Young Tony

Another New Coach


By Deadliftr

It had been a long Monday; his ‘real’ half-brother, Mac, had left that morning, his foster brothers were at work, it was still summer vacation and Tony was bored, a boredom he relieved often by heading back to the weights so that by now, late in the afternoon, every muscle he could find was pumped to the hilt, as was his cock, which was aching for attention. However, Tony missed Mac so much that in a fit of contrariness and obstinacy, he did something very un-Tony like – he let his dick suffer, refusing to give in to his need until he had a playmate. It was now 5:00 PM and he was waiting, outside, by the driveway, ready to pounce the moment his brothers got home. They were already a little late.

5:30. 6:00. “Where the fuck are they….?” The answer to that question was that they had gone to pick up a couple of new chicks at a singles bar near work, and the two couples were snuggling playfully on the spacious front seat of the new family pick-up as Jake drove home. The happy, horny, and by now very aroused young couples were enjoying themselves as they drove up the evergreen-lined, gravel drive, and it wasn’t until they turned left into the parking area, around the obscuring bushes, that they saw him. The surprise made Jake lock the brakes, making the truck skid to a stop. No one was laughing any longer – they were to busy gawking in shock, and in awe at what they saw.

Tony had been waiting, and still was, with growing impatience, leaning back with his butt supported by a split rail fence edging the graveled area. From a distance, he would have appeared to be a good-sized man just relaxing, lounging against the fence. But from the front of the pickup truck, ten feet away, he was, in a word--, huge. And stark naked, and every inch of his body seemed to be pure, hard, bulging, unforgiving muscle, criss-crossed by veins and deeply divided ridges of muscle fibers. He had his arms crossed over his chest, which suck out so far that his arms, which rested on the upper pecs, almost hid the man’s face; his legs were crossed casually at the ankles, thrust his manhood into eye-stopping prominence, with two taut-looking, obviously, cum-filled balls being forced upward by the thick mass of thigh muscle beneath, the relaxed by still very thick, exceptionally long penis lying quietly, but not-quite-innocently over the top of the balls. His cock had been hard most of the afternoon, struggling for attention, and he had to use all of his will power to make it deflate enough to lie down, but even now it quivered gently in its state of forced repose. To the girls, the huge man’s cock appeared to be ‘at ease;’ to Jake and John, who knew better, it was more like a jungle beast, lying quietly awaiting its prey, poised and ready to strike.

The twins hadn’t thought to say anything about Tony to their new dates, he having been so well-occupied all summer, so the sudden appearance of this very dominating monster of a man gave them quite a scare – at first. After a considerable silence, Jake and John, keeping an eye on Tony, started to explain things, but when they actually turned and looked at the women, it was clear they hadn’t heard a word their dates had said, and the look in their faces – it wasn’t fear – it was – outright Lust! Jake’s date was shaking his arm to get him to shut up and asked, in a low, sexy, interested voice, “Who is that gorgeous hunk!?” John’s date chimed in – very excitedly, “Yeah – you didn’t tell us about him!” “I don’t know where his clothes are -- but who cares!!” “If I had a body like that, I wouldn’t wear clothes, either!” John and Jake stared briefly at one another and tried to regain their attention. “Ladies,” started John, “we’re sorry you had to see him like this, but you--“ “Sorry? Who’s sorry? he’s--“ “NNNnn! Uhnnnn…” “Judy! What’re you doin’? …. JUDY! Right here in the….” “I can’t help it -- just lookin’ at him is makin’ me so…nnnggh!.. ah-h-h-h….” Judy already had her hand down her shorts with her finger working her clit. “Jesus! - Just look at him!” She was panting heavily. “How long do you suppose that thing is?” “It’s bigger than anything I’ve ever seen - and he still looks pretty relaxed to me.” Judy, her eyes wide, holding her breath in her excitement, grabbed Jake’s arm and asked, “Does it get any bigger?” “Judy! How could you --“ Not waiting to hear his reply, Judy turned to Trish and started pushing her towards the door. “Come on -- let’s go find out!” They began pushing John out of the way so they could get out. John tried to stop them. “Ladies, you really don’t want to…., Jake, help me out here!” Jake just shook his head with resignation, saying, “You might as well let them go.” It was his virile magnetism. His sex appeal. It was the outrageous intensity of his male, aphrodisiac musk that enveloped him, and the truck, and the young, sex-deprived women, and drew them inexorably toward him. Jake and John knew the look on the girls’ faces only too well, and knew, without a doubt, that their plans for the evening had just taken an about turn. They simply sat in the truck and watched the scene unfold before them in predictable fashion.

