Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

When we last left our hero, Steven Andrews, he was just beginning his Senior Year of high school. Steven was coming to really appreciate the fact that he was the strongest man in the world. Steven even amazed himself sometimes with his feats of strength. He'd been very strong for a long time, but there is a certain confidence he had knowing that there was no other man in the world as strong as he. In fact, he was probably the strongest man ever. Surely, if there had been someone as strong, his exploits would have been chronicled in the annals of history!

There was another student at Steven's school named Danny. Danny was only a junior, but he was the 2nd biggest guy in school after Steven. In his sophomore year, he was already 6'6" tall and weighed 285lbs. When he came back after summer vacation, he was 6'8" and 325lbs. By the time the school year was half over, he was up to over 350lbs. He had 24" biceps and a 64" chest. He was an incredible physical specimen! It was rumored that he used steroids, but nobody had ever actually seen him use them.

One day earlier in the year, Danny and Steven were alone in the weight room. Danny asked Steven, "What kind of `roids do you use?" Steven just looked Danny. "I don't use any!" Steven replied. Danny said, "Oh, come on. You couldn't have gotten that big without them!" Steven just shook his head. He said, "Do you use them?" Danny said," OH NO! I don't use them either." Steven didn't really believe him. Danny said, "If you got that big without `roids, can you imagine how huge you'd be if you used them?" Steven sighed and replied, "I'm plenty big enough now!"

Danny would challenge the other guys to try and beat him in various feats of strength on occasion, even challenging Steven. Since Steven was so much stronger than everyone else, it was kind of ludicrous for Danny to challenge him, but he did anyway. He'd challenge him to arm wrestling contests. He'd even goad Steven into wrestling with him. It was a pretty much one sided contest. Steven would grab him around the chest and lay him on the floor and hold him down. Even at 350lbs., Danny was no challenge for Steven. Steven never could figure out why Danny kept challenging him. Sometimes, Danny would tease Steven until Steven physically retaliated against him. Danny just loved to fight, even if he didn't win!

Danny was forever picking on the smaller guys which in this case, was the rest of the student body. His behavior seemed to get worse as the year went on. He was constantly getting detentions, some of which he served and some he didn't. Some of the teachers were scared of Danny so he really got away with a lot.

One Monday morning, Danny came to school. He was in a really foul mood. He walked down the crowded hall and anybody who was in his way got shoved out of the way. One guy made an inaudible comment. Danny grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up off his feet. "What'd you say, you little runt!" Danny shouted. "Nothing." the guy gasped. He was having a problem breathing with Danny's big hand wrapped around his neck. This guy just happened to be a friend of Bobby, who was Steven's best friend. Bobby said to Danny, "Hey, leave him alone. You're hurting him!" With that, Danny grabbed Bobby around the neck and lifted him off his feet too. Danny said, "Look, 2 runts at once!"

Just then, Steven came down the hall. He saw Danny holding Bobby and the other guy and their faces were turning red because Danny was squeezing their necks so hard. When the other students saw Steven going up to Danny, the hallway cleared out. People took cover in classrooms. It was almost like a shootout scene from a western. Everybody wanted to get out of the way of these 2 giants about to do battle.

Steven ran up to Danny, grabbed him in around the neck with his hand and lifted him off the ground. So Danny had 2 guys in his hands and Steven had Danny. Steven had over 600lbs. raised off the floor. Danny's response was to squeeze harder. The 2 little guys began gasping for air. Steven said, "Let the little guys go!" and he began squeezing Danny's neck harder. Steven had to be a little careful, because he was so strong, he could snap Danny's neck and leave him paralyzed.

Steven took his free hand and grabbed Danny's arm that he was holding Bobby with and began squeezing. Danny yelped in pain, but didn't release Bobby. Steven squeezed even harder. Just before the bone was about to break, Danny released both guys and they dropped to the ground, gasping for breath. Steven still had Danny by the neck and the arm. He raised him up over his head, and slammed him into a bank of lockers. The force of the impact smashed 6 lockers. They spilled their contents onto the floor. Danny was in such a state of rage, that the impact didn't even faze him. Danny yelled at Steven, "Leave me alone you freak!" Then Danny jumped up and ran down the hall.

Bobby whispered at Steven, since his neck was sore from Danny squeezing it, "What's wrong with that guy? Steven replied, "I think it's `roid rage.' Steven asked Bobby, "Are you OK. Do you want me to carry you to the nurse?" Bobby whispered, "I'm OK. Thanks a lot! You saved me again!" Steven said, "Anytime." And then Steven proceeded down the hall to try to find Danny. Danny left a trail of carnage in the hall. He went down the hall punching people and throwing people around. This included a couple of teachers. It wasn't hard to follow the trail of blood and people lying on the floor. The trail ended at the weight room. There was a mass exodus of guys fleeing the weight room. A few loose weights came flying out of the room over their heads as they were running out.

Steven went to the door and stood off to the side and looked in. Danny was in there throwing the free weights around and generally trashing the place.

When Danny assaulted the teachers, the Principal called the police. While Steven was standing at the door, a rather diminutive police officer appeared next to Steven with his gun drawn. He said to Steven, "Step aside, son, I'll handle this." Steven looked down at the cop and said, "Danny's pretty big and pretty angry. You better let me get him under control." The cop said, "I'm a professional." Steven said, "Yeah, but I'm really, really strong!" The cop said, "Doesn't matter, it's my job. This is no place for a civilian. If you interfere, I'll have to arrest you!" Steven looked down at the little cop and thought, "I'd like to see you try to arrest me." Steven said to the cop, "OK. Good luck! He's all yours!'

The cop stuck his head inside the door. A 45lb. weight hit the wall next to the door. The cop caught sight of the shirtless, 6'8", 350lb. Danny and had second thoughts. He could call for back up, but he didn't know how long it would take to get there. He stepped back out into the hall and said nervously, "Maybe I could use your help after all." Steven laughed. "Step aside little man!" Steven said.

