Teen Cousins


By johnd7102000

Justin's mother had prepared another all protein lunch for Andy. He was ravenously hungry. He had never been so hungry in all his life. He ate the tuna and chicken in about five minutes. Then he asked for more. Justin's mother opened another can of tuna and gave him another whole chicken. He ate them both. Then he made himself a protein shake and drank that. Then he ate three protein bars. He must have consumed at least five pounds of meat and other protein, including the shake and the bars. Justin ate his own big lunch, just staring at his fat cousin putting away the food. Although Justin had a good appetite, it was nothing compared to Andy's. He couldn't complain because Andy was following the rules. All he was eating was protein. Tons and tons of protein.

After lunch the two boys went up to Justin's room to study math. They spent an hour going through the work. Andy really tried hard to teach his dumb jock cousin. And he did make some progress. Justin was learning a little, even though he didn't give a shit. He wanted to go out at play football. Just like yesterday, he and Andy met his five friends on the field. Steve and Brock were already rubbing their cocks when they saw Andy. They were already horny again and were waiting for their blowjob after the game. They didn't tell Ryan, Jason or Kevin about Andy's cocksucking abilities. They wanted to keep him all to themselves. The six young studs played football for about two hours. For the first half hour, they took turns ramming into Andy just like yesterday, smashing the fat kid to the ground. They noticed that it wasn't quite as easy to tackle the fat kid. He didn't just stand there and wait to be pulverized, like he did yesterday. This time he lowered his shoulder and actually moved his body forward as the other kid hit him. His huge mass and this motion made it somewhat harder for the muscular jocks to bring him down. Of course they still had no problem. They had 150 160 pounds of solid muscle behind their hits. All Andy had was 250 pounds of flab. Or so they thought. They figured Andy was just learning a few football moves so he wouldn't be such an easy target. He was still a fun tackling dummy. And after the game, Steve, Brock and Justin made him give them another blow job. They were just as horny and just as aggressive as they had been that morning. Their totally fit bodies had completely recharged their cocks. They fucked his face with furious intensity. They spurt just as much jism all over Andy as they had only a few hours before. Then they rolled around on each other again on top of Andy, squeezing the last big of jolts pleasure out of their young, hot dicks and crushing the helpless dork.

Andy went home, ate five protein bars, and then just collapsed in front of the TV until dinner. Justin went over to his girlfriend's house. When he got home his cock was hard and he had an aggressive look in his eyes. "Get in here, cocksucker," he ordered, as he dragged Andy into his room. Then he stripped off his shorts and made Andy suck his cock for the third time in one day. Andy's own cock got hard as he felt Justin's muscles and smelled his jock-boy sweat. When he finished pleasing his cousin, he stripped off his own clothes, revealing his huge, hard cock. Justin looked again in awe at the big instrument. Then he looked at Andy's body. For some reason, it didn't look as fat as before. It was still very big, but for some reason it didn't look as disgustingly fat. Maybe I'm just getting used to it, thought Justin to himself. Andy went down the hall to the bathroom. He locked the door and flexed in the mirror. He thought he saw bulges under his fat. Bulges of muscle. He went into the shower and shot a huge load, bigger than any of the musclekids had shot. He felt great.

Well, Andy ate a huge dinner. Bigger than yesterday. And it was all protein. He probably ate another five or six pounds of protein. Then he drank another protein shake for dessert. Justin's mother was shocked. During the day, Andy had eaten more than 10 pounds of meat and other protein, maybe even 15 pounds. She lost count as he devoured the chickens, the steaks and the tunafish. Plus all the protein shakes and protein bars. How was this kid going to lose weight eating like that? But he was playing by the rules. No fats and no carbs. Pure protein. Justin just sat there, watching the eating machine that was his fat cousin. That night, Andy was so exhausted he went to bed at 7:30. Justin laughed. Only dorks go to bed so early he said. Andy didn't care what Justin thought. He collapsed on his hard mattress and fell asleep immediately.

