Teen Cousins


By johnd7102000

This is one story. Its really long and took me several months to write. I divided it into 7 parts for posting here. You should definitely read them in order. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Andy and Justin were cousins. They were both 15 years old, born just one week apart. Despite being relatives, they couldn't have been more different from each other. Andy was fat. Very fat. In fact, he was considered to be medically obese. He had always been fat as a kid, and as he grew into a teenager, he just kept putting on the fatty pounds. At 5'11" he weighed 250 pounds and it was all fat. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. His face was covered by so much fat you really couldn't make out his features very well. Because he was so big and awkward, he never played any sports or really got any exercise at all. He went to school, came home, studied and played on his computer, and went to bed, all the while eating lots of junk food at every opportunity. He was a very good student, getting "A's" in all of his classes. But he really didn't have any friends at school, just a few outcasts like him---the nerds.

He got teased all the time by the other kids, especially the jocks. Those muscular, athletic, good looking studs---the kids who ruled the school---loved to come up to Andy and tease him, mentally and physically. They would grab a big roll of fat with their fingers and squeeze. "Feels like fuckin' Jello" yelled Brock, the jock who was squeezing Andy's fat, as the strong muscles in his forearms squeezed his thick fingers together, squishing Andy's fat between them like butter. Bolts of pain shot through the poor nerd's body. The jock didn't care. He just liked the feeling of that fat being crushed by his strong fingers. The jock's friends laughed uproariously as the bowl full of Jello was tormented by the strong muscles of their jock friend. And Brock wasn't finished tormenting the fat nerd. He reached up and squeezed Andy's upper arm, placing his fingers on the puffy fat where Andy's bicep should be. "Flex," he ordered. Andy tried to flex his arm but there was nothing there. No muscle at all. Just fat. Brock laughed as he squeezed his fingers into the fat. "Fuckin' mush," he said as his muscular forearms bulged and his thick fingers drove deep into Andy's upper arm. Andy started crying from the pain. Tears were running down his fat cheeks. "Stop, please stop," he pleaded. Brock looked up at his tear-covered face and squeezed even harder. "Fuckin' wuss," he said with sheer contempt. "You're such a fat pig you deserve to get hurt by us jocks. You're just a big fat toy for us to play with. You ain't shit." As he said "shit" he gave Andy's arm a final vicious squeeze and then let go. Andy's arm was throbbing with pain. He grabbed his fat arm with his other hand and hurried away. All the jocks were laughing hard as Andy's big butt waddled away. Brock flexed his baseball bicep and tried to squeeze it himself. "Hard as a fuckin' rock," he said, looking approvingly at the bulging muscle. "That's what an arm should feel like. Our bodies are hard. Hard and strong." All his friends yelled in agreement and then they gave each other high fives. They ruled.

Another time, Steve, another one of the jocks, punched Andy in the gut, just to feel his fist bury itself into the thick fat. Andy buckled over in pain. He had no ab muscles at all. Steve's fist felt like a pile driver as it smashed deep into his gut. The jock laughed. "Jesus, what a bunch of flab," he jeered. "Just a bunch of fuckin' whale blubber." Then the jock pulled up the bottom of his own tee shirt, exposing a tan eight-pack washboard of solid muscle. Andy's eyes widened as he saw the rippling muscles of the Steve's abs. Then the jock held on to the shirt with one hand, made a fist with his other hand and smashed that fist as hard as he could into his own abs. There was a loud smacking sound as his fist bounced off the rock-hard wall of muscle like it had hit a brick wall. Andy stared in disbelief. The jock smiled arrogantly, grabbed Andy's hand and rubbed it up and down over his steel-hard corrugated ab muscles. Andy couldn't believe what he was feeling. The muscle felt like warm marble. A steel-hard washboard of muscle flexing and pulsating under his fingers. He could feel each incredibly hard ridge and crevice of those abs as the jock forced his fingers up and down his eight pack, the throbbing muscles covered by skin that was a thin as paper. "That's what a gut should feel like, fat-boy. Those hard mothers could hardly feel that punch. They can take any dude's punch. Unlike you, fat-boy. You're pathetic." At that, he pulled back his right arm and made a fist. Andy watched in horror as Steve twisted his fist, flexing his bulging forearm muscles for all to see. The big, vein-covered muscles writhed and rippled under his paper-thin skin. Andy knew what was coming but there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. He was at Steve's mercy, and there would be none of that. The muscular jock smashed his fist hard into Andy's gut, real hard. He felt the thick fat squish and flatten against the enormous force of his blow. Hey this was a lot of fun. He made a fist with his other hand and smashed it into Andy's gut too. He did this just for fun. Because he could. Because the big fat dork deserved to be punched in his big fat gut. Because a big, muscular jock can do whatever he wants to a fat weakling. The big, weak fat-boy couldn't do a fuckin' thing about it. Fat weaklings are meant to be punching bags for strong jocks. The strong always pick on the weak and the strong have fun doing it. Andy buckled over in pain. Steve looked at his fist and smiled. Then he and his friends strutted away, laughing and hollering at the fun they had just had. It was all good fun---for the jocks, that is. For Andy it was sheer hell. Every day at school was pure torture, mostly mental but sometimes physical as well.