Steven stood in the doorway. The coach had put in a wide 8' tall door some years ago especially for Steven, so it was one of the few doors around that Steven didn't have a problem going through. As he surveyed the room, looking for Danny, another 45lb weight came flying and hit Steven right in his massive chest. It bounced off and fell to the floor. It didn't even cause Steven to flinch. He bent over and picked it up and said, "You idiot! If I'd been a little guy, you would have probably killed me!" Danny yelled back at Steven, "If you were a little guy, I'd be the biggest guy in this school and we wouldn't be here today! Things would be a lot different around here!"

Just then, Danny picked up a loaded barbell and came running at Steven. There were probably at least 250lbs. on the barbell. Steven reached out when Danny got close and grabbed the barbell and pushed it down and off to the side. Danny held onto the barbell and fell to his knees. Danny was going to try to fight Steven for the barbell. In his rage, he wasn't really thinking right. Even though Danny was very strong, he had to realize that Steven was a lot stronger than he was.

Danny held onto the barbell and Steven lifted it high over his head. Danny was still hanging on. He raised a leg to kick Steven, but Steven dropped him and the barbell. The barbell fell on Danny's should after they hit the floor, but in his state of rage, he was oblivious to the pain. Steven reached over and grabbed Danny by the neck and lifted him off the floor. He squeezed him about as hard as he dared. Danny gasped for air. Steven held him at arm length so that Danny couldn't kick him or punch him, but that didn't stop him from trying. Danny kept wildly punching at Steven. Steven said, "Will you calm down!" Danny even spat at Steven. He was just like a giant, wild cornered rat. Steven said, "If you do that again, I'll sock you one. Danny continued his thrashing and wild punching of the wind. Danny was yelling all sorts of obscenities directed at Steven and just about everybody else in the school and his family too.

Danny kept this up for several minutes. Then he spit on Steven again. Steven was always a man of his word, so he made a fist and slugged Danny in the stomach. Steven didn't punch him as hard as he could, because he knew that he could cause massive internal injuries and possibly kill somebody if he punched them at full strength. Danny felt the punch, but since he was so muscular too, Steven's punch wasn't too painful to him. He closed his eyes and pretended that he was unconscious. Steven shook him once. Danny opened his eyes and said, BOO!" and spit on Steven again.

With that Steven pulled his arm back and hit Danny really hard in the stomach. He still didn't use his full strength, but a lot more power than the first time. He also let go of Danny's neck at the same time he punched. As his fist made contact again, Steven heard the distinct sound of bones breaking. Danny went flying across the room about 15 feet and crashed into a rack of weights. The rack fell over and the weights went crashing to the floor. Danny appeared to be unconscious.

Steven walked over to where Danny lay. Steven just stood there for a moment. Then Danny opened his eyes and leaned over and bit Steven on the leg. Steven yelped in pain. Steven said, "OK. No more Mr. Nice guy, you asshole! With that he reached down, grabbed Danny by the neck and the legs, hoisted him up over his head and threw him across the room. Danny crashed into the concrete wall about 25 feet away and bounced off. After Steven threw him, he had a thought that maybe he shouldn't have thrown him so hard against a concrete wall! Danny didn't go through the wall or break the concrete, but you could see the indention of his body on the wall. Fortunately for Danny (and for Steven's conscious), since he flew 25 feet before hitting the wall, his forward velocity had slowed down. Fortunately, he just ended up with a concussion and a few broken ribs.

Steven went over to where Danny lay. He took an empty barbell that was lying on the floor. Steven bent it so that the ends were crossed and there was a small opening. He stuck Danny's hands through the opening and then bent the bars again to tighten it up. Then he did the same thing around Danny's ankles.

Steven called out to the cop in the hall, "OK, you can come in now." The cop came in with his gun drawn. Steven said, "I don't think you'll be needing that, but we might need an ambulance." The cop looked at Danny secured by the bent barbells and said to Steven, "Damn, you're strong!" Steven said, "I told you I was, didn't I?"

Another of Steven's pet peeves was people who litter. One day he was waiting to cross the street at a traffic light. A guy threw a soda can out the car window. That made Steven mad. He went to the back end of the guy's car and lifted it into the air. "You're not going anyplace until you pick up that soda can." Steven yelled. Fortunately for Steven, most cars were rear wheel drive back in those days. The guy stepped on the gas and the wheels spun. Of course the car didn't go anyplace because Steven was holding the tires off the ground. Then the guy tried reverse. Steven bounced the car up and down to get the guy's attention. Steven repeated, "You're not going anyplace until you pick up that soda can." They guy shut off the car and climbed down. He came back to where Steven was standing. He just kind of stood there and didn't say anything. Steven reached over with his free hand and lifted the guy up off his feet. "Pick up the damn soda can!" Steven said. Then he set the guy back down. The guy went over and picked up the soda can and got into the car. Steven set the car down and the guy drove off. About a block later, Steven saw the soda can fly out the window again. Steven muttered to himself, "Why do I even bother with these idiots!"

One day, Bobby came to school with a flyer in his hand. He came up to Steven at his locker. Bobby said, "Hey, how would you like to make some money with those big muscles?" as he handed Steven the flyer. That Saturday, there was a ToughGuy contest. The winner would take home $500.00. Steven said, "That sounds pretty good. I could use $500.00." Bobby said, "If you win, do I get 10%?" Steven laughed and said, "No, but I might treat you to a pizza. And what's this IF I win. Remember who you're talking to!" Bobby laughed, "Oh yes, I somehow forgot for a moment that you're the strongest man in the world. Please forgive me OH GARGANTUAN ONE!" Bobby bowed down. Steven said, "Don't you forget it!" as he put Bobby's head in headlock and gave it a gentle squeeze with a flexed bicep.

