Cyclist, The

The Football Team Returns


By Corwin

In early August, Mark began preparations for the return of the football team. After last year's success, the coach was eager that any new players take part in the experiment. The coach and Mark agreed that there should be a couple of weeks of practice to evaluate the players' skills and determine which would be the best candidates for the treatment.

Mark and I continued to work out in his lab's gym. Although I was curious, Mark didn't tell me how much I was lifting. All I could get from him was an occasional, 'our model seems to be working well,' whatever that means. Sometimes I objected to being his 'mouse in a maze', but then he'd do something sweet like grab me in his huge arms and hug me and tell me that I was his favorite 'mighty mouse'.

About a week into August I had my first opportunity to meet some of last year's football team. I had done my now 100 mile bike ride home from work and met Mark at the DeSoto Hall. This time was different, however. Mark wasn't alone. Several of last year's team was using the equipment to train. All the team members were as built as their pictures, though Mark was as big as most of them. Then I saw two players training in a corner. They were absolutely huge.

"Hey, Scott, let me introduce you,' said Mark, noticing I was there. "Guys, this is another subject in the study and a friend of mine. Scott, this is our championship team." There was a series of 'Hi's and 'Hey's as the guys went back to training. Looking around, I realized that I was as big as a couple of the smaller guys, but no where near as large as the two brutes in the corner.

"Mark, is it OK if I train here still?" I asked.

"Sure. The guys won't mind," Mark said. "Besides, I could use your help when we start training the new players."

Finishing a set of intense squats, one of the brutes in the corner responded, "Ya know, doc, Brett and me we'll teach them the ropes. We'll take good care of the new boys." The other, slightly smaller guy nodded and started his own set of squats.

"Thanks Adam. I'm sure they'll appreciate that." Mark gave me a look that let me know he had his doubts.

The guy named Adam walked over to me, his right hand extended. "Name's Adam Pomerantz. I'm the doc's start subject, ain't that right, doc?"

I shook Adam's hand and introduced myself.

"Ya, Scott, Adam has had the greatest reaction to the experiment so far."

"So far!" Adam laughed. He hit a most muscular pose. His white t-shirt strained at his growing pump. Slowly it began to rip. First, the amazing width of his back began to split the back of the frail shirt, then his heaving pecs caused the fabric in the front to give way. The sleeves were unable to contain his powerful arms, and the seams of his shorts split from the force of his hard quads. Adam's traps split the top of the shirt. He changed into a double bicep pose and the shredded shirt fell to the ground around his legs. His torso had no body fat, and his abs looked like cobblestones framed by hourglass-shaped intercostals that defined his thin belly. "My bis are over 28 inches, my legs measure 48, my waist is 31 and my chest is 90 inches when I flex these wings." Adam dropped his arms and grabbed the massive bulge in his shorts. "Oh, and no one beats what I got in this package, right doc," Adam said with a wink. "If you want some training tips, see me, Scott." Adam returned to Brett as he completed his set. They high fived each other and Adam started another set.

I decided to work chest.

After the team left, Mark seemed particularly horny. "What's the matter, stud, all those jokes get you worked up," I said as he ripped the bike shorts off of me. My cock had grown to 14 inches, and was only an inch shy of Mark's massive python.

"Uh-huh." Mark said as he began to deep throat me. As my cock filled his mouth, he tilted his head back and looked up at me. I saw lust in his eyes.

"You got it bad, don't you?" I pulled him off my cock and lifted his lips to mine.

"Forgot how big I actually was. Last year, most of those kids made me feel puny. Now," I felt his body flex into amazing hardess in my arms, "that I have this, oh god," he forced his tongue into my mouth and kissed me hard, "I feel worthy of a man like you." We kissed again, and I dropped to my knees. Using my power, I ripped his short freeing his manhood. Lifting him up as he had done to me, I deep throated his meat, sucking for all I was worth.

Coming up for air, I looked at his beautiful face. "Mark, don't put yourself down. I care about you and the person you are. You've always been worthy. You're body is just an added bonus." I continued to hold him in the air, working on his mighty member. I felt his body stiffen as he enjoyed the erotic pleasure of my mouth on his dick.

"Mighty mouse, let me suck you too," he whimpered. I lifted him higher, then flipped him around so that his head was at my cock. He latched onto it like a starving baby being given a bottle of milk. I held him in that 69 position, feeling his amazing body as he felt mine. He was giving me the amazing strength that he had, and he was giving me his love. We climaxed together in our erotic bliss. I carefully lowered him to the ground, and lay next to him.

"Scott, there's something I need to tell you about Adam and Brett."

"Hmmmm," I said, still numb from our loving encounter.

