Young Tony

Tony Gets a New Coach


By Deadliftr

But it was now Saturday morning, and therefore time for the twins’ required AM-visit. So, as usual, Jake and John hustled over to Tony’s lair before breakfast. They’d come home late last night and didn’t know Tony had company. When they got to his door, they heard Tony’s familiar grunting, and then another, louder voice. “Sounds like our dear Bro’ has got another linebacker on the end of his dick,” they laughed to each other. They hadn’t been told to stay away, so they knocked.

After a short silence, followed by two male voices low in conversation, they heard a powerful, deep, very masculine voice -- not Tony’s, say, “Come on in, boys.” They walked in -- and stopped in their tracks, slack-jawed and stunned. Their main impression was: Muscle in Motion -- LOTS of muscle. Lots of thick, powerful, bulging back and glute muscle, glute muscle that was drawing back, revealing a deep, wide ass crack before being pulled forward, closing into huge, hard bricks of pure muscle. They watched, still stunned, for several strokes before they realized that the guy on top, the one doing the plowing was not… “Holy shit! -- That’s not Tony!” Jake blurted out. “Where’s Tony?” It hadn’t occurred to either brother that Tony was the one kneeling and getting plugged.

Again came the deep, commanding voice, “Sit down, boys -- you’re next.” The boys moved over to the side, finally recognizing Tony. They were both still dizzy -- they’d never seen so much muscle! Next to this guy - well, underneath this guy, Tony didn’t look so big. They sat down side by side against the wall and just watched -- in awe. They watched the big guy begin to hammer their brother’s butt pretty hard, and soon both giants blew their loads. Tony was jacking himself with one hand as the Coach caught as much of Tony’s cum as he could, coating Tony’s pecs and letting the rest puddle under Tony’s abs on the latex bed cover. The Coach’s extra juice soaked into his pubes when it shot out of Tony’s ass.

When they were both done, Mac pulled Tony’s arms to the side, pushing him chest down in his own cum, then falling on top of Tony, where the two lay for a bit. Finally Mac got off and both men rolled onto their backs. They propped themselves up against the thickly padded headboard and lay quietly, smiling at each other.

Since the Twins were expected to clean Tony up after sex, they immediately went into action. By unspoken consent, Jake took Tony while John walked around to the unbelievably huge man next to him. John had picked the new guy because his cock, while also bigger than average, was a more nearly normal size, as compared with Tony’s, and he, for one, would be quite happy to deal with something smaller than Tony’s beast.

Tony’s ‘bed’ was a double-thick exercise pad on the floor, so John & Jake kneeled on the floor, leaned over and matter-of-factly drew the respective cockheads into their mouths to begin the cleansing process. Mac, of course, was unfamiliar of the local protocol, and watched first with curiosity, and then some amusement (not to mention satisfaction) as John started licking him clean. While John was busily engaged, Mac turned to Tony. “What’s this all about?” Tony looked over at him with his forehead all wrinkled up, as if to say, “Isn’t it obvious?”, and then said, “They’re just doing their duty; I make the rules – they follow ‘em.”

“Hm-m-m – sure is an arrogant son-of-a-bitch,” thought Mac. But still, it did feel good, and John seemed very content, so he simply rested and enjoyed himself. Once the twins had sucked all the juice out of Mac’s pubes and cleaned up Tony’s abs and chest, they returned to their cocks and soon had the tips of both pointing rigidly upward once again. “Guess we’re ready,” whooped Tony as he got up, eager to be back on top for a while. Jake and John got on the pad and knelt down facing the foot of the bed, ready to receive their huge partners, and for the first time ever got fucked side-by-side.

When his brothers left, Tony explained to Mac how things worked around there. His opinion of Tony dropped some more, but he said nothing. After a long breakfast and a stroll around the farm, Tony talked Mac into a little arm workout, and then after that, a little more sex before he had to leave to find a place to live. After minimal jockeying for position, Mac wound up still on top, from which vantage point he continued his training. Being reasonably smart, and sensing that Mac wouldn’t stick around if Tony didn’t put out, Tony paid attention, learned quickly, and thanks to his incredible strength, was proving most satisfactory to Mac. Tony was pretty happy, too, and wasn’t eager to see Mac leave, and so as they engaged in a fairly leisurely fuck, Tony asked Mac to move in with him for the summer. Mac was hoping he’d ask – he was as turned on by Tony as Tony was by him and wanted all of Tony he could get - badly. He acted cool to the idea at first, but then agreed. Tony was ecstatic, until he heard Mac’s unreasonable conditions, which he began enumerating while keeping his dick in motion. “Number one: (Thrust -- Nngh.) if you want (thrust!) to be my partner (Nnnng!), then your ass – (Sssss…Oh fuck..) and your dick, (NNngggh!) belong to me. (m-m-m-m-m…) No playing with the twins.