Andy's cousin Justin was one of those jocks. Justin had always been athletic as a kid, excelling in many sports including football, wrestling and baseball. His room at home was filled with trophies from many years of athletic success. He stood 5'8" tall and weighed 150 pounds, one hundred fifty pounds of solid muscle. He had light brown hair and gray eyes. He started lifting weights when he was 13 years old and had a very decent weight set in his basement, which he used regularly with obvious great results. He was three inches shorter and 100 pounds lighter that his cousin Andy, but he was so much stronger and more athletic than the fat nerd it was even funny. Justin and Andy went to the same school, but they hardly spoke to each other. They weren't in any classes together. Andy was in the fast track classes and Justin, not exactly a rocket scientist, was in the ordinary track, just like most of the jocks. Justin was definitely in the jock group of boys, the group that loved to tease Andy. In fact, he was one of the leaders. He didn't want to admit to his friends that the fat nerd was his cousin. He joined in with the teasing just like the others. In a strange way, Andy could understand why Justin wouldn't want to admit he was his cousin. Justin was a stud jock. Stud jocks always pick on the nerds. Stud jocks know the nerds are inferior to them. It's just the way things are.

It was the beginning of summer at the end of 9th grade for these two opposite boys. High school would begin in the fall. Justin was looking forward to playing football. He was hoping to make the varsity as a 10th grader. He wanted to add at least another 20 pounds of muscle to his already muscular body over the summer. He was looking forward to a summer of liftin' weights, eating tons of food, and gettin' big, real big. Andy didn't know what he would do over the summer. Probably play computer games, eat even more junk food and put on another 20 pounds of fat.

Well, the parents of these boys had some ideas of their own. Justin's parents were upset that he had almost flunked 9th grade math. He got a D-. He would have gotten an F, but his teacher decided he didn't want to put up with the arrogant dumb jock for another year so he passed him on to 10th grade. Justin's parents were thinking about sending him off to a math-study summer camp, where the kids did nothing but study math and play computer games. No weights. No big steaks and huge quantities of chicken. No extra protein drinks. Nothing at all for a big-time jock like Justin. Andy's parents were very concerned about the serious obesity of their only son. They wracked their brains about what to do about it. Also, Andy's father was going to have to leave town for the whole summer on a special project for his company and Andy's mother was going with him. They didn't want him sitting around the house all summer stuffing his mouth with junk food.

So the night after school was over for the year, Justin's parents had Andy and his parents over for dinner. Then the four parents dropped the bombshell on the two 15 year old cousins. Justin's father started out. "Justin, me and your mother don't like the way you been flunkin' your classes at school. You been blowin' off your studies `cause you're a big jock and you know it. You figure you don't need to study `cause you're a jock and everyone knows the jocks run everything and don't have to study. You only passed your math class `cause Mr. Franklin was hot for your body. I know `cause I could see the way he looked at you when we had our parent-teacher conference. You just blow off your math classes and spend all your time with your jock friends liftin' weights, playin' football and gettin' into trouble. Well, your mother and me don't buy that shit. You're gonna have to learn your math. We were thinkin' of sendin' you off to the math summer camp-----you know, the one with all the little nerds. Yeah, they don't got any weights or nothin' for workin' out for football. No good muscle-buildin' food, either. You'd just sit there and vegetate, learnin' your math. Does that sound like a good time?" Justin's eyes grew wide. "Fuck no!" he yelled. "I'm not goin' to no fuckin' math camp! I gotta work out and get big for football!"

