Teen Cousins


By johnd7102000

Andy stopped flexing and grabbed Justin by the arm. He squeezed hard. Justin really felt the pain though his bruises. He winced. Andy didn't even notice. Or care. "I'm hungry," the massive boy said as he pushed his cousin upstairs to the kitchen. Andy made himself two big shakes, still using water with the protein. He liked the results he was getting. He wasn't about to fool with success. He wolfed the huge shakes down and then ate a couple of protein bars. "Gotta feed these big muscles," he said as he flexed his pecs and felt them bulging in his hand. Justin was so sore he wasn't hungry at all. All he managed was to drink a few swallows of water. He just sat there watching his big cousin feed his big body.

When Andy had finished eating, he grabbed Justin by the arm again. "Let's go to my room," he said. Justin looked kind of puzzled. It was Justin's room, not Andy's room. Andy opened the door to the room and calmly walked over to the shelves holding all of Justin's sports trophies and pictures from his athletic youth. With two swoops of his big right arm, he swept all of Justin's stuff off each of the shelves onto the floor. Then he walked over to the closet, grabbed Justin's clothes and threw them all on the floor too. "I'm takin' over this room," he said as Justin looked at his stuff in disbelief. "I'll be sleeping on the bed from now on while you sleep on that fucking mattress on the floor. I'm gonna put my stuff in the closet and on those shelves. If there's any room left, I might let you put some of your shit back. I'm such a nice guy I might just do that if you ask real nice." Justin looked stunned. In one morning, his cousin had shown he was way stronger than him, then had beat the shit out of him and was now taking over his room. What more could happen? He was about to find out.

Andy reached down and pulled off his shorts. Justin gasped out loud. Andy's cock was rock hard. Andy's big, thick, 9 inch cock was pointing out at a 45 degree angle. His big, thick cock was ready to fuck. He had gotten aroused as he blasted the heavy weights, realizing how much stronger he was than Justin. He had gotten more aroused as he watched and felt his big, bulging muscles, knowing that they were growing and would be even bigger and stronger. And he had gotten totally aroused as he beat up his little jock cousin and realized that he was now the dominant kid. He was as horny as hell. He started to stroke his big cock, which was twitching with excitement and anticipation. "I wanna fuck," he said. "I'm gonna fuck your little cocksucking face." Andy didn't ask. He just said what he was going to do. He knew Justin had no choice in the matter. Andy was now the Alpha male and he could do whatever he wanted to the little jock.

Justin looked at Andy's cock in horror. He had never sucked a guy's cock before. He had always been the kid who got his own cock sucked by some little wimp, who was forced to service the jock boy by the brute strength of his jock muscles. Now the tables were turned. Andy walked towards his cousin, who was frozen in fear. "No, no!" cried Justin. "I don't want to suck your cock. I don't suck guy's cocks." Andy sneered as he bumped his chest into Justin and then wrapped his big arms around his battered and bruised torso. He looked down into Justin's blue eyes. "Do you think I care what you want, asshole? Did you care what I wanted when you and your jock friends fucked my face? And hey, you might even like it! Havin' a big stud's cock jammed down your throat while you smell his sweat and feel his big muscles as he fucks your face can be a real turn on." Andy thought about sucking Justin and his friends' cocks. He would never admit it to Justin, but he really did get turned on by the experience. But he didn't care if Justin would like it or not. From now on, Justin was going to do whatever Andy wanted. He was the dominant male.

He pushed Justin down to his knees and shoved the blond boy's head into his crotch. Justin could smell the strong smell of sweat coming from Andy's brown pubic hair, sweat that had poured out during his brutal workout. "Lick my balls," ordered Andy. Justin moved his head deep into Andy's crotch and started licking his big balls. He immediately realized that Andy's balls were a lot bigger than his own. They were at least as big as golf balls, maybe bigger. Andy groaned with pleasure as the little jock licked all the sweat off his balls. Justin grabbed hold of Andy's calves and was amazed at the size and hardness of the muscle. He accelerated the pace of his ball licking, burying his face into Andy's crotch and breathing in the pungent sweat smell. His own cock started to harden. "Suck `em," said Andy. Justin opened his mouth and sucked in one of the big balls, all the while caressing it with his tongue. Andy groaned even louder. He had never had another kid service him like this and he was really enjoying it. Then Justin sucked in the other ball. Andy started thrusting his hips in pleasure. His big, thick weapon was twitching with excitement. "Lick my cock," he ordered.

Justin released the balls from his mouth and took a quick look at Andy's huge cock. It was enormous. Justin had never seen a cock quite as big and thick as Andy's. And now that cock was rock hard. Justin moved in and started licking the big weapon. Andy groaned with pleasure as Justin's wet tongue went up and down the huge shaft. After several minutes of this bliss, Andy grabbed the back of Justin's head. "Open up," he said. "This big cock wants to fuck." Justin knew he had no choice but to obey his huge cousin. He opened his mouth. Andy inserted his thick cock a few inches into Justin's mouth. "Suck it and lick it," he ordered. "And if you even think about biting it, you're a dead man." Andy moved one of his big hands down to Justin's neck and squeezed gently but firmly on his windpipe. Justin shuddered. He knew he dare not disobey his strong cousin.