"Adam was one of the smaller players. He barely made the team, but the formula worked wonders on him. It also changed him."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, it wasn't the formula's fault. Adam was always being picked on, then suddenly, he became the alpha male. He's twice as strong as many of the other players, and he uses that. Over the summer, he terrorized the kids he went to high schools with. There was some problems with the police, but the coach got him out of it. He's the star now, so the school is protecting him."

"And what's this got to do with me."

"I haven't told you about your progress. Scott, you're going to be bigger than Adam. I don't know how he'll react to that. You saw him today."

"Does he need to know?"


"Look. I'm not on his team and I don't give a flying-fuck about football. I'm no threat to him, and you don't have to tell him IF I do happen to get stronger than him, right?"

"Ya, I guess so."

"OK, case settled. Let's get dressed and get something to eat." I made a bicep, "I'm a growing man and I have to keep my strength up." I winked at him.

Over the next week, I watched Adam and Brett train. I could see what Mark meant. Adam used his size and strength to intimidate the other team members. They weren't necessarily scared of him, but they did give him a wide berth. Sometimes he'd challenge a member to a weight lifting competition, or arm wrestling or some other test of strength. Adam always won, and Brett was always there egging him on. Every now and again, it would be Brett doing the challenge, with Adam as the instigator.

After Brett challenged and beat the kid nearest his size at armwrestling, the kid had had enough. "Ya, Brett, why don't you challenge Adam. Or are you afraid of your big fried?" Adam grinned. He laid on the floor facing Brett, raising his leg-sized arm into position.

"Ain't done this since last spring, huh Brett. Let's see if you're any stronger," mocked Adam. "I'll go easy on ya."

Brett snickered and grabbed Adam's hand with his own leg-sized arm. "I'm damn strong too, or did you forget that?" The competition began.

It was the first time I had actually seen Adam strain against another man. Brett's arm was huge, and Mark later told me it was only 1/4 inch smaller than Adam's. Though Brett had a slightly smaller upper arm, his forearm was actually larger than Adam's.

As they began the competition, both kids' arms ripped into shredded muscular relief. Adam gained a slight advantage, but Brett's stronger forearm twisted Adam's wrist and Brett forced Adam back past neutral to gain the advantage. Adam's face turned red, and a look of concentration and desire came across his face as he forced Brett back to neutral. Now Brett was turning red, fighting against Adam's strength. Their arms teetered, with neither competitor gaining an advantage.

The other team members stood in a circle, silent. When Brett would gain the advantage, some of the team would get slight smiles, only to have those smiles erased as Adam pushed ahead.

Both competitors were sweating. Adam had a look of raw determination on his face. Brett's face showed the strain of competing against Adam's power.

I'm not sure, but I might have noticed a touch of fear in Brett's eyes. Could he be afraid of beating Adam? Or maybe he feared showing Adam just how strong he had become? I would never know.

Slowly, Brett's strength began to give out. With a primal yell, Adam slammed Brett's arm to the floor. Adam got up and walked over to his teammate that started this. Adam's arm was pumped larger than I had ever seen it. He flexed it in the guys face. "Now, that's power!" Adam bragged. "Right, Brett?"

Brett walked over and flexed his arm next to Adam's, "You tell him bro!"

The two went to the locker room. Having finished my workout, I joined them. I wasn't really surprised to see them naked, kissing in a corner, jerking each other off. I slipped around the corner, unnoticed by the two muscular behemoths. Not only did both have massive bodies, but they had huge cocks. They rubbed their meat together as they jerked. They must have been nearly 18 inches long, but once again, Adam was superior to Brett. I left them alone.

Later that week, the coach and Mark had a meeting to pick the new team members. There would be another 10 subjects for Mark's experiment, and 10 new team members. Adam and Brett immediately asserted their dominance over their new teammates. One of the smaller kids, a kid named Jonny, pissed Adam off during a practice. When Jonny's car appeared purched in the highest levels of the football stadium the next day, no one had to ask who did it. Tempers seemed to calm, though, after they won their first two games.

By mid-September, I was turning into some super stud. I could see now why Mark thought I would be bigger than Adam.

Mark and I continued to have sex at least once a day. We enjoyed rough-housing and feeling the power of our bodies. It was about this time that things began to change in that department. Through the end of August and early September, Mark had more and more problems containing my increasing size and power. First, my powerful legs grew larger than his to 45 inches. I was able to contain his strong arms and crush his body with my leg lock before Labor Day. By September first, my dick was as big as his, and by mid-September I past the 16 inch mark. It was also about this time that I realized my arms were as large as Mark's. As we wrestled, I strained and was able to pin his arms. He fought back and eventually got free. When he measured me, my arms had indeed equalled his. So was my chest. It's my biker's legs, though, that I'm most proud of.

"That's my mighty mouse!" Mark bragged and kissed me, obviously turned on by what he had created in me.

"Ya, Superman, and you're my favorite mouseketeer," I kissed him back. •

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