Justin's father wrapped his fingers around his son's muscular upper arm. Instinctively Justin flexed for his father. His big bicep and tricep muscles bulged in his father's hand. "OK son, OK," said his father. "Here's the plan. You don't have to go to the math camp. You can stay right here, pump those heavy weights and eat as much as you want. Except you're gonna have company. Andy here is gonna move in with us for the summer. He's gonna tutor you in math. He's gonna be your private tutor. And in exchange, you're gonna help Andy lose some of his fat. You're gonna be his personal trainer. He's gonna work out with you so he can lose some of that fat, maybe 50 pounds or so. No more junk food for Andy. We're gonna feed this boy nothin' but good, wholesome food. He's gonna be a shadow of himself when his parents get back in the fall." Justin's father poked Andy in his huge gut, kind of playfully.

Justin rolled his eyes. "Holy shit," he said. "I gotta work out with Porky all summer? I gotta live with this fat pig?" Andy looked at Justin. "Don't call me `Porky'. You know I hate that name." Justin stood up and wrapped his hand around Andy's right upper arm. Then he squeezed. His forearm bulged with rippling muscle as his strong fingers sunk deep into the thick fat. Andy cringed in pain. "I can call you Porky any time I want, Porky. I've been calling you Porky ever since we were little kids. And I'm gonna keep calling you Porky, `cause you're fatter than fuckin' Porky Pig and always will be. What are you gonna do about it?" Andy grimaced in pain. He knew there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. Justin was many, many times stronger than he was. Justin could do whatever he wanted to him.

Justin's father reached over and pulled his muscular son's hand away from Andy's arm. "OK, that's enough, you two." Andy marveled at how, in the jock's father's eyes he seemed to share equal blame in Justin's muscle jock aggression and domination. "You two are gonna have to get along, `cause you're gonna be living with each other for the next three months. We parents have made our decision, and you two are just gonna have to live with it. Now shake hands." Justin and Andy looked at each other, Justin with a look of pure contempt in his eyes and Andy with a look of total fear in his. They reached out and shook hands. Justin squeezed real hard, crushing Andy's flabby hand with his powerful grip like a ball of mush. He wanted Andy to know without a doubt who was the boss in this relationship and Andy sure had no doubt. He winced in pain again.

On his way home from his cousin's house, Andy protested to his parents. He didn't want to live with Justin. He had never gotten along with Justin. He didn't want to have to teach that dumb jock how to do math. He didn't want to have Justin as his "personal trainer." He hated the whole idea. He didn't tell his parents this, but he was also deathly afraid of Justin. He knew Justin could pound his fat body into a pulp without even breaking a sweat, and he thought his cousin just might do it because he was so mad. He might even do it just for fun. But, his parents were very firm. "Andy, you've got a serious weight problem," his father said. "You know we've tried every diet in the book, but you just keep getting bigger. Maybe we've been too easy on you, leaving junk food around the house for you to eat, not making you exercise. Well, Justin's parents don't have any junk food. They have only healthy food in that house. And look at Justin. His body is everything yours isn't. He's a star athlete, he's really strong, he's got lots of muscle and he hasn't got an ounce of fat on his body. It's hard to believe he's your own cousin. Even if he's just a dumb jock, maybe you can learn something from him about taking care of your body. Call it "tough love" if you want, but you're going to have to live with Justin, like it or not. After all, he's your cousin. He wouldn't do anything to hurt you, now would he? He's your own flesh and blood." Andy rolled his eyes. Oh yeah, my own flesh and blood, he thought. Big, fucking rock-hard muscle flesh with tons of testosterone-filled jock stud blood surging through it, just aching to pound my big fat ass into the ground. But he knew he didn't have any choice. He would be moving into Justin's house the next day. When he got home he went to the refrigerator, found a big piece of cake and wolfed it down with a glass of milk. Then he packed his bags. Then he went back to the refrigerator, took three big scoops of ice cream, covered it with chocolate sauce and stuffed it into his face. Then he went to bed, thinking about what might await him tomorrow at Justin's house.