The girls wanted to run up to Tony, but uncertainty -- not to mention his mammoth size, restrained them; they approached tentatively, getting to within arm’s reach. Tony had yet to move a muscle that anyone could tell, though he was looking intently at the two scantily clad, hot-looking women. After several quiet moments, Judy reached toward Tony’s thick, relaxed cock, stopped, and looked up at Tony. He gave a very small nod. She wrapped her fingers gently around it, clasping the sensitive area just below the tip. In response, Tony momentarily closed his eyes and inhaled sharply between clenched teeth. She looked back up at Tony and waited. He opened his eyes, saw her and nodded again; she moved her hand upwards until she was firmly at the base -- and squeezed , and had but a moment for it to register that it was already very, very firm when she heard a loud “NNNnn-n-n-n-n,” followed by a long, controlled exhaling between tightly clamped teeth. Tony was straining very hard to keep his dick under control. Judy had quickly relaxed her grip, though she kept her hand in place as she watched Tony’s face. He had yet to move a muscle. She waited until he re-opened his eyes and finally gave the smallest of nods – she again started sliding her hand slowly up and down.

When Judy began her exploration, so did Trish, who had kneeled down, placed both hands around one massive thigh and was alternately rubbing and squeezing all around it, sampling, examining, trying unsuccessfully to make a dent. Unable to be so close to Tony without sexual gratification, each woman soon had only one hand on Tony -- the other was stuck up her vagina as they both started instinctively stimulating themselves further and breathing very heavily.

So, in fact, was Tony – Judy’s last movement had been more than he could take in his state of extreme arousal that he’d been struggling so hard to keep in check. He pulled his hand off his cock and held on as he looked at the two women and decided what to do. Though he was eager to get into Jake and John, he hadn’t had a woman in months now, so why not start there, he thought. “I’ll still have plenty left over for the boys,” he chuckled. He got both girls to stand facing him, placed one hand around behind each girl, slid his fingers under their shorts -- way down, until he could insert his thick middle finger into each girl’s womanly core, , and moved expertly about inside. As their groaning increased, he lifted each girl off the ground, easily holding one girl’s ass in each palm, rotated his arms so the girls were facing forward, and did a slight curl so that they could rest comfortably against this enormously thick arms, and walked toward the truck. Approaching one side he stopped and said, “Old rules apply, boys. Follow me,” and turned and walked to the barn. The twins looked at each other, shrugged and followed.

As they got to the barn, the twins could hear both of their dates already approaching orgasm. “Nnnn… Nnng…, Oh fuck, I’m already…Nnn!” “It feels so good…, ooooooo…Nnn! --I’m gonna…” They yelled out together. Tony just kept going. Inside, he turned to his brothers, and nodded over to a drawer that contained an assortment of dildos. “It’s been a while boys. I expect you to be ready for me when I’m done with your chicks.” They understood exactly what he meant. Tony had been continually manipulating the girls’ cunts, and as he ascended the stairs, the twins listened to their girls reach climax yet again -- and Tony’s dick was still hanging low.

Upstairs, Tony set them on his exercise pad bed. A bit worn by their two quick orgasms, they dropped to their knees, and then at Tony’s signal, shed their clothes. He kneeled down facing them, hands on hips, his barely restrained cock starting to vibrate indicatively in its need to rise, and said, “Who’s first?”

Again taking the initiative, Judy unhesitatingly moved closer, reached out with both hands and grabbed Tony’s waiting cock. Seemingly anticipating what was coming, Tony’s cock was on the move before Judy’s hands ever got there, and when she clamped on, the reaction was immediate. Tony let go of all restraint; he flexed his cock several times in succession, each time flexing a little harder, holding it a little longer, as it stretched continuously to nearly its maximum extent. Judy quickly had to switch her grip to accommodate the cock’s change of direction. When she did, she pushed her hands to the base, and then watched in startled disbelief s the huge, thickening mushroom head strained upwards, higher and higher above her fists.

Tony had kept his eyes closed the whole time his erection was growing, blissfully freed of his self-imposed restraint, savoring the delicious sensations that raced through his entire being as he gave in totally to his desires and his need. He held the last flex for an extraordinarily long time, unwilling to let go of the feelings of exquisite pleasure coursing through his body, purposely increasing the strength of the contraction of his dick muscles every few seconds, until finally he had to relax. Judy hadn’t released her h old on his dick, so he looked down at her. She was keeping rigidly still, still staring open-mouthed at his cock, apparently lost in astonishment over its size and hardness. After several seconds, he quietly called out, “Hey!”

