Teen Cousins


By johnd7102000

When they got home, Justin mixed up another protein shake for himself and made one for Andy with just water. Andy was so tired he could hardly walk. He sat down in the family room and watched some TV. Justin came in and changed the channel to the program he wanted. He didn't even ask Andy. Of course he wouldn't. He didn't need to. He was the total boss. He was still not wearing a shirt. Just some shorts. No shoes either. In a few minutes, the doorbell rang and Justin went to get it. He came back into the family room with a beautiful girl. He had his arm wrapped around her and she had her arm wrapped around him, with her hand grabbing onto Justin's big arm. He was subtly flexing his biceps and triceps for her to feel. She was obviously digging it. "This is my girlfriend Kimberly," he said. "Kimberly, this is Porky. Porky's my cousin. I'm gonna be his personal trainer this summer so he loses some of that disgusting fat. He does what I tell him to." Andy stood up. He recognized Kimberly from school, although he had never dared to speak to her. She was one of the most gorgeous girls in the whole school. She was a jock too---captain of the girl's swimming team. She had blond hair and blue eyes and a golden brown tan. Justin went over and squeezed two handfuls of fat on Andy's gut. "Look at this blubber. Ain't it disgusting?" He wiggled the fat up and down mockingly. Then he squeezed with his strong hands until Andy cried out in pain. "Stop that, Justin," said Kimberly. "You're hurting him." Justin looked at his girlfriend in mock surprise. "Hurting him? Hurting him? Fuck it don't matter if I hurt him. He likes getting hurt by my big, strong muscles. I can do anything I want to him and he likes it. He squeezed again. You like this, don't you Porky? You like it when I fuck with you and tell you how fat and disgusting you are." Andy stayed silent for a moment. Justin let go of the fat, curled his arm up slightly, and made a fist. Then he flexed his biceps, triceps and forearm muscles. The rock-hard muscle rippled and bulged under his skin. Andy remembered what that muscle had done to his neck that morning when he disobeyed his cousin. He gulped. He looked Kimberly in the eye and said, "Yeah, I like it." Justin smiled. "See I told you. He's a total wuss."

For a moment, Andy's eyes locked with Kimberly's. She could sense that Andy wasn't telling the truth. She knew that her strong boyfriend was making him say that. But she also knew there was nothing she could do about it. This was just the way life is. This was just the way things are. The strong pick on the weak. The strong do whatever they want to the weak and there isn't a thing the weak can do about it. It was just the natural order of things. She felt sorry for Andy, but that feeling didn't overcome her overwhelming attraction to Justin's body. She really liked her strong boyfriend's body. It was the main thing about him that turned her on. His body was bulging with strong muscles.. They were the muscles of a total stud. They were muscles of the Alpha male. They were muscles that could provide for her and protect her. Justin's strong, buff, muscular body incited her basic, primal instinct as a beautiful girl. The instinct to mate with the Alpha male. The biggest, strongest and most muscular male. The male who was more muscular and far stronger than other boys. The male who was so strong and good looking he naturally dominated the other males. The male who was the best hunter. The male who was so big and strong he could protect her from any enemy. The male whose superior genes would produce beautiful, healthy and strong children for her. Kimberly was totally attracted to Justin's incredibly muscular body. She was drawn to him like steel to a magnet. She craved Justin's body and his big, hard muscles. The arrogant jock personality just naturally came along with it. She turned toward him and squeezed his big, flexing arm with one hand while she rubbed her other hand over his rock-hard washboard abs and his bulging pecs. Justin smiled as his girlfriend admired his body, her attention now completely turned away from the fat slob standing there.

"Forget him," said Justin. "Let's go to my room and get up close and personal." He ran his hands up her shirt and fondled her breasts. Instinctively, she ran her hands all over his body, feeling his hard, bulging muscles. "See ya later, dork," said Justin as he strutted away with his girlfriend, the two of them fondling each other's hot bodies.

