Cyclist, The

What Jonny wants


By Corwin

Adam went to wake up Brett, and I went to shower. As Brett and Adam prepared for the day, I spoke with Mark.

"You aren't upset, are you?" I asked him.

"About what?" He was making his breakfast, and had a big shit-eating grin on his face.

"About walking in on us?" I said meekly.

"Oh, you mean Adam being a cock-tease and you falling for it?" He snickered. "Is there something to be upset about?"

"Well, I think I would have gone ballistic if I found you horny after a muscle stud!"


"Well," I began. Then I thought about it. I trust Mark, and know he wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt me. I don't own him, and he doesn't own me. If I were jealous, then it would be my problem, not his. He trusted me and understood what happened.

I scowled then pouted. He pulled me toward him. "That's my mighty-mouse, lost in the maze again." He kissed me.

Adam and Brett walked in, and Mark offered to make Brett breakfast, and added, "and keep your clothes on for now, OK." Brett looked confused and Adam shot me a look. I shrugged and smiled.

"So, doc, did you change your mind? Will you help me?" asked Adam after breakfast was done.

"I'm still not sure, but I think maybe," Mark began, "yes, I'll give you another treatment. But I want to plan this out. I don't want to jump into anything." Mark paused. "Look. This whole experiment isn't going as I thought. I began to develop the serum to help people with muscular diseases. When I found it increased muscle mass and density in athletes, I approached the school with my results. They were excited and got the team involved, something about increasing donations when we have a winning team. I had predicted that you would become super-athletes with exceptional size and strength. Most of you guys did. What I didn't predict was you and Brett."

Mark looked at them, the began to pace. "I had never considered how the serum changed anything more than muscle, but it does. It changes your whole endocrine system. In some ways, you actually begin to produce the serum. It's your body's way of keeping the muscle, but you can also pass it on to anyone else who's had the treatment. I had never thought that possible. I knew that some of the team referred to Adam as a 'faggot', but I thought that was play. When your growth exceeded anything I had predicted, I began to run tests."

"You mean all those blood tests and having us cum and pee in the cup?" Brett asked.

"Yes, those tests. I wasn't surprised to find the serum in your blood, but I was surprised to find it in your semen. I was even more surprised to find that it wasn't exactly the serum. Your bodies had changed it, and everybody changed it slightly differently. Later, I figured out that it was interacting with your own particular genetic code. I also learned that when you two exchanged semen, it boosted the effects of the growth serum and changed it even more."

"So, you're saying that because we were gay, we became super-super men!" Adam smiled.

"Well, because you had gay sex, yes, that's essentially true. I thought I had locked all this stuff away in my notes, but apparently Jonny somehow found out." Mark frowned. "He's obviously been, er,"

"Sucking cock," added Adam helpfully.

"sucking cock. more than one, probably," agreed Mark, still frowning. "There's more. When I got to the lab today, I was still unsure about all this. I guess I had a bad feeling about Jonny, but," Mark paused again, "he was in the gym this morning with some of the other players. He was wearing only a pair of briefs, and clearly showing off, bragging about how he had beaten Brett at arm wrestling. I walked over to him. I wanted to hear his side."

"'What's up?' I asked."

"'Nothing. Just showing the guys here what the coach said has come true. Look.' He pointed at the dial on the arm curl machine. It was programmed for Adam's workout. He grinned. 'Watch,' he said. There was something cocky in his voice."

"Ya, I know that routine. I've only been able to squeeze out seven reps on it so far."

"I know. Today, Jonny did 10. I watched as he broke every one of your records. After each, he flexed his muscles demonstrating that he was in fact the biggest of the big. I'm sorry, Adam." Brett put his arm around Adam. I could tell that Adam knew he wouldn't be able to protect either of them anymore should Jonny attack.

"There's more. It was something unspoken, something in the way he was acting. It's hard to describe," Mark paced and shook his head. "I went to my office, but I heard him in the locker room. He was with five or six of the other players. They were having an orgy. Or maybe a better way to put it is they were worshipping his muscles as he was sucking them off."

"You mean getting more growth juice," I said.

"I think so. I'm suppose to meet the boys at 4 o'clock for their weekly injection." Mark looked at me. "I'll know more after that. Until then, I want you two to stay here." Mark pointed to Brett and Adam. "Scott, can you be at my lab at 4?"


I got to the lab a few minutes before four. Jonny was there with some of the older teammates. I walked into Mark's office.

"Jonny showing off again?" I asked.

