Cyclist, The

Jonny and Brett


By Corwin

The boys came in and sat on our couch. Brett's shirt was in tatters and was soaked in his sweat. Blood trickled from his mouth, and he had the beginnings of a black eye. Black and blue bruises were visible on his chest and abs where he had obviously been hit. Red brushburns in the shape of powerful fingers were visible on his wrists.

Adam was shirtless, and his pumped body was covered in sweat. Other than looking harried, he seemed unharmed.

Both boys were obviously shaken up. I ran to get a wash cloth, bandages and anteseptic. When I got back, Mark was already talking to the boys.

"Brett, tell me what happened," Mark asked as he sat down facing the boys.

"Jonny did this! I told you..." Adam began, but Mark glared at him. Adam stopped and looked at Brett. I could see the concern in his eyes.

"Ya, it was Jonny," Brett started. "I was suppose to meet Adam in the gym for a workout. I got there a few minutes early, and went into the locker room to change. As I began to undress, Jonny came in. I know why they call him 'The Weed'. He was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants, but it was pretty obvious that he was bigger than the last time I saw him."

"'Hey, Brett-boy. Long time no see? You have a good break? I did. Feel real strong too. Wanna see?' I knew he wanted something, and I could guess what. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt, and with deliberate moves slowly lifted it over his head, making sure to flex his abs, lats, and chest as he pulled it off. 'Ah, man, that's better. Damn shirts keep getting tighter and tighter. You know how it is, or WAS.' He began to flex his arms, showing off his peaks and massive horseshoe of his tris."

"'Look,' I said to him, 'I know what you want. Let's get this over with.' I knelt down, putting my arm on the bench. Jonny smiled, 'Man, am I feeling strong toDAY,' he taunted as he got into position, taking my hand. 'Call it!' I gave the count. When I said go, I put all my power into the fight. I squeezed his hand, and tried to force his wrist back to give myself some more leverage. Nothing happened, except he grinned and started to whistle. Slowly, I felt the pressure of his grip increase. I fought back, but I felt his hand begin to overpower mine. It began to hurt. I struggled, but I could see the veins in his forearm pulse as his muscle flexed. I felt my wrist being forced backward. I fought harder, but his grip was just too strong. I tried to force his arm down, but he flexed harder. Adam, it was like trying to fight you. He was just too strong. I felt my arm being taken past neutral as he slowly, methodically forced it down, all the time whistling some stupid tune. Finally, I was able to fight back a bit. He stopped whistling, and I saw his face turn red. He grimaced a bit, and I felt my arm move down and touch the table."

"'Fuckin' A!' he yelled. "'Ya! I told ya you were goin' down. Massive power in these -- nearly 28 inches and fuckin powerful as a nuclear bomb!' He flexed his arm in my face. I guess that was fair. It's what Adam and I did when we won. I could tell he was bigger than me. He might have even been bigger than Adam. I wasn't sure."

"I'm sorry, Brett," Adam said. "I was trying to get there, but some guys said the coach wanted to see me. I headed to the field and was waiting there. The coach never came."

"Let Brett finish, Adam," Mark said.

"Well, what else could I do. 'Ya, Jonny, you won. You're stronger than me. Hope it makes you happy, now, let me get ready to work out.' I expected him to let me go. What else did he need to prove? I wasn't expecting what he did next."

"'No, man. I think you don't understand. I won, and I want something for winning.' He stood up, pulling his sweat pants down. He was wearing posing trunks, or a speedo or something. In any case, his message was clear. He wanted to show off. 'Lookin' familiar buddy? Does this body look like your boyfriend's yet? Bigger than yours?' He struck a most-muscular crab pose. 'Look at the size of these muscles. Damn, feeling strong. Stronger than you. That turn you on, bud? That why you like that jerk you call a boyfriend, cause he's got muscles like these -- like mine. Got news for you bud, I already beat him in one department.' He pulled the front of the briefs down, revealing his massive cock. 'Fuckin' biggest dick around. I know you got a nice one, show me.'"

"'Sorry Jonny, but I'm not interested. I'm happy with Adam.' I tried to walk around him, but he stepped in front of me."

"'Where do you think you're goin?'"

"'I don't want any trouble with you.' I tried to sound tough."

"'That's nice. But this isn't about what you want. It's about what I want, and right now, I want to see that pretty dick of yours.' Suddenly, Jonny grabbed me and forced my arm behind my back. With his free hand, he ripped at my pants. I struggled, but he was pretty fast and damn strong. Before I knew it, he had my dick out and he was stroking it. I got scared. I swung at Jonny. It must have surprised him, cause I got free. I started to run, but he was on me in seconds. He grabbed my shirt and started ripping at it. I swung again, hitting him in his abs, but he was ready. My god, his body was hard. There was a loud crack when I hit, but my fist bounced off. Jonny didn't even react."

"'Now, that wasn't very nice.' I saw his fist come at me. I tried to block it, but he got in two punches to my face. I fell. He lifted me up, and started jerking me off again. I couldn't help it. I began to get hard."

Brett was obviously upset. I looked at Adam, and was surprised to see that he wasn't reacting to the story. Brett continued.

"Every time I tried to get free, Jonny punched me. The guy was just too strong. He started rubbing our dicks together, jerking us off. The guy is a fucking horse. He must be like 19 or 20 inches now. And it was like steel, too, as he crushed my cock against his in that iron grip of his. I'm sorry, Adam, but he was turning me on."

"Brett, it's not your fault. The guy was raping you. It was nerve ending stuff, that's all. You couldn't help having some reaction. You didn't want to do it, right?" Adam asked.