About a half hour later Justin and Kimberly came out of his room. They were still fondling each other, now even more than before. Kimberly's shirt was totally disheveled and her shorts were off center. It was clear she had taken them off for Justin. Now he was fondling her breasts with wild abandon. Kimberly ran her hands over Justin's abs and down under his shorts, grabbing his rock-hard cock. Then Justin kissed her real hard, ramming his tongue deep inside her mouth while he squeezed her close to his muscular body with his strong arms. Kimberly wrapped her arms around his muscular back, taking in the size and hardness and strength of Justin's lats and upper back. Then Justin let go and said, "Bye babe. See ya tomorrow." Kimberly smiled at her big, muscular boyfriend and walked out the door. Justin turned to Andy. "Geez, that girl is hot! She turns me on so bad! Every time we make out we get to third base. I get so turned on I can't stand it. But she won't let me hit a home run. She won't let me fuck her and she won't give me a blow job. I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it. I got hormones raging like crazy." Justin pulled down his shorts and rubbed his rock hard cock with his right hand. The stiff weapon was actually throbbing. Then he walked over to Andy and jerked him off the sofa. "Come on, cocksucker. You're gonna service Justin's big hard cock again. My girlfriend won't give head but you sure will, won't you fat-boy. You don't have a choice. I'm gonna get off real good." So Justin dragged Andy into his room, closed the door and got another fantastic blow job from his fat cousin. Life was good for this dominant, muscular kid.

Well, at dinner Justin ate a huge well-balanced meal of steak, potatoes, vegetables, fruit and milk. No dessert. His mother always cooked him good, wholesome food and Justin was always a good eater. Justin was real hungry and he ate two steaks. His mom said he did this all the time. No wonder he had built such a buff, muscular body. All Andy got was the steak. Steak and water. Andy ate two steaks so fast you could hardly see the eating motion. Then he said he was still hungry. Justin's mom said she had only cooked two steaks for each of him and Justin, but she had a couple of cooked chickens in the refrigerator. She got out one of the chickens and started to put it in the microwave. "You don't have to heat it. I'll just eat it cold," he said. He was so hungry he didn't care. She handed him the whole chicken and he started ripping it apart with his fingers, eating all the meat in about two minutes. Andy was a fucking eating machine. "Do you have more?" he asked. Justin's mother nodded and got out another whole chicken. Andy ripped this one apart too, consuming the entire bird. Finally he was full. Two big steaks and two big chickens. "Well, you sure have a big appetite, Andy," Justin's mother said. "I hope you don't put on any more weight. Remember, you're here to lose that fat. But you can have all the protein you want, so I won't complain about your big appetite. I'll just buy more meat and chicken." Andy nodded. "Thanks," he said. Justin was sitting there just sort of staring. He couldn't believe his cousin had just put away two big steaks and two whole chickens. Justin had never eaten that much before. His big cousin sure had a big appetite. Too bad for him he was such a weak wuss.

Andy was so exhausted he went to bed at 8:00. The mattress on the floor was hard and lumpy but he didn't care. His whole body was aching. He had never been so sore and tired in his life. He immediately fell asleep. Justin thought it was funny his fat cousin was so tired. He went to bed at 10:30, as usual. The next morning the boys ate a big breakfast----only protein for Andy, plus two megavitamin/mineral capsules----and then went down to the basement for their workout. Like yesterday, they only wore shorts. No shirt and no shoes. The first thing they did was weigh themselves on the scale. Justin was looking forward to adding at least a pound of muscle. He had worked out so hard and eaten so much the previous day, he figured it was a sure thing. He got on the scale. One hundred fifty-one pounds. Justin weighed exactly the same as the day before. "Fuck!" he yelled, clearly disappointed. "Oh well. They say you hit sticking points once in awhile. I'm just at a sticking point. I'll work harder and get bigger." He had no doubt he would continue to grow bigger and stronger. Then Andy got on the scale. Two hundred forty-seven pounds. Andy had lost five pounds in one day. "Wow," said Justin. "My all-protein diet and those workouts I'm giving you really worked. You lost a lot of fuckin' fat. Too bad you're still a weak pussy-boy." Justin reached over, grabbed Andy's upper arm and squeezed. Just like yesterday, his strong fingers smashed through the fat. Then Andy curled his arm up to a 90 degree angle and flexed his bicep. Justin's mouth dropped open. Unlike yesterday, he could actually feel some muscle in there. It was small and it was soft but it was muscle. "Hey, it feels like you put on a little muscle after all," he said, still not quite believing what he was feeling. "Lets take some of your measurements."