He started sucking and licking his cousin's big dick. The head was enormous. He could taste little drops of pre-cum coming out of the huge shaft. Andy groaned even louder. Slowly he forced his big weapon further and further into Justin's mouth. When he reached the back of the mouth, he stopped for a moment as Justin continued to lick and suck. Andy was in heaven. His cock was twitching in total ecstasy. Then in one burst, he grabbed the back of Justin's head and thrust all 9-1/2 inches of his big weapon all the way down Justin's throat. The little jock started to gag. His whole mouth, throat and upper esophagus were completely filled by Andy's thick, hard cock. He couldn't breathe. His nose was jammed against Andy's crotch hairs. Andy started thrusting his cock back and forth, fucking Justin's face with wild abandon. Justin's mouth, throat and esophagus enveloped Andy's sensitive cock as it thrust in and out, causing spasms of pleasure to course through his big body. His thrusts got harder and harder and faster and faster as he drove himself to total ecstasy. All Justin could do was to hold on for dear life. He was only there to give Andy pleasure. Finally after many minutes, Andy let out a loud grunt, kind of like a lion's roar. Spasm after spasm of pleasure shot through his body as he blasted load after load of thick, hot cum into Justin's mouth and throat. Justin gagged and gagged as the thick liquid was forced by Andy's big cock deep into his throat and esophagus. Andy shot a huge quantity of cum, spurting again and again and again, each spurt shooting spasms of total ecstasy through his big body. When he was done, he kept his still-hard cock deep into Justin's throat, reveling in the sensations of his dominant cock being enveloped by the soft tissues and membranes of his cousin's mouth and throat. He grabbed Justin's head with his big hands and held it steady as he slowly moved his big cock around, picking up the fantastic sensations of the totally erotic post-fuck stroking as his dick was gently caressed. All the while, he kept his huge weapon buried deep into Justin's throat and esophagus. Justin was beyond gagging at this point. He couldn't breathe, not even able to take a short little breath when Andy moved his huge cock around and back and forth, reveling in the sensations of pure pleasure. Justin was totally overwhelmed by the strength and dominance of his huge cousin. He was almost ready to pass out. Andy didn't care. He felt real good.

Finally Andy felt satisfied. He took his hands away from Justin's head and pulled his still-hard cock out of his mouth. Justin stared in awe at the huge weapon that had just fucked him almost to death. "That felt sooooo good," said Andy. "That was by far the best orgasm I've ever had. You better get used to it fuckface, `cause you're gonna be my fuck toy for the rest of the summer." Justin gulped. But then he reached down and felt his own cock. It was hard. He gulped again.

Andy pulled Justin to his feet. "Clean up this mess," he ordered, pointing to all the junk and clothes on the floor. "I'll put my stuff where I want it and if there's any room you can use what's left. All the rest of that shit is gonna have to go into boxes and put somewhere else, `cause I don't want it in my room." Justin looked at his trophies and pictures on the floor. He was so proud of his sports achievements, and now all that stuff was just shit to Andy. Andy put some of his clothes in the closet, taking up about two-thirds of the space. He left plenty of room between each item. Then he put the rest of his clothes and his books and other stuff on the shelves, again taking up two-thirds of the space. He left lots of room between the things. "OK, fuckface, you get one third of the closet and the shelves. That's 100% more than you gave me. If I see any of your shit in my space, I'm gonna smash the fucker and I'm gonna pound your sorry little body. Andy moved next to Justin, made a fist and curled his arm halfway up his chest, flexing his 16-1/2 inch upper arm and his 15 inch forearm. Then he reached down, grabbed a bronze trophy off the floor and wrapped his big fingers around the metal. "No, no!" yelled Justin. "That's my Peewee Football trophy! I was the star running back on my team! We won the championship!" Andy looked at the trophy. "Piece of shit!" he yelled. Then he tightened his thick fingers around the helpless trophy. His forearm muscles bulged. His forearm looked like a bowling pin. He didn't have much fat left on his forearm and both he and Justin could see the muscle bulging under his skin. Slowly the metal of the trophy started to bend under the enormous strength of Andy's fingers. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled as he willed his new muscles to apply maximum force. The big muscles instantly obeyed their young commander. They exploded with power, sending enormous force into his big fingers. The trophy buckled into a crinkled mass of twisted metal. Andy looked at it and then he flexed his forearm again and looked at the bulging muscles that had just conquered the bronze trophy. He smiled. Then he threw the trophy at Justin. "Like I said, it's a piece of shit," he said. Justin looked at the crushed trophy in total dispair. Tears welled up in his eyes. He was ready to cry. Andy walked up to him and punched him in the gut, real hard. The little jock buckled over in pain. "Get over it punk. It's a piece of fuckin' shit. It ain't nothin' to my big muscles and you ain't nothin' either. So stop cryin' and pick up the rest of your shit." Justin looked at his cousin's brutally handsome face and his huge, strong body. He felt totally dominated by his big cousin. He threw the trophy aside and started gathering his clothes and stuff off the floor.

Andy lay on his bed, formerly Justin's bed, stroking his cock as Justin finished putting most of his stuff into boxes and hauling it to the basement. He only had room in the closet and the shelves for a few things. After he finished, Andy stood up and said "OK fuckface. Time for some football."

Andy put on a jockstrap, some shorts and his sneakers. He didn't put on a shirt. Just like Justin used to be, he was now proud of his body. Justin put on his jockstrap, some shorts, his sneakers and a big sweatshirt. He didn't want his friends to see how bruised and battered he was. It wasn't going to work. His face looked terrible, with two black eyes and purple, puffy flesh all over. He looked like he had been in a fight and came out the complete loser. The boys drank some water. Andy ate a few more protein bars. Then they headed up to the playground. Steve, Brock and the other three jocks were already there. They had come to respect Andy as a football player. Every day he had gotten stronger and better as a football player. He was now so strong that it took two or three of them to tackle him and bring him down. Instead of one of them being able to smash him to the ground, he now could run right through two of them with the ball. He had gone from fat dweeb to big, strong running back in three weeks. There's nothing that commands the respect of a jock kid more than another jock kid who is a bigger, stronger jock kid. And Andy now commanded that respect. But they hadn't seen him before without his big sweatshirt on. They hadn't seen the muscle behind all his new strength. As he and Justin approached, the other boys stared at Andy's big body. A body that now had much more muscle than fat. Their jaws dropped open. Then they looked at Justin.

