Teen Cousins


By johnd7102000

After the altogether too short rest, Justin pulled Andy off the couch and pushed him out the door. They walked up to a playground about a block from Justin's house. "This is where I run every day," said Justin. "Each lap is a quarter mile. I usually run about three or four miles. I can run 10 miles no sweat, but three or four miles are enough to get my heart really pumping. A good cardio workout to build my endurance. I got great endurance. Just think of it, fat- boy. I'm strong and I got great endurance. I got the whole package. You ain't got shit." Justin started stretching, flexing his muscles as he twisted his muscular torso. After about a minute of this he said, "OK, let's go. Follow me." He took off running at an easy but fast pace. Andy started running too. He tried to keep up with his fast, muscular cousin. He kept his eyes on Justin's strong, wide back, his flexing muscular butt and his big thighs and calves. His calves bulged with each step as Justin ran easily, never allowing his heels to touch the ground. After only about 50 yards, Andy started panting. He was already out of breath. He started dropping back from Justin, running slower and slower. After 100 yards he was totally exhausted. He was wheezing and gasping for air. His body was covered with sweat. He could barely move. Finally he stopped, stooped over and gasping. Justin looked back and yelled, "Geez, what a wuss," and he kept running. After a little more than a minute, Justin was heading toward Andy, finishing his first lap. He hadn't slowed down one bit. Andy stood in awe, watching the toned and trained body of his cousin come towards him. As Justin ran past the fat kid, he bumped his muscular shoulder into Andy's fat chest, almost knocking him over. "Total dork," he yelled as he kept running. Well, Justin completed 16 laps---four miles---- as if it was nothing. He seemed to be running just as fast in his last lap as he was in his first. Each time he passed Andy, he did something to the fat kid, like bumping him with his shoulder, slapping him on the ass, punching him in the gut or shoulder, whatever he felt like doing to the pathetic fat slob. Smacking Porky was fun, kind of like a fun sport for the strong, fit, muscular kid. He liked to do it because he could. And there wasn't a fuckin' thing his fat cousin could do about it. Andy just stood there and took it. He knew if he tried to leave Justin would easily catch him and pound his fat ass.

When Justin was done, he stopped in front of Andy and stood there for a moment catching his breath. He was dripping with sweat. His tan skin was taut, the muscles bulging underneath. The muscles in his legs and calves were awesome, striated and covered with veins. His abs were totally shredded and covered with sweat. The abs were pulling in and out with each deep breath he took. He was breathing hard at first, but in less than 30 seconds he had fully recovered and was breathing normally. The kid had just run four miles and didn't even look tired. "You are pathetic," he said. "I run four miles and feel great and you run 100 yards and collapse like a slug. Tomorrow I'm gonna make you run 200 yards whether you like it or not, fuckface." Justin punched Andy real hard in the gut. He had lots of adrenaline and testosterone coursing through his veins. Andy buckled over in pain. Justin laughed. "Come on, weakling. Get over it. I'm gonna be doin' this to you all summer, so you better get used to it. Lets go home and get some lunch."