Justin got out the tape and wrapped it around Andy's waist. "Forty- eight inches. Fuck, you already lost an inch and a half off your waist. That's incredible." Then he measured Andy's chest. "Forty- five inches. That's the same as yesterday. That's strange. You lost an inch and a half on your waist but not a thing on your chest. It's full of fat too. Too bad you're not losing any of that fat." Justin measured Andy's arm and his thigh. Both measurements were the same as the day before. Andy had lost five pounds, had lost an inch and a half from his waist, but hadn't lost a thing in his chest, arms or thighs. "I guess your gut is gonna lose some fat but the rest of your body is gonna stay looking like a fuckin' pig," said Justin. "Hard to figure out why." Justin didn't even bother taking his own measurements. He knew they were the same as yesterday.

"OK, blubber-boy. You may have lost five pounds but you're still a fat pig. Time for your workout. Got on that bench." Andy got on the bench. He looked up at bare 45 pound bar that he had hardly been able to press for 10 reps yesterday, only 7 on his own power. He lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Strangely, the bar felt different from yesterday. It felt lighter. He pushed hard, just like he had done yesterday, and the bar went zooming up. Wow! He didn't know his own strength. He lowered the bar again and pressed it up easily, this time under control. Justin's jaw dropped open. Then Andy proceeded to lower and raise the bar for another 18 reps, finally crashing the bar onto the rack after the 20th rep. He didn't even slow down at the end. The weight he had struggled with yesterday was now a warm-up. He couldn't believe it. Neither could Justin. "Oh my God," said Justin. "You just did 20 easy reps with a weight you could hardly lift for seven reps yesterday." Andy stood up and flexed his pecs. He reached up and pressed his fingers into his chest. He could feel some muscle bulging under the thick fat. The muscle was hard. He rubbed his fingers over the muscles, hardly believing what he was feeling. "Feel my chest, Justin," he said. Justin tentatively reached over and pressed his fingers into Andy's fat chest. "Holy shit!" he said. Yesterday he felt nothing but fat. Today he felt muscle. Not a lot of muscle. Not big muscle. But real muscle. And it was hard. Justin was stunned. "I wanna do another set," said Andy. "That was too easy. Let's add 10 pounds to each side." Justin couldn't believe what he was hearing. His fat cousin wanted to add almost 50% more weight to the bar.

They put on the two 10 pound plates and Andy got on the bench. Justin stood behind him, fully expecting to have to pull the 65 pound bar off Andy's fat chest after it crashed there. Andy lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Then he pressed up. To his and Justin's complete surprise, the bar went up. He pressed the bar all the way up without any difficulty at all. The bar felt the same to him as the 45 pound bar he lifted yesterday. He lowered it again and raised it back up. Then again and again. He completed seven reps totally on his own. On the eighth rep he started struggling. Justin put his hands under the bar and started yelling. "Push it up you fat pig. Push it up yourself. I'm not gonna help you this time." Andy got a shot of adrenaline in his veins and pushed harder. He pressed it all the way up on his own power. "Two more, fuckhead," yelled Justin. This time Justin had to help, but Andy squeezed out two more reps. Then he crashed the bar onto the rack and almost jumped off the bench. "Wow," he yelled. "I didn't think I'd be able to do that. I feel great!" He moved his arms back and forth, flexing his pecs. Justin looked at his fat cousin with a look of disbelief. "Yeah, I didn't think you'd be able to do that either. I guess you were so weak before that your body is just getting to be more normal. Normal for a wimp. You're such a wuss that you'll probably top out on the bench at about 80 pounds or so. That's all the weight the nerds at school can do. Some of those little nerds have been lifting weights for over a year in the school gym and they still can't bench more than 80 pounds. Meanwhile me and Steve and Brock have gotten so strong we can do 200 pounds no sweat. Those little nerds just look at us like fuckin' Gods. Which we are, of course. You're gonna be just another nerd tryin' to build muscle, Porky. Your fairy tale dream that you'll have muscles like me will end pretty soon. It always does for wimps like you." Andy looked at Justin's ripped, muscular body and at his own fatty body. Maybe what Justin said was true. Maybe Justin was born to be a muscle stud and he was born to be a fat wuss. He didn't know. He had absolutely no idea.. But he flexed his pecs again and felt the hard muscle bulging under his fat. He smiled. And his cock started getting hard under his shorts.

