Cyclist, The

The Morning After


By Corwin

I was parking my bike in Mark's gym when I heard the commotion from the locker room. I ran in to see what the trouble was. I don't know what I was expecting to find, but it certainly wasn't the mayhem I found. Brett lay naked and unconscious on the floor, his nose bloodied. His semi-erect dick lay on one leg.

A man held Adam in the air, huge muscular arms wrapped around Adam's hard waist. Adam was struggling against the huge man. Both were naked. Adam's huge back was spread wide, muscle fibers rigid and hard as Adam pushed and struggled trying to free himself from the other man's strength. Adam's huge arms came down and battered the man's traps, bouncing off unnoticed. The massive man was undeterred as he road Adam's rigid cock. Adam kicked at the man, and used all his incredible might to free himself, but nothing had any effect. Only one person could hope to contain Adam's power -- Jonny.

I heard a sound behind me. It was Mark. He too was naked, with a black eye and swollen lip. I ran to him. Propping him up, his eyes opened and seemed to have trouble focusing.

"Scott?" he whispered.

"Shhhh…. It will be OK. Just lay here for a sec, and I'll get you out of here."

"Scott. It's Jonny. Went crazy. Couldn't stop him. Only you…" then he passed out again.

I looked at the wrestlers. Jonny was preoccupied with his mission -- sucking Adam senseless. It was working. Suddenly, Adam thrust his head back as he screamed out the force of his orgasm. As he did, I was Jonny take out a syringe of Mark's muscle accelerator. He emptied it into his tree-trunk thigh while he drained Adam of his load. Jonny lifted his head and tossed Adam against the wall, cracking the tiles and knocking Adam out.

"ARGHHHHH!" Jonny's head snapped back as his body went rigid. He raised his hands to his head as every muscle in his body tensed. His muscles wer growing. His biceps surged with power, pushing his arms to right angles and forcing his wrist up as the peak demanded more and more room. His tris hung down as his back forced his arms outward. His pecs jutted up to his neck and his traps rose to his ears. Jonny's abs took on the look of steel plates. He needed to widen his stance as his thighs expanded more and more. Even his dick was growing, his balls becoming larger, forced out by his massive legs. "Fuck ya! Whoa! That was massive man! Totally electric!" Jonny's growth slowed as he shouted his glee from the power of Adam's spunk. He looked at me, and I felt small in comparison to the hulking figure Jonny had become. "Looks like the party isn't over yet," he said as he lumbered over to me.

Mark told me that I was in another league. Now I had to prove it. I launched myself at Jonny, hitting him with the power of a freight train. I punched him in the face and in the abs with every bit of power my arms could muster. My blows bounced off of him with no effect. OK, one effect -- Jonny grinned.

Suddenly, Jonny grabbed me. With single movements, he ripped my clothes off, revealing my powerful body. As I tried to back away, he reached out his hand and grabbed my pec. I flexed my muscle into a hardness that could deflect bullets. Jonny continued to grin as his crab hold tore into my invulnerable muscle. I screamed.

"Let him go!" I heard Mark say. It sounded like a whimper.

"You want him doc? I want another syringe. NOW! I want to grow more, and your boyfriend here is going to help me, right old man?"

"N-o. Don't." I stuttered, but Mark was off. He handed Jonny the syringe. Suddenly, I felt Jonny lift me up, his hands around my waist as they had been around Adam's. I imagined the sight of my muscular body as helpless as Adam's. I tried to fight, but Jonny was too strong. I felt his vacuum tugging on my organ, the softness of his mouth and tongue massaging my manhood and demanding my seed. It felt like he was sucking my balls right out of my body. My cock was huge, but Jonny commanded it. There was nothing I could do. I felt my orgasm growing, and I shot volley after volley down his eager throat.

I felt his grip loosen as he injected himself with the syringe. I pushed myself away and found myself flying toward Mark. We were both knocked to the floor as we heard in an ever deeping voice, "OH YA! Super-jizz. Fuckin awesome! Wow, what a ride. Ya, do, stronger!" Jonny was growing, changing into something I could barely imagine.

"NO! No! Too strong!" Mark thrashed around.

"Hey, wake up! Mark, it's only a dream. A nightmare! Wake up." I slapped him gently. He shook his head.

"Oh man. Did that…" he seemed to be coming to his senses, looking around the dark room and getting his bearings.

I held him for a second, then said, "Should I put on the light?"

"No. Uhm, sorry. Nightmare. Scared the shit out of me."

"Wanna talk about it?"

He paused. "No." He didn't sound quite so sure, but with more conviction, he repeated, "no. Tomorrow. Let's get some sleep." I pulled him close to me, letting him know that I was there and I wouldn't let anything harm him.