That Saturday night, Steven and Bobby drove down to the place where the contest was to take place. It was in an old Gym in an old industrial area. It looked like it must have been built in the 1930's. It was really dark and decrepit looking. There were 2 doors, one marked for fans, one for contestants. Bobby and Steven split up. Steven went in the door marked contestants. There was a registration table. Steven had to fill out some forms and sign a bunch of waivers. Steven also had to be weighed in, but the scale only went up to 500lbs. and he was probably just a little over that. Then he was directed to the locker room.

Steven squeezed through the locker room door as he did most doors. As he did, he heard several groans from inside. The other contestants saw how big Steven was and kind of wrote off their chances of taking home the $500.00 that night. The locker room was even more dismal than the rest of the building. It was dark, damp, mildewed and mostly concrete and bare metal. It was lit by bare light bulbs. There were about 20 guys in there already. Steven found an empty spot on the bench in front of the locker. "Is this spot taken?" Steven asked the guy sitting on the bench next to his spot. "No it isn't, but the locker door is jammed." Steven grabbed the locker door handle with one hand and began pulling. The door began bending. Most of the other guys in the room were now watching Steven intently. Steven peeled back the locker door like you would peel an orange. Steven said, "Not stuck anymore!"

Steven got changed. He was going to fight in just a pair of shorts. Steven was sitting there waiting for the matches to begin. It was cool in the locker room, so Steven had a shirt on. Steven was a little nervous. He sized up all of the other contestants and there were none as big as he was and he knew he was the strongest, but the thought of going out in front a big crowd kind of made him nervous.

Just then the door opened. A huge frame filled the doorway. A really big guy ducked his head and came through the doorway. He was the biggest guy Steven had seen since he met Andre the Giant. He was about 7' tall and looked to weigh well about 450 lbs. He had something of a gut, be he had big shoulders, chest and arms as well. "The big guy bellowed as he came through the door, "Good Evening scrawny losers!" The guy next to Steven groaned. "Now we got two of you giants in the contest. You giant guys really make it hard for us normal size guys to have a chance!" Steven didn't know what to say, so he said, "Sorry." Steven's neighbor said, "That's Derek. He's a regular on the ToughGuy circuit. He shows up a couple of times a month and he always wins. He's really strong. I've seen him lift 300lb.guys over his head and slam them to the mat!"

The Derek was sizing up the competition when he spotted Steven. He came over and stood in front of Steven. It was obvious that Steven was big, but since he was sitting down and wearing a shirt, it wasn't necessarily apparent to Derek how really big Steven was. Derek just stared at Steven. Derek said in a low voice, "I really get tired of you young punks coming in here, thinking you can beat me and take home the prize. You young punks think because you do high school wrestling or lift a few weights that you can come in here and enter a ToughGuy contest. I eat punks like you for lunch! I'm so strong, I can pick up the back end of a car!" Steven snickered at that statement which didn't appear to make Derek any happier.

Derek continued his tirade, "This a TOUGHGUY contest, not a TOUGHBOY contest. So you think you're going to whip my ass tonight, boy? Do you punk?" Derek flexed a bicep in front of Steven's face. Have you ever seen anything like that punk? 25 inches of rock solid muscle! Do you still think you can take me. Nobody beats Derek! I'm the strongest man around!"

Steven said, as he stood up and drew himself up to his full 7'10" right in front of Derek, "With all due respect, Sir, I'd have to say that I'm stronger than you." Derek's eyes rolled back in his head as Steven towered over him by 8 inches. Steven's massive physique dwarfed Derek. Steven outweighed Derek by 300 lbs. Like Steven, Derek seldom if ever encountered anybody bigger than himself. Steven flexed his bicep in front of Derek's. It was quite obvious that Steven's bicep was much, much larger than Derek's! 3 times as large! Steven's shirtsleeve ripped when he flexed his bicep. Steven said, "Damn, I hate it when that happens!"

Steven extended his hand free hand. "Hi, I'm Steven." Steven said. Derek grabbed Steven's hand. Derek's 25" biceps bulged as he squeezed Steven's hand. Steven also began squeezing. Steven was impressed. Derek was pretty strong and did have quite a grip, but nothing to match Steven's power. Derek started grimacing as Steven pumped up the pressure on his hand. Steven was trying to be careful because he knew he could crush Derek's hand if he squeezed too hard. He didn't want to hurt Derek, but he had to let him know just how strong he was. Just enough pressure, but not too much! Steven grabbed Derek's bicep with his hand. "That's a nice little bicep you've got there," Steven said as he began squeezing Derek's bicep too. Derek grimaced.

Derek pulled his arm out of Steven's hand, made a fist and took a swing at Steven. Steven caught Derek's fist and began squeezing that too. Derek dropped to one knee. Steven held both of Derek's hands with one of his big hands and continued to squeeze. Steven put one hand around Derek's neck and lifted him off the ground. Steven shook Derek a little bit and raised him up and down. Everyone else in the locker room stared in awe at this display of Steven's massive strength. You could have heard a pin drop in there except for Derek`s gasps for air.

The contest promoter came running over. "Save it for the ring, you big guys!" he yelled. Steven set Derek down on the ground. Derek kind of bent half over. As the promoter walked away, he was relieved that he didn't have to break up a locker room fight between the two giants. Derek looked up at Steven and said, "Don't fuck with me boy. These contests are how I make my living. I'm not going home empty handed tonight. You may be big, but you're not TOUGH!" Steven said, "Looks like it will be an interesting match!" Derek walked down to the end of the locker room to get dressed for the matches. One of the other contestants muttered, "Damn, he's strong."

After seeing Steven lift a 450lb guy with one hand, some of the guys wanted to drop out of the contest right then and there. They figured there was no chance of beating Steven and certainly didn't want to have to fight him. No sense getting beat to a pulp for nothing! The promoter promised them $50.00 just to stay and fight. If he didn't have enough matches to please the crowd, they might get unruly at not getting their moneys worth. The promoter came up to Steven and said, "You're really strong. Please don't kill anybody out there tonight. I'd really get bad press if you did. We do have a rule, if you kill somebody, you're automatically disqualified." Steven laughed, "I'll avoid getting disqualified. I want that $500.00! I pretty well know my own strength. I won't kill anybody¼intentionally."

