Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

One night, Steven and Bobby were coming home late at night. They had been to a high school wrestling match in a neighboring town. Steven won his match, but everybody else on the team lost. There was some road construction in progress on the road. There must have been a mile of those concrete highway barriers like the ones Steven had at home, although not colored or plastic coated. Steven pulled over. "I want to try something, Steven said. He got out of the car and picked up one of the barricades. He held it up over his head. Once he had it up, he began to try to bend it. It took about 30 seconds of application of massive pressure from Steven. All of the sudden, there was a loud crack. The barrier split in 2. Steven was left standing there with half a barrier in each hand. Bobby was standing there with his mouth open. "Once again, you amaze me with your mighty muscles! Is there anything you can't do?" Steven laughed and replied, "Probably just a few things! I was wondering what it would take to break one of those, but I didn`t want to try it on one of my own." Bobby said, "Those things don't break when cars run into them, yet you can snap it like a pretzel!" Steven replied with a grin, "Horsepower doesn't have anything on STEVEN POWER!" Steven banged his fist on his chest a couple of times.

Then Steven took 2 barricades and set them side by side about 5 feet apart. Then he set another barricade on top of the other 2. Steven took his size 36 foot and kicked the barricade hard. The barricade slid about 5 feet, but didn't break. Bobby grinned and said, "Well, I guess there is one thing you can't do!" Just then the barricade began cracking down the middle, and broke in half. Steven reached over and picked Bobby up off his feet and held him up to his face. "I'm so fucking strong! Don't ever think there's anything I can't do!" Steven yelled. Bobby grinned and said, "Yes Sir!" Steven gently set Bobby back down. "Just don't forget it, Sonny!"

Steven got a mischievous grin on his face. "Let's have some fun!" he said. Steven began moving some of the other barricades. He stacked some of them up 4 high. He took some and spelled out SA (Steven Andrews). Then he took some more of them and spelled out TECH SUCKS! The name of the school that had beaten them was Walnut Tech. Needless to say, the road crew was bewildered when they arrived for work to find their barricades re-arranged! It took them about ½ day get them back into position with a crane.

Bobby came to school one day looking kind of depressed. Steven asked him "What's wrong?" Bobby replied, "My Mom's having real money problems. We don't have enough money for rent this month.

Steven said, "I have an idea how we might make some money real fast. Channel 8 is sponsoring a contest at the mall on Saturday called `Show us your muscle`. I was thinking about going. The winner gets a car, which we could sell and you could use the money for rent. Bobby looked at Steven and said, "You'd really do that for me?" Steven grinned and said, "Sure. Like I need an excuse to show off my muscles!"

On Saturday, Bobby and Steven waited until the contest was just about scheduled to be over. They walked into the mall. There was still a long line of guys waiting to have their biceps measured and photographed. The prize-winning car was setting inside the mall. It was a small, cheap foreign car. Steven walked up past everyone standing in line gently moving them out of the way as needed. He walked right up to the car and proceeded to lift it up over his head. Then he carried the car over to the judge's table. "If you want to see muscle, I'll show you some real muscles!" Steven yelled. With that, he held the car over his head with one hand and flexed his other 80" bicep for the judges. Steven raised the car up and down several times. The judges sat there in awe with their mouths open. Flashbulbs went off as people took pictures of the spectacle.

Just then, a short, chubby mall cop appeared at Steven's side. "I'll have to ask you to set down the car and come with me to the Security office, Sir." Steven just looked down at the guard and started laughing. He was laughing so hard, he had to be careful not to drop the car! Steven put his free hand on the guard's shoulder and raised him off the ground a couple of feet. Soon the whole crowd was laughing along with Steven. It was pretty ludicrous! This little security guard would try to tell a giant of a man holding a car over his head with one hand to come along to the Security office. Steven set him down, patted him on the head, and said, "Why don't you just run along." The guard just walked away.

Finally, Steven moved away and set down the car. He walked back to the judge's table and flexed a bicep in front of them. "Do you want to measure it to make this official?" Steven asked. The `Official Measurer' came up with a tape measurer. However it was only a 60" tape and came up about 20" short! One of the judges said, "I think we have a winner!" Steven looked over at Bobby and smiled.

After they won the car, Steven sold the cheap car pretty cheap to a kid from school and gave Bobby the money to help his Mom pay the rent and some other bills.

One day, Bobby came into school with a black eye. Bobby ran into Steven in the hall. Steven saw the black eye. Steven wanted to look at it closer so he grabbed Bobby by the arm and lifted him up in the air so he could get a better look at the eye. Easier for Steven than bending over! Steven said, "Who did this to you?" Bobby said, "Do you mind? I don't mind you picking me up, but it's kind of embarrassing here at school." Steven said as he set Bobby back down, "Sorry. I just wanted to get a closer look at your eye. You know, if you want to look at something up close, you pick it up and hold it close to your eye." Bobby said, "Things, not people you big galloot!" Steven said again, "I'm sorry. I won't do it again." Bobby said, "That's OK. You're forgiven." Steven crossed his arms and said, "That's mighty big of you!" Bobby laughed. "You don't say that to me too often!"

Steven said, "Now getting back to your black eye. Who did that? Do I need to beat somebody up?" Bobby said, "No. It was Ed." Ed was Bobby's mother's latest live in boyfriend. He worked at the steel plant and rode a motorcycle. "He was beating my Mom and I tried to help her and we ended up both getting roughed up. She's got 2 black eyes. I don't know why she puts up with that shit!" Steven made a fist and hit his hand. "Where's he at. I'll show him to pick on you two!" Bobby said, "No, you better stay out of it. My Mom even got mad at me for interfering. Steven said, "If he gives you any trouble, you just call me. I'll be there so fast it'll make his head spin. Which I might do after I get there too."

Even though Bobby had told him not to interfere, Steven decided to pay Ed a visit without Bobby knowing. Ed worked at the Steel plant. Steven decided he would catch him after work that night. Steven went home and got dressed in what he liked to call his `Physically Imposing' attire. He had on a slightly too small tank top and a slightly too small pair of shorts, that showed off his leg muscles quite nicely. It was a good outfit to show off his muscles so Ed would have a good idea who he was dealing with and be intimidated by it. Of course at 7'10" tall and 785lbs., Steven would be physically imposing in baggy clothes!