"What happened to your face?" asked Brock as he looked at Jason's black eyes and purple flesh. Jason sputtered "Uh, er, ah, well....." Andy quickly interrupted. "He got into a fight with me. Not such a good idea, was it asshole?" Jason shook his head. "Fuckface learned his lesson. He knows not to mess with me anymore. He knows what these muscles can do to him." Andy grabbed the bottom of Justin's sweatshirt and pulled it up. The boys let out a loud gasp as they saw how battered Justin's muscular torso was. He had been beaten to a pulp. Andy smiled and flexed his right arm. He proudly looked at the 16-1/2 inches of bulging muscle. The other boys gasped. They had known Andy was getting stronger but they had no idea he had gotten this muscular and was so strong he could beat up his jock cousin. "Check it out, boys," said Andy. "Your little arms ain't shit compared to this gun. And this mother's gonna get even bigger. It's getting bigger and stronger every week. My whole body's gettin' more muscular and much stronger every week. My fat's just melting away. Justin's the best personal trainer there ever was!" Andy laughed and punched Justin hard on the shoulder. Justin jerked away, wincing in pain. Never in his wildest dreams did he think his fat slob cousin would turn into a huge, arrogant muscle stud.

Andy walked up to Steve and Brock, the two jocks who along with Justin had tormented him so much. He remembered how Steve had punched him in the gut so hard he cried and how Brock had squeezed his fat arm so tight bolts of pain shot through his whole body. He remembered how they beat him up just a few weeks ago and then forced him to suck their cocks. "You little shits wanna pick on me some more? You wanna punch me in the gut or squeeze my arm? You used to love to do that. You used to love to see me cry. Hey, go ahead. Be my guest." He flexed his chest and abs and held his arms at his side and flexed them too. Steve and Brock could see the muscles bulging under Andy's shrinking layer of fat. His chest was huge. His pecs and lats were big and thick and his shoulders were packed with muscle. Even his waist looked muscular. The muscles of his biceps and triceps bulged in his arms. Steve and Brock looked at Andy's huge body and shook their heads. "Uh, no thanks," said Steve sheepishly. Andy looked into Steve's sky blue eyes with contempt. Then he pulled back his huge right arm. "Flex those abs," he said, giving the handsome jock fair warning. Steve's face took on a look of total fear as he flexed his tan eight pack. Smmmaaaaasshhh! Andy's big fist came crashing through Steve's abs like they were made of Jell-O. They were no match for the incredible power of his muscles. Steve buckled over in pain and fell to the ground. Brock looked at all this in horror. He wasn't used to seeing his buddy Steve get knocked down with just one punch. He and Steve were the ones who knocked other kids down. He started to move away, but Andy was too fast. He grabbed the jock's arm and put his thick fingers right on top, where the bicep is. Then he started digging his fingers into Brock's arm. His forearm bulged as the big muscles drove his fingers deep into Brock's flesh. His forearm looked like a bowling pin as the huge muscles flexed. Brock tried to flex his bicep, but it was no match for the overwhelming power of Andy's fingers. He started wiggling them and they drove further and further down towards the bone. Bolts of pain shot through Brock's body. "Stop, stop, stop!" he yelled. "Oh, are Andy's big muscles hurting little Brock?" Andy said mockingly. "Gee, I don't remember you giving a shit when your muscles were hurting me." He dug his fingers down even farther. Now Brock was writhing in pain. Tears were streaming from his eyes. Finally Andy let go of the bully jock's arm and pushed him down on the ground next to his friend Steve. "I'm not done with you two assholes," said Andy, looking down and flexing his muscles. "I've got more in store for you later." They looked up at the huge boy, wondering what the hell he was talking about. All they knew then is that they better not piss him off any more. He was the king.

After Andy had clearly established his dominance, the boys played football for over an hour. Andy was a total stud football player. Big, strong, powerful and fast. Pretty fast for a big, strong kid. . The other boys showed him football plays and moves. Passing plays, running plays, defensive moves. They knew Andy was going to be a star on their football team. And they knew they better be on the good side of this big, strong kid. They wanted to be his friend. They wanted him to forget the past---all the tormenting and then the forced cocksucking-----and just be a big jock like them. One of the gang.

After football, the boys ran around the field. Andy was now almost able to keep up with them. He wasn't quite as good a long distance runner as a few of them, but he could hold his own. He wasn't stopping after 200 yards to catch his breath anymore. He could run three miles without stopping. Andy was a jock.

Fast forward one month. Andy had now been lifting weights for seven weeks. The cousins had just finished breakfast and were down in Justin's basement, ready to start their workout. As usual, they were only wearing their workout shorts. "Get on the scale, cuz," ordered Andy. " Let's see how your little body's doin'." Reluctantly, Justin got on the scale. "One hundred forty pounds," yelled Andy. "Fuck, you lost another pound. Your little body's just melting away. You've lost 12 pounds so far this summer and you look like shit!" Justin looked down at his body. Andy was right. Not only was he losing muscle but he was losing definition. His formerly buff, defined muscles were now just barely showing under his skin. They didn't look hard anymore. They looked kind of soft. Far from gaining 20 pounds of hard muscle as he had hoped, Justin had lost 12 pounds of muscle and was getting soft.. He had gotten so intimidated by Andy and his super heavy workouts that he hardly lifted any weights any more. There really wasn't enough time between Andy's sets to strip the bar down to a weight Justin could handle. Andy only rested about a minute between sets. He couldn't wait around for his little cousin. The big kids do what they want and the little kids just have to adapt. And this big kid wanted to lift. Lift heavy weights. So Justin basically had become just Andy's spotter.