The next morning, after another huge breakfast, the two cousins went down to the basement for their workout. Justin got on the scale. One hundred fifty pounds. "Fuck!" he yelled. "I lost a pound. I'm losin' weight. This can't be. I'm supposed to put on another 20 pounds of muscle for football. I gotta gain muscle, not lose it." He stormed around the basement, kicking and punching things. Then he came over and watched Andy get on the scale. Two hundred forty-four pounds. Andy had only lost three pounds. Yesterday he lost five and now it was only three. "Geez, you're slowin' down, Porky. You ain't losin' enough weight. Let me take your measurements." Justin went over and got the tape. First, he measured Andy's waist. "Forty-six inches," said Justin. "Jesus Christ, you lost two inches on your waist. But you only lost three pounds. How can that be? Somethin' ain't right here. Let's measure your chest." He wrapped the tape around Andy's chest. "Forty-five inches.............wait a minute. You didn't lose any fat on your chest. How could that be?" He measured again and got the same result. "What the fuck's goin' on here. Lets try your arm." Andy flexed his arm. Justin wrapped the tape around it. He thought he saw a bulge. "Sixteen inches...........fuck.........you didn't lose any fat on your arm......fuck......what's happening here. Let's try your thigh." Andy flexed his thigh. He could see the muscle pushing up against the fat. "Twenty-seven inches, the same as yesterday." Justin looked puzzled. "So you've lost two inches on your waist, but stayed the same in your thighs, your chest and your arms. What the fuck is goin' on? You've got tons of fat all over your body. How come you're losing so much fat on your waist but you're not losing any fat on your chest or your thighs or your arms?" Justin was totally confused. Andy smiled. "It's simple, Justin. I'm losing fat at the same time I'm putting on muscle. I'm losing inches from my waist because I'm shedding the fat and all the muscle is way down deep, like yours." Andy reached out and rubbed his hand over Justin's shredded abs. "I'm losing fat on my chest and legs and arms too, but I'm growing muscle underneath so fast it's getting bigger just as fast as the fat is shrinking. My muscles are growing at the same speed the fat is shrinking. That's why I only lost three pounds. I probably lost ten pounds of fat and gained seven pounds of muscle, all in one day. Or maybe I lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 12 pounds of muscle. I don't fuckin' know. But sure as shit I'm losing the fat and putting on the muscle." Andy flexed his arm. "Feel it," he said. Justin reached out and felt Andy's flexing bicep and tricep muscles. His mouth dropped open. The muscles were way, way bigger than yesterday. And they were hard. They were still buried under a thick layer of fat, but they were getting big and they were hard. "Holy shit," said Justin. "Yeah, holy shit," said Andy, looking Justin right in the eye.

"Time to work out," said Andy. "Gotta lift some heavy iron." Justin just stood there, kind of frozen. He couldn't even remember what he was supposed to do today. Oh yeah, it was arms. But all he could think about was Andy's big muscle in his arm. Andy was ready for his bench presses. He walked over to the bench and loaded the bar to 65 pounds, the weight he had struggled with yesterday. He got under the bar and lifted it off the rack. He didn't even wait for Justin to come over and spot. Then he pressed the bar up and down for 20 reps with obvious ease. "Piece of cake. Just a fuckin' warmup," he said. He put another 10 pound plate on each side, making the bar 85 pounds. This was almost double what he could barely lift two days before. Justin stood over him, ready to spot. Andy lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Then he started lifting it back up. He was surprised the bar didn't feel any heavier than it did. It didn't feel light, but it didn't feel real heavy. He pressed it up and then proceeded to crank out another 9 reps, slowing down at the end but not needing Justin's spot. "Wow! I feel strong!" he yelled. "Put another 5 on each side. I wanna do another set. I'm gonna do three sets from now on." Justin did as told. Andy looked up at the 95 pound bar. Then he lifted it off the rack, lowered it to his chest and pressed it up. "Yeah!" he yelled. He lowered the bar again and managed to do another four reps. "Spot," he yelled. Justin put his fingers under the bar and gently spotted as Andy slowly cranked out another five reps. His pecs were totally exhausted before the last rep but he forced them to do another one anyway. Sweat was dripping off his body. He was sweating like a real jock! After he finished, he jumped up off the bench and bumped his chest into Justin, almost knocking him over. He flexed his pecs, reached up and felt the bulging muscle. He had at least an inch of muscle there that wasn't there before. And it was pumped and it was hard. "Feel it," he said. Justin reached up and felt Andy's pecs. "Holy shit," he said. Andy looked him in the eye. "Yeah, holy shit, little man." Andy's cock was rock hard. Justin's cock was shriveled. He was stunned. He didn't even react to Andy's insult. In two days, his big fat cousin had doubled his strength in the bench press. He was now pressing a little less than half of what Justin could press. It had taken Justin two months to build up to 95 pounds in the bench. Andy did it in two days. Justin gulped.

