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... Jonny gets


By Corwin

It took me a while, but I was able to piece together what happened after I left the gym. Mark was in the lab, running his analysis on Jonny's specimens. Jonny was in the gym showing off, but excused himself once I was gone.

"Gotta make a call," he said. Getting his cell phone from his bag, he phoned one of the older teammates. "Dude, we gotta do a party tonight. A big one. Call all the guys together, OK?" The player on the other end of the phone didn't understand the rush. "Look, the doc is on to us." "Ya, I know that Adam isn't a problem for me, but that old guy Scott is. Man, he's like 10 Adams. I think they're up to something." The player on the other end of the phone mustn't have wanted to cooperate. "Look, you guys promised that I'd be the biggest. That was the plan, right? We still want that, right? It's how things fit together to get what we all want! Well, we have to speed things up. I need to be juiced so that I can grow. Man, you gotta help me!" Finally, the guy must have understood. "Cool. Look, if some of the guys don't want to come, convince them!" "Great, see you in an hour or so." Jonny returned to the other players. According to the logs on the machine, he proceeded to bench two times Adam's max for several sets. "Hey men, I know where there's this massive party tonight. They wanna see how The Weed has grown! You're all invited."

I was never able to find out exactly what went on. Most of the team cooperated with Jonny. They were so impressed with his size and strength, and when the big guy offered to blow them, they were more than willing to accept. The few who refused were coaxed into it, either through peer pressure, at the sight of Jonny bulking up as he sucked the other guys off, or by force. In the end, the only men on the team Jonny didn't get were Adam and Brett, but he had his sights set on them.

Mark stayed at the office late. I waited with Adam and Brett. Adam was upset that he missed his workout. He was even more upset when I told him about Jonny's growth.

"What'll happen now if he comes for us! I can't protect us!" Adam dropped his head on Brett's shoulder.

"Don't worry big guy," Brett reassured him.

"Ya, Mark will work something out," I added. "Besides, I'm here and I don't think he wants to mess with me again."

To relieve the tension, I suggested that Brett and Adam take me on in mock wresting matches and other tests of strength. Things like Adam and Brett trying to take my arms down or beat me in tug of war (both of them against my one arm). It was never a fair fight, but I didn't abuse them too much. I tried to remind myself that I was twice their age, but the sight of the two muscle jocks straining to best my arm, sweating and getting pumped trying to outpower me, well, it was a turn on. We'd flex and stretch after each test. Brett was the first to ask to feel my muscles.

"Damn man, you're made of steel!" he would say, as he squeezed my gun with all his might, or try and crush my pec with his iron grip. I'd just smile.

At 11:45, I began to worry, so I called Mark's lab. I got the answering machine, so I left a message. I was going to give him til 12:30, then I'd go down there. He showed up a little after midnight.

"Sorry I'm late, but I needed to run the models," he said. "Damn computers are never fast enough some times. Also, I had a lot of test tubes to clean. I wanted to destroy the physical samples I had taken from everyone, just in case."

"So?" I asked.

"It's amazing. Jonny's system has attuned itself to the growth formula. I tested it against all the other players, and his growth potential is astonishing." Mark's voice conveyed his excitement.

"Anything I should worry about," I asked. "Ya know, the kid isn't going to forget what happened today."

"No, no. Well, he might be able to equal you, well," Mark was flustered. "I'm getting ahead of myself. If Jonny was exposed to the various mutations of the serum that exist on the team, he'd probably equal you in size and strength. If you throw Adam and Brett into the mix, he'd be invincible."

"Nothing to worry about, huh?" I said.

"Let me finish. If Adam and Brett were exposed to the Jonny's mutation and another dose of the serum, they too would equal you."

Adam grinned, and started to say something, but Mark continued.

"But, Scott, you're the key. When your mutated serum is added to the mix, well, all hell breaks lose. As near as I can figure, the growth would never stop. Anytime someone exposed to that, once activated by the serum, well, they'd be able to grow and get stronger at will, or something like that."

"I don't get it doc?" said Brett.

"To put it more simply, anytime you needed more strength, your body would produce it. For anything," said Mark. "You'd be supermen. If we forward and do this," he stopped and looked at me. "Look, this is a big step guys, but it's up to you."

Just then the phone rang. Adam, Brett and I talked about it. Were we ready for this? We decided to sleep on it.

Mark came into the room. "That was campus police. Someone broke into my lab and destroyed it. The safe where I keep all the samples and serum had been broken open. Actually, they said the door had been ripped off. They also said empty syringes were found and there were a dozen or so beakers on the floor. They told me it looked like a heard of elephants had stampeded through."

We all looked at each other, and said the first name that came to mind, "Jonny."

Jonny must have been waiting until Mark left. After the orgy, he had mutated serum from every man who had ever been exposed, except Adam, Brett. Mark and myself. He needed the raw serum to activate it. The locked lab door would be nothing for his incredible grip and 35 inch gun. He would barely have to strain to twist and rip the steel of the safe in order to open it. When he saw that Mark had destroyed all the samples he had taken from Brett, Adam and myself, I suspect he went a little berserk. Finding four vials of serum, however, probably calmed him down.