"My turn," said Andy, shoving Justin off the scale with a swipe of his big right arm. "Two hundred forty-two pounds," he yelled. "I gained another pound last night! I've lost all my fat and now I'm just puttin' on muscle! I'm solid muscle and gettin' bigger and stronger every day!" Andy looked down proudly at his body and Justin stared in awe. Andy was huge. And he was right. He was solid muscle. All his fat had disappeared. He was 242 pounds of solid muscle. He had gained an inch and a half in height and now stood at six feet one-half inches tall. Justin was still 5' 8" and now at 140 pounds he was over 100 pounds lighter than Andy. "Measure me," ordered Andy. He wanted to see just how big his muscles had gotten.

Andy flexed his right arm. His huge biceps and triceps bulged to an incredible size. He had no fat under his skin anymore, so the hard fibers of solid muscle were clearly visible. He had a great peak on his biceps. Big veins were running up and down and across the huge muscle. Justin couldn't resist feeling Andy's big bicep. He ran his fingers over the muscle, feeling the size and hardness and peak of the giant, bulging, living rock. Then he wrapped his fingers around it and squeezed. It felt like solid rock. Warm rock. He squeezed as hard as he could but couldn't make the slightest dent in Andy's huge bicep. Andy smiled with superior confidence. "Fuckin hard, ain't it?" he said. "Fuckin' big and fuckin' hard." Justin nodded. He was in complete awe of his cousin's huge muscle. Then he wrapped the tape around the big, flexed upper arm. "Nineteen and one- half inches," he said, hardly believing how big his cousin's arm had gotten. "Fuck yeah," yelled Andy. "Nineteen and a half inches of rock-hard muscle! Rock hard, super strong muscle! These big mothers can curl 250 pounds for reps. They're ten times stronger than when I started liftin'. Fuck, your little arms ain't shit compared to these monsters." Andy put his right arm next to Justin's right arm and flexed. There was no comparison. Justin's arm had shrunk to less than 14 inches. His arm looked like a toothpick next the Andy's bulging, muscular gun.

"Chest!" ordered Andy. He took a deep breath and flexed his enormous pecs and lats. Justin wrapped the tape around the huge torso. Andy's pecs bulged out from his chest with inches of thick, hard muscle. His huge lats flared out to the sides, tapering down from his wide shoulders to his fat free waist. They looked and felt like big slabs of beef. The tape only went to 60 inches....five feet. Justin had to use almost all of it. "Fifty-five inches," he said, again not quite comprehending how big and muscular his cousin had gotten. "Yeah!" yelled Andy. "Fifty-five inches of fuckin' muscle! Fuckin' strong muscle. I can bench 450 pounds for three reps easy. That's about triple what you can do, isn't it cuz. You're down to about 150 and you can't even do three good reps. You're a fuckin' wimp!" Justin looked at Andy's enormous chest and then down at his own chest. He felt so inferior to his huge, muscular cousin, the boy who had started the summer as a fat slob Justin had pushed around and bullied with ease. Now the tables had totally turned. Andy was so much bigger and stronger than Justin it wasn't even funny.

"Measure my shoulders, dweeb. They've gotten huge. They can press 325 pounds no sweat." Justin nodded. He knew how incredibly strong Andy's shoulders had become. Andy stood straight and tall as Justin wrapped the tape around his wide shoulders. Shoulders that were now capped with thick, round delt muscles. His delts looked like big melons, striated with muscle fibers that flexed and twitched under his thin skin at every little movement of his arms. Big thick traps rose up from his shoulders and met his neck, which was now thick and columnar. A neck that measured 19 inches. Nineteen inches of pure muscle. The neck of a true jock. Justin looked back at Andy's huge shoulders. He tried to wrap the tape around them, but they were so big he ran out of tape. The ends were about a half a foot apart. Andy looked down at the little tape and smiled. "Looks like you gotta buy a bigger tape. My shoulders have gotten too big for this little thing." Justin nodded. He knew he had to buy a bigger tape. He didn't want to suffer the consequences the next time Andy wanted to measure his muscles if he didn't have the bigger tape. He did what Andy wanted.

"Waist," ordered Andy. Andy's waist was now solid, shredded muscle. No fat at all. But he was a big kid with big bones. So his waist wasn't little or waspy. It was solid and athletic-looking. The muscular waist of a big, muscle jock. Andy flexed his abs as Justin wrapped the tape around the hard muscles. "Thirty-five inches," said Justin, thinking about the first time he had measured Andy's fat waist when it measured almost 50 inches. Andy had lost 15 inches from his waist and had changed it from a fat mountain of Jello into a shredded, rock-hard washboard. Justin rubbed his fingers over the corrugated muscle. Andy's abs were now harder than his own. "Watch this," said Andy. He blew out all the air from his lungs and sucked in his abs. He used the power of his inner abs to pull the solid muscle back up under his big diaphragm. He was doing the same thing Justin had done to show off his own shredded abs the first day. His waist became much smaller. Absolutely tiny for a big kid like him. The contrast between his huge chest and that tiny waist was incredible. Jason pulled in on the tape and measured. "Thirty-one inches," he said. Andy smiled and then relaxed. "I got muscle control just like you," he boasted. "Better than you actually `cause I can take four inches off my waist and you only did three." Andy had remembered exactly what Justin had done. "I'm better than you in everything." Andy smiled with a look of total confidence. Justin gulped. He knew Andy was right. Andy was always way smarter than Justin. Now he was vastly bigger, enormously stronger and even more muscular than him. Justin kind of shivered.