Andy didn't wait for Justin to do his exercises. He was too stoked to worry about Justin's workout. He was ready for military presses. He went over and loaded the barbell to 55 pounds, his maximum of yesterday. Then he pressed it up and down 20 times. Another easy warmup. He added a ten pound plate on each side, going to 75 pounds. He cleaned the bar to his shoulders and then pressed it up and down smoothly and solidly for ten reps, slowing down somewhat for the last three reps. "Fuck yeah!" he yelled as he dropped the bar. He looked at the iron. Seventy-five pounds is actually quite a lot for a 15 year old to be military pressing. This fact was not lost on either Justin or Andy. "Jesus, man," said Justin. "Two days ago you could barely press 35 pounds. Now you're doin' 75 and it didn't even look hard. Maybe you're not such a wuss after all." Andy looked at Justin with a look of newfound confidence. "Yeah, maybe not," he said as he looked over at his delt muscles, muscles that had gotten twice as strong in two days.. He flexed his delts and felt the muscle bulging in his shoulder. New muscle that wasn't there two days ago. He smiled. "I'm gonna add another 10 pounds. Get over here and spot me." He didn't ask Justin. He told Justin. He slipped two five pound plates on the bar and cleaned it to his shoulders. No problem. Justin put his fingers on the sides of Andy's shoulders, just to check out his muscles. Andy pressed up the 85 pound bar. A steady, firm press. Justin was shocked as he felt the muscles in Andy's shoulders bulge as they pushed up his arms. Justin couldn't believe how much muscle there was and how hard that muscle was. He kept his fingers on Andy's shoulders as the fat boy pumped out four more reps, the last one very slowly. His delts got bigger and harder as they got more and more pumped. Justin almost peed in his pants. "Need a spot, cuz," said Andy as he started sixth rep. Justin placed his hands under Andy's upper arms and helped him press up the heavy bar. Andy cranked out four more reps with Justin's help. The last two were incredibly painful. His delts were throbbing and aching. But he did it. He dropped the bar on the floor and turned around to face his cousin. He was sweating profusely. His shoulders and arms were red. He raised his right arm and flexed. Not only was there a bulge where his bicep muscle was, but there was a bulge in his shoulder where his delts were. Those muscles were pumped! Andy reached up and felt his pumped, bulging muscles. His cock got really hard as he thought about what was happening to his body. Justin just stared in disbelief.

Andy continued with his workout. Justin made some half-hearted attempts to do his own arm workout, but all attention was on Andy. Andy plowed through his workout with the enthusiasm of a kid who had just discovered something wonderful. He did each exercise with incredible intensity, doing three sets and going to absolute failure on the last set, barely reaching his 10 reps with Justin's spot. After the three sets the affected muscle group was totally exhausted and incredibly pumped. The increase in poundages that Andy used was phenomenal. He was able to do lat pulldowns with 80 pounds, barbell rows with 75 pounds, barbells curls with 60 pounds and tricep pressdowns with 60 pounds. All for 10 reps with Justin's spot for the last several reps. These were all double the weights he had started with. He had doubled his strength in two days. And both Andy and Justin could sense that he wasn't finished getting stronger. Justin got a tingle in his spine as he watched his big, fat cousin lift the heavy weights with wild enthusiasm. When it came time for squats, Andy started with 65 pounds, his max from yesterday. He cranked out 20 easy reps. "I wanna add 30 pounds. My legs feel real strong," he said. So the two boys added 30 pounds to the bar. Andy got under it, lifted it off the rack and did 10 steady squats. "That was fuckin' easy!" he yelled. "Twenty more!" They loaded another 20 pounds onto the bar, making a total of 105 pounds. Andy got under the bar and lowered his huge body. The he pushed himself and the 105 pound bar back up. He did it! "Fucking-A!" he yelled. He cranked out another five reps, the last one very slowly. Justin knew what to do. He got behind Andy and lifted under his armpits as the huge, fat kid pumped out another four reps, very slowly and very painfully. Then Andy crashed the bar back on the rack. He flexed his quads and watched the muscle bulge under the fat. Two days ago he could hardly squat with his own bodyweight. Now he was lifting 105 pounds. His cock got as hard as a steel pipe as he thought about his growing quad muscles. Justin just stared at Andy's legs.