"Still. He's been here all day, or at least since I got back. As the guys come in to train, he gives them a very intentional display of his strength. Then he goes in to shower and there's an orgy. Some guys haven't gone along with it, but many have. Here, I want you to see this."

Mark pulled up a chart on the screen. It was labeled, "Workout Adam-1" and graphed reps and weight. Every time the reps got above 10, the weight increased automatically. The graph showed that there was a steady increase that seemed to be accelerating.

"That's a graph of Jonny's workout today."

"Today? But, doesn't it show..."

"that 'the Weed' is growing faster than I had thought possible," said Mark, finishing my sentence. "I'll need to run some tests. Let's get this over with."

Jonny was finishing up a set of squats, doing a set of 10 with his butt going down to the the floor. One of the older teammates was looking at the readout. As Jonny finished, a look of astonishment came over the kid's face. "Man, that's almost a third more than Adam's max. Weed, what type of fertilizer you on to grow that fast. Man, you just keep getting stronger and stronger."

"And don't forget bigger!" Jonny bragged, flexing his quads into a hardness that displayed rivers of muscle fiber and veins. It looked like his paper thin skin would rip as the muscle forced itself out and stretched it beyond its limits. As he relaxed, he shook his thigh, showing the amazing thickness of the muscle belly. Wave after wave of relaxed muscle lashed about in Jonny's demonstration of his awesome mass.

"Jonny, if you're done, we'd like to get started," Mark said, walking into the locker room. The nine other new team members were already there. One by one Mark gave them shots and told them to wait in the gym. I watched the process as each bodybuilder-caliber athlete got the shot that would cause them to grow. Jonny was the last one. I walked behind him.

"Jonny, I've been watching your growth. You're way ahead of the curve, and I'd like to get some more data on you if that's OK."

"I guess so doc. Anything for science," said Jonny, though his face betrayed a bit of skepticism.

"Before I give you the shot, I'd like to get some baseline measurements. Do you know them by any chance?"

"Sure do." Jonny smiled. "Checked myself out yesterday after I beat Brett in arm wrestling."

"Fine. Scott will measure you and if you tell me what they are, I'll record them," instructed Mark.

"Let's start with your arms," I told Jonny. "Hold your arm out straight out and make a fist. I'll get your forearm."

"21 and a half," said Jonny, not looking at the tape.

"More like 22 3/4," I said. Jonny smiled. "Now that gun of yours."

"28 and solid," Jonny pronounced as his huge show muscle grew before me.

"30 1/8," I said. Jonny's smile got wider.

"Ok, raise your arms up and let me wrap this around your chest." I put the tape under Jonny's pits, around his thick defined back and massive pecs. "OK, relax first."

"Should be about 70, unflexed," bragged Jonny, now expecting my correction.

"More like 75. Go ahead and flex," I said as I loosened the tape.

"Gotta be close to 90."

"94. Waist." I dropped the tape and pulled it in. A lot.


"Almost 31 1/4."

"My thighs were 50 yesterday," said Jonny as I knelt to measure his legs, "but I just worked them so they have a good pump". Damn, the kid was making me hard. I've always appreciated big legs, even if mine were half again as large as his. I wrapped the tape around the thickest part of his boulder-hard leg.

"Looks like 52." I said.

"Huh, maybe I didn't get as much of a pump as I thought. The weight was a bit light," then he added, "for me."

"And last calves," I said.

"25," he commented, flexing his calves into wide diamonds of power.

"28." I said.

"Growing like a fuck'n weed!" he said, hitting a most muscular as I stood up. "Ya know, you forgot one," added Jonny, grabbing his massive package.

"I'd like to give you the injection first," said Mark. Jonny nearly jumped into the chair and relaxed his thigh. Mark inserted the needle and emptied it's contents. I watched as Jonny's body started to flush, first the thigh, then his leg, then his abs and his other leg, his chest and last his arms and neck.

Jonny grinned and closed his eyes. He let out a slight moan. "Man, this is a real rush this time," he said. For the first time since starting the trial, there was actually a perceptable change in a subject. Jonny was growing in front of us. Not much, but he was definitely getting bigger. It was like every pump of his heart made him slighly large, as if something was inflating the muscles. After about five minutes, it seemed to stop.

"Jonny, why don't you wait with the others. I'll prepare the supplements and give them to you in about 45 minutes," said Mark.

"Thanks doc. Wow, that was intense. I could almost feel myself growing," said Jonny as he walked out.

After he left, I turned to Mark. "Did you see that."