“WHA-a-a-a-t!?!?” Tony threw himself forward, pulling off of Mac’s cock, and turned to face Mac. “Hey, man – these babies…” he grabs onto his balls, “…get full pretty fast, and I really need—“

“Are you saying I can’t keep up with you?”

(”Hm-m-m-m. He has a point. Well, maybe for at first…”) “Yeah. OK. For now, anyway.” “For all summer – all or nothing.” The thought of “nothing” did it. “OK, OK. You got it.” (“What the hell -- I can still jack off,”) he thought to himself.

“And – you don’t cum unless you’re with me.” Once again, Tony wondered, “Who the hell does this guy think he is? No way!” Out loud, he simply said, “No!” Mac stared at him only briefly before drawing Tony’s eyes down to his crotch and grabbing his sex before looking up into Tony’s eyes and asking, “Do you want this cock to play with, ----- or not?”

“Yeah, but you want mine, too.”

“All I really need is your ass.”

Tony’s ego was taking a beating once again. “Is that right! If you want this ass, you’re gonna have to fight for it.”

Mac smiled, and shrugged his shoulders. It was going to be a long, and, orso he hoped, very hard summer. “Works for me,” and with that he lunged at Tony and the two fought for fuck-rights, but not for long. Mac wasn’t wasting any time, and Tony soon found himself once more filled with Mac’s stiff, pulsating dick, held firmly in place by the steel bands of his new roommate’s massive arms. At first he tried hard to break the grip, but his desire, and his ability to fight, quickly diminished as Mac’s hips started to work, driving his wonderfully hard, thickly-flared cockhead back and forth across Tony’s super-sensitive prostate.

Mac brings Tony to the brink of orgasm and stops, holding Tony immobile. “Do we have an agreement?” Tony tries to grind his prostate against Mac’s cock, but he can’t move. He can’t even jack himself because of Mac’s iron grip on his arms. Mac teases him more with his cock, getting him back to the edge once, twice, three more times, without any release, one time using his fingers as a powerful cock-ring to prevent Tony’s eruption. After some more futile struggling, Tony finally concedes. Immediately, Mac starts freely pumping and Tony erupts hugely, as does Mac.

Lying on their backs, resting quietly, it was finally Tony who spoke first. He had turned on his side and looked deeply into Mac’s eyes for several minutes before asking, “Who the hell are you?” Mac waited before answering, wondering how much, if anything, Tony knew -- finally responding with a question: “Did you think you were the only product of our father’s experiments?” Because of its unexpectedness, it took Tony a while to process this one sentence. “My father? I don’t know anything about him. What experiments?” Mac didn’t respond right away, and while Tony waited, his mind finally focused on that special three-letter word…. “OUR father? What do you mean --- our father?” Tony’s subconscious now added 2 + 2 and got—“Are you telling me that you’re my br----, Naw-w-w…, you’re bullshittin’ me.” Tony sat up facing Mac, who now told Tony what he knew, which came from a journal bequeathed to him by his late father. He told him of Edgar’s efforts to alter his own genes, and thus his sperm in order to sire a son who was genetically predisposed for muscularity and a powerful libido, that he could enjoy life in ways that Edgar never could. Unable to get his wife pregnant, he’d tried artificial insemination, using only women who came from families with large men to improve his chances of success. After six or seven failures, Mac was born. Not knowing at first what the boy would be like, Edgar continued working to super-charge his sperm and to produce another child, but to no avail. However, by the time Mac was two years old, it was clear that Edgar had achieved his goal, so he ceased further experimentation. He did not raise Mac, but kept informed of his physical progress – and prowess, and was very, very pleased.

The final entry in the journal came ten years after Mac’s birth. All it said was, “Finally – a son of our own!” Now expressing his own feelings, Mac said, “I never gave you – my half-brother – another thought; I’d assumed you’d died in the car crash. Then I started hearing about this super freaky muscle-dude who was fucking half of his senior high school class, so I checked, and found there was no record of a child’s body having ever been found after the accident – and, well, there wasn’t much doubt who this freak was.” He smiled at Tony.