Startled, she looked up. He gave a little chuckle and a wink as he allowed himself to soften a bit. They were still kneeling face to face, and because of their large height difference, Judy’s eyes were about level with Tony’s nipples, while the head of Tony’s cock, due to its great length, was even with hers. Sensing the relaxation of Tony’s cock, she now moved in even closer and began pulling it into her cleavage. Nearly there, Tony flexed and held his cock slightly, surprising her and stopping her forward movement. She pulled harder; Tony flexed harder; his cock rose. Judy flexed her muscle, Tony did likewise, and his cock rose more. She pulled one last time, as did Tony – Tony won. His cock now vertical, he held his flex as she kept pulling. She got to her feet for leverage – his cock didn’t budge. She looked up at him in utter disbelief.

With a well-deserved arrogant smirk, he got her to stand up, and while she was still holding him, said “O.K. Now!” He relaxed his cock-flex muscles and she pulled, now str5aight towards her wet and waiting, eager pussy. The tip of the cock was a few inches above her opening, so she had to pull it far forward and down as Tony tilted his pelvis helpfully, until the now wet tip of his cock was lodged between the folds of her labia, awaiting entry. Judy was now standing straight up, holding onto Tony’s forearms. Tony raised his eyebrows in question; she nodded, and all it took was a quick forward tilt of his pelvic girdle for him to hear, “nnnNN – SSSss-s-s-s…, Oh shit.., Oh my God.., I feel like I’m gonna—unnn-n-n-n.., oh fuck…” Only the head was in, and Judy was on the verge of another climax. He leaned forward, carrying her down to the mat with him, and although he intended to take his time, it wasn’t to be: because he’d waited all day for this, he could not, and by the time she was fully reclined, Tony was fully inside. He followed his entry with another quick stroke and noticed this time that she winced when his cock reached her vaginal wall with hardly more than seven inches inside. “Fuckin’ women!” he thought, but that last stroke must not have hurt much because the wince was immediately followed by, “Unh! Oh Tony! Oo-o-o-o., I’m cumming-n-n-N-NNN!” – her voice growing louder as she spoke.

Tony wasn’t about to stop in any case – he couldn’t. His need was so great that after only three more strokes he balls contracted, trying to blast out their load, but Tony perversely clamped down hard on his piss/cum shut-off valve, surviving for one more thrust. Now he was more engorged, making his cock even more sensitive, and on the next stroke, he couldn’t help but shout his pleasure, “Nnnn.., Yea-a-a-h-hhh…” He clamped down again – “HSS-s-s-s-s-s-s-s” – in spite of the pain of his denial as he held the clamp until the urge to shoot had passed. He let out his breath, pulled out, then sucked in air as he thrust back in –wanting to slam in hard, but knowing he couldn’t – “Oh Jeezus!” – he clamped down and held it --- “NNNNNNnnnnn.., Oh fuck - oh fuck – God, it hurts.., NNnnn.ah-h-h-h…”

Relax. Slide quickly out. Drive back in. “Oh God! -- SSSSS! Squeeze it…uhnnnnn…” Panting. Panting. By now he was determined to kept it up until his body won out. For perhaps three more strokes, he both suffered and wallowed in the exquisite pain of his restraint even as his sensitized never endings flooded his brain with feelings of sexual bliss as his cock strained more with every thrust, getting ever more sensitive even as the ache in his nuts was telling him to give up. The shouts were yanked from his throat with every stroke, “Eeeyahhh! … NNN! – Nng! … NNGHH! … OH! – GAWD!!” – until the intensity began to ebb. The shouts subsided into mild groans, and the deep breathing, and then he was done.

Downstairs, Tony’s first powerful scream so startled John that he dropped the dildo he was trying to insert into his brother. Then the two of them stopped and stared at the bedroom door trying to picture what he was doing to their dates. The founds finally stopped; they returned to duty.

Back upstairs, Tony collapsed in emotional exhaustion, barely remembering in time to catch his enormous weight with his elbows before crushing the severely weakened small woman beneath him. Soon he rolled onto his back t rest, but Trish, at first stunned by the intensity of Tony’s orgasm, started feeling neglected and so crawled on top of him, lying chest to chest. Tony obligingly reached over her butt and nonchalantly but knowingly tickled her clitoris, eliciting two orgasms in quick succession as he rested and recovered.