Justin started his back routine for the day.. He was going to do lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows, cable rows, shrugs for his traps and deadlifts for his lower back. He was going to do five sets of each exercise with, for Andy, incredibly heavy weights. After he did his first set of lat pulldowns it was time for Andy to do his military presses. He started with a 35 pound bar, the same weight he could hardly lift yesterday. He cleaned the bar up to his shoulders and then pressed it up. To his surprise and pleasure, it felt like a feather. He pressed it up and down 20 times easy. "Holy shit," Justin said again. "You could hardly lift that bar yesterday. Now you're lifting it like a toothpick." Justin started looking a little worried. He reached over and felt Andy's shoulders. Andy lifted his arms up and down. Justin could feel the flexing delt muscles in Andy's shoulders. "Fuckin' A," he said. Andy reached down and grabbed two 10 pound plates. "I wanna try an extra 20 on this too," he said. He put the plates on the bar. With only about a minute's rest, he hoisted the bar up to his shoulders again. Then he pressed it up. He pressed it all the way up. "Fuck yeah!" he yelled. He had just pressed 55 pounds, when he could hardly do 35 pounds yesterday. He pressed the bar up and down another five times, for a total of six reps. "Help me Justin," he yelled. Justin put his hands under his fat cousin's arms and helped him press the bar up and down for four more reps. The last rep was murder. Justin made Andy struggle with every ounce of energy in his fat body. Andy dropped the bar to the floor and yelled, "Fuck, that was great!" Justin just stood there, kind of paralyzed.

After that, Justin kind of lost interest in his own workout. He kind of went through the motions. Andy was getting his full attention. He couldn't believe how much stronger this fat slob had gotten in one day. Andy did two sets of lat pulldowns, barbell rows, barbell curls and tricep pressdowns. Each time he started with the weight he could hardly lift yesterday and that weight felt like a feather. He used it as his warmup, easily cranking out 20 reps. Then he loaded on another 20 pounds for the lat pulldowns and the barbell rows and 15 pounds for the barbell curls and tricep pressdowns. With Justin's help with the last few reps, he was able to do 10 reps with these much heavier weights. He had increased the weight he was using in his exercises by 50 percent in one day! His curls and triceps pressdowns went from 30 to 45 pounds. When he finished his arm exercises he flexed his arms in the mirror, just like Justin had done so many times. It was hard to see, but he thought he saw the tops of his upper arms rise up just a bit, as if the fat was being pushed up by bulging muscle underneath. The lower part of his arms also looked a bit firmer, like the fat was being pushed out by his triceps. Justin was staring at the same image in the mirror. He gulped. Andy reached up and felt his flexed upper arm. A bolt of lightning went up his spine as he felt his own muscles. Yesterday he had felt little bulges in his biceps and triceps after they had gotten a pump with their first barbell exercises ever. Today those bulges were much bigger. They had gotten a lot bigger overnight. And the muscle was much harder. It was harder than his muscles had ever been. He was amazed at how much bigger and harder his muscles felt. His cock started to rise in his shorts as he felt his bulging muscles. "Come over and feel this, Justin," he said. Justin walked over and wrapped his hand around Andy's upper arm. He positioned his fingers on the top, just like he had done before when he dug in and caused incredible pain, crushing Andy's fat down to the bone. Then he squeezed. The first inch or so was no sweat. The layer of fat felt like mush to Justin's strong fingers. Then his fingers stopped. They had hit muscle. He rolled his hand back and forth and felt the round hardness of the pumped bicep muscle in Andy's arm. It wasn't big, but it was muscle. And it was pumped. Andy was getting muscle! "Holy shit," Justin said. "How'd you do that?" Andy smiled. "You're a good trainer," he said.