"Thighs," ordered Andy. He flexed his huge quads. Before wrapping the tape, Justin felt the big tree trunks that were Andy's thighs. They were incredibly thick and hard, with fibers and veins everywhere. The huge quads bulged with tremendous separation. Andy could squat with 550 pounds for reps. There weren't enough big weights in Justin's gym to add any more. Justin was going to have to ask his dad to buy even more weights for his huge cousin. Already his dad had bought hundreds of pounds of plates and dumbbells, thinking that Justin was going to use them but soon discovering that only his huge cousin could lift such enormous poundages. Now that huge cousin's growing muscles demanded even more iron. Justin ran his hands all around and all over Andy's huge thighs. "Stop feeling and start measuring," ordered Andy. Justin wrapped the tape. "Twenty-nine and a half inches," said Justin. "Fuck yeah!" yelled Andy. "My fuckin' thighs are bigger than your little waist. And they're solid muscle. I can knock over all six of you little dweebs on the football field. These big monsters just plow through you like you aren't even there. They can hardly feel your pathetic tackles as they power my big body forward. Jeez that feels great." Justin looked at Andy's huge thighs. He knew the devastating power they possessed. He knew Andy was right. Even when he and his friends tried to gang tackle him, Andy was so strong he just kept going like they were a bunch of annoying insects. Andy was a total stud.

"Move down to the calves, dweeb." Andy started raising his body up and down on his toes, flexing his enormous calves. He could do calf raises with over 700 pounds. Because they didn't have enough big weights, they had to load the bar with 25's and 10's until the weights were all the way to the end. And even still Justin had to press down on Andy's shoulders because the weight was still too light for the big kid's strong calves. That's when Andy told Justin he need six more 45 pound plates and he needed them tomorrow. Justin promised to get them, even if his dad refused and he had to use his own money.. He didn't really have any choice. Andy's muscles were incredibly big and strong, so strong they could smash Justin's little body to a pulp without even trying hard. And those muscles needed heavier weights to get even bigger and stronger.. There was no choice in the matter for Justin. He had to get more weights for his huge, strong, dominant cousin so he could get even bigger and stronger and able to beat him up even harder. The strong get stronger and the weak have to serve the strong.

Justin got down on his knees and wrapped the tape around the two bulging heads of calf muscle. "Twenty-one inches," he said. Justin yelled "Fuck yeah!" His calves were bigger than most 15 year old kids' thighs. His legs were powerful machines of muscle. Justin felt Andy's huge rock hard calves and shuttered at the thought of being smashed again on the football field by Andy's 242 pounds of solid muscle forced ahead at full speed by his big, strong thighs and calves. Then Justin looked up at Andy's crotch. He could see Andy's huge, thick cock bulging and straining underneath the thin fabric of his workout shorts. Andy saw his cousin staring at his crotch and smiled. He reached down and lowered his shorts. His cock sprang out, free from the constraints of the fabric. It was hard and it was BIG. Andy had gotten totally aroused from watching Justin measure his huge, bulging muscles and hearing how big they were as Justin measured them. His cock swung proudly out from his crotch, standing out and up at about a 45 degree angle. It was very long and very thick and very hard. Justin's own little 5-1/2 inch cock was also hard, although you could hardly see it under his workout shorts. "Measure it," ordered Andy. Without hesitation, Justin grabbed the tape and measured Andy's huge dick from the base to the tip. "Ten and a half inches," he said. Andy's cock had grown an inch and a half. It was now almost twice as big as Justin's cock. "How thick?" said Andy. Justin wrapped the tape around the thick, steel-hard shaft. "Seven and a half inches around," gulped Justin, not quite comprehending just how huge his cousin's cock really was. It was enormous, just like the rest of his body. "Fuck yeah!" yelled Andy. "Stud body and stud cock! Total stud!" He grabbed his cock and slapped it across Justin's face several times. The big weapon was as hard as steel and it really hurt Justin a lot as it slapped his cheeks and nose. "I'm horny already, but I wanna get in a good, hard workout before I fuck your cute little face, wimp." He slapped his cock across Justin's face a couple more times and then pulled up his shorts. "Time to lift some heavy iron," he said, turning toward the weights. "It's back day. I'm gonna work out my back so hard it'll be way bigger and stronger next week."

Andy worked out each muscle group one day a week. He worked the muscles of each group to total exhaustion, using incredibly heavy weights. After a week of rest and the phenomenal amounts of protein food and supplements he crammed into his big body , his muscles were always bigger and stronger the next week. His body just seemed to be hard-wired to grow to incredible size and strength. Today was back day. On other days he worked out his chest, his arms, his shoulders and his legs. Every day he worked out his abs. He rested on Saturday and Sunday, just playing football and running. On his off days, his muscles soaked up all the protein he was eating and continued to grow, grow, grow.

He walked over to the chinning bar and cranked out 15 easy pull-ups. This was just a warmup for Andy. His lats were a lot stronger than that. "Strap on a 50-pounder," he barked. Justin did as ordered and strapped a 50 pound dumbbell around his cousin's muscular waist. After less than a minute's rest, Andy jumped up to the bar and did another 15 easy pull-ups. He was still warming up. Justin didn't have any time to work out himself. Andy demanded his full attention. "A hundred pounds," ordered Andy. "Gotta make these mothers start workin'." He flexed his lats and the huge slabs of muscle sprang out to the sides like big wings. Justin could see the fibers and veins pulsating under Andy's thin skin. The muscle was incredibly big and incredibly pumped after the two warmup sets. Justin could barely lift the belt carrying the 100 pound dumbbell up to Andy's waist. He was almost too weak to lift the huge piece of iron. He strapped the belt around Andy's taut waist and let go, sighing with relief. Andy jumped up and grabbed hold of the chinning bar like the 100 pound weight was nothing. Then he started lifting his body. His huge lats were pulling up over 350 pounds, 242 pounds of his own bodyweight and 100 pounds of iron. He raised and lowered his body slowly but steadily. It was obvious that his lats and biceps were much stronger than the weight they were pulling. Justin stared in awe as Andy's lats flared out and his biceps extended when his body was in the lowered position. Each of his lats flared out about a foot, a foot of solid muscle. His biceps looked like steel cords. Shredded cords of steel-like muscle that bulged under the thin skin of his fully-extended arms. Then when he willed his incredibly strong muscles to lift himself up, those cords and those lats exploded. His lats looked like slabs of shredded beef and his biceps contracted in to a solid ball of steel-hard muscle as they pulled up his big body and the 100 pound weight by their overpowering force. Justin stood there with his mouth open as he watched his incredibly huge and muscular cousin.

