Cyclist, The


By Corwin

I have a passion for biking. I bicycle commute 35 miles every day and on the weekends I bike at least 100 miles. I'm training to compete in the next gay games. I love the feeling of flying down a hill and the pump I get during a hard climb. I love that biking gives me thick thighs and a hard six-pack, not to mention a firm bubble butt. Watching other tight spandex-clad sweaty male bodies or enjoying passing shirtless joggers is just an added bonus.

It was mid-March during my morning commute that I first remember seeing him. I was on the trail heading toward work. He was jogging toward me. It was warm and he was shirtless, wearing only jogging shorts that seemed a bit small, but I wasn't about to complain. After a winter of too many clothes, partially-clad eye-candy is always appreciated.

His body wasn't really anything special. He looked like he was about forty, with a small midlife spread. I guessed that's why he took up jogging, trying to fight the ravages of time. I didn't notice him because of his body, which I didn't think was all that special, but because he was so handsome. He was blonde with classic features. But, what was really special about him was his eyes -- blue, bordering on grey. His gaze followed me as I sped past him. I caught him in my rearview mirror continuing to stare. I'm sure this made me grin.

For the next month, I would see him every couple of days. He'd be running in the opposite direction to me, and his grey eyes would follow me as I passed. I began to nod hello, as bikers do. I also began to put on a bit of a show, standing and flexing as I showed off my speed (and thick biker's legs). I'd flex my lats, pulling to get more force to go faster. He seemed to appreciate it.

During this month, I began to notice changes in him. His spare tire was gone, and he was now sporting the beginnings of some abs. His chest looked fuller and now had a manly bounce as he jogged. His legs were classic runner's legs, ripped and tone with a nice diamond shaped calf. His shoulders looked broader and rounder. Even his arms looked pumped. I nodded my normal greeting and decided to up the ante, so to speak.

During the next week, I biked to work shirtless. As I passed him, I would slow down just enough for him to take in my thick, hairy chest, ripped abs and broad back. I noticed his gaze taking in all of me, stopping briefly at the large package that was impossible to conceal in my shorts.

The admiring glances went both ways. I enjoyed the way sweat gleened off his ever more defined musculature, and the way his firm chest expanded with each breath. His skimpy shorts were now being pulled tight by a nice bubbly butt, and he seemed to have a decent-sized snake bouncing down his right leg.

Our nods of hello became voiced "Hiya"s now, accompanied by friendly smiles that anticipated more.

I made my next move that weekend. I was use to seeing my jogger friend on my trip, but I planned my timing to really bump into him. I left home early that day. I was on the trail, a little after its mid-point, and saw him jogging toward me. We grinned, smiled and "Hiya"ed, as was our custom. Our gazes seemed to lock a bit longer than usual. I pedaled to the trail's end and turned around. I timed it perfectly, catching up to him as we both neared the trail's other end.

I wasn't use to seeing him from this angle, and I was rivetted by his thick and defined back, hard calves and cute butt. As I passed him, I made sure to say "Hi again" and grin. I caught a big grin forming on his face as I rode harder to the end of the trail. I stopped ahead of him at the water foutain, waiting, taking the time to gulp back a drink and splash some of the cool liquid on my face and chest.

"Hi," he said as I looked up from my drink. "I've seen you on the trail. Boy, you're fast." He was grinning and looked so damn cute, his hair sweaty yet tossled.

"Thanks. It's nice to finally meet you. You've been jogging for a while now, huh?"

"Ya. I wanted to get in shape."

"Looks like it's working."

He laughed. "Ya, it's a special program I'm on." He took a drink of water, allowing me to drink in more of him. God, he was fine. He was even bigger and more toned than I thought he was. "How about you?"

"I've thought about maybe competing in some races. Nothing definite yet. My name's Scott." I offered him my hand.

"Mark." We shook hands, and I looked into his eyes. Something was clicking, and we both smiled.

Mark was the first to speak. "I've done some biking, nothing serious though."

"Maybe we could go for a ride sometime."

"Maybe. I don't know that I'm in your league."