Andy did calf raises with the same weight at first. Except his calves felt so strong, he added another 20 pounds for the third set--- 125 pounds. Half what he weighed. He felt like a stud. All of a sudden he felt like just as much of a stud as Justin. He knew Justin could do calf raises with 250 pounds but he didn't feel inferior to his muscular cousin anymore. He was getting stronger so fast he knew that it was only a matter of time until he would be able to use 250 pounds too. The days of Justin being able to treat him like a pile of shit would soon be ending. He smiled at the thought and his cock got rock hard.

Finally he did situps. Amazingly, he was able to do a full set of 10 without any help from Justin at all. Pretty good for a kid who couldn't even do one situp two days before. For his last two sets he was able to do several reps on his own and then needed Justin's spot to finish. After three sets his abs felt like they were burning up. He poked his fingers deep into his gut and actually felt the hard ab muscle underneath. Wow! He never thought he would feel any muscle at all on his fat gut. Now he was feeling hard, pumped muscle right under the fat. His cock twitched.

"I'm hungry," he yelled. Without waiting for Justin, he raced upstairs to the kitchen and made himself a big protein shake, using just water as usual. Justin followed him upstairs and made his own shake. Justin hadn't done much of a workout himself, he was so busy spotting Andy and watching Andy's new muscles pump up. Andy gulped down his shake and made another one, gulping that down too. He was done with his two shakes before Justin was done with his one shake. Then he grabbed a handful of protein bars and tore into them too. When he was done with his "snack", he grabbed Justin by the arm and said "Let's go running. I feel great. I bet I'll be able to run farther today." So the boys walked up to the field. When they got there, Steve and Brock were waiting for them. They were smiling and rubbing their cocks. They were ready to get their blow job from the big fat loser kid. As Andy approached, Steve ran up to tackle him, just like he had done several times before. He lowered his muscular shoulder and rammed into Andy's chest, wrapping his muscular arms around the fat kid's big body. He had fully expected Andy to fall flat on his ass just like he had done so many times before after taking a hard hit from the powerful bodies of muscular jocks. However, this time Andy lowered his own shoulder, braced his legs and lunged at Steve just as the jock hit him. When their bodies collided, the laws of physics prevailed. Andy's big body, with 90 pounds more mass than Steve's, didn't get pushed backwards. It was Steve's body that got pushed. It stopped and then it got pushed backwards and smashed to the ground by Andy's 245 pounds of mass. Andy wrapped his own arms around Steve as they crashed to the ground, landing on top of him with his 245 pounds of fat and muscle right on top of Steve's muscular body. Steve looked up at the big kid on top of him with a look of total shock. The violent crash to the ground had actually knocked the wind out of him, so for a moment he couldn't even speak. Finally, he said, "Holy shit!" Andy looked down at the handsome bully and sneered. "Yeah, holy shit," he said. "I've been workin' out with Justin and I've doubled my strength in two days. I can already bench 95 pounds. I'm not takin' any shit from you guys anymore. I'm not gonna suck your little cocks either. Maybe one day I'll be so strong I'll make you little motherfuckers suck my big cock. How'd you like that, asshole?"

Steve looked up at Andy with a look of disbelief and anger. How could this fat slob be talking to him like that? Nobody talked to him like that and got away with it. He and Brock and Justin were the bullies. They were the dominant kids. They were the ones who talked like that to all the little loser kids they pushed around. Anybody who talked back to them got smashed by their strong muscles. For a moment he thought about beating up the big fat kid. He knew he could beat him up easily. He was still far stronger and much quicker than the massive boy. But something deep inside him told him that he better treat this big kid with a little more respect from now on. Finally he said "Fuck off, fat boy. You're dreamin' You ain't never gonna be shit compared to us." Andy just smiled and then stood up. Brock just stood there looking at him, He didn't know what to think. Justin was staring as well. A chill went up his spine as he took in the transformation in his cousin's attitude that was accompanying the transformation of his body.