Justin grabbed Andy from his bucked over position and made him stand up. Then he pushed him towards home. He didn't care that Andy was still in pain. When they got home they went in the kitchen. Justin's mother had made him two huge sandwiches, one chicken and one tunafish. Plus he had rice, vegetables and fruit. Sitting next to that was a huge glass of milk. On Andy's plate there were some pieces of chicken and some tunafish. No bread, no rice, no vegetables and no fruit. Just chicken and tunafish. Next to his plate was a glass of water. "You don't get to eat any carbs or fat," said Justin. "All you get is protein. You got enough carbs and fat in your fuckin' body to last a year, so I decided you don't get any. I'm your personal trainer and you eat what I say. Oh yeah, and you can have two of those big multi-vitamins and minerals every day. They'll give you enough vitamins so you won't miss the veggies or fruit. I take a big multivitamin even though I eat lots of veggies and fruit. They're good for you." Andy looked down at the chicken and tunafish. He had no idea Justin was going to be this tough on him. But what could he do? He was trapped. He was totally under the control of his domineering, muscular cousin. He had no choice. Anyway, at this point he was so hungry he would have eaten anything. Andy didn't say a word. He grabbed the chicken and ate the two pieces in less than 20 seconds. Then he scarfed up the tunafish. Justin watched with great amusement. "I'm still hungry," said Andy plaintively, looking at his muscular cousin who was wolfing down his big lunch. Justin looked over at Andy. "So you're still hungry, fat-boy? Well, OK. My rule is that you can eat as much protein as you want, but if I even catch you eating any carbs or fat I'm gonna smash your fat body into a bloody pulp." Justin pulled back his arm, flexed his muscles and punched Andy in the shoulder, not really hard but hard enough to get the message across to the weak fat boy. "Mom, bring Porky some more chicken and tunafish." Justin didn't say please. He knew his mother did whatever he wanted. Justin's mother brought out three more big pieces of chicken and another whole can of tunafish. Andy gobbled them up. Even with his second helping, he finished his lunch before Justin did. He had never eaten so much protein in his life. When he had sat down, he had a craving for junk food, ice cream and cake, the stuff he usually ate. After eating the pure protein, that craving went away. His stomach actually felt full and it felt good. He put the two multi- vitamin/mineral capsules in his mouth, drank the water and let out a big burp. Then Justin let out a burp of his own, bigger and deeper.

Justin put his right arm on the table. He still wasn't wearing a shirt. His arm and his shoulder and his whole upper body looked incredibly muscular. He popped his bicep and twisted his wrist to flex his forearm, showing off his big muscles to his helpless cousin. "OK, Porky. Put up your fat arm. I'm challenging you to an arm wrestling match. I wanna see what you got." Andy looked at Justin's bulging muscles and shook his head. "I don't think so, Justin. You're way too strong." Justin reached over and grabbed his arm. He squeezed the squishy fat very hard. Harder than he had ever done before. Andy wanted to cry. "I don't care what you think, fat-boy. I wanna arm wrestle. You got that?" He squeezed even harder. The muscles in his forearm bulged like writhing vein- covered snakes, applying incredible force to his strong fingers. "OK, OK," cried Andy. Justin always got what he wanted. Justin let go of Andy's arm and put his arm back on the table. Slowly Andy put his own arm up and locked grips with his strong cousin. Justin's hand felt rough and calloused, like it had done a lot of hard work---lifting weights, throwing footballs, etc. It was the hand of a jock. "You say go," said Justin. Andy looked at the bulging muscles in Justin's arm and at the flabby fat in his own arm. His arm was bigger than Justin's, but it was all fat. Justin's arm was all muscle. Andy got ready. "Go!" he said. He pushed his arm as hard as he could against Justin, but it was like he was pushing against a brick wall. Justin started laughing. "Jesus Christ, is that all you got? I can hardly feel that. It feels like a fucking feather." Justin started moving his arm back and forth, kind of teasing Andy as he let the fat kid push his arm way down only to push it up again with obvious ease. He was toying with the fat weakling. Finally he moved his arm back up to vertical. He looked in Andy's eyes. Andy's face was red and swollen from all the struggling he was doing. Justin's handsome, healthy looking face was totally calm. Not a sign of struggle. Justin wasn't even trying hard. He smiled. "Feel the power, dork." In an instant, his bicep exploded and he smashed Andy's hand down on the table. He smashed it so hard the back of Andy's hand got hurt by the hard wood of the table. He kept Andy's hand pinned to the table for several seconds while he watched his triceps bulge in his arm. "You are so weak I can't believe it," he said. "You are a total and complete loser. I could pin your two arms so easy it wouldn't be funny. I could probably pin eight of your fuckin' blubber arms if you had that many. My one arm's got more muscle in it than your whole fucking body. You are totally disgusting." Andy just sat there, embarrassed in front of Justin's mother.

