Big-and-Tall, The



Jeb released Pablo from the headlock he had him in. Pablo rolled away from him, and sat up, drained from his battle with the massive older man. Jeb's barrel-chested strongman chest was streaked with sweat. He felt bad for freaking out on Pablo when he told him about joining the Marines. He didn't mean to toss the kid around the room like a ragdoll, but he had planned on training Pablo into a super powerhouse, and he knew the kid had the potential. Now he would just have to wait. But maybe that was good. It would give Pablo a chance to grow and toughen up. Finally, he looked over at Pablo and said, "Why don't you go up and help Jay finish cleaning up." Pablo said ok, and then limped his way out of the room. It was the first time that Jeb had gone nearly full out on the kid, and he hoped he hadn't broken anything on him. After Pablo left, Jeb stood up and stretched. He had an incredible pump, and his thick beefy muscle was so taut and full that it gave him a hardon. He raised his left arm and smelled his armpit. He was ripe as a goddam farm animal. He started dripping precum at his own raunchy smell. He brought both big arms down in front of him and crunched them into a most muscular shot. His superheavyweight muscles rippled and twisted as he crunched and crunched. "Ahhh fuck," he said, so turned on by the feeling of his own power. He could crush a beer keg in this hold, and the thought of it made him shoot his load clear across the room in a high arc, stream after stream. He hadn't even touched himself. "Time for a workout," he said to himself, as he jammed his still-hard cock into his ripped singlet, and headed out to the backyard where the workout equipment was. Once outside, he loaded the bench with 900lbs and began bench pressing. Nine hundred pounds for reps with no spotter. He loved his strength, and it motivated him to pump out 30 reps before slamming the bar back onto the rack. He sat up and looked down at his massive superhuman chest. Swelling beyond belief with beefy mass. He rolled his huge mounds, slowly and tightly. He felt himself getting hard again. Then he heard someone coming out of the house. "What the hell you do to Pablo?" said Jay, ripping the backdoor off its hinges and tossing it aside as he came out into the yard. He strode out toward Jeb angrily, and stopped at the bench. He was shirtless and covered with plaster dust from cleaning up the living room wall he had crashed through. Jeb realized that Jay had become more massive than ever. His shoulder span was vast, ending on each side at two beach ball-sized delts, matched only by his freak biceps, and forearms that were twice the size of any powerlifters. Jay looked at Jeb, then at the bar behind him on the rack. "Shit, why don't you put some weight on there, weakling," said Jay. "You think you could do better, boy?" said Jeb. Jay snorted. "Watch me." With that he went around and loaded 300 more pounds to the bar, bringing it to 1200lbs. Jeb got off the bench, expecting Jay to lay down for benching, but instead Jay straddled the bench, facing the bar. He stepped up to the bar and but his hands under it, as if he was about to do curls. "No fucking way, boy," said Jeb. Jay didn't respond. Instead, he focused on the bar, and his big hands clamped around it tightly. He pulled himself closer to the bar. His breathing became heavier and deeper. Then he grunted, and hoisted the bar off the racks. He stepped back from the rack, and slowly curled the bar up, curling until the bar hit his huge chest. Then he slowly lowered the bar, fully extending his arms downward. He paused. Then began curling the bar back up. Slowly, powerfully, in full control. Until the bar stopped at his chest. Thick veins stood out on his neck, chest, delts, biceps and forearms. He did another rep, then another, his arms pumping the 1200lbs of iron up and down until he hit 30 reps. Then he simply let the bar drop, smashing the bench in two, and imbedding the plates eight inches into the yard. "You smartass punk," snarled Jeb. "You hurt Pablo," answered Jay. "What I do to Pablo is my fucking business," said Jeb, glaring at Jay, who was now a mountain of veins and muscle. "I'm making it my business too," said Jay, stepping over the bench and up to Jeb. While he used to be eye to eye with Jeb, he was now a head taller, and significantly thicker. He was drunk with the power coursing through his massive body, and felt like he could take on two Jebs at once. He stepped into Jeb, bouncing into him with his mighty chest, knocking Jeb back a step. Jay smirked, then laid his hands on top of Jeb's mounded traps. Jay's muscled fingers were now powerful enough to crush steel, and as he dug into Jeb's traps, Jeb winced in pain. "Too hard, old man?" said Jay. "Too bad, cause I'm just getting started." He tightened his grip on Jeb's thick muscles, and then lifted. He lifted Jeb right off the ground, digging into his traps deeper and deeper. Then he began shaking Jeb back and forth. The pain must have been mindnumbing, and Jeb's eyes teared up from pain, but he never cried out. Instead, he raised his arms outward, and then slammed his hands into Jay's head, cuffing his ears with stone-crushing power. Jay dropped Jeb, and as he grabbed his ears in pain, Jeb shoulder tackled him, pushing him backward into the bench behind him, and toppling him over. Jeb landed on top of him, hard, knocking the wind out of him. Then he flipped Jay over onto his stomach, and planted his big knee into the small of Jay's back, pinning him down. He grabbed Jay's left arm and wrenched it back and up. "Now I'm gonna redefine the word "pain" for you, boy," said Jeb, and with that, he made a sudden, violent upward jerk on Jay's thick arm, popping the shoulder right out of its socket. Jay's entire body arched in agony. "That's for laying your hands on me without me telling you too, boy. And, I'm not done yet," said Jeb, grabbing Jay's other arm, and twisting it just as powerfully, wrenching Jay's strong young ligaments and popping his other shoulder right out of its socket. Jay's eyes glazed with pain, and he bellowed into the ground. "That's for thinking, even for one split second, that you can tell me