Teen Cousins


By johnd7102000

"OK, Porky, let's get to work," said Justin. "This is chest day for me. I'm gonna work out my chest. You can be my spotter. At least you'll make yourself somewhat useful. I work out every day, but since I'm an advanced lifter I work out different muscle groups each day. That way, each muscle group has a chance to rest and grow. You're a fuckin' beginner. I never saw anyone who was more beginner than you. You're gonna work out every day too. Only you're gonna work your entire body every day. You don't wanna put on muscle. You just wanna lose fat. So I'm gonna work your butt off every day. And forget about eating junk foods. All you're gonna eat is protein. Just protein. No fat. No carbs. You don't need any fat or carbs. You got enough fat on that body to last the whole summer. So you can eat all the meat and protein you want, but if I ever catch you eating any carbs or fat I`m gonna pound your fat ass into a bloody pulp. My mom bought a whole shitload of low-carb protein bars, so you can eat those. Just pretend they're candy bars! Hahahahaha!" Justin started laughing. "So you got that fat boy? You're gonna work out every day. You're gonna do what I say. You're not gonna eat any carbs or fat. Just protein. Hey, this is almost gonna be fun for me. Me Justin, your own personal trainer. I'm gonna train you real good!" Justin laughed some more. Andy gulped. He had no idea Justin was going to be this severe. No carbohydrates and no fat? How could he survive? He had been stuffing his face with that stuff his whole life. Then he looked at Justin's muscular body. He knew there was no way he could resist his cousin's orders. He was just going to have to do this, whether he liked it or not. Meekly he said, "Yeah I got that."

He looked around the basement at Justin's gym. He had a pretty impressive setup. He had a bench with a rack. The bench was adjustable so Justin could do inclines too. On the rack was an Olympic bar with two 45 pound plates on it. There were lots of other plates scattered around. There was a pulley machine for lat pulldowns. And there was a squat rack for heavy squats. And an incline board for situps and crunches. Plus there were dumbbells and barbells in various sizes all over the place. Justin had lots and lots of weights. And from the look of his body, he used them all. On one wall there was a huge mirror, so Justin could work out in front of the mirror and watch his muscles pump and bulge as they lifted the heavy iron. This was a real man's gym. Lots of iron. No frills.

Justin moved over to the bench. "OK, Porky," he said. "I'm gonna show you how to do the bench press.. You stand here and watch." Justin pointed to the place behind the rack. Andy did as instructed and Justin got on the bench, lying on his back. Andy's gut was so big and fat, he kind of had to lean over to see his muscular cousin's handsome face looking up at him. "This is a warm-up for me," said Justin. The bar weighs 45 pounds and I got two 45 pound plates on it. So it weighs 135. That's nothin' for me." Andy gulped. One hundred thirty-five pounds sounded like a lot of weight to him. "OK, fat-boy, watch how I do this." Justin gripped the bar with his strong hands and lifted it off the rack. Then he lowered the bar to his chest until it just touched the skin covering the bulging muscle of his pecs and then he easily pressed it up and locked his elbows. Without hesitation, he repeated the move again, again and again until he had pumped out 15 reps. With each rep, his pecs, delts and arms got bigger and redder as the muscle became flushed with blood. By the time he had finished his 15 reps, that muscle looked like it was ready to burst out of his paper-thin skin. Veins were crisscrossing those muscles, gorged with blood. When he finished, he jumped up off the bench and stood in front of Andy, flexing his pecs. "That felt great," he said. "I love the feeling when my muscles pump up like this." Instinctively, Andy reached over and felt Justin's throbbing pecs and delts. The muscle was big and hot and it was rock hard. "Feels pretty good, don't it fat boy," said Justin, looking down at his flexing muscle. "I love the way my muscles feel so big and hard and hot when they get a good pump." Justin smiled with a superior look in his eyes as he watched his cousin admire his buff muscles.

"OK, Porky, your turn," he said. "I don't think this is a warm-up weight for you so we'll have to strip off these plates. I'll do this side and you do that side." Justin reached over and grabbed the 45 pound plate. Andy went over to the other side and grabbed his plate. Then they both pulled their plates off the bar. For Justin, this was nothing. After he pulled his plate off, he held it with one hand for a moment just to show off to Andy, the muscles in his forearm bulging and writhing like snakes, and then threw it on the floor. When Andy pulled off his plate, it went crashing to the floor, even though he was holding it with both hands. It felt like it weighed a ton. Andy looked at the heavy piece of iron in despair. "Jesus Christ, you're weak. Get on the fuckin' bench." Justin looked at his fat cousin with a look of total contempt.