Then Justin's mother spoke up. "You boys have to stop playing now. Justin, it's time for your math tutoring. Andy, I put your stuff in Justin's room. Why don't you two boys go up there. Andy, you can unpack and get settled and then you can give Justin his lesson." Justin rolled his eyes. He didn't want to do this, but he knew if he didn't his mother would tell his father and his father would beat the shit out of him. Even though Justin was a strong, muscular teenager, he still feared his father, who was bigger and stronger than he was. Maybe that would change this year, Justin hoped. He wanted to get bigger and stronger than his father. The two cousins walked up to Justin's bedroom. The room had a bed, a desk, a chest of drawers and a closet. One wall had several shelves which were covered solid with sports trophies and medals Justin had won. There were pictures of Justin at various ages in his football uniform and his wrestling singlet and his basketball uniform and his baseball uniform. He was always a total jock. Another wall had posters of college and pro football players taped to it. Over on one side there was a mattress on the floor. "That's where you're gonna sleep, Porky. My mom wanted me to give you my bed, but I said fuck that shit. You gotta sleep on the mattress. And you can keep all you stuff in your suitcase or in that cardboard box. My closet and my chest of drawers are both full of my shit. My mom wanted me to make some room for you, but I told her to fuck off. I'm not gonna clean anything up for a miserable wimp like you. You don't deserve it, you're such a fat pig." Without warning, Justin stripped off his workout shorts and his briefs. He was totally nude. Just like a jock in a locker room, he was totally uninhibited. He had absolutely no problem parading around nude in front of his cousin. Andy noticed that Justin's cock was not very big. He was somewhat surprised. Since Justin had such big muscles, Andy just naturally thought he would have a big cock. But it wasn't so. In fact Andy thought his own cock, shadowed as it was by his huge gut, was a lot bigger than Justin's. "I'm gonna take a quick shower," said Justin. "I really stink after that workout and that running." He lifted his arm and sniffed the sweat. "Powerful," he said. Then he headed off to the bathroom down the hall. Andy went over and unpacked his stuff as much as he could. Since Justin wasn't going to let him use his closet or chest of drawers, Andy had to leave everything in his suitcase or in the cardboard box Justin put next to the mattress. Just when he was finished, Justin came back into the room, wiping off his buff, muscular body with a towel. Andy noticed that Justin's cock was hard.

Justin reached down and stroked his cock with his right hand. "I'm really horny," he said, stroking his cock and looking at his flexing pecs and abs and at his cock. "I wanna blow a load right now. I want you to give me a blow job, Porky. My girlfriend won't do it for me. She's too uptight. But you'll do it, won't you Porky. You wanna suck this hard cock. You wanna suck my cock and feel my muscles. Fuck, it don't matter whether you want to do it or not, `cause you're gonna do it. You're my big fat cock slave." Andy looked at Justin in horror. He had never sucked a guy's cock before and he sure didn't want to start now. "No, Justin. I don't want to. I don't want to suck your cock. Why don't you just beat off?" Justin walked calmly over to Andy and wrapped his arm around his neck. Then he flexed his bicep. The big ball of rock-hard muscle smashed into Andy's fat neck, completely crushing it. Andy started to choke and gag. His windpipe was being crushed by Jason's big muscle. Andy had never in his life felt anything as strong as Justin's flexing arm as it crushed his neck like a steel vise. He tried to push the muscular arm away from his neck, but the flabby little muscles in his own arms were no match for Justin's bulging, weight trained, superstrong muscles. Justin laughed at Andy's feeble attempts. "I said you're gonna suck my dick, fat-boy. Don't you got ears? If you're so smart you should have figured out by now that you do what I say and you don't give me any lip. I'm the one who gives the fucking orders around here and you're the one who obeys them. I don't give a shit whether you want to suck my cock or not. I'm horny, I want a blow job and you're gonna give it to me. You got that, weakling? And you better do a good job or I'll smash your fat ass into a bloody pulp. You know there's nothing you can do to stop my strong muscles from pounding the shit out of you. You're pathetic. A total slob. You're lucky I don't beat you up right now just for challenging my orders." Justin still had his arm wrapped around Andy's neck and with every sentence he pulled harder. His rock-hard bicep was bulging and peaking, driving itself deeper and deeper into Andy's soft flesh. "OK, OK," gurgled Andy. "I'll suck your dick." Justin smiled. "Yeah, I thought you'd wanna do it. These muscles are very persuasive." He released his hold on Andy's neck, flexed his bicep, and looked over approvingly at the huge, bulging muscle.