Tony lay back down, staring at the ceiling and thinking for some time. This explained a lot of things – not the least of which was his size and strength. He also felt better realizing that this guy who was out-muscling him wasn’t just some regular bozo-freak who happened to be even more powerful than he was. It was ----- his brother. A real brother! Never having known any of his own family, the word sounded surprisingly good to him. He turned on his side, propping his head up with one forearm; Mac did likewise. Tony examined Mac’s body in a new light – he no longer minded that his muscles were bigger than Tony’s and he gazed approvingly at every bulge and every deep cut, eventually breaking out in a big smile when it occurred to him that, “Fuck yeah – I’ve got more growin’ to do, heh, heh.” He suddenly felt very good, and thought, “Man-n-n…, I haven’t felt this good since-“ He stopped in mid-thought; the completion of that thought caught him off guard, because the end of that sentence was: “ – since Mac fucked me a few minutes ago.” He found himself staring at Mac’s now soft sex, his dick and balls lounging lazily across his thigh, and before he could stop himself, his voice said, “Hey bro – how ‘bout fucking me. Again.”

Mac was startled at first, and then smiled and said, “Sure thing, Bro – but I ‘spect it’ll be awhile,” as he looked down at his dick; “I unloaded pretty good that last time.” Tony was looking at it, too, and now the cock that had been his ‘enemy-‘ having conquered him several times since yesterday, seemed incredibly attractive. Once again, he surprised himself: “Maybe I can help you there…, Brother.” Saying that, he pushed Mac onto his back and in seconds had sucked in his sleeping dick and one of his huge balls and carefully, even lovingly, rekindled Mac’s interest. By the time he got Mac close to cumming, he was, too, so they quickly changed positions and Tony got his wish. Both men appreciated their newfound connection, and both men did their best to allow the coupling to go on, and on, and on, until restraint was holding back was no longer an option, and so for the first time the two brothers, knowing they were brothers, enjoyed their mutual orgasms.

The rest of the day was spent in mutually consensual, non-contested sexual activities, but the next morning, the power struggles returned. Tony, knowing now that he could – and likely would get bigger, was determined to get there as soon as possible – and to get back on top, where he belonged. And so, having concluded that gym work, while not necessary, seemed to speed up, and perhaps supplement his growth process, Tony attacked the weights with greater intensity than ever, as did Mac, in an effort to keep up. Both men grew substantially that summer, but since Tony was still in his natural growing years, he grew faster; his muscles exploded in size – and hardness. So did his libido, so he was forced to take summer classes so he could be near Mac to relieve the pressure in his nuts reasonably often.

School was over; there were only two days left before Mac had to leave, and Tony had yet to win the right to be on top. As soon as he awoke this morning, he went to the mirror to check his progress. It didn’t take long for the smiles to come. He could sense – even see – the size increases since yesterday’s workout and subsequent pig-out. Tony had also been getting taller all summer, and was now Mac’s height – about six-foot-eight. And yesterday Tony had very nearly overpowered Mac in their pre-sex Olympic wrestling matches; maybe today was the day. Tony spent an especially long time flexing and admiring his thick, rippling forearms and this truly immense, split, double-peaked biceps. Mac awoke while Tony was satisfying his ego, and so was alert when Tony, having decided to try to take Mac by surprise, suddenly turned and all but jumped for the bed to attack Mac while still asleep.

The combatants were on nearly equal grounds now, and it may have been only experience that gave Mac the victory after an hour of no-holds-barred grappling. After a lengthy breakfast and some rest, a second hour-long battle preceded their sexual encounter before lunch. Tony may have lost yet again, but today he lost with a big smile because, “Tomorrow,” he thought, “ – there’s no doubt!” Excited by the thoughts of imminent victory, Tony attacked the weights with a vengeance that impressed even Mac, and then both men spent the rest of the day eating all they could to power additional growth. Both men were so exhausted by their extreme activity, and then so energy-depleted by the all-consuming digestion process that neither had any fight left in them. Tony willingly gave himself to Mac, confident that it would be the last time, and the two engaged in a leisurely hour or more of sex play before enjoying a satisfying, if not exceptionally intense conclusion before drifting off to sleep, both knowing that a big change was only hours away.