The next day, his mother and father dropped him off at Justin's house on their way out of town for the summer. Andy would be on his own for the next three months. On his own to deal with his muscular, arrogant, aggressive cousin Justin. He was kind of trembling as the car approached his cousin's house. He and his parents knocked on the door and were greeted by Justin's mother. Justin was nowhere in sight. After exchanging pleasantries, Andy's parents left and Justin's mother said, "Here, Andy, let me take your bags. Justin just went down to the basement a few minutes ago to start his workout. Why don't you go down and join him." A shiver went up Andy's spine. "Uh, OK," he said meekly. He put down his bags, opened the door to the basement and walked down the stairs.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs, he looked over at Justin and stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth dropped open. Justin was standing in the middle of his basement gym wearing only a pair of workout shorts. Andy was stunned by what he saw. He hadn't seen Justin with his shirt off for almost two years---the two boys didn't socialize with each other at all---and during that time Justin had packed 40 pounds of solid muscle on his body, going from a wiry but athletic 110 pound 13 year old to a very muscular and very athletic 150 pound 15 year old. His light brown hair was cut very short, just like all the football jocks like it. He was very tan. It was obvious he spent a lot of time outdoors in the sun, stripping off his shirt and letting the world see and admire his incredibly buff body. He had thick trap muscles which led to wide shoulders capped with big, striated delts. With every little movement of his arms, his delts flexed and twitched. Andy could see the individual fibers flexing and twitching at their young master's command. His arms were big and muscular, hanging like thick guns down from those wide shoulders. Again the muscle fibers were clearly visible and veins crisscrossed under his paper-thin skin. His forearms were a mass of vein-covered muscle. His lats were wide and thick, big slabs of muscle that looked like wings, tapering down from his wide shoulders to his narrow, athletic hips. His pecs were full and round, bulging out proudly from his chest, his erect nipples pointing straight out, pushed out by the mass of muscle underneath. The pec muscle slashed up to the sides, meeting up with his big delts. Below those pecs was an eight-pack of corrugated abs, shredded to the max, looking like a veritable washboard of solid muscle. His oblique muscles slashed from his hips down to his crotch, setting off his abs and his incredibly round and muscular butt. His thighs were thick and muscular. Even just standing there, Andy could see those quad muscles flex as Justin shifted his weight slightly. It looked like he had a teardrop of muscle just above his knee, big solid, striated quad muscles that were obviously very strong. His calves also bulged, the two heads of solid muscle clearly visible, covered with veins and flexing under his thin, tan skin.

Andy's eyes took in this amazing sight in just a few seconds. He stood transfixed as he stared at his muscular cousin. His cock stirred in his crotch. "Well, well, well," said Justin. "Look who's here. It's fuckin' Porky the Pig. Jesus, you look even fatter than I remembered. Get your fat ass over here." Andy did as ordered. He sure wasn't going to disobey this incredibly muscular young stud. "Strip off your shirt and pants and take off your shoes," ordered Justin. "We got a rule in here. When me and my friends work out, we always work out in just our shorts. That way we can see our muscles workin' and pumpin' and growin'. Of course you don't got any muscle, just a pile of fuckin' fat, but you gotta follow the rules too. So strip, fat-ass!" Andy didn't want to do this, but he knew he had no choice. He always covered his fat body with a big sweat shirt and big pants. Now he was going to have to reveal his huge, fat body. Slowly he took off his sweatshirt, his shoes and his pants. He stood in front of Justin wearing only his size 50 boxer shorts. Since he had never been out in the sun, his skin was pasty white. Rolls of fat covered his chest, back and waist. His legs were thick with fat. He weighed 250 pounds, and probably 130 pounds of that was fat. Without the fat, he would be a 120 pound weakling. With the fat he was a 250 pound weakling. Justin looked at Andy's body with a look of total disgust. He reached over and grabbed two handfuls of fat from the sides of Andy's huge gut. He grabbed the fat and squeezed. The fat oozed in Justin's strong hands as he squeezed his powerful fingers. The big muscles in his forearms bulged and rippled. Andy groaned in pain as his strong, muscular cousin played with his fat.

