Twelve Steps Back

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By FanTCMan

"Come on in, Matthew," Colin Hamilton stepped back from the door to admit the gawking young hunk. Indeed, in the five weeks since he'd started the program, Matthew had begun to take on the look in an unmistakable change from his former averagely cool self. Standing on the porch of the Hamilton home, even from a great distance, there would be no mistaking that the young guy in the porch light was a Littleman's guy. The fact would be obvious from the skin tight tank and shorts stretched over the perfectly proportioned body of a heavily worked-out athlete, and, more so, from the size of the bulge that rode the crotch of his tissue-thin, shape clinging square-cuts.

Matthew saw the full-body scan that Jarrod's father gave him as he stepped back, and a couple months ago, it would have freaked him out. Now, with Jarrod's dad so obviously himself well into the program, answering the door in a pair of those extremely brief trunks that were becoming Littleman's most popular kind of swimwear and in-home casual wear, he found himself almost drooling. He hadn't seen Jarrod's dad since, well, probably since high school. He'd been a decent looking dad, but a dad. A lawyer. Business suits. Now he stood there with a packed display package riding his thighs, framed by dark, decorative hair that rose through the hilly flatlands of his abdomen, flowing across the hummocks of granite in a rising stream of manliness, to spread and flow across the entire breadth of the twin mounds of strength that were his pecs. Even his face was handsomer, stronger, younger, more angular, and marked by the heavy, perfect beard shadow of a Littleman's guy.

Matthew said, "Thanks," and stepped inside.

Jarrod came around the corner from the hallway just as his dad closed the door behind Matthew. He was in the same kind of "ultimabriefs" bikini trunks his dad was wearing, posers rethought to hold the prodigious manhood that the Littleman's program endowed its participants with and, at the same time, expose as much as was possible and still hold the genitals under cover, thin and shape revealing as that cover was, and show some, the lightly furry top inch or so, of the ass crack. The sight was astonishing.

"Dude," he grinned, "you remember my dad? You bring your dose?"

"Uh, yeah," Matthew stammered.

"Cool. You guys can do it together. Nothing hotter than doin' your dose with another LG."

"Littleman's Guy." Matthew had heard the term a few times among the more advanced of the guys in the program. It made him feel "in" to know what an LG was.

"Yeah. My dad's a month into his second phase, man. Look at that body. Is he hot or what? His dick is already like fifteen inches, man. But you'll see. Come on, let's go in back and get naked."

Jarrod led the way. Matthew still couldn't believe he knew someone who looked like Jarrod.

By the time they reached the family room off the kitchen in the rear of the house, Matthew, following behind the massive figure of Jarrod, felt his cock stiffen with every step. By now, getting hard was as natural as anything. Being aroused by the muscular bodies of other LGs was accepted, expected, desirable, and always, still, exciting. These guys were so hot. Jarrod, who still had the boyish face of a fratguy, but with arms jutting out from bouldered shoulders like hams resting on the supporting corbels of his lats, thighs rolling around the girth of each other, more massive with hard, cut, veined muscle than any bodybuilder had been able to achieve until now, until this amazing formulation had come along. And his father, looking younger by at least a decade than his years, built like a guy beyond the junior bodybuilder stage, readying for his pro heavyweight status, and endowed with a maleness that was already beyond anything seen before this program. There was something almost dreamlike about it to Matthew, but, as he felt the blood rush into his heavy, thick cock, it was so very real.

Jarrod pulled off his trunks, forcing his pecs to mound huge with the effort of getting his arms together around them. When his stood up, his cock, an arm-thick hose of flesh that hung nearly to his knees, fat with the rush of tumescence, rose immediately up until its head hovered, throbbing, in front of his perfectly hairy, magnificently shaped, massive pecs.

"Matt, dude, you're looking really hot, man. That bone's getting big. Dad, told you he was turning into a hot, big, muscle fag. Come on, dude. Strip. I want to see you do it."