Any doubts Mac may have had upon falling asleep were vaporized the moment he awoke. For one thing, an arm even thicker and harder than his own was wrapped tightly around his chest. For another, he was on his side, in the fetal position, encased by, being spooned by – his brother. And thirdly, a large object of familiar, cylindrical shape was moving gently back and forth between his large, solid mounds of glute muscle, teasing the hairs in his ass crack and occasionally making contact with the skin. No one had done this to him for quite a long while…; he’d forgotten that it could feel so good. He must have made a small startle reaction because suddenly he found himself forced back yet more firmly against the granite-hard chest behind him as the veins and muscle fibers in the arm across his lats & chest exploded into prominence as the underlying muscle turned to rock; at the same time, Tony’s already hot, already throbbing man-piece pushed deeper between his masses of glute muscle. And fourth, there was that soft, sexy, deeply resonant, suggestive voice in his ear: “Mornin’, Sweetheart. I’ve been waitin’ for ya.”

Mac instantly tried to shift out of Tony’s grip, but Tony was ready; the movement allowed Tony to shove his other arm underneath Mac and wrap it across this upper abs, now giving him two steel-hard arms holding Mac in place. “Hm-m-m-…, what to do next…? –Ah!” He rolled onto his back, carrying Mac with him onto his chest with his coach’s legs thrashing about up in the air as he tried to break lose. Taking a page out of his brother’s book of wrestling holds, Tony curled his hips up, allowing him to bring his huge, powerful legs up in front of Mac’s and then slam both pairs of legs down flat on the bed, ordering Mac to- “Hold still!” as he wedged his cock firmly against his brother’s tail bone. Mac stopped fighting, largely because he couldn’t move, as Tony began rocking his pelvis back and forth, sliding his now slick, wet cock within Mac’s impossibly hard glute cave as he simultaneously used his powerful arms to pull Mac gradually upward along his chest. “Seem familiar?” he asked, with a chuckle.

It sure did, but Mac didn’t say anything; he was too busy trying to pull Tony’s arms apart, but they weren’t giving an inch, and Mac’s arms were rapidly tiring. Tony did a quick shift, sliding one arm lower, across Mac’s abs, allowing him to grab Mac’s now very rigid cock. It took only a few gentle squeezes to produce enough precum to slick-up the entire cock so he could mercilessly start jacking his brother, bringing him close a few times and then backing off. Mac’s only weapon was to will his dick softer, but that was impossible given Tony’s expert, assured manipulations. Mac knew exactly what was coming. “Ss-s-s-sss….Tony, please.., n-n-n-n-ng.., let’s wait until.. S-S-s-s-s-s-s…”

Tony was chuckling now. “Whatsa matter – my big, muscle stud brother losing control…, hm-m-m-m..?” Jack. Jack. “Oh God, Tony…, Ungh! …No-o-o-o…. He exploded vocally – “Eyah-h-h-h!” – even as he erupted physically. Tony’s careful aim put most of Mac’s goop on his face, in his hair, and in his ears as he keep rolling his head about trying to avoid his own splooge.

“Awww, what a shame – and here I haven’t even started, yet.” Mac, still unable to clean his cum off of his face since Tony still had his arms pinned, made a furious effort to break lose again, but could not. Tony allowed them to roll around a bit, but the net result, once they came to a halt, was that with Tony’s legs straight out, and the two men on their sides, Tony’s cockhead was firmly up against Mac’s entry-point. “Time for me to have some fun, Bro.” All he had to do was perform a reverse abs crunch and he was in. He purposely went only half-way, figuring Mac could probably handle eight inches easily enough. In truth, it was new territory for Mac, but by the miracle of Edgar’s engineering, he, like Tony, felt no pain from such an invasion. All Tony heard was Mac’s involuntary intake of breath. “How’s that feel, Bro?” Mac could only sigh -- “Nnnnnnn…” He chuckled – “That good, eh? Well, there’s a lot more coming.”

And so he began, still on his side, with little back and forth movements, feeding his brother ever more – quarter inch by quarter inch, taking macho satisfaction from every groan, every hiss, every sound that he drew from Mac’s throat. Mac’s struggles continued, but Tony’s grip wasn’t going anywhere; his control was total, and he rejoiced in the feeling. This was how it should be.