Steven went down to the plant. He knew Ed drove a motorcycle, Steven had seen it outside of Bobby's apartment. He had never met Ed though. All of the motorcycles were parked in one area and Steven located Ed's. The plant whistle blew and people began coming into the lot and driving away. Steven was watching the motorcycles from a short distance away.

A security guard came up to Steven and said, "Can I help you. When he saw how big Steven was, he got out his pepper spray. Steven said, "Yes you can help me." With that, Steven grabbed the security guard around neck and lifted him off the ground. "You can go back to wherever you came from and stay there" The guard started to try to spray Steven with his pepper spray. Steven put his big hand over the guards hand holding the spray. The spray went off inside of Steven's hand. Steven set the guard down. Steven took his and that had the pepper spray on it and wiped it on the guard's shirt. Steven took the can from the guard and crushed it in his hand. He dropped it on the ground and then wiped his hand again on the Security Guard's shirt.

There were metal light poles in the parking lot. Steven picked up the guard again and carried him over to a light pole. Steven put one hand on the pole and bent it to the ground. Steven went to the center of the pole, put his foot on it to hold it, and grabbed the other half in his hand and bent the pole almost in half. Then he put the Security guard in the middle of the bent pole and bent it the rest of the way to hold him in place. Steven yanked off the guard's clip on tie, and stuffed it in his mouth to keep him quiet.

Steven looked over and a guy was standing by Ed's motorcycle. Steven walked over. "Are you Ed?" Steven asked. Ed wasn't looking at Steven when he walked up but turned his head when spoken to. His head went back as he took in the mass of muscle in front of him. Ed said, "Yes, I'm Ed." Steven walked over grabbed him by the shirt with one hand and lifted him off the ground. Ed was a fairly big guy, about 6' tall and probably 240lbs. Steven said, "I'll make this short and sweet. If you ever lay a hand on Bobby or his Mom, I will personally beat you to a pulp! Do I make myself perfectly clear.' Steven made a fist and held it in front of Ed's face. Steven flexed his bicep for extra emphasis. Steven's fist was so big, it could cover the whole of Ed's face. With one punch, Steven could break Ed's mouth, nose and give him 2 black eyes.

Just then 3 of Ed's co-workers saw him in trouble and came running up. One of them said, "Is this guy giving you trouble Ed?" As the 3 guys came running up, Steven picked up Ed's motorcycle with his freee hand and hit them with it. Steven didn't hit them real hard, just enough to send them flying backwards. They took off running.

Steven turned his attention back to Ed, who was still dangling a couple feet off the ground. "Did you understand me? You're such a Neanderthal! You can grunt once for yes and twice for no!" Ed said, "You're that big kid that Bobby is always talking about. He makes up the biggest stories. He's 18 years old and still making up stories like a little kid. He says you can pick up a whole car over your head, and bend metal bars with your bare hands. That kid watches too much TV!"

Steven glared at Ed. "Bobby's not making it up, it's true." Steven said. "I told myself I wasn't going to do this, but I don't like you very much so what the hell!" Steven still had the motorcycle in one hand. Steven set Ed down and grasped the motorcycle in both hands and began squeezing. The motorcycle began to bend. Ed yelled, "No, not my bike!" Steven just laughed and continued to squeeze. Ed ran up to him. Steven took one hand and swatted him and he flew up in the air and landed across the aisle on the hood of a car. Steven then tuned his attention back to the motorcycle. Steven crushed the bike until it wasn't even recognizable as a motorcycle any more. It was just a mass of crushed metal. Steven then put the metal lump on the ground and jumped up and down on it and flattened it even more!

Steven went over to the car where Ed was lying on the hood and lifted him off the hood. Steven said, "Also, I don't want you tell Bobby or his Mom anything about my little visit. If you do, I'll give your head the motorcycle treatment. Do you understand me?" Ed whimpered "Yes." Steven said, "I can't hear you!" Ed said louder, "Yes. Steven said, "Yes what?" Ed replied, "Yes, SIR!" Steven smiled and set Ed back on the ground. "I can see my work here is done!" he said.

Just then Steven heard a big commotion from the plant. The doors burst open and a bunch of guys came running out, yelling and hollering. About 20 guys came running out, some of them with pipes and axes and chains in their hands. Steven said, "Uh-OH!" The sight of about 20 burly factory workers running toward him even gave Steven a start! Could he handle 20 angry men at once? Sure, he probably had the strength of 20 men, but¼

As the mob came running across the parking lot, Steven got in position to lift a car over his head. That was going to be his weapon of choice against the mob! The mob came running up and Steven stood up with the car over his head. Steven yelled, "If you don't want to get hit with flying car, Stay back! It was a fairly small car, by Steven Andrews's standards, so Steven positioned one hand and lowered his other hand. He pointed at the crowd as he stood there with the car held up over his head with one hand, and said, "Stay back!" The crowd gasped out loud at the sight of Steven holding a car over his head with one hand! As usual in these stressful situations, Steven's adrenaline was pumping. Steven felt even stronger than normal, if that was possible. Steven hoped this display of his massive strength would deter the mob, and it did to some affect. They were definitely more afraid of Steven.

The mob stopped about 20' from Steven. Most of them were in fear of this giant man who could hold a car over his head with one hand. Steven began backing down the aisle with the car. The mob moved along with him, but they never got any closer. Steven got back to the fence. His car was sitting just outside the fence. Steven hated to do it, but he tossed the car at the mob. The car flew about 15 feet, hit the ground and began rolling end over end. Steven didn't want to hit them, just scare them. Most of the mob scattered when the car came flying at them. Steven felt kind of guilty about wrecking somebody's car. The car had a State Farm sticker on it. Hopefully they were paid up! Is there an exclusion for Giant Damage?

Then Steven went over to a light pole. He wrapped his massive arms around it and pulled it off its base. He held the pole in his hand. A few mob members started to try to get close. Steven took the pole and hit them with it. He didn't hit them real hard, just enough to knock them down. While still holding the pole with one hand, Steven reached back and grabbed onto the fence. It was the type of fence with poles and then metal fencing attached to it. Steven ripped about a 20' section of fence down.

