Steroid Experience

Rugby player

"I was 25 years old and had been working out semi-seriously for about 6 years. I looked like a guy who went to the gym and did his 3 sets and took a long sauna and went home for his 20g protein shake. I was also fairly content with my overall appearance and strength. However, I also played rugby at a pretty competitive level. I found that the rugby team that I was on was truly not at a high enough level of play. After disappointing season after disappointing season I decided to move to another club in the top division.

The new club I went to had more 'athletes' on the team and although I was fast and moderately strong I was also shorter than everyone else and not as powerful. I decided to do a little research on steroids that could help me with my overall power and speed (I also wanted a little bit more aggression). My buddy on the team told me about decadurabolin and said that he could get me some if I wanted. To me the possibility of actually sticking my self with a needle was a little to close to reality for the time being so instead I did more research. After researching for an extended period of time (well actually just one night) I thought I'd give it a go.

I used Ttokkyo's decadurabolin 10 week cycle. The first needle was absolutely freaky - all the stigmatisms attached to steroid use, the infamous needle scene from the movie The Program really got me nervous but I got my buddy to stick the needle one finger level below my iliac crest. Boom I was a juice monkey! Not really but I couldn't wait to feel the results of the deca.

I hit the gym for that week harder than I ever had in my life. I wanted the results to be noticeable and I did not want to be disappointed with my decision to do a cycle. So I pushed as hard as possible to make significant gains. I was told that 3 weeks was the magic number for me to start feeling the deca. 3 weeks passed and although I was getting a little stronger (due to really hard workouts) I didn't make insane 'juice-style' gains.

The beginning of week 5 it really hit me. I was literally 10 lbs heavier and a freak in the gym. My bench went up to a one rep max of 205lbs to repetitions of 6-8 of 255lbs. I could curl 60lbs for 8-10 and I was warming up with 3 plates a side for squats. All that aside my rugby game is what really shocked me.

I was running anyone and everyone over when I carried the ball. Tackling was my new favorite part of the game. Unlike when I was a skinny pile of bones and felt a massive crunch every time I hit someone in the past, I was now able to lay a thump on even the biggest guys in the league. More importantly I loved hearing people groan and complain about their injuries the day after each game. I sat back and laughed while I hit the gym the day after each game for a complete workout. The deca had made me immune to injuries and repaired any aches and bruises that I might have encountered in the game. I literally felt like superman. It was awesome.

Now the season is over and I have shrunk back into my regular size. I crave another cycle and I hate being the pathetic size I am now. I am in an awkward position though. My fiance would kill me if she ever knew about me doing steroids and my friends might lose respect for me as well. I don't know if I should cycle because I did get some pretty ugly zits and a pretty short fuse while on the stuff but man I loved the strength and power it gave me. Oh yeah, it also didn't help that everyone and anyone that I knew or even if they just met thought I looked 'amazing' or like a 'tank'. I guess that is what brought me to this contest and to search the net for answers." •

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