Cyclist, The

Adam and Jonny


By Corwin

That night, I held Mark in my arms as we cuddled and slept. Well, he slept while my mind was spinning, trying to get a handle on what was happening to me. I had always tried to keep in shape, but now I more than I ever imagined. I was huge and strong. I looked at my arms holding Mark's body. He was the epitome of what I considered the perfect man. His face was handsome. His body was muscular, hard and symmetric. He was sexy and virile. Yet, when I looked at my arm holding his, mine was the bigger. I knew that I was stronger than he was. Hell, I was even becoming stronger than Adam. When I asked Mark where I was on his charts, he told me, 'on an entirely different page.' The coach had upset him, I decided not to pursue it, but the message was clear. While Jonny would be the star of the football, I was the star mouse in Mark's maze.

My mind spun, coming to terms with the power in my body, the size of my physique and my life with Mark. I vacillated from being turned on by my power, to fearing what I was capable of. I felt my cock grow hard as I realized the truth of my power, my size, my strength and I accepted it. I realized that my love for Mark was really all that mattered. Finally, I began to sleep.

There was nothing in the morning paper about the incident with the SUV. Through the grapevine, I heard that the owner of the Muscle Factory had driven his Hummer into the river and been taken to the psychiatric hospital. Apparently he was taking some wild drugs that caused him to become delusional. He kept babbling about a superman who had attacked him and threw the SUV into the river. The authorities didn't believe him. Who would? When no witnesses came forward and the drug tests came back showing illegal substances in his system, they put two-and-two together and thought they got four. I knew better. I almost felt sorry for the guy.

The month passed. Through October, I continued to train with the team. I was growing huge. My arms shot past 30 inches cold. Flexed, my chests and lats were over 8 feet in circumference. My legs were amazingly big and strong. Every day, I felt myself growing bigger and stronger. I loved the feeling. I was surprised Adam didn't take me on, but things had changed for him.

After that day in September, Adam wasn't the same and the change was reflected in the dynamics of the football team. After the coach's announcement, Adam was less confident and less cocky. He stopped challenging the other team mates. In short, he stopped being an asshole. He and Brett still kept to themselves, but Adam stopped playing the alpha male role. At times, he even seemed friendly. On the field, he was more aggressive than normal, like he had something to prove.

Within days, 'The Weed's' behavior also started to change. From day one, there had been no love loss between he and Adam, but now, 'The Weed' was the aggressive one. At first, I noticed small things. Jonny seemed to stare at Adam in the gym. When Adam would look over, 'The Weed's' face would twist into a self-assured smurk. Sometimes, he would flex, showing how fast his body was growing and how strong it was becoming. Even I noticed that every day, 'The Weed' seemed a little bigger and stronger than the day before. His shirt and pants would be a little tighter. As he outgrew them, he would find Adam and flex his lats, ripping his shirt in the bigger boy's face, letting Adam know that he was catching up fast. Once, in the locker room, I heard Jonny say, "Can't wait to take you down," as he brushed past Adam.

Jonny's cowing of Adam made him even more popular with the other team members. They encouraged 'The Weed' at every opportunity, helping to lift heavier and work harder. Each week, they set up a series of competitions to test his strength. He was already stronger than all the freshman players, and by mid-October, he was beating some of the smaller upper classman. Jonny's bis were growing a good inch every two weeks, and had past 23 inches. His chest was stretching the tape to 70 inches, and his legs were almost 36 inches. His face glowed when he beat an older guy in arm wrestling, or was able to out-muscle the kid in a test of grip strength. The older kids even seemed happy to be beat because it meant that Jonny was approaching Adam's strength. Many of the older kids would even comment, "Wow, that's bigger than Adam at this point last year!" as if 'The Weed's' growth surprised even them.

Things between Adam and Jonny got worse after the last football game in October. 'The Weed's' strength was really beginning to show itself on the field. During one early play, 'The Weed' ran for 80 yards, overpowering much of the other team's defense to score the first touch down. Adam saw his star being eclipsed by the younger player. Sure, Adam scored nine touchdowns that game, but Jonny had shown what he could do, and it made him even more aggressive.

Jonny started working out shirtless after that, and began to confront Adam more and more. He'd pump his cold 24 inch arms to 25 and 26 inches. When Jonny's gaze would catch Adam's, Jonny would point at the rising peak and say, "soon." 'The Weed's' pecs were solid shields of muscle, and his wings stretched wider and wider every day. When his thighs broke 40 inches, he made sure to flex their massive muscle where Adam could see it. "Damn, imagine the size in January!"

Adam had had enough in mid-November. The Weed had grown bigger than all be a few of the upper classman, and was beginning to challenge Brett. At first, Brett didn't want to arm wrestle 'The Weed'. Brett had always been the challenger, not the challengee, and he wasn't sure how Adam would react. When the other guys in the gym called him on it, Brett felt he had to accept. Brett won, but he could feel the strength that Jonny had. Jonny smiled, rubbing his 25+ inch arm and said, "Next week," bouncing his pecs in a show of superiority.