"Yes. Very strange," was all he would say. Mark set up a series of syringes and beakers, filling each with the protein supplement. We also planned for the next phase. At the right time, we called the team back in. Jonny was obviously bigger than just a few minutes ago. Mark gave everyone their supplements. Jonny asked for 4 refills. His muscles seem to fill out with each drink. Finally, I got the tape back out.

"Gonna measure me again doc?" asked Jonny, the shit-eating grin returning to his face.

"Yes Jonny. I'd like to understand better how these injections are effecting you," Mark said. It wasn't exactly a lie, but it wasn't the whole truth either.

"Hey guys, you interested. Wanna hear how The Weed is grow'n?!"

There was a chorus of "oh yas" and "sures" from the guys.

"OK, you know the drill," I told Jonny. Jonny held out his arm out and I measure around his forearm. "28," I said. Jonny smiled. "Guns. 35," Jonny's smile got wider. "Chest relaxed. 81. Go ahead and flex," I told him. "101. Waist." I dropped the tape and pulled it in. A lot. "Almost 31 3/8. And the thigh is .... 56. Calves." I read off the last number. "28." Jonny's face was aglow with pride.

"Jonny, can we get your weight now?" Mark asked.

"Sure Doc, but first let's loose this." He put his thumbs in the wasteband of his trunks. "Want to get an accurate reading right?" Jonny slowly began to push the briefs over on massive thigh, then the other, turning deliberately and flexing his abs and back. When the elastic had trouble getting over the new mass on his thigh, he made a show of the effort, flexing his arms to pressure the fabric beyond its limits. He looked surprised when it ripped, faking an 'oh my god' expression then flexing his quads, ripping the fabric more. "Guess I'll need a new pair," he said as he pushed the tatters to his calves, bending over and flexing his lats to their incredible maximum width.

As he stood up, he slid his hands up his legs to his flacid cock. Free from its confinement, it hung nearly to his knees. He lifted it, breaking the sweaty bond between it and his balls. It also gave him an opportunity to show off his massive endowment. He walked to the scale, making sure his dick flopped between his two powerful thighs. "I weighed 350 yesterday, all muscle of course," he bragged.

"Looks like it's 425 now," I said, reading off the number to Mark.

I looked at the guys. Some said, "fuck!", "whoa!" or other explitives. Many had obvious erections at the sight of the hulking he-man Jonny had grown into, almost before their eyes. "Wait til Adam sees you now!" said one kid.

"Adam? That wimp! He hasn't shown his face all day. Even missed his workout. He knows I'm number one around here now. He and Brett are probably afraid to show their faces." Jonny strutted over to me and Mark.

"OK, boys, shows over for you now. I'd like to get some blood samples from Jonny," said Mark in an authoritative voice. The boys got up to go.

"Wait for me in the gym, guys. Let's see what these muscles can do now!" Jonny told them. A few looked back smiling.

"OK doc, what now?" Jonny asked after he left.

"First, let me get a blood sample. I'd like to see how much of the formula your system is retaining." Mark pulled out an empty syringe with a test tube on one end.

"Think you'll be able to find a vein," ask Jonny, twisting and flexing his arm, watching the thick blue vein bounce on his bicep.

"I think so," said Mark, wrapping a rubber cord around his arm and sticking him a little harder than necessary. The tube filled with Jonny's life liquid. When he was finished, he pulled out the needle and placed a cotton ball on the wound. "Think you can give me a urine sample?" Mark said, placing a bandage of the cotton.

"Sure. Gotta take a whiz anyway." Jonny grabbed one of the sterile beakers and started to piss. He handed the liquid to Mark, who poured into a flask and corked it.

"Now we'd like a semen sample from you. You've done this before. If you want some privacy, you can use my office. There are some magazines in their if you want to use them," Mark said, sounding very professional.

"I don't think so, doc," said Jonny.

"Excuse me?" Mark was a bit less professional sounding.

"Look doc. You know that my spunk is supercharged, and you know I know. I'm not stupid. Come on! I just grew 75 pounds in one day. No one in your experiment has done that before right? And you know why I grew? Cause I've been collecting some samples myself and look at the result." Jonny put his arms behind his head and flexed his arms, chest, back then legs into a most muscular pose. "Can't let my spunk get around. Who knows who might get it? They might even use it to get bigger than this." He relaxed and added, " I'm the biggest, badest man around and I like it."

"Not quite," I said.