Andy got on the bench. His chest, gut and butt were so big they hung over the sides, the rolls of fat billowing out like pillows. "We're gonna try just the bar, 45 pounds," said Justin. "See if you can get at least 10 reps. Since you're a beginner, you're only gonna do only one set. I'm gonna do five sets. Maybe after a month or so you can work up to two sets. OK, fat boy, let's see what you got. Wrap your hands around the bar at the places I'm touching it and lift it off the rack." Andy looked up at his muscular cousin who was standing over him like a Greek God, telling him what to do. He looked up at his 15 year old personal trainer's washboard abs, bulging pecs, and rippling, muscular arms as Justin pointed to the two spots on the bar. Andy reached up and grabbed the bar. Then he lifted it off the rack. "OK go!" ordered Justin. Andy lowered to bar until it touched the rolling fat of his chest. Then he pressed it up and locked his arms. He had done it! "Way to go, Porky," yelled Justin. "You just did your first rep! OK, now do nine more." Andy did another rep and then another and another until he had done a total of seven reps. The last rep was a real struggle. He could barely get the bar to the top. Justin could see Andy was struggling but he was determined that his fat cousin was going to do ten reps. "Three more!" he yelled. "I'm gonna spot you, so don't worry about the bar crashing down on your chest." Andy didn't know what a "spot" was, but somehow he trusted his cousin. He lowered the bar again and tried to press it up. He managed about six inches and then ran out of power. Just as he thought the bar was going to crash to his fat chest, Justin placed his strong fingers under the bar and lifted it ever so gently, just enough so Andy could continue his press. So that's a spot, Andy thought to himself. Then he did it again with Justin's help. He locked his elbows and then lowered the bar for his last rep. This time he knew he needed Justin's help for the whole rep. "Push it up! Push it up, you fat weakling! Push harder! I'm gonna make you push it with your own little muscles!" Justin was yelling at Andy. At the same time, he gently lifted the bar just enough to allow Andy to push it up. He wanted Andy to do as much of the work as possible. Andy seemed to get a second burst of energy as Justin yelled at him. He pushed with all his might, straining his muscles more than he ever had in his whole life, and finally he pressed the bar all the way up and locked his elbows. Then he crashed the bar onto the rack. He stayed lying on the bench, totally exhausted. He had never worked so hard in his entire life. He was breathing hard from the ten reps with 45 pounds.

"Way to go, Porky," said Justin. "You actually did a good job for a fat pig. I'll bet you'll feel sore after that!" Andy didn't know what Justin was talking about, about feeling sore. The bar didn't crash on him. He didn't get injured. Why would be feeling sore? Andy pushed the fingers of his right hand through the thick fat of his chest and flexed his pecs. He wasn't expecting to feel anything. He had never felt anything but fat there in his whole life. He almost gasped out loud. Incredibly, he could feel some muscle bulging under all the fat. The muscle actually felt pretty hard. Not anywhere near as hard as Justin's muscle, but a lot harder than the fat. Andy thought about what he was feeling. His pec muscles were pumped! The 10 reps of bench presses had pumped up his little pec muscles and now they were bulging under all his fat. They were small, but they were there and they were pumped and hard. Andy gulped at the thought. Never in his life did he think he would feel something like this on his own body. He didn't say anything to Justin. He didn't really know what to say.