I chuckled. "I hear that a lot. Most guys put themselves down. I'm not really that good. Besides, I enjoy the company."

Mark smiled. That's when I noticed him become a little uncomfortable. I saw a good sized dick was becoming visible from his shorts. Mark blushed and tried to push it back. He saw me notice. "Uhmmm, sorry, it's just that..." he blushed and looked away as he rearranged his shorts. It was very cute.

"Hey! Nothing to be sorry about. We're both guys and I know how it is. I'm always horny after a good ride. Besides, from the look of it, you've got nothing to be sorry about."

He gave me a friendly smile that betrayed a hint of innocence. He was still blushing. I changed the subject.

"So, tell me more about this exercise program you're on. You're really lookin' good."

"I'm a professor of sports medicine at the university, and it's something I've been working on. I tried the program on our football team, and it worked wonders." I knew that the team was undefeated in their last season and was ranked first nationwide. It was big news, even though I didn't follow football. "I decided if it worked on the kids, why not me too? I started it almost four months ago. I was kinda out of shape then."

"Well, you aren't anymore."

"Thanks, but you know, you've got a pretty good body too. If you're interested, you could stop by my lab sometime. I love to show it off." With a little hesitance, he added, "now." His modesty was adorable.

"That could be fun."

"Are you free this week?"

This was going better than I had hoped. "Ya, that would work for me if it works for you. I don't have anything going on."

"How about tomorrow. My lab is 215 DeSoto Hall. Say around 5:30? Maybe we could catch dinner after that?"

"Sounds like a plan to me. I'd better continue my ride or I'll never finish, but I'll see you then. Nice meeting you."

"See you tomorrow."

I biked away. Good thing spandex is tighter than jogging shorts, or my snake would have been making an appearance at that point. Biking makes me horny, but not as horny as a hot muscle man.

I left work a little after 5 on Monday. It would take me about 20 minutes to bike from the center of town to the University. DeSoto Hall is on a rather steep hill. Starting from the river trail and climbing several hundred feed to the lab made me a bit sweaty. I wiped the sweat off my athletic body and donned a tanktop. I don't mind showing off while exercising, but when in a public building I'm a bit more shy. I found Mark's lab and knocked. It was 5:30 on the dime.

Mark opened the door. I was surprised to see that he was dressed like me, wearing a tanktop and his runner shorts. I was even more surprised to see that he was sweaty. "Hi Scott. Glad you could come. You bike here?"

"Hey. Ya, you know me. It's my preferred method of travel."

"That's a pretty steep hill." He seemed to be a little out of breath.

"Ya, it's always up hill and against the wind." I smiled, knowing it's a dumb joke, but I like it. "Besides, it was a good workout. But what about you? You look a bit drenched too."

"Just getting in a bit of a workout while I waited. Lifting some heavy weights," he said, nodding to the equipment in the room. "So this is it." I looked around the room. There were what appeared to be benches and some sorta exercise machines, but more high-tech. "It's my little gym, or maybe a better description would be gym-of-the-future."

"Wow. How's this stuff work?"

"Some of it is hydraulics. Some is magnetic. Here, let me give you a demonstration. I was doing some bench presses." He went over to a machine with a bar that slid along some metal braces. "This machine uses magnetic resistence." He slid the bar down and did eight reps at a descent speed, then forced out two more.

"Cool. How much weight was that."

He looked at a readout on the side of the machine. "Well, I don't like to brag."

"Come on. I normally work out with about 250."

"This was a bit more than that."

I looked at his chest. Nice pump, but it wasn't bigger than mine. "Come on, how much."

He smiled. "A little over two tons, actually."

"Liar." I laughed. I walked over to the machine. The readout said '4250 lbs.' I looked at him, still thinking it was some kind of a joke. "Neat, you fixed the readout."

"No. Actually I didn't. I told you I developed this experimental program. The numbers are real. Try it if you don't believe me. The machine adapts to the user."

I got on the machine while he set it up for a new user. I did the same 10 reps. The final two were killers, like his. I got up and looked at the readout. It said '254 lbs'.