The muscular jocks didn't even think of forcing Andy to suck their cocks. They could have easily forced him to do it. He still wasn't nearly as strong as any one of them and all three of them could have pounded him into submission with ease. But after seeing Steve get smashed to the ground by Andy's big body, they figured they better not treat the fat kid as their fuck toy any more. They were still the jock stud kings and Andy was still just a fat dweeb, but in that one tackle of Steve he had inched up a notch on their jock pecking order, going from rock bottom to slightly up the ladder. They figured he'd never get to the top like them.

Andy turned away from the jocks and started running. He felt a lot better than yesterday. He seemed to have a lot more stamina and energy. His legs didn't feel as heavy. The other boys easily caught up and passed him. They were much faster As they ran by, they gave him a big swat on his ass. "Move it, Porky," yelled Brock. "Move your big fat ass." Andy smiled and just kept running. He ran around the track six times before he finally got too tired to take another step. He had run three-quarters of a mile. Two days before he could barely run 100 yards. Now he was running almost a mile. He felt great. The jocks ran three miles. They had been running all their lives. Their muscular bodies were in great shape. Andy watched them run with ease and thought about the day he'd be able to do the same thing. He flexed his thighs and felt the muscle bulging underneath the layer of fat. He smiled again and his cock got hard.

Well, Andy continued to work out with Justin every day. And every day he got stronger. After another week, he stopped losing weight. He got down to 240 pounds, and then he couldn't seem to lose another pound. But his fat kept disappearing. And underneath the remaining fat the muscle was growing. He stayed on his all-protein diet, consuming huge quantities of meat, fish, chicken, protein shakes and protein bars. So all that fat was being replaced, pound for pound and day by day, with pure muscle. And that muscle was getting strong. Real strong.

After exactly three weeks of Andy's arrival in Justin's house, the two boys went down to the basement for their morning workout. Andy hopped on the scale. "Two hundred forty pounds, just like yesterday," he yelled as he looked at the scale. Then Justin got on the scale. "One hundred forty-seven pounds," said Andy. "Fuck, you just can't put on any muscle, can you little man. I'm puttin' on muscle every day and you're not doin' shit. In fact, you're losin' muscle. You've lost four pounds in three weeks. You're gettin' to be a fuckin' wimp." Andy punched Justin in the chest. The punch didn't hurt the muscular kid, but he sure felt terrible. Here he was, watching his fat slob cousin shedding fat and getting stronger and more muscular every day while he himself wasn't putting on any more muscle at all. In fact he was getting smaller. He was so distracted by his cousin's lifting that he just wasn't able to concentrate on his own workouts. And it was showing. And now, today, he knew something horrible was going to happen. Today was the day his fat cousin was probably going to blast by him in the bench press. Today was the day his fat cousin, who wasn't so fat anymore, was going to prove he was stronger than him. Way stronger. And his fat cousin had only been working out three weeks. Jesus Christ, what have I got myself into, he thought to himself as he looked at Andy's big body.

"Let's load the bench, Cuz, " said Andy. "I'm gonna match you pound for pound and then I'm gonna blast right by you." The boys put a big 45 pound plate on each side of the bar. This was now the warmup weight for both of them, 135 pounds. They both easily pumped out 15 reps. "Just think about it, Justin," said Andy. Three weeks ago I could barely lift 45 pounds. Now I'm crankin' out reps with 135 like they were nothin'. It's just a warmup! What a feeling!" Andy rubbed his hand across his chest, feeling the big pec muscles bulging underneath. "Yeah," said Justin, grudgingly. He had been strong all his life. He knew it felt great to be strong. Now his fat slob cousin was experiencing that feeling. He got under the bar and cranked out his own 15 reps of warm-ups. He pushed the weight up and down with much less enthusiasm than Andy.