Jonny walked into the locker room. "I can't take it anymore!" cried Adam to Brett. "He may be getting big, but he's not there yet!" Adam walked toward the locker room, removing his shirt and flexing his huge upper body.

Mark had been observing what was going on and came over to me. "You'd better get in there. This is what I was worried about. I don't know what Adam might do, and you're the only one strong enough to stop him." Mark was right. Adam may not have noticed, but I was way bigger than he was now. I might be that old man to him, but my 36 inch bis dwarfed his.

When I got in the locker room, Adam and Jonny were standing chest to chest, muscles flexing on each of them. Adam was talking authoritatively.

"I've had just about enough of you."

"What's the matter?" Jonny wasn't being intimidated. "You can dish it out, but you can't take it." He raised an eyebrow in disapproval of the bigger guy's attitude.

"Fine. I was an asshole. Everyone here knows it. That's no reason for you to be one now. And not to Brett. It was never him, it was always me. If you got a problem with me, fine. I deserve it. But don't take it out on him." Adam was furious, but this wasn't what I expected. I stood back and let this scene play out. If trouble started, I was here to stop it.

"Ahhhh, Adam's protecting Bretty. Isn't that cute?" Jonny said in a high-pitched voice. He stepped back and started to swish around, mocking Adam.

"Look, jerkface. Ya, I'm protective of Brett. And I don't care what you think. I've been ridiculed all my life. I was small and uncoordinated. I thought by joining the football team, maybe I could change. I got a lot bigger, but I was never anything special. I was always second string. It wasn't until last year that I became the star. Most of these guys never gave a damn about me until I got stronger than them. Ya, I was a jerk and took it out on them. I thought I was repaying them for what they had always done to me. I was wrong, I see that now. But, Brett was always different. He was nice to me, and I'm not going to let you or anyone be a jerk toward him. Got that?"

"Got what? That I'm picking on your boyfriend," Jonny's face was stern and unyielding. "Ya, maybe you can stop me now," Jonny said, walking up to Adam and pumping his chest in Adam's, "but," Jonny flexed his arm, "in a couple weeks, this arm and this bod will be bigger and stronger than anything you got. When that happens, ain't nothing you'll be able to do to me and I plan on doing a lot to you." 'The Weed' put his arm down and grabbed his jock strap. "And these muscles aren't the only thing growing bigger than what you've got. You and you're boyfriend will get that too." Jonny laughed and walked away.

Adam began to follow, but Brett caught him. "Leave him alone. He's not worth it."

Adam turned to the other guys who had watched the confrontation. "Guys, I'm sorry for how I treated you." Adam shook his head and looked down. "I'm sorry."

Brett put his arm around Adam, and the two of them left the locker room.

That night, I told Mark what had happened. He was stunned. "Ya, kinda surprised me too," I admitted.

Jonny kept to his word. He challenged Brett the next week, and the next. Each week it was a little harder for Brett to win. 'The Weed' went home for Thanksgiving, knowing that when he got back, Brett was going down. Then he'd go after Adam.

Mark and I were working out in the gym on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Mark was about to give me my final treatment, and wanted to take some before and after readings on the equipment. We were surprised when Adam walked in.

"Uh, hi doc. Hi Scott," he said. "Sorry to bother you."

"Hey Adam," I greeted him. "What's up? Here for a workout?" After his confrontation with Jonny, I felt different about him. Kinda sorry for him. Mark wasn't convinced.

"Maybe later. I came to ask the doc a question."

"What is it Adam?" queried Mark, intrigued.

"Doc, you know what's going on with me and 'The Weed'. I know you don't like me."

"Adam, I don't dislike you," Mark interjected, stumbling over the word 'dislike'.

"ah, OK, but I know you think I'm a jerk. I am, er, or I was. Brett made me see that. For the past few months, he's the only thing that's kept me sane. I understand things a lot better now. I was a jerk. I should never have treated people the way I did. I was power happy, and I was wrong. I'm sorry." Adam paused, unsure of what to say. "Look Doc, that's not why I'm here. I need your help. I want to ask you to give me more of the formula. I want you to make me stronger. I need to protect Brett and myself from 'The Weed'. I think he plans on hurting us.' Adam paused again, then added, "I'm scared. Please." I thought he sounded pathetic.

Everyone was silent for a few seconds. Then Mark spoke. "Adam, this is a scientific study. The protocol is to last six months, and it was designed to be a one time thing. I've never considered what might happen if it was repeated. I don't think I can help you."

"Doc, please. Think about it. I don't want Brett to get hurt. Please." Adam turned and left.

Mark gave me a look that said 'I don't want to talk about this now.' We kept working out. I would take to him later. •

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