"Wanna compare?" Marked asked as he removed his shirt. His pecs looked rock hard, but I still was incredulous. I walked over and pushed him in his chest. It was amazingly hard, and he wasn't even flexing. He didn't move. He responded by grabbing me in one arm, wrapping it around my lower back and pulling me toward him. I tried to pull away, but I couldn't. He moved his head close to mine. I could feel his breath as he whispered, "Damn, you are one hot man." He came closer and his lips touched mine, kissing me. He pulled back a bit.

I looked into his eyes. They were sincere. I could feel the lust in my own gaze, and moved my head to his, returning the kiss with much more passion. Talk about seeing fireworks. I don't know what it was, Mark's obvious strength, his wondeful body, his eyes, or the fact that he was a good kisser, but I was falling head-over-heels for this man. After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, he let me go.

I looked at him. "I guess I don't understand," I finally confessed. "You're a fucking superman, and this program of yours did it?"

Mark walked over to desk and pulled out two pictures. "This is the football team at the beginning of last summer." It was a group of men, standing somewhat embarrassed and all bareass naked. Some had nice bodies, some were fattish but all were obvious athletes. "This is them six months later, after the program." It was the same group, at least they had the same faces. Now, all were lean, toned bodybuilders. Some could be pros, even Mr. Olympia caliber. There was one other noticable change -- they were all sporting cocks that could choke an elephant. "At the end of the experiment, the weakest player could bench press 3 tons and squat 5. The strongest could do nearly three times that."

"That's fucking amazing." I couldn't stop staring at the herculean men. After a few seconds, Mark took the pictures. "That's when I figured, why not?"

"Why not do it yourself?"

"Look, Scott. You're a hunk. You're the type of guy I always dreamed about -- both being and having. No matter how hard I tried, I always was smaller and weaker. That's what got me into this research in the first place. And since it worked, I can have my dream." Mark struck a double bicep pose. "Look out Mr. Olympia, you're gonna have competition." Mark smiled as he admired his hard body. "Next week, I'll have been doing the program for four months. Two months after that, I'll be amazing."

"You're pretty amazing now." I couldn't help but stare, then asked "So, how does this program work?"

"It's kind of complicated. Whatya say we shower and go to dinner. I'll tell you all about it."

"Uhm, OK. You're on. But I want to know more than just the program. I want to know about you too."

Mark smiled. "The feeling is mutual, I assure you. The showers are over here."

Mark stepped through a door into a small locker room. I picked up my backpack of clothes and followed. He turned and locked the door. "Hope you don't mind, but I thought we may not want to be interrupted." Mark walked over to me and lifted off my tank top. He ran his hand gently through my chest hair, feeling the shape of my pecs and tweaking my nipples. He carassed my six pack and felt my package through the spandex shorts. "I'm glad you don't seem to mind. I think you may even enjoy this." I answered by deep kissing him and sleeping my hands down his shorts to his hard round butt.

Slowly, he pulled away from me. He knelt down and placed his hands on the top of my shorts. He pulled them off. My cock jumped to attention.

"Damn. I knew it. Fucking donkey cock." He placed his mouth on my member and began to suck. He placed his hands on my hips and stood up, lifting me as if I were a child. His mouth never left my dick. I was in ecstacy. He pulled me closer and pushed me away, stimulating my dick and holding me as if I were a doll. He would stop playing with my erection only to lift me higher and suck on my nuts. I placed my hands on his arms. The bulged and flexed and felt like iron. Mark's face turned red as he was more and more turned on. Damn, he was good. He was going to get me off before I even had a chance to return the favor.

"Hey, whoa Clark Kent," I said through pants of excitement. "Let me have some fun to". Mark stopped and looked up. He smiled and put me down.

"Sorry. I got carried away."

"Man, you're good, but now it's my turn." I knelt and pulled down his shorts. A huge cock jumped out at me. "Gahd. You're bigger than me!"

"And still growing, like these." He flexed his thigh which bucked into totally defined muscle. "It's all part of the program."

