Cyclist, The



By Corwin

"Flex for me." Mark spoke in a soft voice as he unbuttoned my shirt. He slipped the sleeves off my arm, and I forced the Everest-sized peak from my upper arm. My thick forearm butted against the bicep, forming a right angle with my upper arm. I extended my forefinger and touched the top of the peak, feeling the hardness and size of my muscle.

Mark moved his head to the bicep, staring in awe at his creation. He was worshipping the power he had given to me. He pressed his tender lips to my arm and kissed it. Moving his mouth slowly, he kissed from the elbow, over the peak, toward the deep my armpit. My thick pecs and wide lats formed a huge cavern that engulfed Mark's face. He breathed the musky man-smell and I felt his soft tongue licking my flesh. Slowly he emerged, licking along the outside of my pecs to my nipple. Tracing the dark flesh, he first kissed then bit the protrusion. Over my mass of muscles I saw his eyes. They stared into mine betraying the love we felt.

I felt his hand trace along my intercostals to my pants. The moved inward, unhooking the belt while he continued to suck on my man breast. He opened my pants and began to push them down. Freeing my organ, it sprang up finding its place between my abs, its head resting between my pecs and next to Mark's face. I felt him smile as he freed my nipple and moved toward the soft hardness of my cock.

"Fucking horse cock," was all he said as he engulfed me. His mouth sent waves of pleasure as he slowly took in the top few inches of its now two foot length. I felt his hands explore my massive legs and into my glutes as he began to insert a finger. Finding its target, he pressed it into my prostate sending more waves of joy into my body -- the body Mark had given me. I moaned my pleasure. My thanks.

Now it was my turn, but I was not so gentle. I lifted Mark and ripped the clothes from him. I needed to feel his powerful body, and couldn't waste time with any niceties. We could always buy new t-shirts and jeans. My lust for him would not be denied. I kissed him, forcing our tongues together as they wrestled our passion. My arms found his traps, and I squeezed the thick masses as I held him close to me, our bodies pressing together. I felt his arms move toward our cocks. I moved mine to stop them. I felt his tris flex into massive hardness as he resisted my power. As if. My powerful arms controlled the situation.

I forced his arms behind his back, and held them firmly with one massive grip. He fought, but the strength in my single arm was greater than both of his. With my free hand, I moved my cock between his monster thighs. He squeezed them against the rock hard flesh that lifted below his softball-sized nuts. My cock was almost hard enough, nearly strong enough to lift him from the ground. I rubbed it against his nuts and the sensitive skin behind them, his gutteral moans signaling his approval.

I moved his massive cock into the deep divide of my abs. I flexed the hard cobblestones, trapping his 17+ inches. I controlled my flex perfectly, masturbating his meat with my muscles. Rubbing his manhood against my firm stomach, I felt its hardness challenge my muscle, but my abs held firm. His precum lubricated my abs, providing the slippery surface which stimulated him to the point of no return. My cock told me when his nuts began to retract.

At the last moment, I freed him, moving my mouth to his head to swallow the salty-sweet eruption of his love. His body flexed into muscular hardness as I swallowed burst after burst of his cum. As he stopped, I freed his sensitive meat. I stood up, resting my head on his shoulder. "I love you," I told him. He smiled, moved his hands to my cock, and returned the favor.

Across town, Brett and Adam lay in bed together. Adam moved closer to Brett, taking him in his powerful arms. Adam's hug said it all. It conveyed to Brett his need for him, his love of him and his desire. Adam kissed Brett, first gently, then more urgently.

Brett felt Adam's powerful muscles, and he felt safe in them. His hands traced the manly curves of his biceps, his shoulders, his traps and his beachball-sized pecs. He felt a tear drip from Adam's eye onto his cheek.

"Babe, what's wrong," Brett asked.

"I love you so much," Adam said, kissing the salty liquid from Brett's cheek. "I never want to lose you."

"Why would you?" Brett said. "I love you too."

"I never thought I would find anyone who could make me as happy as you do," Adam confessed.

Brett smiled. He felt Adam's 18 inches snaking between them, his own cock involuntarily wrestling with his lovers.

