the team?” “Phillips, I’ve been watching Randy’s performance for quite a long time, and I can sure you that he’ll be a wonderful acquisition to our team…” “BULLSHIT! You’re giving him the place, only because he’s big! I bet he can’t even move in the field!” Nate said and crossed his arms on his chest. Randy looked embarrassed, but Sanders suddenly had an idea. “Tell you what Phillips, you’re the fastest runner of the team, aren’t you? If Randy can beat you on the track, then you’ll shut up and let him join the team, OK?” Nate laughed “This elephant won’t even eat my dust!” and walked to the running track. Sanders encouraged Randy – “Don’t worry kid, I saw you running before, you’re gonna win this thing easily”. Randy said nothing, he was nervous, he wanted so bad to teach that bastard a lesson, and it was his best opportunity. “On your marks. Ready. Set – GO!” Sanders said and they started running. Nate had a great start, but soon, he was caught by Randy’s incredible and powerful movements, each time his powerful muscles gave him the speed he needed to run faster than Nate. Randy ran so fast even Phillips couldn’t see his approach, when the arrogant bastard realized it was too late, Randy had already passed him and crossed the finish line. The rest of the team went nuts! Nate was the fastest runner they had, and suddenly he was beaten by an over 350 pounds guy? How come? Surely, that Randy was a real powerhouse! Coach hugged Randy and cheered even louder than the rest of the guys – “You were awesome Randy! I knew you’d beat Phillips!”. The loser just waved his head and spit on the ground, he was fooled and now Randy got the chance to proof everyone he was best than him. “It ain’t finished Ferguson!” the jock said as he returned to the circle. The rest of the training session only confirmed that Randy was the tallest, the strongest, the most powerful player of the team, he couldn’t be beaten! When he tried some offensive movements, not even three defenders were able to stop him, he just kept going dragging over 500 pounds along with him. After training, every team member congratulated Randy – “You’re the greatest!” or “That trophy is ours!” – One by one, exception made for Phillips, the players saluted Randy and welcomed him to the team. And such enthusiasm remained even in the bathroom. “Step aside, dweebs! The giant enters the room!” some guy yelled as Randy entered the bathroom. He was kind of embarrassed, not used to be treated like a sports hero, but he was really enjoying such thing. The boys all hit the shower, and Randy casually got out of his sweaty clothes, and prepared to hit the shower. Then, he noticed the stares once more. Everyone was looking at his body, his gargantuan muscles, his enormous figure towering over the muscular athletes. They remained quiet until someone finally had the guts to say – “WOW! Randy, I had no idea! You’re totally ripped, man! Great body!” Randy blushed. He really trained hard, but mostly his enormous body was the result of his wonderful genetics. “Thanks, man!” Randy said as he removed his tight underwear and then the noticed even more boys staring at him, looking directly into his endowment. “I also have a huge dick, don’t I?” Randy said smiling, he wasn’t bragging, he was just trying to play along with the other jocks, but they all turned their faces quickly and pretended not to have looked at such humongous cock. Randy realized in that moment that most of the boys don’t like to talk about their cocks with other boys, especially when their cock is totally dwarfed by such a huge python. “Where did I go wrong?” he asked Jamie who kept smiling all the time! “You didn’t do anything wrong, bro! Those guys are so full of themselves, they can’t admit that someone have a cock twice the size of theirs” Jamie rinsed his hair off and turned the water off – “See you later, kid!” and he went out. Randy shut his mouth and took his shower; he managed to stay there until all the other boys left. He felt bad for that cock thing, maybe he had hurt the other boys feelings. He was all alone on the bathroom, letting the water run and thinking about those things, when Sanders heard the water falling – “Is there anyone in there?” he was already in his jock when he saw Randy sat on the ground with the water falling over him. “Something’s wrong son?” Sanders asked touching Randy’s shoulder. The boy woke up from his trance. “No, I was just enjoying this hot shower a little more”. Randy stood up and Coach finally got the chance to see his mind blowing physique for the first time. His eyes widened, because Cliff Sanders was used to see big muscular guys in the shower, but Randy was definitely the BIGGEST he had ever seen, in muscular and genitalia size. He couldn’t help to notice that – “You’ve got the whole package sun! Muscles, strength and a huge cock to go!” Sanders said as he entered his own shower. Randy looked back and smiled. “Thanks, Coach Sanders!”. Randy could get a good look at his coach body – He was so hairy! His chest looked like a forest, and his belly also had lots of dark hair all the way down to his groin, which was also very hairy. Randy noticed Coach’s cock and it was very, very big. Not as big as his own, but definitely bigger than Alex’s – “You have a huge cock as well, Coach!”. Sanders looked at him and blinked. “Out of training you can call me Cliff!” The coach smiled and casually grabbed his package and squeezed it a little – “I can get 10 whole inches when I’m hard!” Randy got puzzled – “You mean it can grow bigger?” For one moment, Sanders said nothing, then he smiled and laughed – “Get outta here, Ferguson!” and he threw a bottle of shampoo on the huge kid. Randy got the clue and left the bathroom, and Sanders applied a huge wad of liquid soap on his cock and started massaging it – “That kid is HOT!” her mumbled as he felt his rod growing to reach the so called 10 whole inches.