Justin wasn't paying any attention to Andy. He was getting psyched for his next set. "OK, my turn again," said Justin. "I got five more sets to do. Get off the fuckin' bench, fat-boy, and help me load some real weight onto that bar." Justin and Andy loaded the two 45 pounds plates back on the bar and then added a 20 pound plate to each side, making a total of 175 pounds. Justin got under the bar and cranked out 10 reps. He was still working up to his work weight. Andy stood in awe watching Justin's muscles pump and bulge. Then they removed the 20's and put on two 35's, making a total of 205. This was Justin's work weight. Andy looked at the huge plates of iron that Justin was going to lift. Then he looked in awe at Justin's strong, bulging muscles, the muscles of a 15 year old superkid. "OK, Porky, I may need a little spot on the last few reps. You know what to do." Andy gulped. Yeah, he knew what a spot was, but there was no way he could lift 205 pounds. Justin didn't wait for any reaction from Andy. He lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. He cranked out six reps with the 205 pounds of iron. The last one was a little slow. As he lowered the bar again he said "spot" and Andy placed his fingers under the bar, providing just enough support to let Justin finish the press. He didn't have to worry about having to lift 205 pounds. Justin was so strong he lifted about all but about 5 or 10 pounds of the heavy bar. Andy started yelling at Justin. "Push it up, stud! This iron's no match for your big muscles! Push harder!" Justin smiled and pushed harder. He finished 10 reps with Andy's help. He jumped off the bench and flexed in front of the mirror. "You're a fuckin' good spotter," Porky. "You really made me work. Look at these fuckin' muscles bulge." Andy looked at Justin's muscles. They looked incredible. His cock got harder and twitched as he admired his cousin's big, strong muscles.

Justin did two more sets of benches with the 205 pounds, needing a spot from Andy each time. In his fifth and last set, he could only do four reps. His pecs were totally fatigued. That's the way he liked it. He liked to blast his muscles to total exhaustion. At the end of his last set, his pecs were so big and pumped it was incredible. Both he and Andy looked admiringly at the bulging muscle as he flexed in the mirror. Justin smiled as he watched his muscles flex and bulge. Andy flexed his own pecs and felt the tiny muscle bulge and get hard under his fat. He smiled.

As Justin did his chest routine for the day, he took Andy through his paces with a full body workout. Justin did five sets of incline dumbbell presses, working up to 75 pound dumbbells. Then he did pullovers, working up to a 100 pound dumbbell. Next was parallel bar dips, where he strapped 30 pounds to his waist and still pumped out 8 reps in his last set. Finally he got on the bench and did five sets of dumbbell flyes, working up to 30 pounders. In all, Justin did 25 sets of exercises for his chest. Five exercises with five sets each. In each exercise, he worked his muscles to total exhaustion. Andy spotted for his strong cousin, marveling at the size and strength of those muscles as they lifted the heavy weights. At the end of his workout, Justin's chest was incredibly big and pumped. The fibers of muscle bulged under skin as thin as paper. Veins surged with testosterone-filled, protein rich blood beneath the thin skin. Justin was jacked. He felt like a fucking stud as he flexed his big muscles in the mirror. His cock was pressing out under his workout shorts. He always got a hard-on when he saw his muscles bulge after a good workout.

Between his sets Justin, acting like a drill sergeant, forced Andy through his full body workout. After the bench presses, the fat boy did military presses, using just 35 pounds. He barely managed the ten reps, with Justin helping with the last three reps. After the final rep, his delts were exhausted. Then came lat pulldowns. He used 40 pounds for these and managed to do 10 reps without help, barely finishing the last rep. His lats felt very tired and very weak. He had done his 10 reps. Andy thought he was done and he was glad. No such luck. "Three more, fat-boy," ordered Justin. "Those were too easy." Andy looked plaintively at his cousin, with a look that said "Please don't make me do this." Justin looked back with a look of sheer contempt. He would show no mercy for this fat slob. This fat boy was going to have a real workout whether he liked it or not. He kind of liked torturing his fat cousin with a brutal workout. "Do it, fuckhead!" ordered Justin and he punched Andy in the arm, hurting the big fat dork. Andy knew he had no choice. Almost in agony, he did three more reps, with Justin pressing down on the bar a little harder each time, helping him get through the final agonizing reps. Then came rows. He used a 35- pound barbell and could only do seven reps. Not enough for Justin. Justin handed him two 15 pound dumbbells. "Five more reps, fat- boy." Slowly, Andy cranked out five more reps, using the 15 pound dumbbells. But this time he was so tired he was ready to keel over. But Justin wasn't close to being finished with him yet. Next came curls. Justin handed him a 30-pound barbell. He managed to do his 10 reps with Justin helping on the last three. He was so tired his arms felt like they were going to fall off his body. When he was finished and when Justin was doing a set of his own he dug his fingers into his fatty upper right arm and flexed his bicep. "Wow!" he thought to himself. He could feel his bicep muscle bulging underneath the fat. The muscle wasn't a little lump like a walnut. It was more tapered, rising up from his elbow joint and ending near his shoulder. Andy didn't know it at the time, but that is the sign of a big muscle belly. The sign of a muscle that can grow very big and very strong. Andy just smiled as he felt the bulge in his upper arm. A bulge he had never felt before in his life. Things were happening to his body he didn't understand. He didn't know what to expect from his pump. He didn't know whether his pump would cause his muscles to grow and get stronger, the way a pump did for Justin, or whether the pump would just go away and the muscle would be its same weak and scrawny self tomorrow. He just didn't know. But he liked the feel of his little pumped bicep. His cock was rock hard.