Tony would have been very surprised to find out that Mac was having exactly the same thoughts. Oh sure, Mac enjoyed being Top Dog, but now and again he’d wondered how it might feel to have an equal, and even fantasized about being forced to do someone else’s will. Mac always did what he wanted to do in the bedroom, and his ‘playmates’ invariably came back for more – again, and again, and again. As soon as he heard about Tony’s school antics, he knew he might have finally found his match. The summer had been spectacular for Mac because never before had he had to fight to get his pleasures; it was the closest thing to domination that he’d ever experienced. Getting through classes and practices each day had been a trial because he was constantly thinking about the upcoming wrestling/sex session with Tony. But this, today, had topped all of that. He had tried his best, resisting Tony’s monumental strength all he could, and had lost, and he was in heaven. Every additional advance of his brother’s impossibly big cock was a shot of ecstasy, and it was all he could do to NOT turn to mush, to just relax totally and let Tony do what he wished. Right now, he didn’t want Tony’s cock to ever end (“deeper, deeper” he was thinking to himself – the feelings just kept getting better), but he didn’t want Tony to know how much he wanted this –he had to keep an edge, somehow. So he kept resisting – just for show.

Tony was in as far as he could – from this position. “OK, Bro, time to get serious.” He got them both on their knees, allowing him to thrust in the final couple of inches all at once. “UNNGH! Ogmigod, Tony!” – Mac couldn’t help it – it just came out. “Fuck yeah – whad’dya know? My little Bro likes the feel of a huge fucking muscle-dick up his ass, after all. Awww, yeah-h-h..” Tony’s arrogant self-assurance was on the rebound, and so Tony started to move – and not just a little bit, either. Slow ‘n Subtle went out the window as Tony reverted easily to his standard format – fast and hard. He was actually a little tentative at first – this was, after all, his brother, and while he craved flexing his thighs to the max to power every thrust, he wanted his brother to want his cock, he wanted Mac to crave Tony’s power as well, so he listened carefully to Mac’s reactions. Mac tried to control his reactions, but when a 16” X 10” hot, slick, hard cock is overloading your brain with sexual pleasure, it’s not so easy. His gasps and groans of sexual satisfaction were impossible to misinterpret -- sounds that drove Tony to thrust harder and harder, producing an audible “Thwap!” as two sets of precum- & sweat-slicked balls rammed into each other with every stroke(“Aww, fuck, Bro – you just can’t get enough of this muscle and dick, can you…” (‘Unng!.., Nnnn…’) “Aww fuck, yeahh…”), sounds that so aroused Tony that only a few short minutes later, he, too blew his first load, inducing Mac into a repeat performance.

After nine or ten shots, and a lot of painful grunting, he managed to shut off the flow, thereby maintaining his hard-on, and so the fucking continued. More in control of himself now, he moved in Mac for a full hour more. All the while, Mac pretended to resist, but his heart wasn’t in it. He KNEW he couldn’t stop Tony from fucking him if he wanted to, and that by itself was keeping him as hard as he’d ever felt. Certainly his mind wasn’t much help at resisting either – that huge fucking cock was constantly blasting his prostate, sending continuous signals of “Oh, Gawd! – This feels so-o-o f-u-c-k-i-n-g good” to his brain. It was hopeless. Eventually he gave up and let the tide of Tony’s passion, his power, his muscle, and his cock, carry him away in a fog of sexual bliss.

Awareness left Mac after their next mutual orgasm, until he became aware that a huge weight had him firmly pressed into the bed/exercise pad – they’d fallen asleep with Tony on top. Soon both awake and utterly starving, they got up to get breakfast. When they stood up, Mac watched as Tony stretched a bit. “Shit, man – you really do look bigger that yesterday.” Tony threw a side biceps pose and gave Mac a superior, but pleased smile. “Hang on…” Mac got the measuring tape. “I gotta know.” Neither man had taken measurements for over a month. “Biceps!” Tony flexed. Mac’s eyes went wide. “Holy fuck! – 32 inches! That’s four inches in two months!” Tony looked very happy. “Quads!” Tony flexed. “You were, what… 42?” … “Yeah.” … “Let’s see….” Impatiently, Tony asked, “Well?” Mac looked slowly upward in disbelief. “It says ‘forty-eight’!”

Tony was bordering on delirious. He pulled Mac up, got him in a headlock and dragged him out the door. “C’mon, Bro – gotta feed The Machine!” Mac gurgled out, “Wait! Wait a sec!” … “What?” … “I’m just curious.” He was still holding the tape measure as he looked down at Tony’s relaxed dick. “Is that as small as it ever gets?” “Pretty much – why?” “Well, I just want to…,” he knelt down and made one final measurement. “Ten. I’m nine hard – and I’ve never seen a cock my size. He looked up at his brother. I guess our father made some improvements after I was born.”