Before long, Tony’s cock was making its presence known once again, stretching itself between the two slick bodies. Trish decided that she needed some of what the still unmoving Judy had already gotten. She slid herself up far enough to put her pussy at the growing tip of Tony’s cock, and slowly, sensuously, pushed herself on, filling herself to the max, which, to Tony’s disappointment, still included less than half of his dick. Even that took her several pushes – her cunt had never been stretched this far, and her slow progress was marked by explosive grunts of “Nnh! …, Oh, fuck! …, it’s so – nnN! …, oh fuck-, o-o-o-h-h….” She knew she was close, and she didn’t want to come yet, but like Tony earlier, once begun, Trish couldn’t control herself. Just the feeling of something that big inside of her produced feelings so intense that she found it impossible to NOT move herself against it. Within a couple of minutes, she had her next orgasm, which was as loud as it was intense. So did Tony. The sounds of Trish’s climax were clearly heard downstairs, where the girls’ original dates just looked at each other and shrugged an ‘Oh well’ shrug.

After this, Tony alternated between the two ecstatic and willing women, who had seemingly forgotten with whom they’d come this evening, giving them one intense – and loud -climax after another. Downstairs, John and Jake lost track of how many times they heard their girls scream out, and decided, long before they were through, that they wouldn’t be dating these two girls again – what would be the point? If they came here, they’d only want Tony. On the other hand, they had carefully counted Tony’s orgasmic blasts and wondered – hoped, actually -, if he’d overdone it a bit and would be too depleted to give them any attention this evening. As they waited, they methodically progressed through three sizes of butt stretchers, just in case.

Before he was done, Tony had dropped half a dozen loads between the two of them, but because he wanted to be primed for action with his brothers, he made himself hold back on the last two or three ejaculations. The last one especially was very unsatisfactory, though the girls didn’t seem to notice. When he pulled out of Trish for the last time she quickly fell asleep, as had Judy. He stood up and looked down at the two women, deciding where he was going to pound his brothers. Choosing the bed, he put the girls on a large sofa off to one side and stepped through the door to call his next playmates. He was still breathing heavily, partly from over an hour of non-stop sex, partly out of his anticipation to pound a good muscle ass properly, using every inch of hard, eager meat at his disposal, and partly – especially - due to the building tension caused by the last few prematurely interrupted orgasms.

So when he appeared on the landing overlooking the exercise equipment with his partially softened cock angling slightly downward, glistening with moisture, with drops of fresh cum still dripping to the floor, he looked like a sex-crazed wild man with rather nasty intentions on his mind. Jake and John both got alarmed, but leaving was definitely NOT an option. They looked up silently, waiting to find out what was in store for them.

“I’m ready, boys – come on up.” Then his eyes caught the special lat machine he’d put to such good use barely twenty-four hours earlier and decided that lifting and having sex at the same time sounded like a pretty good idea right about now. “Hold on, guys; change of plans. I’m coming down.”

He went straight to the lat machine, the harness still in place. “Yo! John! Pull the plug and get your butt over here.” John did as ordered and walked over to Tony, having no idea what was coming. Tony remained still for a few moments looking down at John’s nicely muscled body, thinking about how good his next fuck was going to feel. John looked down as well, at Tony’s cock, now at half-mast, thinking that it looked thicker than it had a couple months back. He grasped it and jacked it lightly a couple of time, just because he knew Tony often expected that, and then looked up..., and UP! “Holy shit,” he thought to himself. He’d been seeing Tony almost every day of course, but only now, getting this close, did he realize just how much he’d grown. He felt like a little boy in his presence and took a small, somewhat fearful step back. He felt even more boy-like when Tony lifted him by the lats as if he weight nothing and held him suspended next to the weight stack for doing pull-downs. “Now what,” he thought?

“Legs through these loops, yeah – arms through there – good.” Suspended that way put John’s butt about level with Tony’s crotch as he stood. He looked up at Tony – forehead wrinkled questioningly.

“Extra weight,” was all Tony said as he grabbed the lat bar and did several slow warm-ups. John was going up and down with the weight stack as Tony worked out, firmly held in place by the harness. His rod now stiff enough for action, Tony carefully lowered John squarely onto its large, blunt, wet, warm tip – and John knew.

Tony lowered the weight slightly, increasing the upward pressure at John’s portal. “No, Tony…, please – not like this;” he began squirming and pulling up on the support straps to relieve the pressure a bit, but he really couldn’t do much to prevent the inevitable. The flared head was nearly half-way in; John was getting uncomfortable.

“Let’s do it!” said Tony as he lifted John a bit and then - “NNgh.., Yeowchhh!” – he was in.