"Jarrod," Colin Hamilton said as he removed his own briefs, allowing his thick dick to rise to his abs, "you are such a fucking tease. But you're right. He is, for sure."

Matthew blushed as he stripped off his clothes. He knew it was true. He looked into the mirror often enough, and saw in it a muscledude he hardly recognized, someone he could only have dreamed of becoming--a handsome, cut up, shredded muscle guy with big balls churning out so much hormonal juice that he was always horny, and a cock getting big enough to make him fall more in love with his own masculinity every day. In fact, as far as being a big muscle fag, he had to admit that he was in love with masculinity in general, in all its aspects, the bigger or more extreme the maleness a guy exhibited, the hotter it made him. He looked at these guys and couldn't wait to get like them, to feel what that felt like. He knew it would be that much more of what he was already feeling, and that was enough to make his cock so hard he could feel it stretch its own skin.

"Thanks," he said.

"You have to pardon my son," Colin said, getting his syringe out of its case. "He seems to have turned into a total LG slut. Can't blame him though." He sat down on the edge of the leather sofa, indicated to Matthew the spot next to him. "It does seem to come with the transformation. Judging by that boner, I think you know what I mean. Come on, let's show the pigboy what he wants to see."

Jarrod laughed. "Yeah, let's see you two do it. I love that."

Matthew sat next to Colin. "Yeah, Mr. Hamilton. I know exactly what you mean." He was already leaking precum as he got out his own syringe.

"Call me Colin, son. I think we already got past the formalities." He turned a little toward Matthew and spread his legs wide, putting the one closest to Matthew, bent, up onto the sofa. His balls hung long and as big as ripe lemons over the edge of the cushion, and his hard cock flopped back against the hairy ridges of his stomach, dripping its slippery juice onto his thick treasure trail.

Matthew followed suit, his attention torn between the raging desire in his own body for his own body--to plunge in that needle and feel the power of the formula ratchet up his already amped energy, male energy, hormonal energy, kicking him into the overdrive that would cause more growth, feeling it all through him, hot, surging, making everything about him change, grow, become a little closer to being like Jarrod, a total LG--and for the unbelievable two-course banquet of muscle and cock, huge, hot, and ready for complete exploration and total enjoyment, that sat before him. He felt so good, so turned on, as he faced Colin, spread his own legs, opening his increasingly hairy groin to his gaze, and Jarrod's, feeling his own balls, maybe not anywhere like Colin's or, God knows, Jarrod's, but, still, bigger than any regular guy's already and hanging long enough to fall over the edge of the sofa. He licked his lips, ran his tongue around them, knowing that Jarrod and Colin wanted to see him getting off on doing this to himself. He could be as much a slut as any of them. A slight, teasing smile curled up the corners of his lips as he held aside his balls, exposing that hairy, tender, sweet spot that ached with craving for the sharp, delicious sting of the needle, and, with his other hand, he poised the syringe for entry.

"Ready, then, Colin?" he said.

"Oh, yeah, kid. I'm always ready."

Matthew waited until he saw Colin about to sink the needle, looked over to see Jarrod watching him. God, the guy was magnificent. As he pricked his skin and pushed the needle into himself, he stared at Jarrod, sitting in a leather chair, legs akimbo, balls hanging, cock boned up to the middle of his gigantic, bulging, hairy pecs, arms huge and hard, bent to caress the maleness of his own muscle as he watched Matthew. And, as Matthew felt the needle sink in and the formula begin to flow into him, he saw himself like Jarrod, imagined his feelings, growing into such hot, huge, maleness, so young, so cool. Awww, God, it felt so good.