"Another 25 on each side," ordered Andy. They were going up to 185. Justin usually didn't go up in weight this quickly, but now Andy was giving the orders. Andy got under the 185 pound bar, with Justin standing behind spotting. The big kid lowered the bar from the rack and then pushed it back up with obvious ease. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled. Then he pressed the heavy weight up and down nine more times, never slowing down at all. Justin stared in disbelief as his formerly weak cousin pressed the heavy iron up and down. After the last rep, Andy crashed the bar onto the rack. He saw Justin staring at his bulging chest and smiled. "Fuck I feel strong," he yelled as he jumped off the bench. "Feel my muscle, little man." He grabbed Justin's hand and placed it on his right pec. Then he flexed. The muscle bulged under Justin's fingers, filling up his whole hand. It was still covered with some fat, but not very much any more. Justin could easily feel the hard, round pec muscle flexing and bulging in Andy's chest. It was several inches thick. Even though it was still covered by fat, it was rock hard. And it was obviously bigger than Justin's pec. Andy was a big boy. And he now had big pecs. Just three weeks ago he had several inches of fat covering almost no muscle at all. Now he had several inches of muscle bulging under just one-half inch of fat. He had literally turned his fat into muscle. Three weeks ago, his chest measured 45 inches, all fat. Now when he flexed his pecs and lats, his chest actually measured 46 inches. It was an inch bigger! The fat was being replaced by muscle and now the muscle was getting bigger than the fat. Andy was getting big. Muscular big, not fat big.

"Your turn, little man," said Andy. Justin got on the bench. He looked up at his big cousin who was standing behind him ready to spot. Three weeks ago, he couldn't even see Andy's face or chest because his big gut was in the way. Now he could easily see past the huge kid's gut to the bulging muscles of his big chest. In three weeks his gut had shrunk from 49-1/2 inches to just 40 inches. He still had lots of fat in that gut, but it was melting off like butter. More than three inches of fat had melted off Andy's gut every week. Underneath the fat that was left were rock hard ab muscles. Andy had to buy new shorts, pants and sweatpants every week as his waist got smaller and smaller. And now Justin could clearly see Andy's face as he leaned over to spot the weight. All the fat which used to be in his cheeks and jowls was virtually gone. His neck had thickened up with muscle. You could now see his cheekbones and jaw. And his face looked strong and powerful. High, wide cheekbones, a strong jaw and chin. Clear brown eyes and thick brown hair, which Andy had now cut short, just like Justin's. He was very handsome, handsome in a strong, powerful way. Just by looking at his face, you knew this kid was strong. Andy laughed as he saw Justin looking up at his chest and his face. "Stop lookin' and start workin," he ordered.

Justin lifted the 185 pound bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. He pushed it up, but the press didn't look anywhere near as easy as Andy's first press. He slowly pressed the bar up and down six more times and then needed a spot from Andy. He barely cranked out 10 reps, with Andy's big fingers and arms lifting probably 10 pounds of the bar for the last two reps. "Fuck, you're weak!" said Andy. "You're weaker than you were three weeks ago! You're gettin' to be a fuckin' wimp!" Justin felt his pecs in disgust. Were they smaller? Yes, he was definitely weaker and he had lost four pounds. Since he had no fat, he knew that four pounds was muscle. He had lost four pounds of muscle and he was getting weaker! "Shit!" he yelled. Andy laughed.

"Ten more on each side," ordered Andy. This was going to be 205 pounds. It was Justin's work weight three weeks ago. Andy got under the bar. He lifted it off the rack and again cranked out 10 reps, slowing down just a little for the last three reps. Justin was ready to spot, but Andy didn't need it. "Yeah!" he yelled as he jumped off the bench. He flexed his pecs and felt the big muscles bulge at his command. "Fuckin' big!" he yelled. "Fuckin' strong!" His cock bulged in his shorts. "Go for it, little man."

Justin got under the bar. He looked at the heavy weights with some trepidation. He lowered the bar to his chest and then pressed it up, struggling with great effort. After the second rep, which he could barely complete, he needed a spot from Andy. Even so, he only completed five reps, with Andy lifting a lot of the weight on the last rep. "Fuckin' A," yelled Andy, as Justin slowly got up from the bench. "I'm way stronger than you now!" He bumped his big chest into Justin's, almost knocking the smaller boy over.

