Stolen Potential?

By Zeppo

Joey and Bailey both went to same High School. Joey was the typical stud Senior. Star of the school’s wresting team, always getting the ladies and able to charm the faculty into doing whatever he wanted. He was only 5’4”, but pushing 200 lbs easily. He loved to wear tight clothing and show off his body to everyone. He especially loved the locker room; he’d take a shower and show off his body to everyone, he knew all the guys watched. When you’ve got an 8” soft dick and balls the size of kiwis, you really don’t care who looks at you. His face was amazing as well, with piercing blue eyes, long black hair and striking features that made people fall for him, guys and girls alike.

Bailey was almost the opposite, he was only a sophomore, but at 6’6”, he looked somewhat older. He was skinny as a rail, only about 170 pounds, and had short brown curly hair. His features were rather unremarkable and soft. He kept to himself mostly and didn’t have very many friends. The reason was he was secretly gay, and the person who he loved to watch more than any other was none other than Joey. He loved his small and extremely muscular body. He sometimes wished that he could gain muscle like that but his lanky frame prevented him from doing so. What Bailey didn’t know, was that Joey watched him a lot. Not that Joey was gay, far from it. Joey loved being the captain of the wrestling team, but what he’d always dreamed of was being the captain of the basketball team. He was incredibly self-conscious about his height and hid it by emphasizing other parts of himself like his physique. He longed to be tall like Bailey, and was willing to do anything to get it. That’s where our story begins.

It was a Friday afternoon, Bailey had just finished up a run around the track and was about to head to the showers. He had hoped that he might run into Joey, but so far he didn’t have much luck. He wrapped the towel around his waist, grabbed his shampoo and headed to the showers.

Joey watched as Bailey headed into the shower, he made sure no one else was in the locker room. He’d have to remember to thank the cleaning lady again for giving him the keys. He walked towards the showers, wearing his sneakers, gym shorts and a tank top. He stopped at the water main valve and turned it off. He then walked into the showers, seeing Bailey stand there in his towel.

“Hey there Bailey, thought I might tell you the water’s out. Someone’s out there working on the main.”

Bailey blushed, “Oh, uh thanks Joey. I feel kinda stupid now”

“Ha, no worries man. I needed to ask you something anyway. Basketball tryouts are next week, think you’ll go?” Bailey couldn’t believe it; there he was, his crush talking to him! “Uh no actually, never been really good at it.” Joey frowned, “Really? Why not? Look at you, you’re huge! You’re the tallest guy in school, you know that?” Bailey smirked, “Yea, I know. I just don’t really like playing for teams.”

Joey looked mad, “What’s wrong with you? You’ve got all this potential and you’ve been blessed with that height? Why won’t you use it?”

Bailey took a step back, why was Joey getting so worked up? Joey realized he was going too far, he took a second then laughed “Ha, just busting your chops man, I’m not gonna hurt you or anything.” Joey knew this was the time to act; he spread the potion onto the palm of his hand behind his back and then extended it. “Here, shake,” he said with a grin.

Bailey didn’t know what to make of this; here he was standing in the showers in just a towel with the biggest hunk in the school. He extended his own arm and shook Joey’s hand.

As soon as they touched, both boys felt an electric jolt spread up their arms and down their bodies. “Ha! It’s working!” Joey exclaimed. Bailey tried to let go of Joey’s hand but realized it was stuck, like they were glued together. Joey shivered, he knew it was happening. He remembered what the book had said; the transformation would start with him. Looking down at his free hand, he watched as his fingers stretched and his tan Italian skin faded, his bulky forearms shrank as they stretched out longer. The feeling was in his legs as well. He looked down to see his legs start to grow, longer and longer. However they lost muscle mass as they stretched. The thick black hair that was on his legs and forearms began to disappear; he looked up at Bailey and realized he was mostly hairless. Bailey couldn’t believe what was happening, Joey was growing and changing…in fact he was looking a lot like Bailey! Bailey stood there with his mouth wide, watching as the stud became him. Joey’s eyes met Bailey’s and he gave him a sinister grin, then looked down and watched as his torso expanded He was sad to see his pecs shrink down under the tank top. As he grew more, the tank revealed his stomach and he watched as his abs disappeared to merely a flat stomach. The black hair on his chest and stomach also vanished, replaced only with a few small wisps of curly brown hair. His shoulders and back then began to shrink. As his spine grew, he noticed as his traps shrank and his back narrowed. His lats then all but disappeared, dropping his arms against his sides. He felt his shorts ride up on his legs and get looser around as they stretched longer and lost their bulkiness. His feet began to ache; he hadn’t planned for this! His normally size 9 feet had started to stretch and grow into the massive size 17s that Bailey wore! He grunted and felt the shoes stretch slightly he heard the stitching start to pop. Suddenly he saw his toes burst through the front of his sneakers and they ripped all the way around. Bailey could hardly believe what he was seeing, he watched as Joey’s features softened and his black hair shortened and became the curly brown hair that Bailey himself had. His beautiful blue eyes dulled to a greenish brown.