He looked over at Colin, who, as he emptied his syringe, let his eyes close and his head loll back, letting himself sink into the sensation. Matthew knew how much hotter it must feel in the second phase, already so massive, going to the size of the old pro bodybuilders and then moving past it, beard thickening, cock getting so huge, balls that blared out the fact that here was a total LG, going all the way, walking around the world with tissue thin material stretched over that manhood, clinging, showing completely the size, shape, even the weight of the total maleness of the Littleman's guy. Then Colin finished, lifted his head, and Matthew saw in his eyes everything he had just imagined. A wildness flashed there, shining, a glint of animal lust that made him suck in his breath with excitement.

"Yeah," Jarrod said, leaning back, still massaging his massive chest, "fuckin' hot, man. Dudes goin' for it, man, getting' all hulked out, man. You feel, it, man?" he looked right at Matthew, "you feel it makin' your fuckin' cock grow, dude? Yeah, so fuckin' hot. And your balls? Dude gonna get huge fuckin' balls and show 'em to everyone. That fuckin' turn you on, you big fuckin' muscle fag? You love turnin' yourself into a big fuckin' LG muscle fag, don't you, bro?"

"Yeah," Matthew could already feel the stuff in him working, "I love it. I fuckin' love it, man. You know. Fuck, man. It feels so hot." He was feeling his own chest and abs, now, the furry trail running down the hard bricks his abs were becoming, the soft fur on the slabs his pecs were turning into, rounded and thick but squared in shape, wide, colliding with his thick guns. And that feeling of his cock outgrowing its skin, so hard it could explode, or grow, or both. It jerked against his stomach, and he watched it with awe as he stroked his body. He could never get used to it, how it felt. It kept changing, getting better, hotter, his maleness bursting into physical reality as he changed and grew and got harder and bigger and thicker. No mistaking now that he was an LG.

"Whatta ya think, dad?" Jarrod was toying with his own cock, now, flicking its oozing head, as big as his fist, licking it as he kept his eyes fixed on Matthew.

"I think your bud is a hot little fucker. Maybe if what you said is true, he won't have to wait so long, either. Love the first phase boys, just getting their size, takin' on the look, but taking him all the way would be great, son."

"Yeah. For you too. Love to see you totally there, dad. You're lookin' so fuckin' fine, man."

"Yeah, would be fuckin' hot, son. I'd do it in a heartbeat. But I'd love to watch your bud here, man. Be just like a fuckin' morph movie, only not so fast, a little more time to watch it happen."

He slid over toward Matthew until he could reach his pecs, pushing aside Matthew's hands.

"Love to fill out like Jarrod, here, wouldn't ya, bud?"

Matthew felt the electricity of Colin's touch on his hypersensitive body, male on male, his muscle hard and thick under the man's fingers, and his mind churned with the idea of what this moment would feel like if he were built like Jarrod.

"Fuck yeah, man. What are you guys talking about, anyway?"

"About morphing you, dude, like they did me, only real fast, a few weeks maybe. How'd you like that?" Jarrod got up and stood over Matthew, his huge cock resting, not quietly, on his shoulder. "Remember those morphed pictures we used to get on the internet, the ones by those guys like Matt and N? Never thought a person could really get like that, but dude," he flexed his arms, flared his lats, and became one of those pictures for Matthew's hungry eyes, "we can, man. We can."

"So sweet," Colin said, as he slid both hands up the insides of Matthew's hairy thighs until they met to surround his meat, thumbs nudging that tender spot that took the formula in. "So hot, so handsome, getting so big." He played with the base of Matthew's throbbing cock, teasing out more precum, making Matthew gasp with pleasure, and then he slid his hands under Matthew's heavy scrotum, teased the tender spot, the thick cord where the base of his cock went deep, and on around until it found the tight pucker between Matthew's hard, slightly furry ass cheeks.

"Aww, fuck, man. What do you guys mean?"

"Don't talk, fag. Suck my huge fuckin' cock." Jarrod used one hand to lift his heavy meat and slap it against Matthew's face. "Keep your eyes on that fuckin' beauty queen you work with, though. I think you might see something amazing."

"You mean Ian Larkin?" Matthew said.

Jarrod slapped his face again with his cock.