“Guess you weren’t ready,” – and he began to lower John slowly, not so much to be nice to John as to give himself the opportunity to savor the sensation of penetration – inch by glorious fraction of an inch. As he slowly extended his arms upward his dick pushed slowly deeper…, and deeper. John helped out unwittingly by continuing to twist and squirm, magnifying the sensations Tony was getting from his hardening dick. “Yes! – past the half-way mark!” Nine inches. Ten. The last few inches went faster – Tony simply could not deny himself any longer. John’s butt was now crushing Tony’s pubic hairs. “Nnmmmmm..aahhhhhhh…” A long slow sigh escaped Tony’s throat. Once fully in, he flexed hard and held it – and began hissing air in between his teeth as his rigid rod stretched its final inch into John’s cock channel. He fleetingly thought, “Oh God – why do I even bother with women…,” as he started pulling down on the bar, moving his now happy brother up his full length…, before letting him down – fast! “NNNnG! --- Shit!” Tony just lifted him again – but then stopped exactly where his cock felt the greatest pressure – and the greatest pleasure, and then, after a lengthy pause, started moving the weight bar – and John – very so slightly… “SSssss.., nnnnn..,” – back and forth, up and down, over the same magic spot again and again. very quickly, he could feel the pressure building up in his balls, so he kept it up, letting the pressure build higher and higher. And higher. He was determined to make this orgasm a great one.

Happily for John, this little motion was also doing wondrous things to his prostate and he was enjoying himself as much as Tony. But then it was time, and suddenly he was moving the full length of his brother’s giant dick – slowly at first, but soon faster, and harder. Having deprived himself a bit, Tony was again trying to make the most of this fuck and was happy to let the pressure build until, as earlier, he couldn’t stop it. Still, Tony was primed, so it wasn’t long before he was pumping John faster and faster, and now he was getting louder with every upward thrust into John’s passage and John was coming down hard, and it was starting to hurt, though it was somehow still good – very good, in fact. And then, after several thrusts accomplished amidst loud grunt and curses, it began. Soon Tony was lost in his orgasm as John felt himself repeatedly, and somewhat painfully DROPPED onto the massive, now erupting cock , Tony pumping the weights in synch with his eruptions, blissfully unaware of John’s reactions until he, and John, were exhausted.

Once the explosive ejaculations were done, but wanting to extent the feeling, Tony pulled John close up against him and rhythmically pressed his body down against the base of his cock as he tried to thrust yet farther into his brother with each little, post-orgasmic surge of cum that he produced. Forgetting that he was hugging John or that he was still in the harness, Tony stood still for some time, quietly and thoroughly enjoying the total physical relaxation that followed his strongest orgasms.

Eventually John began shifting around, accidentally caressing Tony’s relaxed but still implanted dick. In response, Tony began automatically rocking his groin, and pretty soon his dick was reclaiming the space it had so recently vacated. Tony suddenly ‘woke up.’

“Whoa! Wrong ass! You’re on, Jake.” So they switched places and soon Jake was getting the same treatment as John – at first. But then Tony decided he was tired of “machine fucking;” it was time for a more “hands-on” approach. Jake was just starting to enjoy himself when he heard, “Fuck this!” Tony stopped, removed the harness straps while keeping Jake fully impaled, grabbed one of his legs and turned him around, facing away. Placing his hands around Jake’s waist, he called out, “Hang on, Bro!” – and with no further warning, he started pumping Jake up and down his once again fully engorged sixteen-inch meat – pumping at first fairly quickly, in fact, making it hard for Jake to find anything to hold on to until he finally managed to grab Tony’s wrists.

Then all movement stopped, because Tony was holding Jake where his butt squeezed Tony’s cock at exactly the most sensitive spot. Realizing just how good this felt, Tony started making small -- very small, up and down motions, carrying Jake repeatedly over the same “glory” spot on his cock. “Awww, fuck, yeah…, so-o-o fuckin’ good.” He’d flex his cock, expanding Jake’s chute size. “O-o-o-o, yeah-h-h …, so fuckin’ tight.., fuck yeah….” He kept his up for quite along time, never tiring of the incredible sensations emanating from his dick, h is huge, powerful, untiring arms having no trouble keeping Jake exactly-- … “Oh-h-h., yeah-h-h..” at the right -- “Aww, fuck, yeah-h-h.., so fuckin’ hard….SSssss.., so fuckin’ good.,” - place. Eventually, the feelings got so intense, that Tony had to move on, and Jake’s ass soon got force-fed a healthy load of Tony-cum.

That satisfied Tony for the evening, but for the next two weeks, while Tony awaited the start of another season of school and big, hard athletes, the twins fell victim to many examples of Tony’s brotherly love. •

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