"Fuck, you are totally disgusting, Porky. It's fucking disgusting the way you've let your body turn into just a pile of fat. Shit, I don't have an ounce of fat on my body and you got over 100 pounds of fuckin' fat on yours. I'm 100 percent solid muscle and you don't got any muscle at all. How's it feel to be so fat and disgusting, fuck- face? How's it feel to be so fuckin fat and weak standin' next to me?" Justin bumped his body right into Andy's body and pressed his hard pecs into Andy's soft flesh, bumping him like football players do to each other with their chests and pressing in hard with his bulging muscles. Andy could feel the warm, hard muscles pushing in on his fat. Justin's firm, erect nipples drove into Andy's soft flesh like two iron spikes.

"It doesn't feel very good, Justin," said Andy. "I wish I weren't this fat. I wish I looked like you." Justin released his grip on Andy's fat and laughed. "Fuckin'-A! You wish you looked like me! You wish you looked like me! Ha! Dream on, fat-boy. You're gonna look like me when hell freezes over. If you're lucky, I'm gonna strip 30 or 40 pounds of fat off your pathetic body this summer, but don't ever think you're gonna look like me. I'm a jock. I've always been a jock. You're a dork. You've always been a dork. I got lots of muscle and I'm gonna build even more muscle this summer. You're not gonna do shit. You'll probably collapse the first time you lift a weight. So don't even think about lookin' like me. It's never gonna happen, dork-boy. You're just gonna have to take orders from me the rest of your pathetic life."

Justin flexed his arm in Andy's face. His big bicep bulged with an incredible peak. Fibers and veins pushed out under his paper thin skin. It was about the size of a baseball. A hardball. His triceps bulged as well, filling out the back and bottom of his big upper arm with hard, rippling, muscle. "Feel it, dork," ordered Justin. Andy reached up and wrapped his fat fingers around Justin's flexed bicep. The muscle felt like solid rock. Andy had never felt human flesh that felt so hard. He squeezed as hard as he could, but he couldn't make the slightest dent in the rock-hard muscle. "That's what a real man's arm feels like, fat-boy," said Justin. "You ain't a real man and you never will be. You're a total pussy. If you ever get an arm that big and hard, I'll suck your dick. That's a promise. Hahahaha." Justin laughed at the ridiculousness of what he said. Never ever would he suck any guy's cock. And he knew he'd never have to do it to Andy. Andy was a fuckin' fat dork pussy-boy. That's all there was to it.

Justin put down his arm and looked Andy in the eyes with his own steel-gray eyes. "Flex your own arm, pussy-boy. I wanna feel your muscle." Andy didn't want to do this, but he knew he couldn't disobey his cousin. He lifted up his huge right arm and flexed. His flexed upper arm looked exactly the same as his unflexed upper arm. There was absolutely no difference. Justin reached over and wrapped his fingers around Andy's upper arm. At first, he squeezed just a little. His fingers dug into the soft fat tissue. He wiggled them around, kneading the fat like bread dough. "Geez,' he said. "That feels like fuckin' mush. Just a pile of fuckin' mush. Flex harder, dork." Andy flexed as hard as he could. Then Justin applied maximum force to his strong fingers. His forearm looked like a group of writhing snakes as the big muscles bulged and flexed and powered his thick fingers deep into Andy's arm. He wiggled those fingers, digging them deeper and deeper, almost down to the bone. "Still feels like fuckin' mush. There ain't no muscle there. How's that feel, dork-boy?" He smiled arrogantly as he saw how easy it was for his strong fingers to inflict misery on his fat cousin. Andy moaned in abject pain. Tears started to well up in his eyes. "Please stop," he pleaded. "You're hurting me." Justin looked at Andy's pleading face and tears. His steel-gray eyes showed no sympathy whatsoever. He didn't care how the dork felt. "Fuck," he said. "I can't feel any muscle there at all. I'm totally smashing through all your fuckin' fat and I still can't feel any muscle. You are totally pathetic. You deserve to get hurt by my strong muscles. You're just a total loser. All fat and no muscle. Just a total pussy-boy. And I'm a total stud, all muscle and no fat." Justin smiled in a superior, arrogant way as he said this. Then he wiggled his strong fingers one more time, playing with Andy's fatty upper arm like a toy. Then he finally let go.