Andy did ten steady reps and then jumped down with athletic grace to the floor. He unstrapped the belt and let the huge dumbbell fall to the floor. "That 100 pounds felt good," he said, flexing his lats and arms and watching the huge muscles bulge at his command. "But still way too light. Last week I got up to 125. This week I'm goin' for 140. Get on, cousin. Your 140 pounds is gonna be my pullup weight." He walked over and drank a big swig of water. Justin gulped. This huge 15 year-old was going to pull up their two bodies. God he was strong. Andy laughed as he saw the expression on Justin's face. "Fuck, you better get used to it, wimp. Next week I'm gonna need you plus some more iron. Your little body's not gonna be heavy enough for these big mothers." He did a lat spread right in front of Justin, who just about peed in his pants as he looked at the gigantic slabs of muscle.

Andy walked over to the chinning bar and jumped up and grabbed it. His lats flared out to the sides like huge wings. His biceps were like steel cords under his skin as they waited for the order to contract. "Get on," he ordered.. Justin wrapped his arms around Andy's muscular waist and lifted his feet off the floor. Andy's big, round muscle butt hit Justin right in the chest. Justin could feel the solid muscle pushing in on him. Andy's abs were as hard as rock, a corrugated washboard of muscle. Justin's face pressed right up against the sweaty skin of Andy's huge, muscular back. Justin could feel the heat being made by all that muscle. The salty moisture of Andy's sweat rubbed off on his face, which was soon covered by the hot sweat of his muscular cousin. Justin's cock was rock hard as he touched and smelled the huge 15 year old's body. "Hang on," said Andy. He willed his lats and biceps to pull and they instantly obeyed the orders of their young master. His lats and biceps contracted, pulling his body up as Justin held on, over 380 pounds being lifted up by those incredibly strong muscles. Justin's eyes bulged out of his head as he watched Andy's lats and arms flex with phenomenal strength. Andy cranked out 10 steady reps and then gracefully let go and hit the floor, with Justin still hanging on. Justin let go and dropped to the floor on his butt. He sat there and looked up at the fantastic young body that stood over him. Andy flexed his lats and biceps and watched them bulge in the mirror. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled.

Andy did two more sets of pullups with Justin hanging on to his rock- hard waist. In his final set, he barely did five reps. The last three reps were incredibly slow and incredibly painful. But he blasted through the pain barrier and beyond. After five sets, his lat muscles were totally exhausted. They were engorged with blood and were literally bursting out of his skin. But Andy forced them to do one more set. He literally willed his huge muscles to pull up the enormous weight of his body and Justin's body again and again, and the gigantic slabs of beef obeyed their young master's orders. He knew and they knew that as a result of this incredible punishment they would be even bigger and stronger next week. Andy's muscles just kept getting bigger and stronger.

For the rest of his back workout, he did six sets of barbell rows, six sets of dumbbell rows, six sets of deadlifts and six sets of shoulder shrugs. In all, he did 30 grueling sets of back exercises. In each exercise, he worked up to incredible poundages, poundages that Justin could hardly believe his cousin could lift. Barbell rows with 360 pounds, dumbbell rows with 150 pounds, deadlifts with 550 pounds and shoulder shrugs with two 150 pound dumbbells. Justin had to keep adding weight to the bars as his huge cousin demanded more and more weight with each set, maxxing out with 3 or 4 reps in his last set with those incredibly heavy weights.

After his last set of shoulder shrugs Andy stood before the mirror and flexed his lats and traps. The huge muscles bulged under his tan skin. His skin was reddish tan because of all the blood surging through his muscles and the muscles were pumped and rock hard. Fibers and veins were everywhere. Sweat was beading up and pouring off his body. Andy's cock was rock-hard under his shorts as he looked at his huge, strong body in the mirror. Justin's cock was also rock-hard under his shorts as he took in the absolute muscular superiority of his enormous, ripped, super-strong cousin. Suddenly, Andy turned around, faced Justin and ripped off his shorts. Then he reached over, picked up his little cousin with one hand under his armpit and ripped off the little jock's shorts with his other big hand. Then he turned back to the mirror and flexed his muscles. His eyes darted between his huge, shredded 242 pound body and thick 10-1/2 inch cock and Justin's little 140-pound body and thin 5-1/2 inch cock. Justin's eyes did the same thing. Andy smiled as he compared himself to his little jock cousin. Justin just stared. He was staring at the reflections in the mirror, seeing just how big and strong and muscular and virile his cousin was compared to him. His cock was twitching with excitement. Over the last several weeks he had gone from being the dominant muscle jock to the subservient muscle worshipper and slave. He just couldn't get enough of his cousin's huge body. He loved being dominated by those giant muscles. He loved sucking that huge cock. He loved everything about his enormous cousin. A total transformation had come over him.

Andy turned towards his staring cousin, reached around behind and pulled the little jock into his chest. "Feel these muscles, wimp," he ordered. "Feel these fuckin' back muscles that just lifted more weight than you could ever hope to lift." Justin didn't need any more encouragement. He reached up and ran his hands over Andy's huge, shredded lats, his huge, bulging traps and his huge, rock-hard lower back muscles. Andy's skin was covered with sweat, so Justin's fingers glided easily over the hot, rock-hard, bulging muscle. Once in awhile he tried to press in with his fingers, but the muscle was so hard, he couldn't even make a tiny dent. Andy's lats felt like huge slabs of thick rock, tapering down from his wide shoulders to his athletic hips. The slabs were about three inches thick. Three inches of rock-hard muscle flaring out on each side of his chest. Muscle with the power to pull up or row more than 350 pounds. Strong muscle. Stud muscle.