The next exercise was tricep pressdowns using the pulley machine. Justin set the weight at 30 pounds and Andy barely managed eight reps on his own. His arms now felt like lead. "Four more," yelled Justin. He stood behind Andy, pressing his muscular chest into Andy's fat back and his crotch into Andy's fat ass and put his hands on the bar, helping Andy do his last four reps. Very slowly, Andy managed to do them. Justin pressed down just enough to force his fat cousin to work as hard as he could. He liked to see the fat boy struggle. He also knew this was the best way to build muscle. Not that this big fat dork was going to be able to build any muscle. Fat pigs like him don't get muscles. If they're lucky, they might shed a few pounds of fat. But only jocks like him can get big muscles. When Andy finished his tricep pressdowns, he straightened his right arm and flexed. He ran his fingers up and down his arm and he could feel little bulges of muscle pushing up under the fat. Andy's cock started to get a little hard as he thought about what he was feeling. It couldn't be true, he thought to himself. Justin's the musclekid. I'm just a fat slob.

Finally Justin made him do squats and calf raises. He didn't even use a weight. He could barely lift his huge body up and down. He only managed six reps of squats on his own. Justin had to grab on to his fatty hips and lift him for the last four reps. For the calf raises he managed eight reps on his own and Justin helped him do the last two. At the end of this workout, his whole body felt exhausted. But in a strange way, he also felt kind of exhilarated. He could feel his muscles deep inside his fatty body. He could sense that they were awake. But his tiredness overcame that emotion and he collapsed on the bench. Justin stood over him. "Not so fast, Porky. You ain't done yet. You've got situps to do. We gotta work those abs –maybe you've got some little abs under there--- and get rid of some of this disgusting fat." He punched Andy in the gut, pretty hard. "Get over there next to the situp board." Andy got up and staggered over to the situp board. Justin moved the board up to the top ratchet. The board had an incline of 45 degrees. Andy looked at the board. There was no way he could even begin to lift his huge heft at that angle. But he wasn't going to have to. The board was set for Justin's situps. Justin got on the board, put his feet under the strap and locked his fingers behind his head. "OK, Porky, watch how I do these," he said. Immediately, Justin started cranking out situps. He did them so quickly Andy could hardly believe what he was seeing. Justin's shredded abs looked like they had been carved with a knife as they easily pulled his muscular torso up and down. Rep after rep after rep, Justin cranked out the incline situps like they were nothing. When he passed 50, sweat started beading up on his skin. His abs looked like a corrugated washboard of rock hard muscle as they kept pumping. Finally when he got to about 85 reps he started slowing down a bit. The reps were harder. By now, the sweat was pouring off his skin. At 95 reps, he was really struggling, forcing his red-hot abs to pump out the very last rep. Finally he did his 100th rep, his face grimacing in pain as he forced his strong, rippling ab muscles beyond any barrier a normal boy would do. He lowered his torso and yelled out "One more!" His shredded abs obeyed the orders of their buff, young commander and slowly raised his muscular torso up the steep incline one more time. "Yeah!" he yelled, and collapsed back on the board. He took a few deep breaths and then jumped up onto his feet. "That's how you do situps, dork. I used to be able to do only 10 on the steep incline. Now I can do 100. By the end of the summer I'll be up to 150. These mothers are fuckin' strong!" Andy watched in amazement as Justin flexed his ab muscles, which were glistening with sweat and absolutely shredded. "Feel `em fat-boy," ordered Justin. Andy reached out and ran his fingers over the hot, sweaty rippling muscle. Justin's abs felt like corrugated steel. His eight-pack had ridges and crevices that were as hard as bricks. His skin was so hot and sweaty that it felt like he had just come in from the hot sun. Andy couldn't believe how buff and hard his cousin's ab muscles were. Justin reached over and grabbed two handfuls of fat from Andy's gut. "Feels a little different than your gut, doesn't it, dweeb. Feels like fuckin' rock while your gut feels like fuckin' whale blubber." Justin laughed.

