Becoming Frank Sepe

By Troy292

Drew woke up early one Saturday morning. He went through his Frank Sepe collection, he collected everything Frank Sepe ever did, every muscle and fitness magazine, every playgirl magazine, and every romance novel Frank graced the cover of. Drew was Franks's biggest fan. "I wish I was Frank Sepe" he said while looking at one of Franks playgirl spreads."I wish Frank was gay, and my slave lover', he fantasized.Drew was just a short small guy about 5'6 150 lbs. That afternoon he went out to do his various errands. He saw a little old lady about to get run over by a bus. He grabs her and saves her life ."Thank you young man, how can i repay you ?""Wasn't a problem ma'am, My pleasure, you dont owe me a thing""I think i know the perfect thing for you, you must have some wishes i can grant you 3 wishes""I dont have any wishes""Sure you do Drew, I Think you want to be Frank Sepe, you wish he was gay and your slave lover.""How do you know my name, and how did you know that?""I know alot about you Drew, I have special powers and i'm about to change your life forever . Come with me ."Drew followed the old lady to a huge mansion. She led him to a complete home gym, full of every type of work out equipment possible, this gym was more stocked than most gyms."This house is yours Drew, along with the 20 million dollars I just placed in your bank account. You are a very wealthy young man right now. And now for the rest of your reward"Instantly Frank Sepe appearred in the room,wearing a sexy black muscle shirt and tight shorts. Before Frank could say a word, the old lady had him in a trance."You are no longer sexually attracted to women, you are sexually attracted to Drew, and you desire to be totally submissive to him and serve him for the rest of your life"Drew then felt something in his brain. It was filling up with knowledge, of working out , eating right and assorted bodybuilding facts, the old lady had given Drew the same knowledge about fitness and bodybuilding that Frank had.

The old lady snapped her fingers and Frank woke up from his trance."How may i serve you Master Drew?"" Go do a few sets of bench presses"Frank goes to the bench and starts lifting. The old lady then whispers to Drew" At midnight tonight you will become Frank you will be the love slave to the new Drew. Enjoy everything have fun with Frank today and enjoy his body the rest of your life you will have memories of both your present life and that as Frank, But Frank as Drew will only have the memories of Drew and Frank will have been his slave for several years now."The old lady then left. And Frank and Drew had a blast. Frank worked out and flexed and posed for Drew, And that night Drew had the best sex of his life with the man of his dreams. Both men went to bed early that night about 10 pm . Both had interesting dreams.The next morning Drew woke up noticed that he was liking next to someone that looked just like him , He sat up in the bed and noticed that everything was smaller, He looked in the mirror and noticed his new body, and started flexing in the mirror. He then went back into bed and began sucking his masters cock, and spend a life of pleasing Drew. •

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