Justin's cock was now rock hard. He had really gotten off on his domination of his fat cousin. He stroked the cock a couple of times and then said, "Go to it boy, and make it good." Andy got down on his knees and looked up at Justin's buff, radiant body. Every muscle was rippling as Justin prepared for a fantastic orgasm. Justin thrust his crotch into Andy's face. Andy started licking the hard cock. Justin's cock was probably about 5-1/2 inches long. "Hmmmm, feels good," moaned Justin. "Suck my balls." Andy went lower and licked Justin's balls, sucking them into his mouth and licking them with his tongue. "Oh, yeah, oh yeah," moaned Justin. Andy grabbed Justin's calves. The bulging muscles were as hard as rocks. He continued licking Justin's cock and balls. Justin got more and more aroused as his fat-boy slave serviced his jock-boy cock. Finally he said, "Suck it. Suck the whole thing." He grabbed the back of Andy's head and rammed his cock into Andy's mouth. Then he forced Andy's head back and forth over his cock, using his cousin's head like a fuck toy. Andy sucked the hard cock and licked it too. Justin was in total ecstasy. When he pulled the head close in, Andy's nose went right into his pubic hairs. Even though he had just taken a shower, Andy could already smell some sweat coming up from his crotch. And when Justin pulled Andy's head all the way, his rock hard cock blasted down Andy's throat. Andy started gagging, but Justin didn't care. Testosterone was surging through his jock-boy veins. His primal sexual drive was totally aroused. He was gonna fuck and fuck and fuck and he didn't care how it felt to his fat cousin. It felt great to him and that's all that mattered. He thrust his hips and jerked Justin's head back and forth with his strong arms over and over and over. During this rampage, Andy was grabbing onto Justin's hard, muscular thighs and calves and his very hard, very round musclebutt. Everything about Justin was hard and muscular. After what seemed like several minutes of this face fucking, Justin let out a loud grunt, almost like a warrior yell. He shot load after load into Andy's throat. Surge after surge of hot jism blasted out of Justin's cock and down Andy's throat. "Oh, oh, oh," groaned Justin, as his balls were drained by his fantastic orgasm. He slowed down his jerking of Andy's head, now slowly moving Andy's mouth over his throbbing cock, letting Andy's throat and tongue provide ultimate sexual stimulation to his pulsating, orgasmic cock. Finally, after many ejaculations, he was satiated and he pulled his cock out of Andy's mouth. It was still hard. Andy gasped and took a few breaths. "That was awesome," said Justin. "You're a damn good cocksucker, Porky. We're gonna do that every day, maybe more if I want to. I knew I'd find a way to make you useful. I'm gonna be your personal trainer and you're gonna be my personal cocksucker." He looked down at Andy with kind of an arrogant smile on his face and flexed his abs and pecs as he continued stroking his still-hard cock. Andy looked up at Justin's buff, muscular body, which was now covered with sweat again. He knew better than to challenge his muscular cousin's orders.

He stood up and said, "I'd better take a shower too." Justin was still stroking his cock. "Sure, Porky, go ahead. I'm done with you." Andy stripped off his sweat pants and boxer shorts. Justin looked over and his eyes got wide. Andy's cock was hard. And it was big! His hard cock was about 9 inches long and it was very thick. It was pointing straight up, pressing against the fat of Andy's huge gut. Justin was kind of stunned. He never thought his pathetic, fat cousin would have a cock bigger than his. He always viewed Andy as an inferior human being, totally inferior in all ways. But there it was. A big, thick cock. He stared at his cousin's cock for a moment and then said, "You got a pretty big dick. Too bad you're so fat you can't stick it in a girl. Your gut's so big your fuckin' cock would be about a foot away from her cunt! Plus, you'd kill her just by climbing on top. She'll be crushed by all your fucking fat." He laughed. Andy didn't say anything. He went down to the bathroom, turned on the shower, got under the hot water and beat off his big cock. Justin wasn't the only one who would have great orgasms this summer.