"OK, fat-boy, your turn. Lets see how many you can do." Justin mercifully lowered the board so it was flat. He knew there was no way his fat cousin could do even one situp on the incline. Andy lay down on the board. The fat on his chest and waist and butt billowed out to the sides. He put his feet under the strap and tried to do a situp. He had never done a situp in his life and didn't know if he could do one. He lifted his torso about six inches off the board, realized he just couldn't lift himself any further, and then collapsed down on the board. "Jesus Christ!" yelled Justin. "You can't even do one fuckin' situp! I just cranked out 100 on the steep incline and you can't to one fuckin' situp on the flat board! Well, I'm not gonna let you get away with that. I'm gonna hold you under your fat armpits and you're gonna do ten situps whether you like it or not." Jason reached down and grabbed Andy under his armpits. "Now GO, dweeb!" he ordered. Andy lifted himself up again, this time with Justin's strong arms helping his abs lift his upper body. He slowly cranked out 10 situps. Justin applied just enough force to let Andy raise his torso again and again. He made Andy work. But Justin had to lift more and more with every rep because Andy's abs got weaker and weaker. By the 10th rep, Justin was lifting almost all of Andy's weight. Andy's abs were totally weak and his fat upper body was really heavy. Not too heavy for Justin's strong muscles, of course. When Andy got to the top of his 10th rep, Justin let go and he came crashing down to the board. "You're so fucking weak I can't believe it," said Justin in disgust. "I hope your fuckin' abs get a little stronger, `cause I'm gonna get tired of lifting your fat body up and down every day." Andy looked at his gut. Yeah, it was huge. But for the first time, he could actually feel his ab muscles underneath all the fat. They were a little sore.

Justin kicked Andy in the gut. "Get up, Porky. We're done with the weights. I'm gonna have a big protein shake before we go running. I'm hungry. I need the carbs and the protein." Andy struggled up from the board. He could barely stand up. Did Justin just say they were going to go running? He could hardly walk, let alone go running. He got up and followed Justin upstairs, watching his cousin's buff, strong muscles flex and twitch as he walked in front. When they got to the kitchen, Justin pulled out the blender, opened a can of protein powder, got the milk out of the refrigerator, and poured a big helping of protein and milk into the blender. Then he switched on the blender and watched the big, protein rich shake take form. After a few seconds he turned off the blender, grabbed the container and gulped down the big shake right from the container like it was nothing. When he was done, he patted his taut abs and burped. "Hmm, good," he said. "Lots of protein to build more muscle." Suddenly Andy realized he was very hungry. "Can I have some too?" he asked plaintively. "I'm really hungry." Justin sneered and punched Andy in the gut. "You don't need any food, fat- boy. You could live off your fucking fat for a whole year. And you're not tryin' to build muscle anyway. I'm the one buildin' the muscle. You just gotta lose some fat from your disgusting body." Justin looked at Andy's eyes. The fat boy was almost crying. Finally, he relented. "But hey, I'm a nice guy, ain't I. And I'm your fuckin' personal trainer. So even though you didn't do shit in your workout, I'm gonna let you have a protein shake. Only you don't get to use any milk. Too many carbs and too much fat for you, Porky. You get the protein powder with just plain water." At that, Justin turned on the tap and poured some water into the container. Then he loaded in some protein powder. Not as much as he gave himself, but a pretty big helping. He turned on the blender. After a few seconds, he turned it off and handed the container to Andy. "Drink up, dweeb. Maybe a little protein will do you good." Andy gulped down the nourishing liquid. It sure wasn't like the ice cream and chocolate syrup he was used to. He was expecting it to taste terrible, but it actually tasted good. The pure protein actually tasted good to him. He gulped it down. Then he patted his fat gut just like Justin had done to his rippling abs and burped. Both of the kids laughed. "Drink some water, dweeb," said Justin. "Us jocks drink lots of water. Its good for you." The two boys drank several glasses of water. Justin looked at Andy's huge, fat body. "OK, you get to rest for 15 minutes and then we're goin' on a run. We'll see how good a runner you are." Justin didn't ask. He was giving orders. Andy didn't have a choice. He was going to have to run. •

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