Then Steven began running at what was left of the mob, holding the fence in front of him. Some of the guys ran away, but a few stood to fight and few didn't run away fast enough. Steven mowed them down with the fence. Then Steven threw it down on top of them. There were probably 10 guys under the fence. Steven stomped over the top of the fence. The guys underneath screamed in pain under the pressure exerted by Steven. Then Steven got up and walked over to the edge of the fencing. He dragged a couple of parked cars over to the fence and set them on the edge of the fence. Steven did this on each edge to hold the fence down so that the guys couldn't get out.

While Steven was securing the fence, 4 of the guys, who had run away, sneaked around the parking lot and came up behind Steven. One of the guys had a long chain. The guy snapped the chain at Steven from a distance but missed. Steven turned around and began to charge the guy. The guy snapped the chain again. This time, Steven caught the chain with his arm. It wrapped around his arm. Steven gave the chain a yank. The guy didn't let go right away and came flying right at Steven. He landed at Steven's feet. Steven flexed his bicep and the chain broke in several pieces and fell to the ground. Then he reached over, picked up the guy at his feet and threw him at the other 3 guys. The guy his the other 3 guys and they fell over like bowling pins. Steven yelled, "Strike!"

Then Steven got up and ran to his car. He drove away from the scene as quickly as possible. As he drove away, Steven actually got scared and began trembling. He wasn't sure, but he imagined he'd probably broken a few laws tonight. A lot of thoughts ran through his mind. Would he let the cops arrest him? He could put up quite a fight if he wanted! He'd like to see a bunch of those puny cops try and take him in! If they thought that the steel plant parking lot was a disaster scene, just wait. There'd be squad cars flying through the air like birds! What if the cops could arrest him, would he stay in jail? He could probably bust out of any jail with muscle power, but then what would he do? It'd be pretty hard for a 7'10", 780lb. guy to allude the police for long! Did they still give orders to shoot to kill? Fortunately for Steven, the guys at the plant were so embarrassed at having been beaten up so badly by one guy, they didn't call the police so Steven's worries were for naught!

The next day at school, Bobby came in with a smile on his face. He saw Steven in the hall and said, "Guess what? Ed came home last night after work, packed his stuff and moved out! Never said a word!" Steven said, "That's great news. Glad to hear it." Bobby said, "I also heard something about a giant going on a rampage in the parking lot of the steel plant. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?" Steven grinned slightly, "No, but it sure sounds like fun. Maybe that giant will call me the next time and we could team up! Just think of the damage 2 of us giants could do. In fact, I'd like to meet the guy, wouldn't you? We could talk about big guy stuff, like where to get shoes and clothes at." Sometimes, when Steven got nervous, he would start rambling on like this.

Bobby looked at Steven and said, "I know it was you. Thanks for helping us get rid of Ed." Steven said, "I don't ever want to hear about anybody pushing you around. If they push you around, they're pushing me around, and I push back really hard!" Bobby said, "Thanks, big guy!" Just then some guy walked by in the crowded hall and bumped into Bobby. The guy said, "Sorry." Bobby put a hand on Steven's stomach and said, "Easy, big guy, you don't have to beat him up. It was an accident." Bobby and Steven laughed at their inside joke, but the guy got a real scared look on his face and ran off.

One day, Steven got a phone call at home. It was a reporter from Sports Illustrated. They were wondering if they could send a reporter and a photographer out to do a story on Steven. Of course Steven consented. The reporter would spend about 3 days in town working on the story.

Steven had been in Sports Illustrated before, usually just small article about his feats on the gridiron. This was the first big story that they were going to do on him.

About a week later, the reporter and photographer showed up and the Andrew's home. Steven came down stairs. The reporter looked up at Steven and said, "Damn, you're huge! You're the biggest human I've ever seen! I've interviewed a lot of big athletes over the years, but I've never seen anybody as gargantuan as you. I`ve even covered the Mr. Universe Contest." Steven said, "What were you expecting the strongest man in the world to be-a midget?" The reporter replied, "I'd seen pictures of you before and I knew you were big, but I didn't realize how big! Pictures don't do you justice." The reporter said to Steven, "You can relax your muscles. You don't have to keep them pumped for me." Steven said, "They're not pumped! Do you want to see pumped?" Steven flexed his bicep in front of the reporter's face. The reporter's eyes got really, really big.

The reporter and photographer stuck to Steven for the next 3 days. They were there when he got up in the morning, followed him around all day and left when he went to bed at night. The photographer took roll after roll of film. He did a shot of Steven lifting a Volkswagen over his head and holding it up with one hand. Steven stood there with one hand holding the car and he flexed his other bicep. The photographer joked that Steven was so big, he needed to use a wide-angle lens. The photographer took pictures of Steven walking down the hall at school, head and massive shoulders above the rest of the kids. He shot pictures of Steven in the weight room, with 3 extra guys riding the weights up and down. He even took pictures in the shower. Steven said, "You better be taking those pictures from the waist up, or I'll have to come over and crush your camera!"

They also went down to the junkyard. The workers let Steven crush a car for the photographer. This time, Steven didn't just crush the passenger compartment, he crushed the whole car. Steven stood the car on its rear bumper. Then he crushed the engine compartment, then the front passenger compartment, then the rear passenger compartment, then the trunk. When the car was crushed beyond recognition, Steven raised the car over his head and threw it across the junkyard. It flew about 30 feet and crashed to the ground with a resounding thud. The photographer caught the car in mid-air, just as it left Steven's hands. It was a very dramatic shot. Steven rubbed his hands together and said, "Gee! That was fun!" Steven got a smile on his face and a glint in his eye. "I think you guys need a hug!" Steven said. The reporter said, "That's OK."

Steven started chasing after the photographer and the reporter. Steven wasn't very fast, but he had long legs and long arms and soon he had the reporter and the photographer in his arms. The photographer had a look of fear in his eyes. He'd just seen Steven crush a car with his bare hands, he was thinking of what Steven could do to a human body! Steven just gave them a little squeeze, just enough to make them uncomfortable for a minute and set them down. "Just kidding around, you guys!" Steven said.

They also took some staged shots for the magazine. Steven lifted up the front end of a classmate's car and the classmate pretended to change the tire. Then they took a shot of Steven lifting the reporter off his feet with one hand and brought him up to eye level with himself. In the magazine, they titled it "Steven Andrews discusses magazine article with writer." Steven made sure that a shot of him and Bobby got in the magazine too, so Bobby could say his picture was in Sports Illustrated.