"OK, dork-boy, time to start pumpin' some iron. Since I, Justin, am your personal trainer, you gotta do what I say. I'm gonna peel 50 pounds of fat off of that pathetic body. Maybe I'll even be able to put a little muscle on you at the same time. And I'm gonna do it whether you like it or not. You're gonna do what I order you to do, or I'm gonna pound your fat body so hard you'll wish you never were born. You got that, Porky?" Justin sounded just like a Marine drill instructor. It was clear he was going to take his personal trainer job very seriously, more seriously than Andy wanted. But Andy knew he couldn't do a thing about it. Justin was used to giving orders. He liked to give orders. And now he was going to be able to give orders all summer to his fat cousin. "Yeah, I got that," said Andy. Justin punched him in the gut. "Yeah, and you better not forget it, fat-boy. I didn't want you livin' with me all summer, but now that you're here, I'm gonna make you work. I'm gonna make you peel off at least a couple of inches of this disgusting fat." Justin reached over and grabbed two big handfuls of fat from Andy's gut and shook it. The fat wiggled like Jello. "Fuckin' blubber. You're pathetic." Justin's contempt for his fat cousin was clear. Andy knew he just had to take the abuse. There was nothing he could do about it.

Then he let go and said, "OK, I'm gonna take your measurements, just to see how fuckin' gross you are. Then we'll take the same measurements at the end of the summer and hopefully some of that blubber will be gone. You can take my measurements, too. Then at the end of the summer, after I've grown an inch and packed on 20 pounds of solid muscle, you can see how much bigger I've gotten. I'll be able to kick your fat ass even harder, `cause I'll be so much stronger." Justin punched Andy in the gut, kind of playfully. Then he flexed his arm and looked admiringly at his bulging bicep. He knew that big mother was gonna grow even bigger and get even stronger.

"Get on the scale," Justin ordered. He had brought the bathroom scale down to the basement. Andy stepped on the scale and Justin yelled, "Holy shit, what a fuckin' porker! Two hundred and fifty two pounds. This fuckin' scale only goes up to 260. You almost broke the fucker! What a fuckin pig!" Andy looked sheepishly at his buff, muscular cousin. He was speechless. What could he say? He was a fucking pig. "OK, get off and flex your arm," ordered Justin. Andy flexed his right arm. Again, no bulge appeared. Just a huge roll of fat. Justin took a measuring tape and wrapped it around the fat. "Sixteen inches," he said. "Sixteen inches of fuckin' fat. Now just for fun, let your arm hang down and I'll measure that too. I wanna see something." So Andy lowered his arm and Justin wrapped the tape around it. "Sixteen inches," he said. "Just like I thought. Since you got no muscle in your arm, it measures the same whether it's flexed or relaxed. Fuckin' disgusting. All fat. OK, now let's measure the rest of you. I hope the tape measure is long enough to get around your fuckin' gut."

So Justin measured the rest of Andy. His chest measured 45 inches, all fat. His waist measured 49-1/2 inches, again all fat. His thighs measured 27 inches, yep, all fat. His calves were 16 inches, yes covered with fat. His butt was huge. Justin didn't even try to measure that. With each measurement, Justin yelled and screamed at what a fat slob Andy was, calling him every insulting name he could think of. Andy just stood there. He had heard them all before.

Then it was time for Andy to take Justin's measurements. Justin hopped on the scale. Before Andy could say anything, Justin looked down at the scale and yelled "One hundred fifty-one pounds of solid, rock-hard shit-kicking muscle!" Justin was stoked. He jumped off the scale and bumped his chest into Andy, pushing the big slob backwards. Then he grabbed the measuring tape, gave it to Andy and flexed his right arm. "Measure that big mother, dork," he ordered. Andy wrapped the tape around the bulging muscle. "Fourteen and three- quarter inches," he announced. Justin smiled. "Almost fifteen inches of solid steel," he yelled. Justin flexed his bicep right under Andy's nose. Andy could see the fibers flexing in the two heads of muscle under Justin's thin, tan skin. Then Justin said, "Watch this, pussy boy." Slowly, Justin started curling his arm up and down. He tensed his big bicep and tricep muscles the whole time as he did the curls. Andy's eyes grew wide with disbelief. The big ball of muscle that was his bicep seemed to get bigger and harder with each rep. Veins were popping out everywhere. Now the fibers of muscle were literally bursting out of Justin's skin. After 10 slow reps, Justin lifted his arm and flexed it again. Andy was shocked as he looked at the throbbing muscle. It was totally peaked and shredded, crisscrossed with veins that were surging with blood. He could smell Justin's jock boy sweat coming up from his armpit. That muscle was pumped. "Measure it now," ordered Justin. Andy wrapped the tape around Justin's bulging upper arm. His eyes almost popped out of his head. "Fifteen and one-quarter inches," said Andy, almost breathlessly. "Fuck yeah!" yelled Justin. "I just pumped that fucker for 10 reps and it exploded with fuckin' mass and power, addin' a half inch like it was nothin'. That's what a pump looks like, fat-boy. You never saw a pump before `cause you ain't got any muscles. Only jocks like me can get a pump. It feels great."