Andy put down his arm. "Time to hit my legs," he said. All of a sudden he was all charged up to do his next exercise. Yesterday he was cursing his cousin for forcing him to do the exercises. Now he was raring for more. He went over to the squat area. Yesterday, he could hardly lift his body up and down for six reps. Justin had to help him for the final four reps. Today he did 20 reps easy. A warm up. Then he put the 45 pound bar on his shoulders and cranked out 10 reps, only slowing down for the last two reps. "I wanna do another set," he said. Justin just stood there looking at him. He couldn't believe this fat kid could do another set or even more that he wanted to try. Andy put the 45 pound bar on his shoulders again and cranked out 6 reps on his own. "Need help, Justin," he yelled, almost like an order. Justin put his hands under the bar and gently helped him up for the last three reps. Andy had done three brutal sets of squats. It was obvious his legs were far stronger than they were yesterday. When you consider he weighed almost 250 pounds, his legs were pretty damn strong. Then he did calf raises. He started with no weight at all and did the 20 reps so easy it wasn't even funny. He put the 45 pound bar on his shoulders and did another 20 reps. He rested less than 30 seconds with the bar still on his back. "Put ten on each side," he told Justin, again almost giving him an order. Justin obeyed. Then he cranked out eight slow reps with 65 more pounds on his back than he could do yesterday. "Need help," he yelled as he slowly finished the 8th rep, and Justin helped him finish the last two reps. When he finished his squats and calf raises he flexed his legs. They were still covered with fat but you could see slight protrusions where the quads were flexing underneath. You could also see the fat in his calves being pushed out by the small but bulging muscles underneath. Andy pressed his hands into his thighs and felt the muscle flex at his command. His already semihard cock got harder as he felt his own muscle. Muscle he thought he would never have. He was getting muscles! He was stoked. "Hey Justin, feel my muscle. Come over here and feel it." Justin reached down and felt Andy's flexing thigh. Yesterday there had been nothing but fat. Today he could feel some quad muscle flexing underneath the fat. Justin kind of gulped. He really couldn't believe what he was feeling. Then he got back his macho composure. "Yeah, it feels like you got some muscle all right. It was probably already there and just got a little more pumped now. You're a fuckin' dweeb. Dweebs can't put on real muscle." He flexed his own rippling quads. "Only jocks like me can put on real muscle. You're just a fat wimp." Andy looked at Justin's bulging quads. "Yeah, you're probably right," he said, knowing that Justin was totally wrong. He could feel his new muscles with his own fingers. His big cock got really hard under his shorts.

"Time for situps," said Andy, not waiting for Justin to give the order. He went over to the situp board, put his feet under the belt and lifted up his torso. Yesterday he couldn't do even one situp on his own. Justin had to help him do all ten. Now he cranked out seven on his own before he collapsed. "I wanna do three more. Gimme a spot, Justin." Justin reached down and helped him do three more. Andy collapsed on the board. After about a minute he said "I wanna do another set." Justin couldn't believe it. This kid actually wanted to punish himself. Andy locked his hands behind his head and eked out four reps, straining with all his might. "Spot!" he yelled. Justin jumped to attention and help the big fat kid lift his huge torso up and down for the next six reps. Collapsed onto the board, totally exhausted. His abs were burning. But in a way, he felt great. He got up off the board and grabbed his gut. "I'm hungry," he said "I need some protein."

The boys went upstairs and Justin fixed a protein shake for himself with milk and another protein shake for Andy with water. Andy gulped the shake down so fast Justin didn't even see him swallow. "I want another one," he said. "Well, OK," said Justin. "You sure have a big appetite." He made another shake, putting even more protein powder in. Andy gulped this one down too. Then he patted his big stomach. "Feels good," he said. Justin punched him in the gut. "OK, you fat slob. You may be a little stronger today, but you're still a wimp compared to me. What did you bench? Sixty-five pounds? Shit I can do 205 no sweat. You're still a wuss. You're a total loser. You're just lucky you've got a good personal trainer like me who shows you how to lift and feeds you right. But you'll reach your dork limit pretty soon. It just a matter of time. Now lets go out and run. Let's see if you can run more than 100 yards."