The promoter decided who fought who and in what order for the initial matches. Once you lost, you were out. Steven went to the promoter and said, "If you want to make things interesting, I'll take on 2 of these little guys at a time." While it wasn't a conventional ToughGuy match the littler guys liked the idea of having it be 2 to 1 against Steven. The promoter liked the idea too. It would be a crowd pleaser. And given the type of crowd attracted to a ToughGuy contest, you definitely wanted to keep them pleased!

So the first couple of matches started. Some of the guys were boxers and others were more wrestler types. The only rules in the ToughGuy contest were no biting, no hair pulling , no hitting below the belt, and no throwing contestants outside the ring. Other than that, pretty much anything goes. It was over when one guy was either unconscious or gave up by crying `Toughguy'. If the other guy cried `Toughguy', the fight was supposed to immediately stop.

Soon it was time for Steven's first match. Steven stepped over the top rope with his long legs and into the ring. They did introductions of each of the contestants. "In this corner, standing 7'10" tall and weighing 750 lbs., Steven Andrews. And his 2 opponents, in the red shorts, standing 6'2" tall and weighing 255lbs, Robert Hazlewood, and in the blue shorts, standing 6'4" tall and weighing 275lbs, Henry York. Robert looked at Henry and said, "The two of us together don't weigh more than he does!" Henry said, "Look at those biceps! They're bigger than our chests! He's a fuckin' monster! He picked up Derek with one hand. Imagine what he can do to us!"

The bell rang. Steven approached his 2 opponents. They actually both looked kind of scared. The crowd was roaring, but Steven couldn't tell if they were rooting for him or against him. Steven took one arm and knocked the other 2 guys across the ring into the ropes. They bounced off and fell to the mat. Steven went over picked up one of the guys over his head and slammed him to the mat. Then he did the same with the other guy.

Steven then sat down on the mat. He got each guy in a headlock and squeezed hard. Steven's biceps were so big, you couldn't even see the other guy's head. They 2 guys thrashed around like cockroaches. Their arms flailed and legs kicked. They were in pain from the pressure exerted by Steven's biceps on their heads. After about 45 seconds, Steven released them. The 2 guys were groggy from having their heads crushed. Steven grabbed one guy by the arm and flung him across the ring into the ropes. Steven took the other guy and punched him in the stomach. He went flying across the ring into the ropes. Steven went over and picked up both guys.

Steven squeezed them against his chest. Steven squeezed them hard with his arms, at the same time he expanded his chest. Steven squeezed them for about 30 seconds. By now, both guys were so groggy that the referee had Steven set them down. They staggered for a couple seconds and fell down. The referee checked them and they were still conscious so he let Steven resume the fight. .

Steven grabbed each guy and threw him over his shoulder. He squeezed their chests with his biceps. Then he took one guy in each hand and raised them over his head. Steven banged the 2 guys against each other over his head several times and then slammed them down on the mat. At that point, the referee stopped the fight, and tried to raise Steven's hand over his head in victory, but the referee's arm only went up about as high as Steven's shoulder! Crews came into remove the losing contestants from the ring.

Bobby was sitting out in the crowd. The guy sitting next to him said to Bobby, "That big guy flung those guys around like they were rag dolls. Damn, he's strong!" Bobby replied, "He certainly is!" Bobby decided not to reveal to the crowd that he was Steven's best friend.

Derek also fared well in his matches. He was only fighting one guy at a time, but he manhandled his opponents in much the same way Steven did. The promoter knew that the final match would be Steven and Derek, so he didn't have Steven and Derek fight until the very end. It would be the clash of the Titans, the battle of the behemoths!

Steven had several other matches that night. Most of the matches went the same way that the first one did. A couple of the guys were boxers and tried punching Steven. Most of the punches were confined to his stomach since they had a long way to reach to hit Steven's head. If they punched Steven, he'd reciprocate by delivering a massive blow in return. Steven's opponent would go flying across the ring into the ropes. The referee stopped some fights but in a few others, the guys gave up on their own. A lot of guys would never give up even though they had no chance of beating Steven. They were too proud to admit defeat and yell `Toughguy'.

When most of the other contestants were eliminated, there were 3 in addition to Derek. Steven offered to take on 3 guys at once in order to speed things up a little. Steven had no problem even with 3 guys, and these were 3 guys who had beaten other guys already that night. The highlight of that match was when Steven picked up 2 of the guys over his head and then slammed the 2 guys down on top of the 3rd guy who was on the mat. Then he picked up 2 of the guys and threw them over his shoulder. Then Steven took the other guy and put him over his other shoulder. Then he crushed all 3 of them with his biceps. All 3 guys gave up at once.

Soon it was time for the final match pitting Steven against Derek. Derek and Steven came out and stood in the middle of the mat. The announcer gave his introduction. "In the black trunks, our returning champion, standing 7'2" tall and weighing 456 lbs., Derek Smith. And our newcomer, standing 7'10" tall and weighing over 750 lbs., Steven Andrews." The crowd's cheers seem to be evenly split between the two. Some of the regulars were Derek fans. After what happened in the locker room, they didn't shake hands in the ring. It was an interesting sight to see the 5'9" referee standing between the 2 giants, his head barely coming up to mid chest of both of them and complexly dwarfed by both men's massive physiques. He was sandwiched between well over 1,200 lbs. of muscle!