Andy reached up and felt Justin's pumped upper arm. It was solid granite, warm and pulsating rock. Justin looked at his big arm approvingly. "My muscles love getting a pump. When they work out, they get big and pumped. And when they do that, I just know they're growin' and gettin' stronger. That big fucker will be over 16 inches by the end of the summer. Maybe even 16-1/2 inches. It'll be fuckin' bigger than your big, fat arm and it will be solid muscle! Think about it, dork. Think about all the strength in that muscle. Think about how strong it's gonna be at the end of the summer.". Andy gulped in awe. He couldn't believe how Justin's upper arm got a half inch bigger in 20 seconds. He couldn't believe how big and hard that arm looked and felt. His already semi-hard cock got harder as he felt Justin's bulging muscles. Oh how he wished he had muscles like his cousin's. Justin put down his arm and held it at his side. Even relaxed, the big muscles of his biceps and triceps looked solid and hard under his thin skin. "OK, I want you to measure my relaxed arm," he said. Andy wrapped the tape around Justin's relaxed upper arm. The muscle was firm and solid. "Thirteen and three- quarters inches," he said. "Fuckin' yeah," yelled Justin. "My muscle gets an inch and a half bigger when it flexes! My muscle just explodes when it flexes! My muscle gets huge when it flexes! And your muscle doesn't do shit, does it fat boy? You don't have any muscle." Andy just stared in awe at Justin's incredibly muscular body.

"OK, fat-boy, time to measure my chest," ordered Justin. Andy wrapped the tape around Justin's chest, making sure it went around the biggest part, right over his erect nipples and the top of his thick lats. "Thirty-eight inches," said Andy. Justin smiled. Then he took a breath and flexed his pecs and lats. The tape ripped out of Andy's hands, burst apart by the force of Justin's flexing muscles. Justin's lats literally exploded, the slabs of muscle flaring out wide like wings. His big pecs bulged out from his chest. Striations of muscle were clearly visible, with deep cleavage between the mounds of muscle. His nipples pointed straight out. Andy didn't need to wait for further orders. He wrapped the tape again around Justin's flexed torso. His mouth dropped open. "Forty-two inches," he gasped. Justin's chest had gotten four inches bigger when he flexed his muscles. Justin grinned. "Yeah, that's more like it. Forty-two inches of fuckin' teenage football stud muscle. And gettin' bigger every day. Shit, my chest is only three inches smaller than yours and it's all muscle. It's gonna be way bigger than your fat chest by the end of the summer and so much stronger it won't be funny." Justin bumped his muscular chest into Andy. The hard muscle easily penetrated into Andy's fat. Then Justin flexed and unflexed his pecs a couple of times. Andy could feel the solid muscle bulge every time Justin flexed it. The muscle felt like rock smashing into Andy's soft fatty flesh. Justin smiled arrogantly. "Feel how hard that muscle is, dork-boy? How you like to get hit by that muscle on a football field? That muscle could smash into you so hard there wouldn't be anything left of your big fat body. It would be like a pile of shit laying on the field." Andy gulped, thinking of what it would feel like to be hit on the football field by Justin's incredibly hard and incredibly strong body.