The reporter interviewed a lot of people, friends, teachers, and acquaintances of Steven too. Steven even got a free meal out of the deal. The reporter and photographer took him out to Denny's where they ordered the whole menu and charged it to their expense account.

They also covered the trial and tribulations that Steven experiences being so big. They took a walk through the mall and the photographer shot some pictures of people turning around to stare at Steven as he walked by. They also showed Steven trying to squeeze through small doors. Tall people may have to duck, but Steven also had problems getting his massive shoulders and chest through doors too. A lot of places have 8 foot ceiling, and with shoes on, Steven's head would be brushing up against the ceiling. Steven was often surprised that he would hit his head on a ceiling that was advertised to be 8 foot. Often times they were an inch or so short. Of course, don't even get him started on light fixtures!

When the magazine came out a few weeks later, the picture on the cover was the one of Steven holding the Volkswagen over his head with one hand. The banner on the cover page was "World's Strongest Man!" Steven didn't know that his picture was going to be on the cover! He was certainly surprised when he saw himself on the cover at the newsstand!

Steven got a lot of good-natured ribbing at school when the magazine came out. When Steven walked down the hall, people would say, "Look out, here comes the strongest man in the world! Get out of his way!" Everybody knew that Steven was really strong, but seeing on the cover of Sports Illustrated made it official. Some people asked Steven to autograph their magazines, which he was glad to do.

The manager of the all you can eat buffet near the Andrew's house who sent their leftovers to the Andrews for Steven to eat, got an almost life size enlargement of the cover to stand up in the lobby of the restaurant. They slapped a sign on it that said, "Worlds Strongest Man eats Andy's Buffet food every day!" There was a brief mention of the restaurant in the article. Business did pick up a little in the weeks after the article came out. The manager even invited Steven to go through the buffet line. Steven held his appetite in check and only went through the line 6 times.

One day, Bobby came over to Steven's house with some news. They were tearing down an old house over on Sycamore Street. Bobby asked Steven, "Maybe you can give them some help, Big Boy?" Steven grinned. Bobby said, "The wrecking crew was going to lunch when I came by, just now." So Bobby and Steven headed over there. It was a fairly small 2 story house. The wrecking crew hadn't really started on it yet.

The front door was standing open. Steven walked up to the door and ripped it off its hinges. He held it with both hands and snapped it in two. "This is going to be a lot of fun!" Steven said with a grin. Steven said, "I always wish that doorways were higher!" With that he proceeded to tear the top of the doorway off. Then Steven walked up to a wall in the house. He put both hands on it and pushed. A good section of the wall collapsed in a cloud of dust. Bobby said, "Be careful with those walls. You wouldn't want to take down a load-bearing wall. The whole house could collapse on you." Steven laughed, "No problem. With these big muscles, I'll just hold up the whole house!" Bobby laughed too. Bobby said, "Maybe I'll just wait outside." Steven said, "Stay here and watch these muscles do their thing!"

Steven proceeded through the house wrecking everything in his way. One door was closed, but not locked. He broke it down with one blow from his hand. Steven put his fist through a couple of walls and the ceiling. He pulled down the banister on the stairs. Steven proceeded up stairs. He saw an entrance to the attic in the ceiling, but there was no way he'd be able to fit through the small opening. Steven opened the door to the attic and simply expanded the opening by breaking away the wall around the opening. There was a pull down stairs but Steven just ripped the stairs away. Steven pulled himself up through the opening in to the attic.

The attic ceiling was very low, probably less than 6' high. Steven had to kneel down. Steven moved down to one end of the attic. He put his hands on beams in the ceiling and began to stand up. The ceiling of the attic, which was really the roof of the house, began to groan and creek. Soon the end of the roof had broken away from the rest of the house. Then Steven proceeded into the middle of the attic and did the same thing. Then he finished up down at the other end of the attic. Soon, the whole roof was pulled away from the house. Then Steven went and stood up in the middle of the attic. He put his arms on the main beam running across the middle of the attic ceiling and lifted. Steven strained slightly, but soon had lifted the entire roof up over his head. Steven stood up. He actually rotated the roof around over the top of the house.

Steven called out, "Bobby, where are you?" Bobby replied, "In the front yard!" Steven yelled down, "I'm going to throw the roof into the backyard. Make sure there's nobody back there." Bobby ran around to the back yard and yelled back, "All clear!" With that, Steven gave a toss and threw the whole roof into the back yard. The roof broke in to several pieces when it hit the ground with a bang. Bobby yelled up "Awesome sight to behold, giant muscle dude!" Steven stood in the attic area with a grin on his face. He rubbed his hand together. "This house definitely needed more headroom to accommodate a big guy like me!"

Bobby yelled up to Steven, "You know what! I was wrong. It's really the house next door that's being torn down. Not this one!" Steven looked down with something of a frightened look on his face. Bobby yelled back, "Just kidding Big Guy!" Steven laughed and said, "Remind me to break you in two later!" Bobby yelled back, "I'll make a note of that!"

Then Steven went around to the 4 walls of the attic and knocked them all down. Then he lowered himself back down to the 2nd floor. He tore into it with reckless abandon, smashing walls, pulling down the ceilings, and ripping the pipes out. Steven even `tackled' a wall and broke through to the other side. He got covered in dust, but it was worth it! When there wasn't much left of the 2nd floor, Steven went to work on the first floor. The house was beginning to become unstable due to the tremendous damage Steven inflicted, so he decided he better do the rest of his wrecking from the outside.

Steven went and stood at a corner of the house and began pushing on the corner. The house buckled and collapsed in the direction Steven was pushing. Then he went to the other counter and applied the same pressure. The rest of the house slid off its foundation and collapsed. Bobby said, "Steven, you home wrecker!"

Just then, the real wrecking crew returned from their lunch. "What the hell happened here!" somebody yelled. Steven replied, "I just thought I'd use my big muscles to help you out!" "Help us out! We get paid by the hour you idiot! You kids cost us 3 or 4 days pay!" the guy from the crew said. Steven said, "Sorry." The guy from the crew continued, "How'd you kids tear down the house that fast? Steven flexed his biceps and said, "Muscle Power!" The guy answered back, "Yeah, right!"