"Put another 10 on each side," ordered Andy. "I'm gonna show you just how strong I am." Andy was supremely confident. The bar now weighed 225 pounds. Justin had never lifted this much weight, not ever in his life. Andy got under the bar. He looked up at Justin's muscular body, which now didn't look as intimidating to Andy as it did three weeks ago. He took a deep breath, lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Justin put his fingers under the bar, ready to help. He didn't think his cousin could really lift 225 pounds. Andy knew he could. He ordered his big, new muscles to push up the heavy bar. Instantly his pecs and delts exploded. Power rippled through his muscles. His arms raised up over his chest, lifting the incredibly heavy weight. His triceps popped out of his arms as they pushed up. Then he locked his elbows at the top, He looked Justin in the eye. "Piece of cake," he said with a confident smile. Then he took another deep breath, lowered the bar and pressed it up again. "Yeah," he yelled as he locked his elbows. Then he did four more reps, with Justin spotting the last two, just a little. He jumped up off the bench and smashed his chest into Justin, this time knocking him to the floor. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled, flexing his arms and pecs as he stood over the smaller boy, who looked up at him in awe. He put his foot on Justin's chest, like a conquering warrior standing over his vanquished prey. "I own you now, little man," he said. "I'm way stronger than you are and I'm gonna keep getting stronger. And you're gettin' weaker. You're dead meat, little man." Justin gulped. "Fuck, Porky, I fuckin' don't believe what's happening to you." Justin was just stunned by his cousin's amazing muscular growth.

Andy looked down at Justin's buff little jock body and his good- looking face and sky blue eyes that were now looking up at his own big body in awe. "Did you call me Porky?" he yelled. His face turned very angry. Testosterone and adrenaline was coursing through his veins. His muscles were pumped and bulging from the heavy bench presses. His whole body was buzzing with power and energy. He felt like a warrior. And he sure wasn't gonna take shit from his little jock cousin any more. In a flash he dropped down on top of Justin, covering and crushing him with his 240 pounds of muscle and fat. Andy's big sweaty chest, which had just benched 225 pounds, was right on top of Justin's buff little chest. He grabbed Justin's arms and pinned them over his head. Justin tried to squirm free, but Andy was much too heavy and now much too strong for Justin to resist. Andy held Justin's arms in place and looked Justin in the eye. Their faces were just inches apart. "You ever call me Porky again and I'm gonna smash your little body so bad you'll wish you were never born.," said Andy. "You're not gonna call me Porky anymore. You're gonna call me Andy or your gonna call me `sir'. Oh yeah, you can call me `stud', `cause that's what I am compared to you, you little shit. And I can call you anything I want. You got that, shitface?" Justin looked up at Andy in disbelief. His brain was swirling. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. He was the muscle jock stud and Andy was the fat nerd. That's the way it always was. That's the way it was supposed to be. "Fuck off, Porky!" he yelled, not really comprehending how much the tables had turned in the last three weeks and the consequences of what he had just said.

Andy's face got beet red. He let go of Justin's arms and sat up on his cousin's waist, squeezing his with his strong legs. Justin looked up in horror as Andy made his two hands into fists and looked at the big weapons approvingly. His tightened his fists a couple of times, watching the muscles in his forearms bulge each time. Justin's eyes grew wide with fear. Then it came. Andy smashed his right fist right into Justin's pretty face, hitting his left cheek and eye with devastating power. Then he raised his left fist and smashed it into the other side of Justin's face. In just two punches he had made Justin's formerly pretty face a bloody, swollen mess. Then he started punching Justin's body. And he punched furiously. He blasted away at the jock's chest, his shoulders, his arms and his abs. Andy was releasing all his pent-up anger from years and years of being teased and tormented by his bully jock cousin. Every punch was payback for one of Justin's punches or fat squeezes or arm twists or humiliating insults. Andy just lost control as his newly strong body just pummeled the shit out of his cousin.

