Steroid Experience

The School Bully Beat Me Up And Took My Shoes

"Hi my names paul and ive got a helluva story for you...This starts off in my ninth grade year of high school; i was 5'8 and i weighed 140 lbs!! I was constantly picked on in school, (and i mean severely), up to the point to where i was actually stripped of my pants at my bus stop and if that wasnt the worst thing that happened then it would have had to have been the time i was beaten up after the school bully wanted my shoes in math class.

Not only was i small, but i was extremely weaker than most of my peers and though now i hate to admit it i was a coward. I learned about steroids from a friend whos brother had been taking them because he was playing college ball at the time and was hoping to turn pro. My buddy and I drove and hour and a half to a bigger city just to research steroids---I WAS AMAZED!! Here was some stuff that would make me bigger and stronger, and safely as long as used them carefully and responsibly! I had 2 bottles in my room 2 days later with a needle laying on my desk attached to a syringe filled with 1cc of testosterone cypionate.

I didnt wonder about sticking myself like these guys that you read was simple for me, 'you wanna be big? then this is how you get there'; and so i injected myself on a sunday and two days later i shot myself with 200 mgs of deca. (note:my cypionate was 200 mgs per cc). after my first cycle i was up to 168lbs and after my second which was deca 200 mgs weekly and 35 mgs of dianabol daily i was up to a whopping 199 which is incredible for only being 5'8! My arms went from 14 and a half inches to 17 inches in 3 and a half months!

Now i will admit that even on these drugs i was still not what you would call a 'fighter'. I was strong and people stopped picking on me by tenth grade because of my freaky body but i wasn't by any stretch of the imagination a 'fighter'. Well, then my buddy told me about some stuff called methyltestosterone--He said it was the stuff to take and if i wanted to be a freak of nature than i needed it...So my 5th or sixth cycle looked kinda like this: 40 mgs of D-BOL daily, 300 mgs of test enan. weekly, 300 mgs of deca weekly and 4 methyl test pills daily (and i cant remember the mgs).

Well people- i became more than a fighter; i had the biggest balls you could ever imagine!! If someone got mouthy with me(big or small) they got slugged and the weirdest thing is i cant understand how i used to be afraid of people--my new found courage has never left me- although now i am a few years older and have realized that its not cool to go around getting into fights and most people will respect you for being a decent person and the fact that you look like a freak usually deters most would be bullys....For about a year there my family was even afraid of me; they didnt want to be around me during christmas so i spent my christmas alone because of my rage problem.

Steroids are a tool used along with diet,supplementation, and rest and working out to build your body the way most of us like, but like any great thing in this world it must be respected and used properly and with knowledge or it can harm you and OTHERS.... i lost my fiancee and two very good friends due abuse and lack of knowledge....I am happy to report that i use only the following drugs now and never exceed 400 mgs a week : deca,winstrol,test cypionate, and anavar and im still 5'8 and i weigh 215!!! (and i have a lovely girl friend whom i treat like a queen and i cant wait until christmas because i miss my family and they in turn miss me as well) thanks for listening- paul in florida." •

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