The bell rang. Steven and Derek came out fighting. Derek reached into his shorts. When he brought his hand out, he had a brass knuckle on. Derek took a swing at Steven. Since they were pretty close in height, it wasn't as hard for Derek to swing at Steven's head as it was for the smaller opponents. Steven blocked Derek's hand, but Derek quickly hit with his other hand and walloped Steven across the face. This was a new experience for Steven. He seldom was on the receiving end of punches! Or a punch from someone so strong! Then Derek began punching Steven in the stomach. While it didn't hurt Steven too bad, he certainly felt Derek's powerful blows. Steven staggered back and doubled over.

Derek then landed a blow to Steven's head with the brass knuckles. Steven went down to his knees. Derek clenched his fists together and clobbered Steven on the back of the head. Steven fell to the mat, face down. Derek jumped on Steven's back and tried to put Steven in a headlock. Derek wasn't too effective with the headlock due to the large size of Steven's neck. Then Derek began squeezing Steven's neck as hard as he could. Derek was also kicking Steven with his legs at the same time.

Steven was lying face down on the mat. He was a little groggy, but he knew he had to start fighting back. He was not going to lose this fight. Steven could never remember having lost a fight in his life. After all, he outweighed this guy by 300 lbs. and he was the strongest man in the world. Steven had a reputation to uphold! Steven started to get angry and the adrenaline started pumping through his body.

Steven pushed him self off the mat and stood up. Derek still had his arms around Steven's neck. Steven let himself fall backwards. Derek hit the mat then got hit by Steven's falling 750lb body. Steven leaped to his feet. He grabbed Derek by the arm and flung him into the ropes. When he bounced off the rope, Steven punched him in the stomach. He flew back into the ropes. Derek grabbed onto the ropes so that he wouldn't bounce back. Steven came over and grabbed him around the waist and tried to pull him off the ropes. He held on tight for a while. Steven pulled like he was in a tug of war! Eventually, Derek couldn't hold on any more and let go. Derek and Steven tumbled to the ground. Derek began kicking Steven as he lay on the mat. Steven leaped to his feet again, grabbed Derek around the waist, picked him up off the mat and slammed him back down. Steven then picked up Derek again and held him upside down by the feet and banged his head a couple of times on the mat. Steven noticed Derek fishing around in his shorts again. This time he came up with a small knife.

Seeing the knife really made Steven mad. Steven hated cheaters and people who don't play fair. Steven threw Derek across the ring into the ropes. Derek staggered to his feet and came running at Steven. Steven was watching the hand with the knife. Steven went to grab it, but Derek moved his hand out of the way and slashed Steven across the chest. Luckily, it was more of a slashing blow than a puncturing blow. Even the crowd was yelling about the knife. However, Derek and the ref were good buddies from Derek's previous matches and from the fact that Derek had told the ref he'd beat his brains out if he ruled against him during a fight.

Now Steven was really, really mad! He hauled off and hit Derek in the stomach almost as hard as he could. Derek went flying across the ring and hit the ropes. Derek hit the ropes so hard that that the ropes broke. Derek landed in a heap on the floor outside the ring. Steven jumped down, picked him up and threw him back into what was left of the ring! Even after all that, Derek still had the knife in his hand. Steven grabbed his arm and squeezed so hard that you could hear the bone crack. Derek screamed in pain and immediately dropped the knife. Steven lay down beside Derek and put him in a headlock and began squeezing. Steven took his free hand and began punching Derek in the stomach, while at the same time crushing his head with his vise like bicep.

There had been security guards around the ring earlier, but later in the night, they seemed to have disappeared. Several of the fans jumped up and ran down to the ring to help their hero, Derek. One of them climbed up through where the ropes were broken down. He ran up to Steven and yelled, "Stop hurting him, you big bully!" Steven looked around for a security guard but didn't see one. Steven stood up. As Steven was standing up, the guy took a punch at Steven and hit him in the stomach. The guy's hand probably hurt more than Steven's stomach did! The guy was kind of shocked to see how big Steven really was up close. Steven didn't look quite so big from up in the seats, but when you stood next to him, he was really huge! The guy began to wish that he'd stayed in his seat! Steven lifted the guy off the ground by the shirt with one hand. Steven said, "Please return to your seat, Sir!" and flung him out of the ring and back into the seats! He landed spread eagle across several people in the 6th row, not too far from where Bobby was sitting. Steven smiled and looked at the other fans gathered at ringside and said, "Anybody else?" One fan had a leg up on the mat and was starting to climb into the ring. He quickly climbed down. The fans returned quietly to their seats.

Steven reached down and grabbed Derek by the neck and lifted him up with one hand. He slammed him down on the mat. He reached down and picked up Derek again. This time, he used 2 hands and raised Derek up over his head in a military press. Steven paraded around the ring raising Derek up and down over his head, showing off to the crowd. Then Steven knelt down on one leg. He let Derek drop from over his head onto his knee. Steven didn't slam him down since he really didn't want to break Derek's back. Derek bounced off Steven's knee and flopped to the floor. Derek lay there not moving. The referee came over and checked him out. The referee even tried to revive him, but couldn't. The ref did not want to have to declare Steven the winner. Steven said to the ref, "Either declare me the winner or get the hell out of my way and let beat him some more so I can get my money and go home!"

Bobby started chanting, "Steven! Steven!" and most of the crowd picked up on it. Soon most of the hall was chanting "STEVEN! STEVEN!" The ref had no choice but to declare Steven the winner. The paramedics moved in to attend to Derek. The promoter came into the ring. He said to Steven, "Technically you should be disqualified since you threw Derek out of the ring." Steven said, "I didn't throw him out, your cheap ass ropes broke. I won fair and square so give me my damn money!" Steven reached down with one hand and lifted the promoter off the floor a couple of feet to eye level. Steven glared into his face and said, "You can see what I did to Derek. Imagine what I could do to a pipsqueak like you!" "OK, OK, take it easy, big guy. Here's your money," the promoter said and handed Steven 5 $100.00 bills.