Jonny was an exhibitionist. I imagine that he stipped off his clothes before he gave himself the shots. If he was smart, he probably prepared some of the protein drinks. He'd need them to quench his hunger and solidify his growth. Since he was in a hurry, he probably gave himself all four shots at once. In my minds eye, I can see his body become flushed. Like earlier that day, each beat of his heart would cause his muscles to grow. This time, though, at a much faster rate. His chest would inflate, massive pecs pushing into his chin. His traps would pulse and grow, giving new meaning to the term 'no neck'. His lats would press his arms from his sides, but his arms would fight back with their own massive growth. He would feel himself rise from the chair as the muscle bellies of his glutes swelled. His quads and hams would push his legs apart, and his calves would burst in massive diamonds. I can hear him mumbling to himself, "Oh ya, grow. Feelin so fuck'n strong and huge. Ya, super rush, ya." The hunger would come upon him like a tidal wave, and he'd need the protein drinks. After 45 minutes, he'd flex and admire his new body. He might even weigh himself, to see how much muscle he'd put on. When he'd hear the police, he'd leave. The question is, where would he go and what would he do?

At 1:45 AM, Mark and I were awoken by a commotion coming from the living room. I was the first out of our room. Adam and Brett also came running from their room. The door to our apartment had been blown into the room, like an explosion had occurred that knocked it from its frame. In the doorway stood a massively muscled man, arms akimbo. The mass of his muscle blocked all light except the outline of his incredible frame. No light shown between his back and arms, and only a brief flicker was visible between his knees and enormous calves. The man in the door had a body to rival mine.

"Hello men," Jonny said. "Hope I didn't wake you!" He laughed. "Actually, I don't give a fuck. I wanted to show you the new me! Especially you, Adam. I've been looking for you. Thanks for leaving that message on the answering machine, old man. Let me know exactly where to find him." "

"Jonny, we don't want any trouble here," I said, flicking on a light.

Jonny looked me dead in the eye. "And find you," he added.

Jonny didn't move. It took a second for our eyes to adjust to the light, but what we saw was amazing. Jonny had grown again, that's for sure. He wore only the shorts I had thrown on him, and he wore them like a second skin. His quads were so massive they had shredded the legs and caused them to bunch around his enormous package. His glutes pulled that fabric tight. He was shirtless, and his abs revealed a body with close to no body fat. His pecs were round and full, and I knew he couldn't even see over them to see his feet. His legs looked to be as thick as mine, and his calves were cut power. In addition to his massive size, he was extremely vascular. His skin seemed transparent, revealing the slightest twitch of any muscle fiber and the pump of his heart.

Jonny face revealed a sinister grin as we took in what he had become. "Like what you see? You may not want trouble here, but trouble is what you got cause I'M HERE." His abs rippled and flexed as he again laughed. "I am a sight, aren't I! But," he added, "I could be so much more with your help. Why don't you all put some clothes on and come with me to the gym where I can really show you what this body can do now." The sinister grin never left his face. It even seemed to grow more wider and more wicked as he stood there.

I started to walk toward him.

"I wouldn't, old man," he warned. "Unless you want to do our little challenge again right here and now. What did you say, you were over 800 pounds of muscle?"

"That's right," I said firmly.

"Well, you're looking at 900 plus pounds of muscle here." To demonstrate his point, he raised his right arm parallel to the floor. Slowly, methodically, he began to flex it. A massive bicep contracted, forming a round hill then a mountainous peak. Jonny's massive forearm hit that mountain, and the top of the peak extended above Jonny's fist. He contracted harder, forming rope thick cords within the massive peak and on his forearm. "You like to scratch your bi with your finger to show how big it is, don't you old man? I wish I could do that, but this peak is just too high. I need to use my other hand to feel its size and hardness," Jonny said as he rubbed the soccerball sized muscle with his left hand.

"Old man, I do want to do our challenge again. We can do it here and now, or we can do it in the gym. Your choice. Same rules. You think you're radioactive. I got news for you, I'm hotter than the sun now and I can't wait to take the spunk from that big dick of yours."

Adam and I started to move toward Jonny. "Scott! Adam! Stop!" Mark yelled. "OK Jonny, we'll go with you. Just give us a second to put on some clothes."

"You have 30 seconds. Just grab a pair of shorts. I don't want any tricks and you don't want me to come in there and force you," Jonny said.

Mark and I walked into our room.

"Looks like you were right," I whispered.

Mark smiled. "All according to plan."

Brett and Adam were already waiting when we came out. Jonny was still in the door, his right hand rubbing over his massive pecs like he was feeling and enjoying the power in their thick mass.

"Let's go," Jonny commanded. "Remember, I'm stronger and faster than any of you. You don't want the trouble I can cause." There was an exagerated confidence behind the way Jonny said 'I'.

I grabbed the door. As I jammed it into broken frame, I looked back into the apartment. The empty beaker and glasses were still on the table, unnoticed by Jonny. •

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