Justin tried and tried to squirm free, but Andy just squeezed in on his big legs and pressed down his butt with his 240 pounds of mass. Justin couldn't move. Andy's punches were incredibly hard. He had never really punched a kid before, except when Justin forced him to punch his abs. Now he was punching away and he was amazed at the power in his fists. Those arms that had just benched 225 pounds were now pounding his big fists into the body of the his buff little cousin. And those punches were hard. If he had aimed at Justin's jaw, which he could have easily done, the little jock's jaw would have been broken into pieces As it was, his punches were pounding into muscular flesh, flesh that was hard at first but which soon softened up under the relentless bludgeoning of Andy's vicious punches. Big red welts began to form. Welts that would turn into big blue bruises. Justin's puffy red eyes were wide with horror and pain as his cousin's new muscles smashed his body. "Stop, please stop," yelled Justin as punch after punch pounded into his formerly buff body. Tears were rolling down his face. Andy smiled as he saw how easily he could beat up his cousin. He liked being the one inflicting pain for a change, especially on his bully cousin. Finally after a few more punches, more than 100 brutal blows in all, he stopped and fell on top of Justin's ravaged body. He wrapped his arm around the jock's neck and flexed his bicep. The big muscle bulged in his arm---his upper arm now measured 16-1/2 inches and it was almost all muscle----and that hard muscle rammed into Justin's neck, crushing his windpipe. "What did you say, fuckface?" he said into Justin's ear. Justin's whole upper body was in abject pain. He could hardly breathe. "I said `please stop'," he croaked. "Say it again! And call me `sir' you miserable little shit." Andy squeezed his big bicep harder into Justin's neck. The hard muscle rammed further into Justin's windpipe. Justin started to gag. "Please stop, sir. Please stop, sir. I promise I'll never call you........that `P' name again." Justin had almost said the Porky name but he caught himself in time. He would have been absolutely smashed if he had said that name again. "I'm sorry sir that I made you mad sir. I promise sir I won't do it again sir." Justin looked at his big cousin, hoping for mercy. Slowly Andy released his grip on the poor kid's neck. Then he sat up again. Without warning, he smashed his fist into Justin's chest one last time. Justin winced in pain. "That's better, fuckface," Andy said. "Now you know who's the boss around here. I think I taught you that with these fists." Andy clenched his hands into fists and flexed his arms. The big muscles bulged. Justin looked at those fists and those arms in abject fear. "Now get up, you little wuss. I wanna finish my workout. I'm gonna do all the chest exercises you do. I'm gonna go on a split routine just like you. I'm gonna get huge!" Andy jumped up and jerked Justin off the floor. He had one more set of bench presses to do and then he would move on to the incline dumbbell presses. Justin was going to spot him as he blasted his muscles to greater size and strength. Justin was so beaten and battered he could hardly move. Andy didn't care. He needed a spotter to work his muscles to total exhaustion. Justin was going to be Andy's spotter and follow his orders. From now on, Justin was always going to follow Andy's orders. Justin looked at Andy's big chest and arms and followed him over to the bench. He knew his new place in the pecking order.

Andy had a great chest workout. After doing five more reps in the bench press with 225 pounds, with a slight spot needed for the last two reps, he blasted his chest even more with five sets of incline presses, five sets of decline presses, five sets of dumbbell pullovers, a couple sets of parallel bar dips and five sets of flyes. He could only do one parallel bar dip on his own so he made Justin help lift his huge 240 pound body so he could get in at least six reps per set. He knew he'd be able to do them on his own in a few more weeks, he was getting so strong and losing so much fat so fast. On all the other exercises, he worked up to poundages far greater than Justin had ever tried. Andy's chest was strong! And it was big! Justin just stared in disbelief as his huge cousin pounded out the reps with the heavy weights, then at Andy's command he spotted the big kid he could finish the last few reps with the maximum poundages possible. Justin didn't lift another weight that day. He was too beaten and battered, both physically and psychologically. Andy worked his chest to total exhaustion. When he had finished his workout, his whole upper body was bulging, red and sweaty from the incredibly intense workout. Andy looked radiant as he flexed his big muscles in the mirror. Justin looked like shit. His upper body was black and blue. He had big bruises all over his torso. He had two black eyes. He looked like a battered little punk. •

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