Andy grabbed three protein bars and wolfed them down with water. Then he and Justin walked up to the playground to run. When they got there, they saw Steve and Brock standing around waiting for them. They were shirtless, wearing only some running shorts and sneakers, just like Justin. Their muscular 15 year old bodies were radiant. Tan and buff and beautiful. Andy had put back on his big sweatshirt and sweatpants. He never showed his body in public. Steve and Brock were rubbing their cocks, which were obviously hard under their shorts. And they were looking at Andy in kind of a funny way. Andy couldn't figure out what was going on. Justin walked up and gave his friends high fives. He looked down at their bulging crotches and smiled. Then he turned to Andy. "I told Steve and Brock what a good cocksucker you are, Porky. They want some head. Look, they're already horny as hell. Shit, they're always horny, just like me. We like to get off all the time. We got so much testosterone and fucking hormones raging through our bodies, our cocks are charged up and ready to blast all the time. So you're gonna give us all head. Really good head. Just like you did for me yesterday." Andy looked at the muscular bodies of these three 9th grade super jocks. His own cock got hard looking at all that rippling young muscle. He really liked their muscle. But sucking their cocks was a different matter. "I don't think so," he said. Steve and Brock calmly walked up to him. Without warning, Steve started punching him mercilessly in the chest and gut. His fists felt like piledrivers as his big muscles blasted them into Andy's soft, helpless flesh. Brock grabbed Andy's right arm and twisted it up his back. Andy tried to push back, but his weak muscles were nothing compared to the awesome power of Brock's thick, strong arm. Andy cried out in pain as his chest and stomach absorbed incredibly hard blows and his arm was almost twisted out of its socket by the muscular bullies. "We didn't ask for permission," said Brock, right in Andy's ear. "When we wanna do something to you, we just do it. Don't you remember? You're such a disgusting pig, we can do anything we want to you any time we feel like it. So now, we're gonna fuck your face, and you're gonna give us pleasure. `Cause a fat pig like you is alive just to give us jocks pleasure. You ain't got no other purpose in life. You're just here to serve us and for us to have fun with." Justin looked on approvingly as his muscular bully friends beat up his cousin and told the fat pig where he fit in the social hierarchy of the world.

By now, Andy was crying. He knew there was nothing he could do to stop these muscle kids from doing whatever they wanted to him, including making him give them blow jobs. "OK, OK, I'll do it. Please stop. Please stop." Steve stopped his punching and Brock let go of Andy's arm. "I knew you'd come around," said Brock. "You weak little dorks always do. Let's go over there." The boys walked over beyond some bushes where they would be out of view from the rest of the playground. Immediately, Steve and Brock pulled down their shorts, revealing rock hard cocks. A second later Justin did the same thing. All three muscle kids stood facing Andy, stroking their hard cocks. Steve's cock was the biggest of the three. It was about an inch bigger than Justin's but nowhere near as big as Andy's. Brock's cock was only a little longer than Justin's, but it was very thick, just like the rest of him. But it wasn't anywhere near as thick as Andy's cock. Of course, neither Steve or Brock could see Andy's cock because he was wearing his big sweatpants. Andy got down on his knees. Then, one by one, he licked the cocks and balls of the three muscular jocks. He could smell the sweat evaporating from their crotch. It was definitely the smell of real jock-boy sweat. The sweat that jocks make when they're working out their buff muscles. Andy never made sweat that smelled like that. He wasn't a jock. These three studs were alpha jocks. Their sweat was 100% pure jock-boy sweat. And it smelled very good –musky, sexy---a very erotic smell.

Andy moved his mouth and tongue back and forth among the three, giving each one equal time. He was a great cocksucker. Spasms of pleasure surged through the bodies of the three musclestuds. "Fuck, that feels sooooo good," yelled Steve. "Gimme more, gimme more," yelled Brock. After several minutes of licking, Andy started putting the dicks into his mouth, sucking and licking the rock hard shafts with his tongue, one jock at a time. He made loud slurping noises as he serviced the rock-hard cocks of the three dominant males. As Steve forced his cock into Andy's mouth, he thrust his hips back and forth, forcing his iron shaft deep into Andy's throat, as the fat boy sucked and licked and caused lightning bolts of pleasure to surge through the rippling, muscular body of the dominant jock. As he sucked, the jock wrapped his hands around Andy's head, forcing it back and forth over his sensitive organ. It took the full strength of other two boys to pull Andy's head away from their friend so he could service one of their cocks too. This went on for many minutes. The muscle kids were so hot and so aroused they started yelling and screaming with ecstasy. The muscles in their bodies were tensed and pumped and shredded, the fibers rippling under their thin skin. Sweat was glistening on their tan skin. Finally Andy jerked his head back and stroked their cocks gently with his fingers. Instantly, all three cocks exploded, blasting spurt after spurt of thick, white cum right into Andy's face. The ejaculation of the three muscle studs lasted almost a minute. Each one of them shot what seemed like a half a cup of jism, containing millions and millions of genetically superior muscle-boy sperm. They stroked their hard cocks for another few minutes, enjoying the spasms of pure pleasure that continued to surge through their bodies. Finally, Steve tackled Andy, forcing him easily to the ground. He squeezed his strong legs against Andy's body and thrust his still hard cock up and down Andy's fat gut, continuing to revel in pleasure. His straddling and mock fucking of the helpless fat boy was his ultimate showing of dominance. Brock and Justin jumped on top of Steve, thrusting their own cocks up and down on the muscular bodies of their friends. Over 450 pounds of naked, hard, sweaty muscle was now squirming on Andy, crushing his weak, fat body. He could hardly breath. But these three muscle jocks didn't care. They were the dominant ones. They were having fun. They could do whatever they wanted. They writhed their muscular bodies back and forth, rubbing their still-hard and still-sensitive cocks over each other. Their orgasms never seems to stop. They were in heaven. Andy was in hell. They didn't give a shit.