When Steven got cut and started bleeding, Bobby left his seat and came down by the ring. He was concerned for his big friend. After the match, Steven reached over the side of the ring with one arm and grabbed Bobby's arm and lifted Bobby into the ring. Bobby said, "Are you OK, big guy? You're bleeding!" Steven said, "It's not too deep. I think I'll be OK." One of the paramedics said to Steven, "Hey big guy, could you give us a hand getting the other big guy on the stretcher?" Steven said, "I shouldn't since that guy was cheating, but I will." Steven knelt down and scooped up Derek in his arms and set him on the stretcher. Then the paramedics were having a problem lifting Derek down on the stretcher from the ring. So Steven jumped down and lifted Derek and the stretcher down to the floor. Steven asked, "Do you need me to drive the ambulance too?" The paramedic said, "Well, we could use you lift him into the back of the ambulance. He's a pretty big guy!" Steven said, "Not compared to me!" After Steven got Derek in the back of the ambulance, one of the paramedics dressed the cut on Steven's chest.

Steven and Bobby made their way back to the locker room. It had pretty well cleared out. Bobby was raving about Steven's performance. "You were awesome out there! You had those big guys flying through the air like they were made of paper. Even Big Derek! You even took on 3 huge guys at once! You are really unstoppable! Steven looked at Bobby and said, "That was a hard night's work for $500.00!" Bobby said, "If you're interested, next weekend there's a ToughGuy contest over in Columbia." Steven sat there for a minute with his eyes closed. Steven said, "I think I'll pass. It was fun beating on people and getting paid for it, but some of those guys don't fight fair," as he pointed to the bandage on his chest. Steven sat there for several minutes with his eyes closed, resting..

Steven got undressed and headed for the shower. He took one look inside the dingy, dirty, mildewed shower and said to Bobby, "Do you mind if I wait until I get home to shower? That shower looks disgusting!" Bobby replied, "What will you do if I say I do mind riding home with a smelly, sweaty giant? Fling me up against the wall? Crush me like a bug in one of your famous bicep locks? Pick me up and slam me to the floor?" Steven laughed and said, "I'm so tired and beat tonight, even you could probably take me without too much effort!" Bobby laughed and said, "I think at your weakest, you're still stronger than 99.9% of the rest of us!"

One day, Steven got home earlier than usual. As he got out of his car in the driveway, he noticed a big delivery truck in the back yard. It was the kind of truck with a crane on it, sometimes used to deliver lumber or building supplies. Steven's first thought was that they were going to rebuild the garage he demolished. Steven went up the driveway to see what was going on. Mrs. Andrews comes running down the driveway yelling, "Stop! Go away! You're home early! You're going to spoil the surprise!"

She met Steven half way down the driveway. Mrs. Andrews put her hands on Steven's stomach and yelled, "STOP!" Steven looked down at her with a grin. "What's the surprise?" Steven asked. "If I tell you, it won't be a surprise, Mrs. Andrews replied. "Go away!" Mrs. Andrews tried to push Steven. It kind of reminded Steven of watching an ant push a large leaf!

Steven said, "Let's go see what the surprise is!" Mrs. Andrews yelled "NO!" but Steven just scooped her up in his arms and carried her up the driveway. When they got in the yard, Mr. Andrews was there too. Mrs. Andrews said to him, "I tried to stop him, but I obviously couldn't accomplish that!" Steven gently set Mrs. Andrews down.

Mrs. Andrews said, "We know it's hard for you to find heavy things to lift because you're just so strong, so we ordered you 6 of these concrete highway barricades. We had them painted different colors and coated in plastic. Steven's eyes got wide when he saw what was on the truck. They workmen were just moving the first one off the truck with the crane. Steven went over and got underneath the barrier as the crane moved it over. Steven squatted down and got underneath the barrier and stood up, lifting the barrier with his shoulder. The cable on the crane went slack. One of the workmen started to yell, "Stop Sir! You can't lift that. It's heavy! It's almost 2 tons¼" His voice trailed off as Steven stood up with the barrier on his shoulder. "Damn, you're strong!" the workman said. "Those things weigh almost 2 tons!" Steven moved the barrier off his shoulder and into his arms. He tried to raise it up over his head, but he couldn't. Then he set it down on the ground. The crew from the delivery truck stood there with their eyes wide and their mouths open.

Steven looked at his parents and said, "I love them! They're just what I've always needed." Steven had a gleam in his eye when he said, "I can see we've got some work to do!" Steven picked up Mrs. Andrews and gave her a big bear hug. Mr. Andrews yelled, "Don't hurt her!" Steven shot him a withering glance, but ignored his comment. "Thank you so much!" Steven said. Mrs. Andrews said, "But remember, you'll have to leave them in the yard. Don't bring them in the house!" Steven said, "OK, Mom."

Steven quickly unloaded the other 5 barriers off the truck without use of the crane. Steven was able to raise the barricades off the ground, but he just could not get it raised over his head. He could even lift an end of 2 barriers at the same time.

Steven had a great time with his new toys. He played with them the way kids play with blocks. He was a big kid with big blocks! Steven arranged them, stacked them, and even built a little fort out of them! But his goal remained to get one of them over his head!

One day, Steven had left his blocks arrayed in kind of unusual pattern. Mrs. Andrews looked out the window and noticed several people in the back yard. Mrs. Andrew's called to Steven that she was going out in the back yard, that some people were out there looking at his blocks. When Mrs. Andrews got outside, one the ladies said to her, "We were just admiring your sculpture. Is it a Serra? It's just marvelous. You can just tell the artist has great feeling!" Mrs. Andrews laughed. "That's no sculpture. Those are my son's blocks." One of the men replied, "Your son's blocks! Is your son a giant?"