They held each other, kissing and enjoying their masculine bodies. As they got more turned on, Brett reached into the nightstand and pulled out a condom. He moved to Adam's massive meat, and squeezed it hard, forcing Adam into super-rigid bliss. Brett unrolled the latex sleeve and put it on Adam. "Fuck me, please."

Brett rolled over onto his knees, getting into position to accept Adam's organ. Adam marvelled at the sight of Brett's wide lats. Brett's back formed a topographic map of muscle, with a deep ridge centered on his spine. The christmas tree of his lower back reminded Adam of a river delta, the striations forming streams and tributaries of power. The sight of so much muscle made Adam harder. He felt so lucky as he spread Brett's glutes and inserted himself into his lover. They became one, and both were happy.

On the other side of campus, Jonny and three teammates stood naked, admiring their bodies in an orgy of mansex. These encounters had begun months before, after the incident with Jonny's car. The three had volunteered to get it down, but for a payment. Jonny proved to be an expert at giving blowjobs. Soon, they realized that the four had a common enemy in Adam.

As soon as Adam had begun to display his massive size and power, he had retaliated against his enemies. These three had been the biggest jocks on campus, but they didn't react to Mark's formula as strongly as Adam and Brett. Before the experiment, they had tormented Adam for being small and weak. After, they became the targets of Adam's scorn. They were also jealous of his stength, his size, and his power. The accolades had been theirs, and they had lost it to Adam. They hated him for that. Jonny 'The Weed' Romero would change all that.

At first, Jonny marvelled at the size and strength of these teammates. They weren't the biggest, that was Adam, but they were huge. Each had 25 inch arms and 70 inch chests. With massive 40 inch thighs, 24 inch calves and deep, rigid eight-packs, they were marvels of masculinity. They also had a secret.

After they had completed the treatment, they wondered what it was about Adam and Brett that made them so powerful. Did Mark know? He had. Late one night, the three broke into Mark's office. A locked door was no obstacle to their strength. In Mark's notes, they found the answer. Mark had collected samples of each of the team's semen and tested it. Apparently, there was residual of the formula in semen.

The team had known that Adam and Brett were cocksuckers, it was one of the reasons they hated them. But that perversion was the secret that unlocked Adam and Brett's power. With each injection, the muscle growth formula interacted with the cum the men exchanged. It put the growth formula into overdrive, making Adam and Brett more powerful. It was too late for the first group, but not for Jonny.

Jonny had been a cocky kid in High School. Though he was small compared to his teammates, he was the star of his team. He expected the same in college, and acted like it. Adam had recognized that in him, and acted on it. That act brought the four jocks together. After their first orgy, Jonny felt the change. It was electric, feeding power into his muscle. The results were obvious after the first orgy. Jonny became more buff. As he got more shots, his growth was accelerated. The three had begun calling him 'The Weed' and the name stuck.

The three older boys fed him their cum several times a week. Jonny grew quickly, passing the three in size and strength. Now, the four saw their revenge within their reach.

"Get that tape measure," Jonny ordered as he stood before his comrades, stroking his massive cock. They obeyed.

"Biceps!" Jonny commanded. The four flexed, and Jonny walked by each, comparing his arm to theirs. He remembered how he was smaller, but grew. Now, he was so much larger than each. The last man wrapped the tape around Jonny's arm. "27 3/4!" Jonny moved the tape to his forearm. "Shit, 21!" the guy announced. "Man, Brett's is only 20. He's goin' down."

"Measure my chest," Jonny demanded firmly. The guy with the tape wrapped it around 'The Weed's' massive torso. "88 inches!" He dropped the tape to Jonny's waist. "31!".

"Thigh," Jonny said. "47" was announced.

Jonny grabbed the tape and stroked his cock. Placing the tape along the top, he read out "19 inches." The other three men stroked their dicks. They ranged from 15 to 16 inches.

Jonny grinned and knelt before the three. He began to suck on the first while the other two felt Jonny's massive body. In turn, each deposited their cum in his mouth, feeding 'The Weed's' growth and power with their cum. After the last, Jonny flexed into a massive most muscular pose and shot his 19 inch cannon, drenching his teammates in his man juice.

"Tomorrow, Brett goes down!" he announced. •

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