Justin moved back and stood in front of Andy. "OK, Porky, now measure my waist." He flexed his abs gently. They looked like a washboard. They always looked like a washboard, even when they were unflexed. When Justin flexed them even a little, the washboard immediately got rock hard. It looked like corrugated iron. Andy wrapped the tape around Justin's shredded waist. He couldn't believe how Justin's torso tapered down from his broad shoulders and wide lats down to this small waist and narrow, athletic hips. He had an incredible "V" shape. "Twenty-eight inches," announced Andy, marveling at the fact that Justin's waist was over twenty inches smaller than his own. Justin smiled. "Twenty-eight inches of rock- hard muscle, compared to your 50 inches of fuckin' fat," he said. He flexed his abs and pounded his fist into the brick wall of muscle. "Fuckin' solidólike a fuckin' steel plate," he yelled. Then he got a strange look on his face, like he had just thought of something brilliant. "Watch this," he said. "Be ready with that tape." Then he exhaled all the air from his lungs. Andy could hardly believe what came next. Justin flexed his abs and then literally pulled the flexed muscle in under his rib cage. He had such tremendous muscle control that he could will his abs to pull themselves in and up into his diaphragm. His waist became absolutely tiny. Justin grinned as he saw his cousin stare in disbelief. Andy grabbed the tape and wrapped it around his cousin's wasp-like waist. "Twenty-five inches," he said. "Holy shit, how do you do that? How can you make your muscles do that? You just made your waist half as big as mine!" Justin took in a breath of air and his abs went back to their normal washboard position. "That's called muscle control, asshole," he said. "Of course, you need really buff muscles to do that. Not too many guys can do that. I think it's hilarious I can make my waist so small it's half as big as yours, fat- boy. Makes you feel even more disgusting, I bet." Justin reached over and grabbed Andy's hand. Then he rubbed Andy's fingers over his rippling abs. The corrugated muscle pulsated like living rock under Justin's cellophane-like skin. Andy couldn't believe how hard that muscle felt. Then he grabbed Andy's other hand and rubbed it over Andy's fat gut, jiggling the rolls of fat as he did it. "It's hard to believe we're related to each other, ain't it, fat-boy. I've got nothing but shredded muscle in my gut and you've got nothing but fat in yours." Andy looked down and saw his rolls of fat wiggling up and down and then looked over and saw Justin's rippling washboard. He felt his own soft fat and he felt Justin's brick wall of muscle. He nodded his head. Justin smiled with the superior confidence of a total jock. Andy's cock got harder as he felt and watched Justin's rippling abs.

Then Justin looked down and flexed his quads. "Time to measure those mothers," he said, flexing and unflexing the muscle. When his quads were unflexed, they looked like a huge mass of muscle in his thighs, muscle just waiting to explode with power. When he flexed them, they bulged instantly, the individual quad muscles showing in great relief with tremendous striations and veins everywhere. Justin's quads looked like a human anatomy chart when he flexed them. Justin's whole body looked like a human anatomy chart. Andy reached down and wrapped the tape around Justin's flexed thigh. Besides the bulging quads, he could feel big leg bicep muscles flexing in the back of the thigh. Justin's thigh felt like a big tree trunk, a solid oak tree trunk of muscle. "Twenty-three inches," said Andy. Justin smiled. "Twenty-three inches of raw power," he said. "I can hit super hard when I tackle somebody. I hit kids so hard they think they were hit by a truck. I just flatten `em like pancakes. I hit one kid so hard he had to go to the hospital. These legs are super strong..." Justin kept flexing and unflexing his quads, admiring the huge muscles that exploded at his will. "Measure my calves," he ordered. Andy got down on his knees. He looked up at Justin's body. He was transfixed by what he saw. His cousin looked like a Greek God. Andy couldn't believe how muscular he was. For several moments he just stared up at Justin's 15 year old jock stud muscle body. Justin looked down at the fat dweeb with a look of sheer contempt. "Measure `em, you fat motherfucker!" he yelled. Andy snapped back to reality and wrapped the tape around Justin's bulging calf muscles. Each head of muscle stood out in bold relief. His tan skin was so thin each fiber was clearly visible. Veins surged with blood just under that thin skin. "Fifteen and one-half inches," said Andy. Then Justin started doing some calf raises and Andy ran his fingers over the rock-hard muscle as it effortlessly lifted Justin's body up and down, bulging with each rep. Justin's calves were incredibly hard and shredded. After 25 easy reps, Justin stopped and said, "Measure `em again, dork." Andy measured the bulging muscle again. The muscle felt hot to the touch. "Sixteen inches," he said. "Fuck yeah," yelled Justin. "Even my calves get a good pump when I work `em even a little bit. Those mothers are gettin' big and strong!" Andy nodded his head. Justin's muscles were the biggest and strongest things he had ever seen. He was having a hard time hiding his raging hard-on. Oh how he wished he had a body like Justin's. •

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