Andy grabbed Justin's head and rubbed the pretty boy's face all over his hot, sweaty chest and abs. Justin licked the sweat, reveling in the salty taste. All the while Justin was feeling Andy's big pumped muscles. Andy's cock was rock hard as his little cousin worshipped his huge muscles. He especially worshipped Andy's bulging lats, which were engorged with muscle-building blood and flaring out from his chest. He moved his face over to Andy's right lat and started licking the hot skin. He could feel the fibers of muscle under the thin skin. They were pumped and hot. When Andy flexed them, even a little, they turned to solid rock. Then he moved his face up to Andy's huge armpit and jammed his nose into the moist brown hair. Andy's lats, delts and pecs were so big that Justin's entire head was enveloped by the slabs of muscle. It was like he was in a cocoon. A cocoon of solid muscle. A blast of pungent sweat smell surged through his nose Sweat that had poured into Andy's armpit as he forced his lats to lift two bodies up and down and to lift huge plates of iron again and again. "I like the smell of your sweat," murmured Justin, hardly able to talk as his face pressed against all that muscle. "Yeah, I bet you do, wimp," said Andy. "My big body makes lots of sweat when these big muscles are workin'. That's the sweat of a real muscle jock, and it smells real good. Fresh sweat made by big hot muscles. Yeah!" He wrapped his arm around Justin's head, literally smothering the little jock in his armpit of muscle. Then he flexed his muscles several times, crushing Justin's face between the warm, rock-like plates. of muscle. Justin's cock was rock hard as he took in the enormous size and power of his cousin's armpit muscles.

Then Andy grabbed Justin's head and moved his face down to his crotch. "Smell that," he said. Justin took a deep breath and breathed in the pungent smell of jock-boy sweat pouring out of Andy's crotch. Crotch sweat that had been produced by Andy's gigantic muscular body as it pulled and lifted the incredibly heavy weights. Oh that sweat smelled good. The crotch sweat smelled different than the armpit sweat. A little more pungent, a little stronger. But it also smelled real good. Justin started licking Andy's big cock, all the while smelling that strong sweat. "Lick it good, slave," ordered Andy. "Lick my balls too." Justin did as ordered, licking Andy's huge golf ball sized balls as well as his big, thick cock. "Mmmmmmmm," murmured Andy as he felt spasms of pleasure surge through his cock and balls as they were caressed by his little sex slave.

Suddenly Andy grabbed Justin's head and forced his cock into the little jock's open mouth. "Time to fuck," he said. He thrust his hips back and forth, forcing his huge cock in and out of Justin's throat. Justin's gag reflex kicked in as usual. But as usual Andy didn't care. He liked to fuck his cousin's face and he didn't care how his puny little cousin felt about it. He thrust harder and harder, holding on to the back of Justin's head as he jammed his gigantic cock in and out of the jock boy's throat and esophagus. Finally he started groaning loudly. "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah," he groaned. Then, "Yeahhhh!!!!" Andy's cock exploded, blasting spurt after spurt of creamy white cum down Justin's throat. He continued to thrust as he drained his enormous balls of their tremendous reservoir of pure white jism. Shot after shot of hot, genetically superior sperm got blasted down Justin's little throat by his huge cannon. With each blast, spasms of pure ecstasy shot through his giant muscular body. He loved to fuck.

All the time Andy was thrusting his cock in and out of Justin's mouth, Justin was stroking his own little cock which was rock-hard. Justin was turned on just as much as Andy was as his huge, muscular cousin fucked his face. He took in the enormity of Andy's cock and smelled the pungent sweat of his hot crotch with every thrust. He ran one of his hands over Andy's huge calves and thighs, feeling the enormous size and hardness of the super-strong muscles. He was gagging as Andy's giant cock forced itself down his throat, but he was so turned on he didn't care. Just as Andy blasted his cum down Justin's throat, Justin came as well, shooting several little spurts of cum right under Andy's enormous legs. He only produced a fraction of the amount of cum that Andy did, but his pleasure was also fantastic. Not as fantastic as Andy's pleasure----Andy was the stud king and had the stud king's absolute prime pleasure---but still mighty good. After they were both finished with their orgasms Andy took his cock out of Justin's mouth and looked down at his good- looking little jock cousin, who was staring up at his huge body in awe. "You're a damn good fuck for a little jock-boy asshole," he said with a grin on his face. Justin smiled. Then he lunged forward, grabbed Andy's waist and pulled him down to the floor, where to two boys wrestled in post-orgasm bliss.