Joey felt the energy diminish and looked down at himself, it had worked! He was now looking eye to eye with Bailey! The link between the two was severed and he let go of Bailey’s hand quickly. Joey decided to explore himself a little before causing the second part of the spell to start. All he would have to do to complete the swap was touch his hands together.

Bailey was in shock, looking at his twin. “Ho…How did you do this?” Bailey asked in a quivering voice. Joey smiled, “It wasn’t that hard,” he said in Bailey’s voice, “went to an occult shop and they pointed out a book that helped me out.” Joey was in the process of checking out his body, he stripped off the tank top, since he looked ridiculous in it. He looked down at his huge feet and suddenly his eyes lit up, “Oh man, if I thought I was hung before…” He reached down into the shorts and his eyes went wide. “What the…” he dropped the shorts off to reveal a 6 inch boner and gumball sized nuts. He could hardly believe it, “I thought guys with big feet were supposed to be hung like horses!” Bailey just laughed a little, “You shouldn’t believe everything your told.”

Joey was furious; he couldn’t believe what he had done! He had given up his studly body for a few lousy inches of height? He was so angry he made a fist and cracked his knuckles in his other hand. He then realized what he had done and let go. Instantly, he looked over at Bailey.

Bailey felt the electric jolt again, surge through him even stronger then before. Every muscle in his body started to spasm, and his towel dropped to the floor. The now twins stood face-to-face, eye-to-eye. Both were naked as the day they were born. Bailey looked at Joey pleadingly then noticed he wasn’t exactly looking into Joey’s eyes anymore, he was looking up slightly. Was Joey growing even more? “Oh shit!” Joey exclaimed, “Now I will never get my body back!”

It was then that Bailey realized what Joey was talking about. Joey wasn’t growing anymore, Bailey was shrinking! Bailey raised his hands in front of his face, he watched as his pale skin darkened and tanned. He looked up at Joey with scared eyes that were turning a most brilliant blue. The spasms rocked his body again and he noticed that his forearms seemed to be getting thicker as they shortened, they were! He watched as his upper arms started to swell with Joey’s muscles. His dreams were coming true! And while his shoulders were actually getting narrower, he watched as the muscle bulged and made them appear to broaden.

Joey was obviously annoyed, but he couldn’t help being mesmerized watching the tall sophomore shrink down to his former studly body. Could the potion have done more than just swap their bodies? Could Joey have acquired some of Bailey’s feelings as well?

Bailey’s legs swelled thicker with muscle, forcing his legs apart and his calves were becoming obscene. He doubled over, and while he did Joey watched as Bailey’s back swelled and his lats forced his arms outwards. When Bailey stood back up, he was now at Joey’s former height and looked at Joey with his former breathtaking face. For some reason, Joey felt incredibly turned on.

Bailey felt amazing, he could hardly describe the feeling of being so strong. He began to feel cocky, “this must be what Joey felt like when he had this studly body,” Bailey thought to himself. He looked down and watched as his flat stomach rippled and became the amazing abs that Joey had. The tingle then moved up to his chest and he watched as it ballooned outward into two enormous pecs. His skin crawled and he watched as its color evened out to a dark tan and he watched as thick black hairs sprouted from his arms, legs and chest. He felt the hair on his head grow longer to Joey’s former beautiful black hair. He tossed his head back to get the hair out of his eyes.

The electric current that seemed to go through his body seemed to focus at the pit of him stomach, but then it moved, down to his groin. Bailey’s ice blue eyes went wide as he watched as his balls blossomed. The sac dropped lower and both Joey and Bailey watched transfixed as his small nuts swelled to fill it, ping-pong balls, golf balls, walnuts, and finally the amazingly full kiwi sized balls that Joey possessed. Joey knew that he should be envious, that he should want them back but somehow he didn’t care, as long as he could be there and admire them. Bailey was obviously turned on by this whole situation, and soon after his balls had changed, he watched as his small 6” boner began to grow as well. It grew thicker and longer, the head swelled huge. It looked like it was being blown up by an air pump. He gripped his hands around it, and it felt amazing. Soon he was left with a foot long erection, and he smiled.

“Damn,” he said, his voice much deeper now, “haha, this must be what it feels like to be a stud eh Joey?” Then a strange feeling came over both the boys, Joey and Bailey stopped thinking of themselves as they should, and took on each other’s personas, almost. Bailey-turned-Joey maintained his homosexuality, and took on Joey’s love for tall men. Joey-turned-Bailey looked down at the studly Joey in front of him and finally acted on his passions. That self-assuredness was left over from his former self. The boys embraced and the new Joey pulled Bailey down to kiss him deep and long. Neither boy remembered the change, as far as they were concerned, they were always like this and both knew that they were in the beginning of something amazing. •

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