When Andy returned to the room, Justin had put on another pair of shorts and some sneakers. He still wasn't wearing a shirt. He hardly ever wore a shirt in the summertime. He knew his upper body looked better than any shirt. He had brought another chair into the room and put it next to the desk. His math book from last year was sitting on the desk, along with some paper. "OK, dweeb," he said. "Put on your fucking clothes and let's get started on the math. I guess I gotta do this. We've got exactly one hour, `cause we're gonna meet up with my friends and play some football this afternoon. So sit your fat ass down and teach me some math." Andy put on a clean pair of boxer shorts and his sweatshirt and sweatpants. Then he put on his own size 14 sneakers. They looked to be almost twice the size of Justin's, who wore a size 9. He sat down and opened the math book. Andy started at chapter one and patiently tried to teach Justin the math. The stuff was totally easy for Andy, but it was clear Justin had no clue. Andy was surprised at just how dumb his cousin was. He had heard about dumb jocks. Now he was seeing one in the flesh. The hard, muscular flesh. But Andy did his best. After the hour, he felt Justin really had learned something. Justin didn't care. "Time for football!" he yelled and jumped up from his chair.

They went into the kitchen. Justin grabbed a couple of protein bars and wolfed them down with a big glass of milk. "You can have the protein bars, but no milk," he told Andy. Andy grabbed five protein bars and gobbled them up, washing them with glasses of water. The protein bars actually tasted kind of good. Justin grabbed Andy and pulled him out the door. "Let's go, Porky. My friends are waiting." They walked up to the same playground they had run on that morning. Five guys were standing around, laughing and joking with each other. Andy recognized them all from school. They were all in his and Justin's class. Big men on campus. Big jocks who were stars on the junior high football team. They were all looking forward to playing high school football. They knew they were studs. None of them were wearing shirts. They were wearing shorts and sneakers, just like Justin. And they all had incredible bodies. Justin walked up to the group and gave them high fives. Then he turned to Andy. "Guys, you remember this fat slob from school. He's a pathetic fucking sack of shit, as we all know. Well, I got a confession to make. He's my cousin. It's hard to believe, I know, but this weak sack of shit is my fucking cousin. My dad's making me be his personal trainer this summer. He's making me try to shape up this fat slob so he'll lose some weight. So he's takin' orders from me. Oh yeah, and he's teaching me some math. You remember how I almost flunked math. Not that I give a shit. His name's Porky. That's not his real name, but that's what I call him. I've been calling him Porky since we were five years old. He's always been a fat pig like this." Justin reached over and grabbed two handfuls of Andy's blubber and jiggled them up and down. The other jocks laughed. "So Porky, meet the team. You probably never talked to any of them before `cause you're such a loser and they're all studs. This is Steve, this is Brock, this is Jason, this is Ryan and this is Kevin. The six of us rule the school. You knew that, of course." Justin laughed and the six studs gave high fives to each other again. Andy recognized Steve as the kid who had punched him in the gut at school, the one with the tan, incredibly shredded abs. He was tall, about six feet, and had blond hair and blue eyes. Like all the jocks, his hair was cut short. He had beautiful muscles. He looked like a tall swimmer who had gotten real muscular. His skin was a beautiful golden tan and his abs looked absolutely fantastic. Andy remembered when he had touched those abs and couldn't believe their hardness. And Andy remembered when Brock had squeezed his gut and his fat arm, bringing him to tears with the brute force of his thick, strong fingers. Brock was shorter, about 5'7", but was built like a Mack truck. He was incredibly thick and muscular. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. His legs looked like big tree trunks. His arms were big and muscular. Andy looked at those arms and shuddered, remembering again how those thick fingers had squeezed Andy's fat so hard that Andy couldn't stand the pain. Along with Justin, Steve and Brock were the ringleaders of this group of strong, arrogant jocks. And they loved to tease and torture other kids. Andy was one of their favorite targets.

