Big-and-Tall, The

Jay's Day on Top



After outpowering the tractor trailer cab, Jay was stoked. He stood in Jeb's backyard huffing in oxygen, sensing the boundless power that surged through his thick beefy body. He had to do something, something to test his strength, to show it and feel it. His quads had swollen to the size of beer kegs. He slugged them with his fists, and got hard from the sound of his knuckles slamming into his granite thighs. Then he outstretched his arms and looked at them. YEHHH, he thought, look at these monsters. Not even flexed, and they're HUGE. A vein the size of a garden hose ran the length of his biceps, branching off and feeding the growing, thickening muscle. He could feel his massive traps bulging out and up behind his thick bull neck. So much power, so much fucking power, he could hardly contain his euphoria. Then his eye caught the 100 year old oak tree in the middle of Jeb's backyard. A challenge, he thought. Jay versus the ancient oak. The twenty-four year old powerhouse strutted toward the tree, his thighs so big he had to swing them around each other to walk, and his arms jutting out because his backspread was so freakishly oversized. Jeb watched as Jay headed toward the tree, and figured out quickly what Jay had in mind. "You leave that tree alone, boy," said Jeb. The massive oak shaded his backyard, and increased the market value of his property. Jay stepped up to the tree as if he hadn't heard Jeb. He sized up the big trunk of the old oak. He couldn't possibly reach all the way around the huge trunk, but he crouched down some, then wrapped his arms around the tree as far as they would go. He jammed his legs up against the lower part of the trunk. He tightened his hold with all four limbs, and began to tug. At first, nothing happened, and Jeb felt releaved. "Knock yourself out, kid," he chided. But he spoke too soon. Jay grunted and tugged, and grunted and tugged, working his muscle tighter and tighter against the tree. Bark began to crumble under the pressure of his bearhug. His tugging worked into a rhythm that made it look like he was humping the big oak, and even his grunting made it sound like he was having the fuck of a lifetime. Jay's massive body swelled and reddened with effort, his superhuman back flaring out in an insane veiny V. The ground began to rumble. The entire backyard was shuddering, and the windows of Jeb's house began to rattle. Acorns began to fall from the tree. Jeb stood watching, transfixed. There was no way the kid could uproot a tree this size, but Jeb was getting hard just seeing him try. Then he heard a tearing, as a huge root at the base of the trunk ripped out of the ground. The tree leaned slightly into Jay, but he held it steady, and chuckled as he sensed victory. He shook the tree with his power, and now it was raining acorns, the branches beginning to sway as if a tremendous storm was gathering. Sweat poured down Jay's mounded back, and he pulled harder. Another massive root unearthed, and tore through the ground with a sickening ripping sound, and Jay repositioned his arms lower on the trunk, and lifted. A huge rootball ripped up around the base of the trunk as Jay powered the tree right out of the ground. The massive oak was his. He pushed back with his huge quads and moved the tree backward, hundreds of roots tearing free from the ground. Jay reached down and grabbed one of the bigger tap roots with one big hand, and put his other hand on the trunk. He hoisted the trunk to his chest, then pressed it over head in one smooth movement. He pressed the tree up and down overhead for ten slow, controlled reps, then said "That's enough," and dropped the big oak behind his head, crashing it to the ground with a BOOM that was heard for miles. Jay stood in the yard, smirking. His body was pumped beyond anything imaginable. His breathing was deep and powerful, and his cock pressed straight up and hard against abs like a flagpole. He looked over at Jeb, and said,"Daddy's turn," then headed straight for the older man. Jeb took an involuntary step backwards. He had been to hundreds of strongman and powerlifting events, but he had never seen a man as jacked and cocky as Jay was now. He understood the feeling, having strength and muscle size that a normal man could never even dream of. Jeb had always been tremendously strong, even in grade school, and by junior high was twice as strong as any high school senior. Then he started lifting weights. By the time he was thirteen, he was lifting three times the poundage of any of his coaches. He still remembers his high school coach popping wood the first time he saw Jeb benching 525 for reps. Jeb knew he could have had the coach right there in the gym, and he loved it. He had loved every minute of it ever since, but now he stood in his own backyard, being charged by his most successful prodigy, and he was as hard as his coach had been back in high school. Jay thundered up to him, the ground shaking with his every step. He put his hands under Jeb's pits, and lifted him easily off the ground. "Feed me," said Jay. He raised Jeb's groin to his mouth and took Jeb's hard cock. Jeb had always been the strongest, but now the sensation of being manhandled by the younger brute was mindnumbingly erotic. His head arched back, and he gurgled in ecstasy as Jay worked him. Jeb thought about Jay ripping the giant tree right out of the ground as if it were a sapling, and he came in Jay's mouth within seconds, feeding the beast, his thick paste flooding down Jay's powerful throat. Jay drained him dry, but continued to hold Jeb in the air. "Now, Daddy's gonna get fucked," said Jay, lowering Jeb slowly onto his big shaft. At first, Jeb clamped up, but he knew he wanted it. He was aching for the boy to show him his power, to merge with him. And Jay obliged. He pressed Jeb onto his pole, and inserted himself deeply into the big man. He lifted him up and down, up and down, plowing him with his superhuman strength. Not only Jay's strength had grown, but the sensation in his groin was so far beyond anything he'd ever experienced that his eyes glazed over from the overwhelming pleasure. "Daddy's ass is fuckin sweeet," he grunted, and Jeb clamped down on Jay's pumping cock with his thick beefed up glutes, turning Jay into a grunting, frothing fuck machine. He lowered Jeb onto the ground, and plowed him clear across the yard, leaving a trench that led up against the house, where Jay finished off inside Jeb with a massive explosion of pent-up testosterone paste. They laid together, bullsweat mingling, until Jay rolled off Jeb and sat up against the house. Jeb sat up next to him. "Holy shit," huffed Jay, his sweat still steaming off him. "Let's go get something to eat," said Jeb, "then, we got some wood to chop." •

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