"I said suck, don't talk. You are a fag, aren't you? A big, horny slut of a muscle fag?"

"Yeah," Matthew said, and put his mouth and tongue to work on Jarrod's meat.

"It seems," Jarrod said, standing like a towering god of youthful maleness over his young muscle buddy, "that the directors at Littleman's are considering a huge, and I mean huge, change in the program, and all because of Mr. Blond God's insatiable appetite. Did you know he was a recovering addict? Don't look up, just suck, slut boy."

Matthew let his full attention turn to the gigantic cock in his face, working around the head and down the shaft with his mouth, tongue, and both hands. The formula was suffusing his whole being, now, and he was totally his sexuality. A glance toward Colin told him the hot man working his crotch was in the same place, maybe more so. He felt himself being manipulated, penetrated, and whatever Colin did felt good, hot, so intense. He could completely understand Ian's insatiable appetite. God, would he love a cock like the one he was working on.

"Dick him, Dad," Matthew heard Jarrod teasing, prodding, as he continued to pummel his face with that monster cock, "dick him good, man. I love to see you do it. Cock's getting fuckin' huge, dad. So hot. Love to see you go all the way. Come on, ram his ass. Dick him hard. Fuck the slutboy."

Matthew slid toward Colin, his desire so strong all he could think about was muscle and cock, and all he wanted was more, more muscle, more cock. "Yeah, Dad," he heard himself saying in the same tone as Jarrod. He'd give anything to be like Jarrod, to get just like him, morphed past massive. "Yeah. Gimme that dick. Fuck this slutboy. You like my muscle body? Yeah, so fuckin' hot, getting hotter. You love to see a first phaser grow, don't you, man. Yeah. Take me good, man. Let me feel that fuckin' pole in me, man."

As he spoke, they came together in the searing heat of their lust, the youth impaled on the man, each grabbing at the other's hard, thick muscle, wanting it, feeling its size, its unbelievable density.

"Yeah, I love to see you young dudes get fuckin' huge. So fuckin' hot. You're fuckin' in love with your muscle and cock, aren't you, slutboy. Just like my boy. You should've seen him growing. Makin' his ol' dad proud. Total muscle whore, there, my boy is. Aren't ya, Jarrod?"

"Fuck yeah, Dad."

"You love your muscles, slutboy?"

Matthew felt almost delirious, totally stoned on sexual need, desire, lust. "Yeah," he moaned. "Oh, fuck yeah, I love my muscles. I love my cock, man. Gotta get so fuckin' huge."

"Yeah," Colin thrust deep, "I know. Hey Jarrod. Get that fuckin' pole out of his face and get down here with your ol' man. This slutboy's hole needs to get filled. You want it, slut? You want his monster cock in there along side mine? Sure you do. Slut gets double-dicked."

"Yeah," Matthew panted, "yeah. Fuckin' fill my young ass. Yeah. Fuck man. Use me good. Show me what it'll be like."

Jarrod slid onto the couch behind Matthew, on the other side from his dad. Lifting Matthew seemed no harder than lifting a down pillow. Matthew felt the huge head of Jarrod's cock, slick with his own saliva and copious precum, press against his asshole where Colin's huge cock was already inserted to the root. He felt himself being forced open to a point that made him feel like he might pass out from the exquisite pain, searing, hotter than burning hot. And then Jarrod, the musclegod, was inside him, pushing, sliding in deep, deeper than Colin, and Matthew was filled with unimaginable manhood. Jarrod slid his hips under him until his legs were tangled with his father's, their groins pressing against each other. How was it possible that he could take it, take cock so huge, so deep he felt it inside his chest? What had they done to alter his internal body to take it like this? But if they could change him, they could change him, and he wasn't even able to really question it. He thought about what they'd said about Ian, about doing it faster, becoming like Jarrod, doing this to another LG. He realized his own cum was spurting, flowing over his beautiful, growing muscles. With all this, he wanted more. All he wanted was more. •

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