Steroid Experience

Getting Jacked

"My story began at age 20, with my friend Steve who stood about 5 foot 5 weighing (originally about a buck 25) now about 230 and in a span of three months appeared as if he had been struck by a meteor or landed from another planet. He had always told me that it was the 'Pro-Complex' protein he used but I suspected something with a little more kick was responsible. One day after our lift, we were shooting the s--t and he finally admitted to me that he had been taking about 6cc.'s of cypionate a week along with some cutting agents. Immediately I brandished my cash and told him to hook my ass up, hell I was no slouch (6 foot 2 weighing about 190), I had been lifting since I was 12 but growth seemed too slow for me.

Within two days I had in my possession 30ml. of Testosterona and an in depth lesson on injecting into the upper quad. Our friendship died because he was a f--king thief, but I found new friends / hookups and began to read- A LOT. I learned the difference between mass and cutting tests', ancilliary, safe spots / pulling back when taking super sauce and other fun topics.

Now many people barely recognize me from high school (I was 170 and lanky). Currently at this point I weigh 265, my usage has progressed from the nervous 'I hope 600mg. of cyp isn't too much...' to my favorite weekly cycle of: (1250mg. of sustanon, 60mg. D-bol daily, 50mg. Anadrol daily for 30 days, and 300mg. Deca weekly along with 500mg. cytadren following a two days on two off cycle to avoid that nasty bitch tits). I have progressed through pretty much everthing there is to try: Cypionate, Enanthate, Propionate, Primobolan, Stanzalol, Suspension, Deca, Sustanon, Omodron, Reforbit-B (neon yellow riding a trail of blood, kinda neat but tastes like shit), D-bol (thai, TTokkyo, Mexi-25mg.'s, Polish, Russian (whites), Anadrol-50's, Nolvadex, Clomid, HCG, T-3..... I'm eagerly awaiting trying growth.

I've shot my quads, calves, lateral delts, biceps, triceps and even the top of the forearm. My incline bench has progressed from struggling with 150 to warming up with 280 for a set of 30. Currently I barely break a sweat with 315 for 10 reps." •

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