I could tell that Mark slept restlessly the rest of the night. I felt him toss and turn, then at the first sign of sun up, I felt him leave the bed. I decided to be a slug for another hour or two, dragging my ass up at 7. Mark had left the apartment with a note saying he'd be back soon.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to the bathroom. When I came out, Adam was standing in the hall, naked. I had seen him au natural before, but this time I began to notice what a speciman he really was. Relaxed, his pecs hung over a ripped eight-pack, his delts making seductive curves into massive arms. His cock was slightly turgid, ready to urinate from his night's sleep. His legs were massive. I felt my cock getting hard as I appreciated the look of this sleepy giant.

"It might be a bit toxic in there," I warned him.

"No prob. You never lived with Brett. I've seen him peel plaster off the wall," Adam dragged himself past me and closed the door.

I went to the kitchen to make some coffee. A few minutes later, Adam joined me, a towel around his waist.

"Want some coffee or something to eat, or should we wait for Brett to get up?"

"Man, he'll sleep til noon if he could. Coffee would be great! Thanks. What do you have for breakfast?"

"Lately, I've been eating a lot. We got eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, protein shakes, probably most anything you want."

"I don't want to be any more trouble than I have been. You and Mark have been great, mostly. If you're making something, and it wouldn't be too much trouble, well.."

"Sure." I knew that Adam was still upset that Mark wouldn't help him. I mixed up a couple of protein shakes. "Why don't we start with these, then I'll make us some eggs, home fries and hotcakes."

"Thanks." He drank the shake. I sat down next to him.

"Adam, I want you to know, I'm on your side. I think Mark should help you, but it has to be his decision. He's the scientist, and he knows more about this muscle serum than anyone. Fuck, he invented it."

"I guess I understand," said Adam. "It's just that, well,…"

"Hey, it's ok man. If you don't want to talk, that's OK. But I'm here to listen if you want." I felt so fatherly.

Adam was silent. I finished my shake, then went to the fridge to get our eggs, some milk and butter. I felt Adam's eyes on me as I got flour and potatoes from the pantry. I knelt to get some bowls, and my towel began to slip. "Oops, sorry. Normally I don't wear the towel. Lazy I guess."

"Ya, I know the drill. When it's just two guys, sometimes it's easier just not to get dressed."

"Especially before the coffee kicks in," I added.

"Hey man, go for it." Adam opened his towel, freeing his massive cock. "It's not like we aren't two of the studliest guys ever." He grinned an impish grin.

I dropped the towel and proceeded to cook. Adam sat, watching me. "I do appreciate all this," he started. "People haven't always been nice to me, and I don't know how to react when they are. It's just easier to push them away."

"Hey, you're still a kid. When you get to be my age, you mellow a bit."

"How long have you and the doc been together."

"Only a few months. I never thought I would find anyone like him. He completes me, in some way that's hard to say."

"Ya. That's the way I feel about Brett. The thought of anything happening to him makes me sad and angry at the same time. He's the only one who has ever understood me. He puts up with all my bullshit, yells at me when I'm an ass then shows me how much he loves me in the silliest ways."

I smiled. "Ya. Hope it works out for you."

"I was scared yesterday," Adam said, softly. "When I saw Brett laid out, and Jonny over him, it felt like my heart had been ripped out. Do you know what I mean?"

"Ya, I do. Breakfast is ready." I plated the meal, then sat next to Adam. I told him about the incident with the kids and how Mark had saved me. "That's when he started me in the experiment."

"Ya, and you're one of the biggest," said Adam. "I have to admit to being jealous at first, but I got over it. You've always been cool, even when I haven't."

"It comes with being old," I laughed.

"Ya know, I never liked my body before," Adam had really begun to open up. "I was kinda scrawny and awkward. I loved being the biggest guy around. D'ya ever get off on yourself?" He looked at me. "You know, get off on your muscles?"

That's kinda personal, I thought. I decided I needed to be honest with him. I wanted him to open up, so I needed to open up too. "Ya, I do."

"Me too." Adam closed his eyes, and pushed his chair back. "I love this big body." His hands began to trace along his skin as he spoke. "I love the way these shoulders sweep and curve into my arms. I love the feel of my bis as they bounce when I move my arm. I love flexing my traps into superhardness and feeling the striations of the muscle."

As I watched him, his dick began to get hard. So did mine.

I moved my hand to my chest as he continued, "It is so fucking great having these thick pecs. Man, I can't even feel the bone through all this muscle. My lats, so wide and hard, can barely get my hand around them they're so thick. And I love the way my nips point down and hang over my abs. Fuck'n sensitive too. Oh, and these rocks -- my stomach is so fucking hard, like steel. I love the way my hand goes over the rocks of muscles, feeling that big chasm between the two columns and the valleys between the rows. My stomach use to be soft, like so many other guys. Now it's hard -- all the way down to this massive meat and the ridges at the top of my legs. Really bones me up." Adam's hand moved to his thigh, and he flexed his massive quads. "Oh ya, feel that ridge and the strength of these legs. Know what I mean?"

God, the kid was turning me on. "Ya, I know."

"Ahem!" We jumped at the sound of the voice in the door. It was Mark. He was smiling, giggling at us. "If you two are finished enjoying yourselves, you might want to come out and see the gifts I brought." Mark held up a box containing four vials of the growth serum. •

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