Tony looked down at his dick. “Yeah-h-h-h…,” then over at Mac’s. He stepped toward the door but then grabbed Mac’s balls and hauled Mac after him saying, “..but you’re not so bad yourself, Little Bro.”

It was late. Jake and John were having lunch. At the stove, John heard the others approach and said, as he turned around, “Wondered when you two would show up – been keeping a pile of steaks waiting for—“ he stopped short as he caught sight of them. Between yesterday’s workout, and food, and today’s sex, they were both huge and pumped way beyond normal. “Holy shit, how did…?” The question died on his lips as his eyes wandered over the two mammoth physiques.

“Doesn’t matter – Food!” He and Mac sat side by side, as usual, on a heavy bench on one side on the table. They took their time as the food kept coming. Tony was in a great mood – best of the summer, and kept chattering away, telling Jake and John all about Mac and his Dad and their sex-play and on and on. As he talked, Mac got quickly distracted by the sight of Tony’s rising cock under the table, and as Tony began talking about their sex fun, he began innocently stroking his dick, quickly producing a fairly good erection, an erection that, at Tony’s size, stuck 4 to 5 inches above the table top – and erection that, since Tony kept playing with it as he talked, was beginning to churn out significant amounts of precum.

Precum that seemed especially attractive to Mac, whose eyes had been glued to Tony’s cock since before Tony started helping it along. Mac hadn’t tasted cock for a long, long time (…didn’t fit his “image”), but since he first laid eyes on Tony nine or ten weeks ago, he’d had the craving. And although he was still trying to hide his desire (“Who am I kidding – my need!”) to be controlled by his super-erotic, super-masculine brother, he couldn’t take his eyes off of Tony’s cock – there was nothing he wanted to do more, right now, than to lean over and…” Finally – Tony stopped bragging to the twins long enough to notice Mac, and to notice where he was looking, and to see, and read correctly, his expression. His mind started doing cartwheels. (“Hot damn! I’ve got ‘im by the balls,” he chuckled to himself. “Time for a little fun.”)

He had let go of his dick, but now he grasped it again, and tilted it so it pointed directly into Mac’s face, and squeezed it a few times, sending out a fresh surge of man-juice. He wagged the dick head around teasingly, saying, “Well, well, well…., looks like the little man wants a lick of his Big Daddy’s joy stick.” Mac began lowering his head and Tony let go of his dick, which straightened back up. As he expected, Mac grabbed it with both hands and brought it back closer to him and slowly leaned forward. Tony grabbed Mac’s head with his hands and held it still. “Unh-uh-uhhhhh -- not ‘til you’ve earned it.” Mac looked up questionningly. “Make love to my dick, little Bro – with your hands.”

So he did -- expertly, lovingly, thoroughly. It was soon at its full, taut, rigid sixteen inches, with precum flowing down the sides, through Mac’s hands, and Tony was gradually allowing Mac’s head a bit lower so that by now he could almost lick the cum off the tip of the cock. One more tease, he decided. He suddenly pushed the head up and away, and relaxing the grip a bit, he looked across the table and said, “Hey Jake - you wanna suck my dick?” Mac reacted without thinking. “No!” he yelled and yanked his head out of Tony’s purposely relaxed grip, quickly and completely engulfing the hugely flared helmet of his now Big Brother’s thick, hard meat.

He took one quick lick all around the head, gave a little suck, and then a swallow – and held very still as he let out a long, slow sigh of relaxation and satisfaction. Momentarily he worried, “Oh fuck – now he knows…,” but it was too late – and he no longer cared. He then proceeded to taste of his brother to his complete and total satisfaction, starting slowly, as if experimenting as he went, then gradually picking up the tempo – and the depth of penetration. Tony’s huge balls churned into action and the precum began flowing yet more freely, Mac now needing to swallow frequently, and from the sounds he made, he was very happy to do so. “Awww fuck, yeah, suck me hard, Bro – Aww yeah…,you really did need this big muscle cock, didn’t you. Fuck yeah, suck it, Bro…. Mm-m-m-m-mm…, yeah-h-h….” It had been nearly ten weeks since Tony’s last bj, and he’d missed them…badly. So he was in no hurry to ejaculate, and it was only because Mac got so good, so intense…, so deep, that thirty minutes later Tony filled Mac with lots more ‘protein a la cum’ than he’d had in his entire life.