Just then Mrs. Andrews heard Steven's heavy steps coming. "Steven dear, these nice people would like to know if you're a giant?" Just then Steven appeared in the doorway and came out into the yard. He had been working out in the basement and didn't have a shirt on. The visitors' mouths fell open. Steven replied, "Oh I wouldn't say giant in the classical sense of the word, Mother, more along the lines of a Greek god, like Hercules, maybe." With that he flexed a bicep for the visitors. Steven walked over and shouldered one of the barriers. The visitors ran out of the yard, jumped in the car and sped away. Steven and Mrs. Andrews stood in the driveway laughing at them!

As usual, when Steven was presented with a heavy weight and really worked at it, his muscles usually accommodated whatever load they were presented eventually, and the barriers were no different. One day, Steven and Bobby were out in the yard. Steven was "working the blocks" as he liked to call it. He had worked on them for several months. He had worn a big brown patch in the grass. Steven would try each week to raise one of the blocks over his head, but he wasn't able to. He felt like the blocks were getting lighter to him, but he never had never been able to get them up over his head. Steven was beginning to wonder if he would be able to ever lift them up high. After all, it was almost 2 tons.

Bobby asked Steven, "Have you tried pressing one of them lately?" Steven said, "No. I just get frustrated when I can't do it." Bobby replied, "You seem to be handling them pretty easy, why don't you try it again? You even look a little bigger, it that's possible. I bet you could do it now."

So Steven got the barrier on his shoulder. He got his arms under the barrier and lifted. Steven stood there and raised the barrier over his head. Bobby said, "Holy fuck! You did it. You've got 2 fucking tons over your head! You are fucking unbelievable." Steven's face was red as well as his biceps as blood flowed into them. Steven gasped, "Go get my Mom." Bobby ran into the kitchen and said to Mrs. Andrews, "Get out in the yard quick!" and ran back outside. Mrs. Andrews said, "I knew it, Steven dropped one of those blocks and hurt himself." She ran outside to the sight of Steven standing in the yard, holding an almost 4,000 lb. concrete highway barricade over his head.

Bobby yelled, "He's pressing 2 tons! Can you fucking believe it!" Mrs. Andrews said, "No cussing Bobby!" Bobby replied, "Sorry! But he's unbelievable. Nobody else in the world is that strong. No other human could possibly lift that much! Even a gorilla at the zoo couldn't lift that!"

Steven set the barricade down and sat on it to rest. "Hey muscle assistant, why don't you run downstairs and get my tape measurer?" Bobby ran down stairs and got the tape measurer. Steven flexed his bicep. Bobby was having a problem reaching up that high, so Steven picked him up and set him on the barrier. Bobby couldn't believe what he saw on the tape. 80 ½ inches! He measured it twice to make sure it was right. Bobby said, "80 and ½ inches! Holy cow!"

Bobby said, "I don't believe it, your bicep is now over 80 inches!" Steven grinned and said, "80 ½ inches of pure muscle. That's fantastic! I'd been plateau'd for almost a year. When I stopped growing taller, my muscles seemed to have stopped growing too. I pretty much stopped measuring. Do my chest too."

So Bobby got the tape measurer around Steven's chest. Bobby asked, "Do you want that measurement in feet or inches, sir?" "Inches are OK," Steven replied with a laugh. Bobby said, "OK, your chest is, get this 156 inches. Do you realize that your chest is 13 FEET! You are a fucking monster! Sorry Mrs. Andrews!" Mrs. Andrews said, "My Steven isn't a fucking monster. He's just big boned." Bobby laughed, "Some of his bones are bigger than most whole people!" Steven said, "I kind of thought some of my clothes had been getting a little tight even though Mrs. Pierce always makes them a little big and uses lots of elastic.

Bobby asked, "Do you think you've gotten any taller? Steven said, "I don't think so. I think I stopped growing about a year ago. But we can measure to see. Steven went over to the wall of the house. Steven lifted Bobby up so he could make a mark on the wall at the top of Steven's head. Then they measured with the tape measurer. Bobby was down on the ground. "Holy cow, 7' 11 and ½ inches!" Steven said, "Wait a minute, I had my shoes on." So they re-did the measurement with Steven in his bare feet and he was still 7'10" tall in his bare feet. Bobby said, "Rats, I was hoping you'd break the 8' mark." Steven said, "I'm glad I didn't. I'm plenty tall enough already! 8 foot sounds kind of freaky!" Bobby said, "There's no such thing as too much height or too much muscle!" Steven said, "I agree with you about the muscle, but not the height!"

Mrs. Andrews said, "Now don't over do it Steven," as she went back into the house. Bobby looked at Steven. He said, "It's kind of ironic isn't it. You just lifted 2 tons over your head and your Mom tells you not do overdo it! What would be overdoing it? 3 Tons?" Steven and Bobby laughed.

Bobby got a glint in his eye, and a grin on his face and said, "I bet some of those small cars don't weigh 1 ton. Do you think you're strong enough now to do a small car with one hand?" Steven grinned too. "Let's go find out, little fella!" he said. Steven started down the driveway walking pretty fast. Bobby practically had to run to keep up with Steven's fast walking! Bobby always felt like a little dog when he was trying to keep up with Steven and his long legs when he was walking fast. When you see a little dog walking with someone, the dog's legs are going real fast and the person is just walking normal speed. That's how Bobby felt when he was walking with Steven.

Steven got down to the end of the driveway. He looked up & down the street. He saw what he was looking for in the Johnson's driveway. A Volkswagen Beetle! Steven made a beeline for the car. As they got closer, Bobby said, "Do you want me to go up and ring the bell and ask permission?" Steven stopped in the middle of the street and looked down at Bobby. "When you're as big as I am, you don't have to ask permission." Steven said. "OK, big boy." Bobby replied. "Whatever you say!"

Steven got over to the driveway. He easily got the car up and over his head with 2 hands. Steven had to find just the right spot to hold the car with. It would have to be a strong enough spot, yet be centered. He found a good spot under the car to hold it and then dropped his free hand. Steven stood there with the car held over his head with one hand. First he put his free hand on his hip, then he flexed a bicep for Bobby. Then he raised the car up and down a couple of times. Bobby said, "I wish I had my camera! Holding a car over your head with one hand and flexing a bicep at the same time! You never cease to amaze me, big guy." Steven said, "We'll get some pictures some other time. I'm sure I'll be doing this a lot!