Somebody on the crew yelled, "Get him!" Two of the wrecking crew picked up a shovel and an axe and began running toward Steven. As they got close to Steven, he grabbed the handles of the shovel and the axe and snapped them in two. Then Steven reached down and grabbed the two guys by the neck and raised them up over his head. Then Steven threw them back across the yard, back to where they came from.

One of the crew jumped on a Bobcat bulldozer that was sitting there and fired it up. He started it up and came charging after Steven. As he got closer, Steven reached out and put one hand on the bulldozer. It came to a sudden stop. The wheels began spinning in the dirt. The guy looked at Steven in amazement. Then Steven grabbed the frame of the bulldozer cab with his hands and lifted the bulldozer up over his head. The driver fell out of the bulldozer to the ground. Then Steven threw the bulldozer into the rubble from the house. Steven reached down and lifted the bulldozer driver off the ground and over his head with one hand. The crew started to back away slowly. Steven threw the bulldozer driver over by the rest of the guys. "Take this asshole with you!"

Steven said, "Anybody else want to try me and my big muscles?" The remainder of the crew muttered something intelligible. Steven said, "I didn't think so!" Steven looked at the pick up truck the crew had driven up in. Steven said, "Hey, I like that pick up truck! Maybe I'll pick it up! Steven went over and proceeded to lift up the back of the truck and get underneath in preparation for a lift. Then Steven stood up and lifted up the pick up truck over his head. The wrecking crew looked on in amazement. There had been strong guys on the crew before, but they had never seen as strong as Steven. Steven pretended like he was going to throw the pick up truck at the wrecking crew and they took off running. Steven laughed. "You better run, you little dimwitted runts!

Steven laughed and set the truck down. He could have tossed the truck, but he really didn't harbor any ill will toward the guys. He did cost them a few days pay, but they shouldn't have tried to attack him. They definitely needed to learn a lesson!

Steven yelled as the crew ran away, "Be sure and come back and clean up this mess! I only tear down. I don't do clean up!"

During this time, Bobby had been hiding behind a tree. After they were gone, he came out from behind the tree. Steven looked at him and grinned. "What were you doing behind the tree, Bobby?" Bobby laughed nervously, "Just trying to save my hide! There were some pretty big guys on that wrecking crew." Steven laughed and said, "Yeah, but I'm a whole lot bigger!" Bobby said, "You never know, they might try to go after me instead of you!" Steven said, "You're probably right. They might try that. It's probably a good idea that you stay out of the way while I deal with those kind of guys." Steven reached down and rubbed Bobby's hair. "I'll take care of my little buddy!" Steven said. Bobby fixed his hair and said, "Will you stop doing that!" Bobby wasn't really mad, he was just giving Steven a hard time.

Steven put his hands on his hips and went and stood in front of Bobby. "And who's going to stop me?" Steven said, as he looked down at Bobby. With that, he ruffled Bobby's hair again. Bobby grabbed Steven's hand and pulled it around behind his back and started to twist it as best he could. Bobby said laughing, "OK, This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you¼ Steven easily broke away from Bobby's grip. He turned around and faced Bobby again, nose to chest. Steven pulled off his shirt and gave Bobby a double bicep pose.

"You puny people should know better than to challenge the mighty Steven Andrews!" Steven yelled at Bobby. Steven grabbed Bobby by the waist and lifted him into the air. "Show me the muscle that you dare to use against the gigantic muscles of Steven Andrews!" Bobby laughed and flexed his little bicep. There was barely a bulge visible on Bobby's skinny arm. Steven wrapped his fingers around Bobby's bicep. Steven said, `Such a puny muscle. You dare to challenge this!" With that Steven flexed his bicep right up against Bobby's. Bobby was laughing and said, "I am so sorry, Oh Gigantic Muscular One!" Please forgive my transgression! Steven laughed and plopped Bobby down on the ground. "OK!" Steven said, laughing. "Steven Andrews will forgive you this time, but next time you will incur the full wrath of Steven Andrews. You will experience his massive strength and power in ways that are unimaginable to you puny men!" Bobby laughed and said, "I can hardly wait!"

Soon, it was time for Steven to graduate from High School. At this point, he didn't know what he was going to do after high school. This was back in the days before kids could go directly from high school into professional sports. Many colleges were recruiting him for his prowess on the football field, but after 4 years, Steven found football kind of boring. Steven hated basketball, much to the anger of a lot of basketball coaches. Steven wasn't even sure he wanted to go to college at all.

Mrs. Pierce made Steven a custom made cap & gown. Steven told her it wasn't necessary to make something he would only wear once, but she thought he should have one like everybody else.

Soon it was graduation day. The ceremony would be held outside on the football field. Fortunately, the weather turned out to be very nice. The graduates sat in chairs down on the field, and everyone else sat up on the bleachers. The bleachers were almost overflowing, people were sitting and standing in the aisles.

There were the usual boring speeches. About half way through the ceremony, the bleachers began making a creaking noise. Several women screamed. Steven turned around and he noticed that the bleachers were leaning, looking like they were going to collapse. Some of the people were starting to panic and trying to get off the bleachers as soon as possible. Steven was sitting in the back of the crowd on a bench so that he wouldn't block anybody's view. Also, those metal folding chairs wouldn't support his almost 800 lb. weight!

Steven jumped up and ran back under the bleachers. Steven looked up and saw one of the main support beams was bending. Fortunately, it was only about 9 feet off the ground. Steven reached up into the framework of the bleachers to the beam and lifted it back in place. It was really heavy, even to Steven. The weight even forced his feet to sink into the ground several inches! It was the heaviest thing Steven could ever recall lifting. Steven yelled up, "Please clear the bleachers immediately. Do not panic! I can hold them up until you get off!"

Steven was sweating profusely. His face was beet red. The sleeves of the gown fell down revealing Steven's 80" biceps fully pumped and as red as his face. Steven heard the sound of cloth ripping under his gown. Since he was using his legs to support a lot of the weight, his shorts had ripped as well as his T-shirt.

As had happened before with Steven, in very tense situations like this, the flow of adrenaline made him even stronger than normal. A couple of people came to help Steven hold the bleachers up, but since the beam was about 9 feet off the ground, nobody else could reach it. Steven told them "I've got it. Get back out from under the bleachers." Steven didn't want anybody else to get hurt if the bleachers did collapse. The people cleared the bleachers in just a couple of minutes in a relatively orderly fashion.