After the boys were done with their orgy, they put their shorts back on and kicked Andy, who was still laying on the ground. He was so sore from the beating and the crushing that he could hardly move. "Get, up, Porky," ordered Justin. "You still gotta run. Your cocksucking doesn't get you out of it. We're all gonna run now." Brock smiled and stroked his cock. "You're a fuckin' good cocksucker, fat-boy. That's the best cocksucking I've ever had. We're gonna want a lot of that this summer, right boys?" Steve and Justin laughed and gave Brock high fives. Andy looked up at the muscular boys. Now he was going to have to service all three of these dominant young bucks, not just Justin. And they'd probably abuse him the whole time, just for fun. But he knew there was nothing he could do about it. They were strong---super strong---and he was weak, very weak. Deep in his heart he hoped the weights might help him, but he wasn't sure. These three muscle kids were total jocks. He was a dork. The jocks always dominate the dorks. That's just the natural order of things. Andy grabbed his sweatshirt and tried to wipe the gobs and gobs of cum off his face.

Justin and Steve pulled Andy up off the ground and pushed him out of the bushes. "Lets go," ordered Justin, and he and his two friends started off, their muscular legs easily propelling them forward. "Get going, punk!" yelled Justin. Andy started off down the field. Much to his surprise the running didn't seem as difficult as it was yesterday. He passed 100 yards and he wasn't tired and he wasn't wheezing. Yesterday, he had collapsed after this distance. He continued on, exhilarated at his newfound stamina. After 200 yards he started feeling tired and was breathing harder. He made one complete lap around the field, a quarter mile, and he was still going! Finally, as he approached 300 yards his legs started to give out and his breathing was very hard. He was wheezing a little but not as much as yesterday. He drove himself as hard as he could, pushing just beyond 300 yards. Then he collapsed on the ground. He sat there watching the three muscle studs run effortlessly around the field. Every time they passed him, one of them would kick him in the butt or the gut. He didn't care. He had just run three times further than yesterday. He was stoked.

When the muscle kids had finished three miles, they stopped and stood over Andy. "Geez, you're a slob," said Steve. "You only ran 300 yards and then you collapsed like a slug. You're disgusting." Andy looked up at the buff, blond Adonis and said, "That's three times farther than I went yesterday, Steve. I'm not a stud like you, but I'm getting better." Steve looked down at the fat dweeb and flexed his muscles in a most-muscular pose. "Better ain't good enough, dweeb," he said. "You're still a weak dweeb and you're always gonna be a weak dweeb." He flexed his legs and the quads bulged like thick slabs of hard beef. The calf muscles almost burst out of his tan skin. "Yeah," he said, looking at his big, flexing muscles with approval. "See ya later, dweeb. My cock's gonna need another blow job after football this afternoon." Then he and Brock strutted away. Justin reached down and picked up Andy. "Well, I'm glad you're gonna make yourself useful to me and my friends this summer. We're gonna totally enjoy all your blowjobs this summer. And maybe Steve and Brock won't beat you up any more if you keep being a good little cocksucker. Of course, they might just beat you up anyway, just for fun. Your fat is really fun to punch." Andy didn't say anything. The two cousins walked home. •

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