The other three boys were also big and muscular for 9th graders. They were total football jocks. Andy looked at the six boys with a look of awe and jealousy. Oh how he wished he looked anything like these six studs. The boys paired up into two teams. Justin, Steve and Brock were on one team and Jason, Ryan and Kevin were on the other team. Andy still didn't know what he role would be. Then Justin said, "Porky, you're gonna be on the other team. Line up behind the center and in front of the quarterback and block. You're the blocking back." All the boys grinned as Justin said that. They seemed to know something Andy didn't know. So the boys lined up. Jason was the quarterback, Ryan was the center and Kevin was on the line. After a quick block, he'd run out for a pass. On defense, Steve was the linebacker-cornerback. Justin and Brock were on the line. Andy stood between the center and quarterback, just off to the left. He didn't know what to do. He had never played football before in his life. On three, Ryan hiked the ball to Jason. In a flash, Justin and Brock came charging through. Kevin blocked Brock, but Justin came though untouched. He was running at full speed. When he got to Andy, he lowered his muscular shoulder and smashed as hard as he could into the helpless fat boy. There was a loud smacking sound as Justin's muscular torso collided with Andy's fat body. Andy went crashing down to the ground, with Justin on top of him. His huge 250 pounds of mass was not nearly enough resistance for Justin's hard-charging 150 pounds of muscle. Justin jumped up and stood over his fallen cousin, flexing his muscles in a most muscular pose.. "Nice hit," yelled Brock. Andy lay on the ground, bruised and hurt. Justin's hit had been the hardest blow that he had ever felt. "That was awesome," said Justin. "It felt fantastic when my hard body smashed into you, just blasting you to the ground.. What a rush! You're a perfect tackling dummy. Now get up and get ready for the next play. Steve, you're next!" Andy looked at Steve in horror. The tall, blond, muscular jock started stretching and flexing his muscles. He was all psyched for the big hit. Justin pulled at Andy's arm. "Get up, you lazy pig." Brock came over to help. Between the two of them they yanked Andy to his feet. "OK, ready for the next play," said Justin. This time Steve was on the line with Brock and Justin was the linebacker-cornerback. On three, Ryan hiked the ball to Jason. This time Steve came blasting though at full speed, dropped his shoulder and smashed into Andy. On the way down, he wrapped his arms around the huge fat kid's chest and ended up right on top of him as his back crashed to the ground. "You lose, fat-boy," he said as he looked Andy in the eye with his own sky- blue eyes. Then he pushed hard with his arms, propelling his torso up in the air. His muscular torso came crashing down on Andy's fat chest. Andy gasped as the hard muscle hit his fat. "What a loser," said Steve. "You're next, Brock." Andy thought he was almost dead. He couldn't take any more of this, but the six muscle jock boys didn't care. They were having fun.

They pulled Andy up again. This time he could hardly stand up. They lined up and this time Brock came charging through. His stocky, muscular body, driven forward by his powerful tree trunk legs, smashed into Andy with overwhelming force. Andy hit the ground harder than ever. Brock put his foot on Andy's chest and flexed his biceps in triumph. "You're a fuckin' wuss," he said. Andy lay on the ground looking up at Brock's rock-solid body and his huge legs. Yeah, he was a wuss compared to these muscle jocks. Well, after Brock's hit Andy couldn't really stand up on his own. Even these insensitive jocks could see he couldn't take any more. So they let him sit on the ground while they played football. They played for about an hour and a half. Andy was amazed at the intensity of their play. They weren't wearing helmets or pads, but they were still tackling each other with furious abandon. Their muscular bodies seemed to revel in the hard play. None of them ever complained about being hurt or being tired. Their muscular bodies were like strong fortresses, dishing out and receiving punishing blows with absolutely no damage. Watching these muscular kids do things to each other he couldn't even hope to do, Andy stared in awe. Luckily after an hour and a half he felt good enough to walk home with Justin. "That was fun," said Justin on the way back. "You'll like football once you get the hang of it. You just gotta take those hits better." Andy knew better than to talk back. "Yeah, sure," he said. •

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