"No, I didn't. But then, Jonny said something weird. Something like, 'Ya, now give me that super charged spunk of yours. I wanna grow.' He started giving me a blow job. I tried to push away, but his arms were just so strong. They weren't much bigger than mine, but the power in them is amazing." Brett started to cry, and Adam put his arm around him.

I looked at Mark. They guy has no poker face. What Brett had just said surprised him.

"That's when I came in," said Adam. "Brett is downplaying things. He was really out of it when I got there, almost unconscious. Jonny really did a number on him. I saw him going down on Brett, and ran over, lifting him off and throwing him against the wall. I started to help Brett, but I heard Jonny behind me."

"'Look who's here. It's our ex-star player. Just showed your boyfriend who's got the muscle now. Like my 28s, Adam?' He hit a double bi. 'Care to compare?' He started to walk over, and I heard Brett moan. I told him to get out of here, I'd deal with Jonny."

"'What'd you do to Brett, asshole!'"

"'Same thing I'm gonna do to you. Show you what real muscle is. The winner takes it all, too. Just like your boyfriend, I'm gonna get everything you got and more.'"

"'You may think you're big, but you're not as strong as me.' It was a bluff. Jonny looked huge, bigger than Brett. I wasn't sure I could take him but I was sure as hell gonna try. I pulled off my t-shirt, and flexed my arms. Jonny walked over. Damn, his peaks were almost as big as mine, but I could see that I had a little size on him. I hoped it was enough. Jonny held out his hands in a test of strength, and I saw Brett starting to crawl away. I needed to buy time, so I accepted the challenge."

Adam's voice began to change. There was a tinge or fear and awe now. "Jonny began to squeeze my hands, and it hurt. I know Brett's grip is strong, but this was a level above that. The guy's forearms looked like Popeye. I struggled but he was too much -- too damn strong."

"'Feel that power? That's muscle,' he bragged."

"I needed to react. I flexed my chest and shoulders, trying to bring my arms in and get some power to overcome his. He resisted. I haven't met anyone who could match my strength, but he was sure trying. It took everything I had before I could even begin to move my arms. Luckily, I could see that he was struggling as much as I was. In the first test of my power against his, I had to accept a draw. Unfortunately, this only pumped Jonny up."

"'Uh-huh! Not the strongest anymore, are you? I'm in the same league, and I'm still growin'. Can't wait to add your spunk to the mix!'"

There was that reference again. Mark had a visible reaction to it this time.

"Jonny walked over to a pair of briefs that were on the floor. He put them on, making sure I noticed his big cock, then he knelt by the bench. 'Just beat Brett, now it's your turn. No draws this time." He flexed his arm and pointed to it, then put his index finger, mouthing 'number one.' I heard Brett by the door leaving. All I could think about was giving him more time to get away. I had to accept this challenge."

"I knew what Jonny would do, and I was prepared. I had felt the power in his grip and knew he'd use it to try and gain an advantage. When he said 'go', I was prepared. I put everything I had into an initial push. Jonny's arm went flying. It was more than half way down before he mustered his strength, and even then he only slowed my arm. I felt my face turn red as I struggled against him. It was hard, but I pinned his arm. He tried to get free, but Brett needed more time. I held him. I saw his face grimace, and he put his left hand on my bicep, feeling its hardness. I could see his package jerk as he began to get hard, then I felt his fingers begin to dig into my arm. I flexed it harder, forcing them out. I saw Jonny grin as his forearm burst into rippling muscles. Damn, his fingers hurt me as he crushed my bi. It was like a vice contracting into my hardened muscle. Brett hasn't even been able to dent these peaks, but Jonny could. I quickly raised my fist, punching him in the face. He went down, dazed. I ran for the door. On my way out, I heard him laugh and say, 'Next time, you're goin down.'"

"That's when we came here," added Brett.

"Doc, I know I asked you before. Please, help us," said Adam, hugging Brett.

"Boys, let me talk to Mark for a second," I said, signalling Mark to go into the kitchen with me.

"Care to tell me what's going on?" I said to him when we were alone.

"Uhm, you mean about Jonny?"

"Ya I mean Jonny," I said sarcastically. "What's his game? I saw how you reacted."

"That obvious. I just didn't know that anyone knew, but I guess someone found out. It's in my notes, maybe they saw them." Mark talked about the chemistry of the formula, and how it effects a man's testosterone and growth hormone. He said it did something to the testicles, and that it modified some hormone or something.

"And that means?" I asked.

"It means it's in semen. Scott, those shakes I gave you? Each had a bit of the boy's semen. Adam, Brett, Jonny, all of them. A different one each time. It's why you got so strong. I knew that if I mixed it into the shakes, it would cause you to become the strongest guy around. I wanted that for you, for us. Something similar happened with Adam and Brett. They were lovers and it effected the way the growth drug worked. Jonny must have found out and he's been augmenting himself. It's why he's getting so big."


"And now he wants Adam and Brett's."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the effect is cumulative. The stronger you are, the more impact your semen has with the growth hormone. There was this kinda feedback between Adam and Brett, even you and me. I guess Jonny's figured out that if he gets some of Adam and Brett's in his system now, he'll become a muscle monster. It will amplify his growth, and make him the way stronger than either Brett or Adam."

"Or me?"

"I don't know about that. You've been getting it all along. You really are in a class by yourself."

"So, do we let this happen?" I asked Mark.

"What choice do we have. Adam made his own bed, now he has to lie in it. I can probably protect Brett and him so that Jonny doesn't rape them again, but as for giving them another does of the formula, no, I won't do that."

"I think that's a mistake," I said.

"I know," he sighed. "But it's my decision. Please respect it."

I kissed him.

"I think the boys should stay here tonight. We'll talk to Jonny tomorrow," Mark said.

"Fine." We went out to the living room to tell Adam Mark's decision. •

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