I didn't care where it came from. I deep throated the member in one gulp. I've played with some big dicks before, but Mark had to be at least 11 inches. It was like the rest of his body, hard as iron. His nuts were also huge, and seemed to vibrate as he got more excited. I could taste the salty sweetness of his precum as I sucked. Minutes pass, when I feel his strong hands push me away and pull me up.

"Shower," he pants. Mark kissed me, then lead me into a shower stall and closed the door. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my body close to his. Though we both were tone, his body was hard and the muscle ungiving. His erection stood straight up against his eight-pack, and mine slipped between his hard legs. We kiss, then he released me. "Please, flex for me," he asks.

I raised my arm to show off my 18 inch bicep. Mark's hand stroked my forearm and moved along the arm to the peak of the bicep. When he squeezed. It was amazingly gentle and caring. He lowered his face and kissed the bicep. His soft tongue licked from the bicep to my shoulder and into my armpit. It was very erotic, and I could feel myself becoming more turned on. I raised my arms above my head and flared my lats as he licked my pit. I stretched my back and flexed my pecs, trying to engulf his face in my muscle. I noticed his mighty cock leaking precum over his stomach. Mark raised his left hand, and ran it through my chest hair. He cupped my flexed my chest with his hand. When his thumb scratches my nipple it became erect. He licked from my pit to my other pec to the nipple, circling it with his tongue before he ever so gently biting it and beginning to suck. His hand moved from my other pec to my abs, which I flexed into six cobblestones with deep ridges between them. He paused at each one, feeling its hardness. Then, I wrapped my right leg around his and flexed my thigh and calf, pressing into his immovable stand. My calf split into diamond hardness, and my quads became instantly defined. His hand reached for my cock, pulled it from between his legs and moved it next to his. I nearly creamed when he rubbed them together.

I moved my mouth to his ear and nibbled, whispering to him, "Your turn. Show me how strong you are."

His head moved from my body and he stood straight. He was smiling though there was lust in his eyes. "Show me that big arm of yours," he ordered.

I flexed it. Again, Mark's hand stroked my forearm and moved along my arm to the peak. He squeezed, gently at first. This time, the pressure on my muscle increased. His fingers began to move into my hard muscle. I flexed harder, forcing them out. Mark never stopped grinning as the force of his grip continued to increase. Once more his fingers forced into my muscle. I strained to force them out, but I'm only moderately successful as his power began to flatten my show muscle. I could feel the sweat on my face as I lose the struggle against his powerful fingers. I surrendered to his power.

Still holding my arm in his grip, he twisted and flexed his other arm in my face. Eventhough I try and resist, Mark moved my arm totally under his crontol as if I were a puppet -- powerless to resist him. I'm forced to touch the peak of the hill that is in my face. "Crush it," he snarls. I take the peak in my grip. I watched as my forearm bunched into striated muscle forcing my fingers into the rock that rises from his arm. My fingers turned white, but they are unable to even dent his flesh. Mark's skin doesn't even change color. "That strong enough for you? Or maybe you need to see this?"

Mark whipped his arm from my grip and flexed into a most-muscular crab. Every muscle was incredibly defined. I placed my hand on his shoulders. They felt like warm marble. I worshipped his body with my hands, feeling the hardness and power of his chest, his abs, and his legs. I used my tongue to caress his calves. I licked up to his quads and felt his hard glutes. Finally, I found the soft flesh in the sack that encased his large nuts. I licked the sack, then put one nut in my mouth and gently suck. I heard Mark moan his approval. I grabbed my dick and started to jerk off as Mark's hands explored my hair, shoulders and arms. I felt his nuts pull away as he got ready to shoot his load. I could barely contain my ejaculation as his nuts got tighter and tighter. We erupted together, covering our bodies in wet jism. I knew Marked enjoyed it by the sound of his ecstatic moans.

"Wow," I finally said, feeling weak in the knees.

"Wow yourself," Mark whispered, holding me then kissing me. "That was fantastic." I gazed deeply into his eyes and smiled. "Let's get cleaned up and have dinner. After that, I need food to get my strength back ... so we can do it again later." We both smiled. •

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