When everybody was off, Steven slowly stopped lifting the beam. As he did, the whole section of bleachers began to collapse. Fortunately, Steven was near the edge of the bleachers and was able to run out from under them, just as they collapsed in a pile of bent metal. As Steven was running out from under the bleachers, his gown got caught on something and ripped off him completely. All he had on under the gown were tattered shorts and a tattered T-shirt. After the bleachers collapsed, Steven sat down on the ground to rest. He was breathing very heavy. Several people ran over to him to see if he was OK. Steven said, "I'm OK. I just need to rest for a minute." One man came up and said, "Damn, you're strong!" Several people told him, "You're a hero! If you hadn't been so tall and so strong, the bleachers would have collapsed with all those people on them!" Somebody brought him a bottle of water to drink. Steven was so thirsty, they ended up bringing him several bottles of water to drink.

A few people were slightly injured during the evacuation of the bleachers, but nowhere near as many would have been hurt had the bleachers collapsed with all of those people on them.

After a few minutes rest, Steven got up and walked around the pile of broken bleachers back onto the field. The crowd erupted in a spontaneous standing ovation for their giant hero that lasted several minutes! Steven was kind of embarrassed by all of the attention. Also, he would have to finish his graduation in tattered shorts and a tattered T-shirt. The Principal grabbed the microphone and said, "Let's have a big round of applause for big Steven Andrews whose tremendous courage and incredible strength no doubt saved the lives of many people today. Coach Smith, I guess all that money you spent in the weight room on Steven's special weights really paid off today! In case you didn't know it folks, most of Steven's mighty muscles were built right here at Lincoln High. Steven has been training in our weight room since he was in the 7th grade. Back then, he was only about 7' tall and only weighed a mere 500 lbs.! We're just thankful today he grew up here at Lincoln High!" The crowd laughed and applauded again.

Mrs. Andrews came running over to Steven. "Oh Steven! Are you OK? I was so worried about you when the bleachers collapsed!" Steven gave his Mom a hug and said, "I'm just fine. Just another days work for the strongest man in the world!" Mrs. Andrews said, "I'm really proud of what you did, Steven. You saved a lot of people from injury or even death!" Even Mr. Andrews, who seldom had anything good to say to Steven, came over and shook Steven's hand and said, "That was really a tremendous thing you did son to save all of those people! We're both very proud of you! I told everybody, that big , strong guy is my son!"

After a delay, they got the ceremony going again. They skipped the rest of the speeches and just gave out the diplomas. When Steven's name was announced, the crowd gave him a standing ovation again. After he got his diploma, Steven turned to the crowd, smiled and flexed a bicep for them. They cheered even louder.

After the ceremony, the graduates were standing around. A couple of kids thanked Steven because their parents were sitting on the section of bleachers that collapsed. A lot of people came up to shake Steven's hand and some people had their picture taken with him. Steven had on red shorts and a light blue T-shirt. One of the girls took off her red gown and put it on Steven like a cape. Everyone said that since he saved the day like Superman would with his super strength, Steven should look like Superman! Steven didn't keep the cape on for too long, however. He liked to be compared to Superman in terms of strength, but he didn't really want to dress up like him! That outfit was kind of goofy looking.

The local newspaper ran an article with pictures about the bleacher collapse. The headline was `Super Strong graduate saves the day at Lincoln High Gradation." When the newspaper photographer showed up, Steven stood in front of the pile of twisted metal that was the bleachers in his tattered shirt and shorts with his hands on his hips.

The lead of the article was "A 7'10" 785 lb., extremely muscular and strong, graduating senior saved the day at the Lincoln High Graduation ceremony when the bleachers that were holding an estimated 100 people began to collapse. Steven Andrews used his immense strength to hold up the failing main support beam of the bleachers until the crowd could be safely evacuated from the bleachers. Steven Andrews had been featured in `Sports Illustrated' recently as the strongest man in the world and he certainly proved it yesterday with his incredible display of his strength that saved many people from injury or death.

One day, after graduation, Bobby arrived over at the Andrew's house. Mrs. Andrews let him in and told him that Steven was in his room and to go on up. Bobby went up stairs and knocked on Steven's door. Bobby called out, "Steven." Steven said, "Come on in." Bobby opened the door and went in. Steven was standing at the bathroom door, completely naked. "I was just getting ready to take a shower." Bobby said, "Oh." He paused for a moment, "I could use a shower too." Steven looked at him with a grin, "Come on in. There's lots of room." A couple of years ago, in a unusual fit of generosity, Mr. Andrews had knocked out a wall and rebuilt Steven's bathroom with a huge shower, raised the sink and got Steven a special toilet. That happened after the toilet collapsed one night under Steven. The toilet was raised up. If a normal size person had to use it, their feet would dangle off the ground. Mr. Andrews even installed a urinal that was raised up off the floor about 2 feet.

Bobby quickly stripped and got in the shower with Steven. Being this close to a wet, nude, hugely muscular Steven made Bobby hard immediately. Seeing Bobby get hard, made Steven get hard. Steven grinned at Bobby. He said, "You know, for a little guy, you're really hung!" Bobby was a good 12 inches when fully erect. Steven said, "On a little guy like you, it looks huge." Bobby said, "It's nothing like that anaconda you've got. I should start calling your Mr. Big!" Steven looked down at his own dick, now at least 25" long and 10" around and still growing. Steven flexed his bicep and said, "I guess I'm just big all over!" Bobby said, "I'd almost give up a couple inches off there, for a couple of inches of height!"

Steven said, "Maybe I can do something about that. He grabbed Bobby by the waist and lifted him up in the air. Steven took Bobby's feet in one hand, and put the other around his neck. Steven held Bobby horizontally and began gently stretching him. "I bet I can turn you into at least a 6 footer. Maybe a 7 footer!" Steven said. Bobby laughed. "This might just work. I'm desperate. I'll try anything to be taller! It's worth a shot!" Steven grabbed Bobby's dick. "How long do you want this thing to be?" Bobby said, "I think we'll leave that just as it is!" Steven laughed and said , `OK."