The neighbors looked out the window into their driveway. Mr. Johnson asked Mrs. Johnson, "What's going on out there?" Mrs. Johnson replied, "Oh, that Andrews boy is standing in the driveway, holding my car up with one hand." Mr. Johnson looked up from his paper and said, "That's nice dear." Mrs. Johnson said, "Aren't you going to tell him to put it down. What if he drops it? It'll be wrecked!" Mr. Johnson said, "He won't drop it. He's as strong as a gorilla! Do you remember what happened over at the Andrews a couple months ago. That big boy went on a rampage and crushed Mr. Andrew's car, pulled a telephone pole out of the ground and tore the garage down with his bare hands. I'm not saying anything to that musclebound giant! Anything he wants, give it to him!"

As they walked back across the street, Bobby asked Steven, "How much do you weigh now? Steven said, "Last time I weighed myself, I was just a little over 750, like 752 or something." Bobby said, "When was that?" That was months ago, before I started training with the barricades." Bobby said, "Well, if your biceps are 5" bigger and your chest is 6" bigger, don't you think your weight probably went up too?" Steven replied, "Probably so. My weight hadn't changed in a while since I stopped growing so I stopped weighing myself." Bobby said, `Do you want to run down to school for a weigh in?" Steven said, "Sure. I'm always up to find out how big I am! Let's go."

So Bobby and Steven hopped in the car for the short trip to school. They had installed a special scale in the weight room, basically just for Steven. It went up to 1,000 lbs. The weight room was closed, but Steven had his own key. They went in and Steven stepped on the scale. The machine had a digital print out. It read 790 lbs. Bobby said, "Holy shit, you're almost 800 fucking pounds!" Steven said, "Yeah, but I've got clothes on. I'm probably only 780 or so without them." Bobby said, "Still that's 780 lbs.! That's incredible! You're a monster! I'm surprised buildings don't collapse under you as you walk through!" Steven said, "It's a good thing those insurance height/weight charts don't go up to 7'10". I'd be in the overweight category!" Bobby said, "You'd be overweight by 500lbs. of muscle! There's hardly an ounce of fat on you. It's all muscle, from tip to toe!" Steven laughed. Bobby said, "And beautiful muscle, I might add!" Steven said, "Well thank you kindly, Bobby!"

Steven said to Bobby, "And how much do you weigh? When's the last time you got weighed?" Bobby said, "I don't weigh myself too often. It's too depressing!" Steven said, "Well, let's throw you on the scale now." Steven picked up Bobby and set him on the scale like a butcher would a pound of hamburger. When the display came on, it read 129 lbs. Steven said, "Let's see how much you really weigh. Take your clothes off." Bobby said, "No, that's OK. 129 is close enough." Steven picked him up off the scale and began taking his clothes off for him. Steven got him stripped and plunked him back on the scale. The display read 125lbs.

Bobby said, "Since I had to get weighed with no clothes, you should too! Bobby then began taking off Steven's clothes. Steven laughed and went along with the joke. He had to take off his own shirt, but Bobby pulled off his shoes, shorts, underwear and jock strap. Steven then got on the scale. It read 783lbs.

Bobby said, "Did you ever wonder how much your huge dick weighs? 18" long and about 10" around. It's got to be 25 or 30 lbs." Steven laughed, "Well, lets try it. I wonder if it weighs more hard than when it's soft? Bobby said, "Well it's a lot bigger when it's hard. It should weigh more." Steven grinned and said, "We could do it both ways!"

Steven knelt down and got as much of his dick on the scale as he could. It wasn't quite as easy as it sounds. Part of it wasn't on the scale. The scale read 19 lbs. Bobby said, "Let's supersize that thing! He grabbed it and began messaging it. Steven did too. There was more than enough to go around. It began to expand. Steven and Bobby were having a problem keeping it on the scale.

Just then, Steven and Bobby heard the door open. Steven jumps up. They turned to look and in walks Mrs. Walker, one of the school's female teachers. "What's going on in here. School's closed for the day!" Mrs. Walker said. Just then she caught sight of the 2 naked men by the scale. Steven said, "It's me, Mrs. Walker. I've got a key. We're just checking our weight on the scale.

Bobby, who was a little more modest than Steven, turned around and reached down quickly to put on some clothes. In his hurry, he grabbed the last thing Steven had taken off, his jock strap. He pulled it on without even looking. Steven's jock strap was more than big enough to cover up Bobby! Bobby didn't realize what he had done. Steven's waist alone was more than twice the size of Bobby's chest. The straps pulled up under his armpits, and the rest of the jock strap almost covered his whole chest. Mrs. Walker stood and stared at the sight. Her eyes focused on Steven and she stared for a long time. After about a minute, she sputtered and said, "Be sure and lock up when you're done, MEN!" Steven said, "Yes, Mrs. Walker."

Steven looked down at Bobby covered up in his jock strap and he began laughing. Steven said, "You're always saying you wish you had your camera, I wish I had a camera now!" Even Bobby was laughing. It was a pretty funny sight! Steven said, "You're pretty big, but not that big!" Bobby said, `I need to put a shirt on too." He picked up Steven's shirt off the floor and put it over his head. It was almost down to the floor on him, but not quite. He had to hold it up to keep it from falling down around his ankles. There would be room for almost 5 Bobbys in one of Steven's shirts!

Bobby said, "Did you see Mrs. Walker checking you out? Maybe you can earn some extra credit from her?" Steven laughed. "She's probably never seen such a magnificent specimen of manhood before!" Steven put his hand behind his head and flexed his bicep. Bobby said, "Is there another one like it anywhere in the world?" Steven said, "Probably not." •

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