what to fucking do, and for acting like a total jerkoff musclehead," said Jeb, digging his knee harder into Jay's back. "Now, say you're sorry," ordered Jeb. "Nooofuckinnway," moaned Jay. Jeb cuffed the back of Jay's head, hard. "Don't make me break you apart, boy." Jeb hit Jay in the head a couple more times. "Now tell me you're sorry, and it won't happen again." "Alright alright, I'm sorry. Fuck," said Jay. "That's better. And because I like you, I'm gonna pop your arms back into their sockets, which is gonna hurt, so don't go and piss yourself from the pain." "I won't fucking piss myself," said Jay. Jeb took ahold of Jay's left arm and manuevered it upward. When he got it into the right position, he jerked it up, snapping the monster shoulder into place like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Jay muffled his scream, emitting only a low guttural sound of muted pain. Jeb popped the other shoulder back into its socket in the same way. Then he stood up, and looked down on Jay. Jeb had gotten hard manhandling the powerful man at his feet. He stroked himself as he looked down at the massive powerful bull body that he had just completely dominated. Jay rolled over, and looked up at his master. "Suck me off, boy," ordered Jeb, and Jay did what he was told. He crouched on his knees in front of the older man, and took his cock into his mouth. The pain of being worked over had knocked some sense into him. He didn't want to battle Jeb. He wanted to worship him. And as he worshipped Jeb's cock, he got hard himself. The taste of Jeb's meat made him leak, and he lubed himself with his own precum. As Jeb face-fucked him, he got harder and harder. And when Jeb's jiz roared into his throat, he came at the same time, spewing and spewing and spewing, grateful to be back at the feet of his mentor, feeding off him, pleasing him. But the demon inside him secretly ached for the day when he could flip the tables on Jeb, force his legs up into the air and ride him like a bull for hours straight. That day would have to wait. "Now that you've been fed," said Jeb, "we've got some serious training to do. I entered you in a local strongman competition for next weekend." "No shit? Next weekend?" said Jay, suddenly eager and puppyish, all proud that Jeb would think him ready to compete. Jeb knew that Jay could already wipe the floor with anyone entering this local contest, but wasn't going to tell Jay that. He wanted the kid to train like a mule until next weekend, and he knew the competition would be real motivation. "That's right, next weekend. So no more jerking around, or biting off more than you can chew. Your arms are gonna be sore for a little while, so lets start out with legs. Wait here." Jeb went around to the front of the house, and started up his tractor trailer cab. He pulled it around to the backyard, and got out. "See if you can leg press this sucker," he said to Jay. Jay bound under the cab like a big labrador, put his thick legs on the undercarriage of the engine and pressed upward. The heavy shocks hissed as the weight of the cab shifted from them to Jay's superhuman legs. Jay began pressed the cab up, slowly at first, balancing the weight with his thigh muscle as the truck left the ground. He held it up for awhile, then began to do reps, lowering it until the tires just tapped the ground. He looked like he could do reps all day long with the massive engine block. Finally, Jeb told him to switch to one-leg presses, so he dropped one leg down and continued pressing with one leg. This took much more concentration on balance, and Jay strained every muscle he had to control the big cab. After the burn in his thigh began to torch his muscle, he switched legs. Twenty reps later, he crawled out from under the truck. His lungs heaved to get oxygen, and rivers of sweat left streaks in the dirt and grease covering his bulked up mass. He had a pump like he had never experienced before. His quads were gargantuan, bloated up like balloons, rubbing together as he walked off the burn. Huge veins snaked up and down his legs, feeding his quads and calves, making them bigger and stronger than ever. He could feel them growing, in leaps and bounds, the muscles tight as steel. Just let someone try to compete with his strength now, he thought, as he flexed his legs even tighter, looking down to see the striations exploding up and down the length of his freak powerlifter thighs. "You ready for another test, boy?" asked Jeb, climbing into the cab. "Fuck yeah," said Jay, who was punching his quads just to feel their hardness. "Go stand up against the house," said Jeb. Jay walked up to the brick wall of the house and stood against it. Jeb pulled the truck toward him until it was only a few feet away. "Now, put your feet on the grill," said Jeb. Jay, his back against the house, lifted his feet onto the grill, suspending himself off the ground. "You ready?" asked Jeb. "Oh YEH," said Jay, and Jeb slowly began to accelerate the powerful truck. Jay pushed against the forward movement of the cab and held it in place. Jeb revved up the power, and Jay's legs strained, pushing against the monster truck's power. His neck veins throbbed as the pressure increased, but the truck wasn't moving forward. Jeb began to gun the engine. The big tires were digging into the ground. Jay pushed harder and harder with his monster legs, and the truck began to move backwards! Jay smirked as he overpowered the massive engine, even as Jeb gave it full throttle. Smoke began to pour out of the grill. Jeb cut back on the engine as he noticed the brick behind Jay's back beginning to crack from the pressure. Jay let the truck inch forward, then pushed it back, doing reps against the mighty machine. Jeb finally cut the engine and got out. Jay walked out from in front of the cab. His legs were purple with pump, and so massive that even Jeb stepped back. Jay looked like a freaky beast that could take on anything, and Jeb knew that he would annihilate the competition this coming weekend. "You ready for the big time, Jay?" asked Jeb. "Bring it on," said Jay, his voice deeper and darker than ever before. "Bring it on." •

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