"I'm still bigger than you. Way bigger." I said. I took off my glasses, and pulled my shirt over my head. "You're looking at over 800 pounds of muscle. That's twice as big as you." I flexed my massive arm and put it in his face. "See."

Jonny stared, then started to walk away. I stepped in front of him.

"Move," he ordered. I stood firm. He placed his hands on my chest and started to push. I flexed my pecs and stood my ground. I felt his hand begin to try and dig into my chest. Looking down, I saw his forearm flex as he tried to close his fingers into my massive pec. I flexed a bit harder, watching his fingers turn red, unable to conquer the iron hardness of my muscle.

I had had enough. I looked him in they eyes and wrapped my hand around his wrist. I squeezed. As I slowly increased the pressure, I saw pain enter his eyes. At the point before his bone would break, I slowly pushed his hand from my chest. He clenched his other hand into a fist and, like a lightning bold, swung it into my abs. I heard the crack and Jonny winced in pain as his most powerful punch met my immovable might. Smiling at him, I began to twist his arm with my one hand. Sure, he fought me, but with my muscle, his resistent felt like a baby's resistence against an adult. As I twisted him around, moving his unwilling arm behind his back, I noticed something else. The Weed was growing, but it wasn't his muscle this time. His flacid cock wasn't quite so flacid anymore.

I placed my free hand on his chest. He flexed it when he felt me start to squeeze. "Harder," I whispered in his ear as I increased my grip. I felt the cords of his hard muscle as my fingers dug into them. "That all you got," I taunted. I felt him flex more, pushing my fingers out a bit. I would have none of that as I increased my grip and dug them in more. The Weed was now almost fully erect, his massive cock brushing against the hand that was torturing his pec. "Mark, looks like we can measure the boy's other growth now."

I released my grip and slowly moved my hand down Jonny's cock, brushing his nipple as I passed it. Mark came over, and as he started to measure, I squeezed the base of the rigid dick, causing it to grow more. "Just help'n out, boy," I whispered to him. His struggles had almost stopped and I moved my free fingers to brush against his balls.

"21" Mark told us.

I let go of his cock, and moved my hands to my pants. I undid them, forcing them down over my massive legs and freeing my organ. Using the force of my single arm, I forced him to face me. "Looks like I'm bigger than you there too." I put my hand around our two organs and stroked them together. "I got a deal for you. You think you're spunk is hot? Mine is radioactive. You think that little growth spurt was something, think what will happen if I let you suck me off. Think of that fertilizer, Weed. You'd be the fuck'n Hulk. I'll even let you do it, if you can get me off before I get you off. If I get you off first, we get a sample of your spunk. Otherwise, you get to be the biggest and the badest. The choice is yours," I said, giving his cock a brief squeeze at the end.

Jonny looked at me. I saw lust in his eyes. He wanted to be big, sure, but he was getting off on being dominated. I could use that.

"Deal," he said. Immediately I forced him to the ground. I pried his legs apart and attacked his balls with my mouth. Sucking one, then the other. He struggled, but he was no match for me.

"Hey man, give me a chance at you. Please!" he cried. I turned so he could jerk me off while I sucked those huge nuts of his. He squeezed, and I forced my cock to be harder. I heard him moan as he stroked inch after inch of my steel-hard dick, finally rubbing his hands over the firm softness of its sensitive head. I felt his balls begin to retract. I raised an arm and flexed it, making sure he saw the incredible peak. I made the mass rise, forcing a pump, and rubbed my fingers against the massive mound. Jonny's balls were tight now, so I licked the sensitive spot under his cock with my tongue. I felt his back begin to arch as he muttered, "uh, no, uh."

Mark had a beaker ready. The kid erupted into it, filling it three quarters full with his pure muscle jizz. As the eruption subsided, I stopped and let him get up.

"Please, you gotta let me suck you! Please! Man, that was so hot. Please, let me suck you off!" Jonny's begging was cute, but this wasn't part of our deal.

I threw him an extra large pair of shorts and said, "Better luck next time. I think you have some fans to impress out in the gym, Weed."

Jonny walked out. When he got to the door, he shook his head and pulled his shoulder's back, putting on a show of unabashed confidence.

"Think I should stick around? He might try something," I warned Mark.

"No. I'll be fine. I need to analyze this. Here," Mark poured most of Jonny's creme into a clean beaker. "Take this with you. I'll see you back home in a couple of hours."

I left to see what Adam and Brett were up to back at our apartment. As I walked through the gym, The Weed was holding court, lifting an amazing amount of weight and turning on every guy around him. •

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