But he got it all, and stayed with Tony’s huge organ even after the cum had stopped flowing as it softened, letting go only when Tony pushed him off. (“Heh,heh, heh…, this is the way it’s supposed to work,” thought Tony happily to himself. “What to do next…, hm-m-m..”) What he did was insist on an hour or two of resting, napping, etc. to be sure all systems were recharged, and then headed for the barn-gym.

“I’m doing the workout; you’re just gonna watch,” as he sat Mac down on a bench. Tony proceeded to pump his body parts, one by one, following each exercise by a brief posing routine, inches from Mac’s face, allowing him to touch, to sniff, even to lick -- except not either man’s dick. “Lay a hand on your dick and you’ll never play with this again,” as he grabbed his own hardening rod. Somehow, Mac doubted this - he knew Tony wanted nothing more than to fuck him again -- but he didn’t dare take the chance, so he obeyed, though it wasn’t easy with all that hard, rippling muscle being paraded in front of his face. His dick got harder with every pose and soon was dripping precum as rapidly as was Tony’s. The last muscles Tony paraded in front were the ones supporting the sixteen by ten leaking monolith pointing to the base of the cleft between his huge masses of pec muscle. “Remember -- no touching,” warned Tony in an arrogant, mean-sounding voice, as he started jacking himself, with the cum-sprouting cockhead mere inches from Mac’s perspiring face, moaning his pleasure as he did. “Awww, fuck yeah…, so fuckin’ big…., sssssss…, so fuckin’ hard.., Nnnnnnnn…., aww yeah…, feels so-o-o-o fuckin’… g-o-o-o-d…..awww, fu-u-u-u-uck….”

Mac was groaning too - but in pain, in his case, but he kept his hands at his sides…., until Tony finally stopped. Tony could see the pain in his face, the quivering in his cock, and he was satisfied. “OK -- just one more thing. Lat pull-downs - but I need your help.”

“Tony, please -- I can’t hold off much -”

“Don’t worry, man; you passed the test; it’s time for your reward.” Tony had a very special lat machine: very heavy weights, of course, but it was also designed for use standing up. Tony got a piece of equipment from off to one side and hooked it over the weight stack; a harness of sorts hung from the equipment. “Get in. You’ll give me some extra weight --love to pump my lats!” Tony showed him how. Straps went under his armpits and his knees, holding his legs out to the side, his butt hanging down low. When Tony pulled down on the bar, the weights -- and Mac -- went up.

With a huge grunt, Tony did the first pull-down, and held Mac up high. “Now - here’s the fun part.” Tony moved in closer and lower Mac just a few inches -- and suddenly Mac understood: Tony’s thick, wet, hard-as-steel cock was pressing hard on his man-pussy. “Tony -- wait a minute; I don’t think that-“ “Here we go…,” “Nnngh!” said Mac. “Fuck, yeah-h-h…,” said Tony. And that was just the head. “Here we go -- gonna try for high reps -- down went the weight; up into Mac went the cock. “Sssssss…,” went Tony - and Mac. Then up -- breathe out…, and down…. “Nnnnnn……” Up and out….then slowly, slowly, down, down, deeper, deeper…,”Nnnnggh!” It was hard to tell who was groaning louder. “I can only do partials doing it like this…, Ssssss…Nngh!.., but I still get good results…,” as he pumped faster and faster, slamming Mac down on his cock harder and harder, feeling finally like the Tony of old -- with his playmate completely at his mercy, all but screaming his inability to control himself in the face of his Master’s onslaught.

“Tony! Oh fuck, Tony…, I can’t hold off any more…., I’m gonna…” “Awww fuck yeah., squeeze me hard, Bro.., NNgggh! - fuck yeah….Aarrgggh/Eya-a-a-ahh-h-h.” Two orgasms; a single voice.

They stood still for a while, Mac thoroughly enjoying the connection, until Tony had completed his recovery. He helped Mac out of the harness, threw his tired, energy-depleted body up on his shoulders and carried him upstairs, where they engaged in somewhat more pedestrian sex off an on through the night.

Mac left the next morning, putting Tony in a very bad mood. He reminded himself that he’d have his old coach back in a couple of weeks, and in the meantime, well, he hadn’t been giving his other brothers the attention they deserved. It was time to rectify that. •

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