Controlling the Boy

Episode 1


By MuscleTeen

What follows is based on a true story. I couldn't believe myself it at first - but I have been shown a lot of correspondence, which quite frankly couldn't have been made up. I hope to post one episode a week, based on the letters. I will also include some more fantasy, although it doesn’t need it.

It started off fairly simply. I am an amateur bodybuilder, obsessed with muscle. I could have, but never went pro, as I had other more lucrative business interests. I'm 6'2, light brown hair, 220 off peak and maintain about 10% bodyfat. I've made money. Lots of it. I'm forty, single, and gay. I have one obsession, which I nurture constantly. Muscle. Huge muscle men. I sponsor junior bodybuilders, guys who may have real potential. Most times it's kept fairly business-like - my sponsorship is returned by using their image to advertise my business. More on that later. Sometimes, when I decide, they pay me other ways. I like the young rough eager studs the best. I fuck their tight muscle butts before and after competition. I insist on my boys being totally ripped, as huge as possible, as endowed as possible. I make them rape other muscle guys, straight or gay. This isn't unusual - happens all the time on the circuit. So you see - my life is pretty ordinary - I work, I sponsor young muscle guys, occasional fucks and move on.

That was until he replied to my ad. There was something different about his letter - he was so keen, for the first time ever I thought i had met someone more obsessed about muscle than I. His stats weren't amazing - 18, 6'2, 190 (he said) 45c, 32w 17a 25q. Was intelligent, college educated and had a reasonable job. But he was so keen. I kept his letter so I could look back in years to come. For I knew he was the one - the one I had waited for and wanted all my life. It's addressed to me as master - all my sponsored boys had to address me like that - I saw them as my slaves.

-------- Sir Muscle Master sir.

Looking at your ad you sound the Growth explosion, muscle-freaked Control Master I seek to devote my body to killer-training to become mind-blowing for.

Here are my wishes and desires which I seek my master to help me with:

• I want train for pain-to-gain after every workout - into another growth dimension. • I want Master that forces me to do this without mercy. • I want him to display me raw and pumped in minimal totally revealing outfits which make me look as though I’m gonna bust out of em any second in an explosion of muscle. • I want my cock, low-hanging balls and bowln-ball glutes to always be pumped to the extreme in proportion to the rest of my body NEVER looking anything but awesomely HOT-HOT-HOT. • I WANNA BE the supreme muscle stud slave that makes my Master proud to own me. • I wanna breathe, eat, drink, sleep and DIE for muscle and exude pure animal muscle always. • alternative forms of training and exercise, supplements, drugs whatever is demanded to continually GROW every part of my body.

Sir, thank you sir.


You see this isn't the type of letter I get everyday. It made me sit up. He stood out. He attached a picture, and if it was him he was hot. 6'2, lean body, signs of muscle development and good frame. If he was serious, he was the one. I had developed various training techniques - helped a lot of pro's get where they are today. But I had held one back, one that I was keeping to use only on a very special subject - someone who would become my own musclestud boyslave, someone who would become so freaky huge and only thought of getting bigger and who would let me fuck him and obey every fucking command I gave him. I decided to reply. •

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