Steven said, "Will you do my back?' Bobby said, "Sure." Steven handed him a wash rag. Then he held Bobby by the feet upside down behind his back, over his shoulder. Bobby laughed and scrubbed away. Steven raised him up and down like you would a brush! Bobby kneeled down and washed Steven's legs. Steven said, "This is pretty good! Nothing like having somebody to wash for you! It's a long way for me to bend down, you know." Bobby said, "Actually, I'm enjoying it too!" Bobby ran the wash cloth up and down Stevens tree trunk like legs. Bobby said, "Now I know what it would be like to wash a redwood!"

At one point, Bobby dropped the bar of soap. He bent over to pick it up and when he raised up, he hit his head on Steven's 30" now fully erect dick. "Ow!" Bobby cried. "Just about as bad as hitting your head on a steel pipe!" Steven laughed and said, "Are you OK?" Bobby said, "Yes, I'll probably just have a headache for a while." Steven laughed, "I'm glad I don't have to explain to anybody what happened!" Bobby laughed and said, "Maybe I should have you arrested for assault with a deadly weapon!" Steven laughed and said, "It'd take a whole bunch of strong cops to even try and arrest me!"

They got done in the shower and dried off in front of the mirror. Steven was looking at himself in the mirror. "Want to see something I can do?" Steven asked Bobby. "Sure." Bobby replied. Steven flexed his biceps, but kept his palms open, he didn't make a fist. Then, he put his hands over his own biceps! Steven's biceps were so big, he could palm them with his own hands. "Wow, That's cool," Bobby said. Bobby ran his hands over Steven's biceps. Steven said, "It looks like we both get off on big muscles. I've got `em and you like `em! I check out my biceps every time I come in here." Steven put his hand over Bobby's hand and felt his own bicep.

Steven looked down at the reflection Bobby standing next to him with his little hands on Steven's huge, bulging bicep. Seeing their nude reflections together in the mirror made Steven feel like a giant! In reality, it wasn't like Bobby was a midget or anything, just a few inches shorter than the average male, but quite a few pounds lighter.

Steven said, "Would you do something for me? I've always had a fantasy. I've always wanted a little guy to climb me." Bobby smiled and said, "Well, you are a mountain of a man and I'm a little guy! Here I come!"

Steven grinned from ear to ear. He flexed one bicep and held his other arm straight out. Steven said, "I won't help you." Bobby put his hands on Steven's outstretched arm. It was high enough above his head that he had to jump up to grab it. He could hang there without his feet touching the ground. Bobby swung back and forth a couple of times. Then Bobby wrapped his legs around Steven's legs, or as far as they would go around them. He then hugged Steven's chest and began shinnying up. When his head got level with Steven's arm, Bobby wrapped his legs around Steven's stomach, again they weren't long enough to go around. Then Bobby crawled across Steven's chest over to the other side. He held onto Steven's flexed bicep. Bobby laughed and said, "The mountain scenery is better over here!"

Steven watched Bobby in the mirror. It was amazing for Steven to see how small Bobby looked climbing on him. It made Steven feel very big and powerful. Having Bobby climb on him was very erotic for Steven and he got hard again. Bobby was trying not to get a hard on since that would make climbing difficult, but he didn't succeed.

Bobby then climbed around Steven's back, and then under his arm and back across his chest. On the way back, he stopped and put his feet on Steven's erect dick. He walked back and forth on it several times. It supported his 125lbs. without bending at all. Then Bobby resumed his climb.

Bobby got up to Steven's shoulder of the outstretched arm.. He pulled himself up. He then stretched out. He rested his back against Steven's head and his legs over Steven's arm. There was a lot of room up there and it was quite comfortable! Then he climbed to his feet. Steven's room had very high ceilings, but Bobby wasn't able to stand up fully while standing on Steven's shoulder. He put one foot on top of Steven's head, and did a slightly bent over double bicep pose. Steven was watching his every move in the mirror and laughed at the sight. Steven reached up and lifted Bobby down to the ground. Bobby said, "Going down was a lot easier then going up. Want me to do it again?"

Steven, said, "No. It's your turn. Do you have a fantasy?" Bobby kind of looked down and said, "I'd just like to feel your muscles. Kind of like I did when I was climbing you, but maybe you could flex and pose for me?" Steven grinned and said, "Sure. Whatever you want. Just tell me!" He struck a double bicep pose. Bobby stood on the bed facing Steven and ran his hands over Steven's biceps. Steven pumped his biceps up and down. Bobby took both hands and squeezed Steven's bicep as hard as he could. Steven then held his arm down and pumped one bicep up and down for Bobby. Steven flexed one arm and pointed the other up in the air. Steven misjudged a little and punched the ceiling with his hand and put a hole in it. Steven said, "Whoops!"

Then Bobby put his arms across Steven's chest and rested his head on Steven's chest. Steven lifted him off the bed and held Bobby in place against his chest. With his free hand, he flexed a bicep. Bobby put one hand on the flexed bicep, and kept the other on Steven's chest. Bobby sighed deeply.

Steven decided to lay on the floor and let Bobby kneel on him. So Steven stretched out on the floor. Bobby knelt on Steven's chest. Bobby could feel Steven's heart beating. Steven's massive chest rose up and down steadily with each breath, moving Bobby up and down, like he was in a boat on the ocean. Bobby crawled off Steven and lay on the floor next to him.

Bobby felt very small next to Steven's massive physique. Bobby thought to himself, "Even lying down, this guy dwarfs me!" Bobby could barely see over the top of Steven's massive 80" bicep. Steven's massive chest towered several feet above Bobby. Since Steven was so tall, Bobby was rarely this close to Steven's upper body. Most of the time, Steven's basketball size shoulders, chest and biceps were well over Bobby's head. Bobby turned over on his side and propped himself up with an elbow and studied Steven's massive upper body intently. He really was a thing of beauty. It reminded Bobby of statues of Greek Gods that he had seen in a museum, except with more muscle.

Then Steven rolled over on his side and propped his head up with one hand too. He was face to face with Bobby. Steven had a smile on his face. A large shadow was cast over Bobby. If Steven towered over Bobby when lying on his back, Steven lying on his side dwarfed Bobby even more. Steven lay there for a while then rolled back over on his back and closed his eyes. Steven took one arm and pulled Bobby close to his side. Bobby's head was up under Steven's arm. Steven's arm held Bobby in place. Bobby was a little uncomfortable, but he found it exciting too. Steven was so powerful, that he could control Bobby even while asleep!