When Randy and Jamie got home, Alex was there with the lunch ready. He was dying of curiosity and could barely wait till the boys wash up. He asked all sort of things about Randy’s reaction to the new classes, the other students, the teachers, everything. When the boy told about the math quiz he solved, Alex got thrilled with joy – “I knew you were a genius!” Jamie, on the other hand, was a little bored with that situation. “Enough with the compliments to Randy! He’s just went through one lousy day at 9th grade, we should wait a little more before we can celebrate!”. “Jamie, you don’t have to be jealous of me, you’re the brightest student in the whole school! Everybody knows that!” Randy tried to comfort his older brother. “Well, people are talking just how fast you beat Nate Phillips on track today, and how fucking strong you are, dragging three huge guys along with you when you scored that touchdown” Jamie said ironically. “Jamie, you know Randy is just the way he is! If he’s this BIG, there’s anything you can do about it, but accept. He’s just stronger than both of us!” Alex tried to give him some advise. “All right! But please, don’t rub it on my face! I still have to deal with the fact that my 11 year old brother is the new player of the High School Football team!” Randy said at once “You know what I said to Mr. Birmingham when he asked me, after PE, how did I solve that quiz? I said that my brother Jamie had taught me how to solve those kind of problems. He got all surprised!” Jamie froze “You told him that? Why? You didn’t need to do that!” “I know, but you deserved the credit! You’ve studied with me all those months when I entered the Junior High, I just had to tell the truth! I told Mr. Birmingham that you the smartest student I’ve ever known, and he said that you should take part in the Math club! Isn’t that neat?” Randy said all excited. Alex smiled. “You’ve always wanted to join the Math club, Jamie!” “Anyway, he said you should look for him tomorrow morning!” Randy tossed Jamie’s hair and sat down to attack his third plate. Jamie was speechless, then he hugged his giant kid brother and kissed hi cheeks – “Thanks, bro! You’re the best! I know you’re gonna kick some serious asses on the football team!!”

After lunch, both Randy and Jamie lied down on the living room, watching ESPN. It was a natural bodybuilder’s show. Randy watched it closely, as the announcers presented the heavyweight champion. “Jamie, can you believe that those fully grown men are so little…” Randy commented as he watched the massive athletes flexing and showing off their bodies. “They are only “little” if compared to you, Kong!” Jamie answered right away. Randy smiled – “Maybe, but I like being this big! Wouldn’t change for anything in the world! I can’t wait to grow even bigger!” “Randy, you’ve never said that before! You’re really happy being the way you are?” Randy got an upset look, and Jamie rephrased his question – “I mean, all those years you only seemed OK with yourself, but now you say that you’re willing to grow even more” “Yep!” Randy flexed his biceps – “don’t you think it would be great if I’d pack an extra hundred pounds?” “You’d be almost 600 pounds then, I don’t think we could afford feeding you!” They laughed and Randy once more grabbed Jamie in his arms – “Don’t worry, I could just start a career as a bodybuilder and become rich in no time!” “That’s a good idea, maybe I could be your manager!” Jamie played along with his kid brother, but Randy seemed to be taking this a little too serious. “All right, it’s a deal! From now on, you’re my manager!”. The huge kid spit on his hand and offered it to Jamie, who repeated the same thing and they shook hands, which means Jamie was literally shook by his kid brother. •

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