The boys spent several minutes wrestling, feeling their hot bodies touching each other, with Justin rubbing his fingers all over Andy's huge muscles and Andy rubbing his fingers all over Justin's smaller jock muscles, jock muscles that used to torture Andy but jock muscles that Andy now completely dominated. As always when they wrestled Andy totally dominated his little cousin. As they wrestled, Andy's cock started getting hard again. It had recharged itself in a matter of minutes and was now back to its enormous erect state. The bodies of the boys were dripping with sweat as they wrestled on the floor. Andy's rock-hard cock was covered with sweat. "I want your tight little ass," he whispered in Justin's ear. "Mmmmmm," murmured Justin. He felt Andy's huge body crawling on top of him as he lay on the floor on his stomach. Andy placed the big head of his cock in Justin's tight little ass crack. Then with one powerful thrust, he jammed the huge weapon deep into the little jock's ass. "Oh, oh, oh," groaned Justin as he felt the sharp pain of his ass being torn into by a cock as big and thick and hard as a giant size coke bottle. "Take it. Take it all!" yelled Andy as he forced all eleven inches of his huge, rock-hard cock all the way into Justin's tight ass. "Oh, oh , oh, it's so big and so hard," said Justin. "Yeah," said Andy. "Fuckin' big and fuckin' hard." Then he proceeded to pump his cock in and out of Justin's ass, fucking him wildly. He literally crushed Justin's body as he forced his cock down and then he picked up his little body by the ass as he pulled his cock out of the tight ass and the friction of that tight ass tried to hold it in. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," yelled Andy as he fucked the shit out of his little jock cousin, his huge body pounding on the little jock's ass with every thrust. Then he let out a huge yell as his cock exploded inside Justin's ass, spurting burst after burst of jism deep into Justin's body. He spurt almost as much cum this time as the first time. His enormous balls produced enormous amounts of cum that spurted out as he fucked. Finally after over a minute of cumming, he was done. He dropped his huge body on top of Justin with his still- hard cock still deep inside his ass. His gigantic muscular mass completely enveloped the smaller boy. "Felt good," he said in Justin's ear. "You like it when I feel good, don't you little man." Justin nodded his head as he felt Andy's huge cock still hard and thick in his ass. Andy liked to fuck. And he fucked Justin as much as he wanted.

After a few more minutes, the boys went upstairs. They had a "snack", with Andy consuming three protein shakes and a half dozen protein bars. Justin just ate one protein shake. He didn't have nearly the appetite of his huge cousin.

Then they went into Andy's (formerly Justin's) room for Justin's math lesson. The room had clearly been taken over by Andy, with his clothes in the closet and his stuff on the shelves. As he needed more room----he had to keep buying new clothes for his growing muscles-----he took over more and more space. He just threw Justin's stuff on the floor and made him put it in boxes. Justin knew better than to complain. The last time he complained Andy threw a gut- busting punch deep into his abs. He buckled over in pain on the floor and couldn't stand up straight for two days. Andy just totally dominated the little jock.

And when it came to Justin's math lessons, that domination didn't let up. Justin didn't want to do the math. He hated studying. Andy didn't care. Justin was going to study the math whether he liked it or not. Andy's muscles made him do it, just like they made him do lots of other things. Andy set down the rules. If Justin studied and tried to learn the lessons (Andy was the sole judge of that), he wouldn't get hurt and could even pick one TV program to watch. If he didn't try hard enough (in Andy's sole judgment), he got punched in the gut, or he got his neck crushed by Andy's huge bicep, or he got his body crushed in a scissors hold by Andy's huge legs, or he got his arms twisted like pretzels, or he got all of those things and more if Andy felt like it. Andy could do anything he wanted to Justin. The strong can do anything they want to the weak. And Andy was now very strong.

So Justin sat down and really tried hard on his math lesson. Andy was a good teacher. And the dumb jock really learned some math that day. He didn't get hurt by Andy's big muscles. He was relieved.

After math, they ate lunch, with Andy eating about five times what Justin ate. Huge quantities of chicken and tunafish, together with mounds of vegetables and rice. Andy was eating rice and potatoes now, along with vegetables. All his fat had disappeared, and now his metabolism was burning up all the carbs he ate during his brutal workouts. He was eating balanced meals, just like Justin. Only he was eating five times as much as the little jock. And it all turned into solid muscle.

Then it was off to football with the jocks. Andy now totally dominated their football games. Whether he played offense or defense, he was unstoppable. He was big, strong and fast. They all said he was going to be all-state in his first year of playing. They could hardly wait for the coach to see him.

After football there was running. Andy could now run just as fast and far as the jocks. Even though he was far bigger, stronger and more muscular than them, he had just as much endurance as they did. He was a total jock stud.

After running, Andy and Justin went home. They ate another "snack," with Andy gulping down three more protein shakes and eating almost a dozen protein bars. His appetite was enormous, just like his muscles. Then the boys went into the family room to watch a little TV. As usual they were just wearing some shorts. Andy's muscles looked huge and ripped. Justin's muscles looked so-so. Justin got to choose one program because he had studied hard. Andy would choose all the rest of them. The doorbell rang and the boys got up to open the door. It was Kimberly. As the door opened her eyes were immediately riveted on Andy. She looked him up and down, taking in the enormity of his muscular body and the rugged handsomeness of his face. She completely ignored Justin. After just a moment of this, she walked up and started rubbing her hands over Andy's body, feeling his incredible big and incredibly hard muscles. "How ya doin', stud?" she purred. Andy reached over and pulled her into him, literally lifting her off the ground. Then he grabbed her ass and pulled it towards his body.. Her cunt pressed against his huge cock, which was now totally hard. "I'm doin' real good," he said. "Gettin' fuckin' bigger and stronger every day. This little shit here knows he's nothin' to my big muscles," he said as he looked arrogantly at Justin. "Mmmmmm," murmured Kimberly as she rubbed her cunt against Andy's huge cock and rubbed her face against his huge, bulging pecs. "Let's go to my room," he said. "I think you want that big cock up your hot, tight cunt." Kimberly reached down and squeezed the huge weapon. "Mmmmmmmmm," she said. "You got that right, stud. You are so much more of a man than this loser here. I can't wait to feel your big muscles and feel this huge thing inside my body." Justin was hanging head as Andy and Kimberly openly talked sex with each other. Andy had pushed Justin aside and taken over as Kimberly's boyfriend many weeks ago, just like Andy had pushed Justin aside and taken over in so many other ways. Andy picked Kimberly up sideways and carried her into his room like she was a feather, curling her up and down as he walked. Kimberly grabbed his arm as he curled, feeling the rock-hard fibers of the huge 19-1/2 inches of muscle lift her with ease. "Oh, oh, oh," she moaned. "You are so big and strong." She started panting with excitement as Andy entered his room and slammed the door behind him. Then he fucked the daylights out of her. •

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