Steven pulled his arm off Bobby and let it lay at his side. Bobby climbed up on Steven's arm. He lay face down across it with his arms and legs wrapped around as much of Steven's arm as they would reach. Bobby's arms, barely touched the floor. Bobby's head rested on Steven's shoulder and he went to sleep too. They slept for just a little while. Then Steven woke up. He stretched out his arm, not even realizing Bobby was on there. He yawned and started to bend his arm when he realized Bobby was on his arm. Had he flexed real hard, Bobby could have been hurt! Bobby hadn't woken up so Steven set his arm back down and dozed off again himself.

As Bobby lay there sleeping, hugging Steven's bicep, all snug in his bed (or floor in this case but that doesn't rhyme), visions of muscles danced in his head.

Bobby began to dream¼..

Steven and Bobby were out in Steven's back yard lifting weights together. As they stood there, a bolt of lightening came out of the sky. It hit Bobby, but not Steven. However, it didn't appear to hurt Bobby.

Bobby said, "Boy that was weird!" Steven replied, "Yeah! Lightening usually hits the tallest thing around and that's not you!" Bobby flexed his miniscule bicep and said, "You know what, I feel a lot stronger than I did before the lightening hit. Bobby walked over to one of Steven's 2 ton barricades. He bent over, slid a hand underneath and lifted it into the air with one hand. Bobby yelled, "Holy Shit! I'm as strong as you are now!" Steven didn't say anything.

Bobby set his barricade down and stacked 2 more on top and raised 3 barricades into the air with one hand. Steven gasped, "That's 6 tons! Damn, you're strong!" Bobby said, "I can see things are going to be different around here from now on!" Steven yelled back, "You can't be as stronger than me, you little runt You're still so puny and I'm so big! I'm the strongest man in the world!" Bobby laughed wickedly and said, "Was Big Boy, Was! You're still big but I'm the strong one now. I must have the strength of 10 of you!" Bobby flexed his little bicep again. Steven said, "You can't be that strong. You don't have any muscles!

Bobby went over and picked up one of Steven's 1,000 lb. Barbells. Of course he easily lifted it over his head with one hand. Then he took it and bent it into a U shape. Bobby said, "Now I know why you like doing that so much! It's a great feeling to bend metal with your bare hands!" Steven said, "Hey, don't bend my barbells." Bobby just laughed and said, "Who's gonna stop me. Not you, you weakling! Nobody can stop me!"

Bobby looked up at Steven, "Want to arm wrestle, Big Boy? We've never done that before. It's never been much of a contest before. It's a little more even of a match up now!" Steven said nervously, "Whatever you want, Bobby."

Since he was so powerful and in control now, Bobby arranged the barricades as a platform for the arm wrestling contest. Bobby ordered Steven, "Kneel down and arm wrestle me." Since there was a great difference in their heights, Steven knelt down and Bobby stood up. They interlocked hands, but it was more like Steven's hand totally enveloped Bobby's. Bobby said, "GO!" In a matter of seconds, Bobby smashed Steven's hand to the barricade and actually cracked the barricade. Steven looked stunned. His hand was hurting. "So how's it feel not to be the strongest man in the world anymore?" Bobby asked. Steven didn't say anything.

"If I can beat you arm wrestling, I'd bet I could beat you up too. I'm really strong!" Bobby leaped over the barricades and hit Steven in the stomach with a punch. Steven went flying across the yard. He hit a tree and the tree fell over. Bobby ran over to where Steven was lying. Bobby grabbed him and lifted him up over his head with one hand. Bobby said, "Now you know how it feels to be manhandled like a rag doll!" Steven started crying, "Please don't hurt me, Bobby! I never hurt you before!" Bobby laughed a wicked laugh.

Just then Bobby's arm collapsed and Steven fell down on top of him. Steven's huge body was crushing Bobby! He couldn't move, couldn't breathe...

Just then Bobby awoke from his dream! Steven had rolled over on top of him and he couldn't move. Bobby was squashed on the floor, but fortunately, he wasn't having real problem breathing. Bobby poked Steven and he woke up. Steven quickly rolled off Bobby. Bobby said, "You've just got to quit doing that. One of these days you're going to wake up and there'll be a little wet spot under you and that will be all that's left of me! Steven said "Sorry! Did you have a nice nap on my bicep?" Bobby said, "It's as comfortable as sleeping on a boulder!"

Bobby said, "You won't believe the weird dream I just had." Steven said, "Considering you're cumming all over the floor, it must have been a good one!" Bobby said, "That's what you get for almost crushing me to death with that gargantuan body of yours! The dream was that I got struck by lightening and I was stronger than you. I beat you at arm wrestling and then we started fighting, and I was beating you! I picked you up and held you over my head with one hand. It was a great dream! I wish I could be that strong in real life! It was a great feeling! Now I kind of know what you must feel like all the time!"

Steven looked over at Bobby and flexed his bicep, "Dream on little man! Nobody in the world can beat me! I`m the strongest man the world has ever seen!" Steven grabbed Bobby and raised him over his chest and held him there, like a parent might hold a baby. Steven put his hands around Bobby's chest, not really a problem since Steven had big hands and Bobby's chest was only about 32"! Steven's thumbs were resting on Bobby's nipples. Steven asked Bobby, "Now let's test you. Who's the strongest man in the world?" Bobby laughed, "Let's see, is it Arnold Schwarezenegger? Steven laughed, "Wrong answer!" and gently squeezed Bobby's chest with his thumbs. Bobby said, "Is it Paul Anderson?" Steven laughed, "Not even close!" and squeezed a little harder. Bobby gasped, "OK, OK. I know, It's that fantastically muscular giant of a man, Steven Andrews!" Steven said, "That's the right answer! He lowered Bobby onto his chest. Steven's chest hair tickled Bobby a little. Bobby laughed a little. "What's so funny?" Steven asked. Bobby replied, "Your hairy chest is tickling me." Steven laughed, "I'll show you tickles!" Steven rubbed Bobby back and forth across his chest several times..

Steven then took his arms and wrapped them around Bobby and hugged him tightly against his chest. Bobby felt very secure and safe in the massive arms of Steven Andrews, the strongest man in the whole wide world. •

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