Kid Muscle Growth


By Corwin

The group cleaned up and prepared to leave. James and David seemed the the most rushed, with a strong feeling that their father was in danger. James knew he had to get to his father, but how? James and Stan had become so huge, the cars and trucks they had were too small for them.

Derek and Stan had come in a Hummer, while William owned a four-by-four truck. James supplied the answer. He walked over to the Hummer and placed his hands on the roof. His fingers ripped into the metal, peeling it back and ripping it off. "Hope you don't mind that you're car's a convertible," James said, grinning at the ease of ripping the roof.

James took the metal roof and bent it in half, then again, again, and again. He compressed the metal till it was the size of a softball. James tossed the ball in the air a few times, then threw it as hard as he could. It sailed out of site. "Where do you think it went?" asked James.

"Probably put it into orbit, stud," said Stan.

"Unless it acquired escape velocity," corrected David. "I bet James is strong enough that it's on its way to Mars."

"Probably right, Skinny. Gravity is nothing to these muscles any more." James rubbed his arm as he got into the Hummer. Stan sat next to him. Derek drove, and David sat next to him. William, Dan and Hal took the other truck.

They drove for 45 minutes. The closer they got to the headquarters of the supplement company, the more aggitated James and David got. They both had a feeling of doom. Stan tried to calm James, putting his massive arm around James and holding him.

When they got to the building, it appeared deserted. James jumped out and began to run in. He ripped the doors off their hinges and tossed them aside, breaking the doorframe with his incredible mass. "This way! Hurry." James ran in, folled by David, Stan and the rest of the men.

They zigzagged through hallways, let by James's visions of where his father was. At the end of the last hallway was a huge door that looked like a bank vault. "He's in here!"

James punched at the locking mechanism barely denting it. "Huh?" He punched again, with almost no effect. He kept hitting it, "What is this stuff?"

William looked at it. "Hmmm, seems to be some type of super-dense metal. I'm not sure you'll be able to rip it like you did the hummer's roof. Try prying the door open."

James grabbed the mechanisms that locked the door. He pulled. His huge body swelled into muscular relief, blood surging into his powerful arms and legs as they struggled against the immovable door. "Stan, help me!"

Stan grabbed the door with James and their massive bodies swelled with strength. Their muscles began to grow with the challenge. A soft whine could be heard from the door as it resisted the strength of the two most powerful men. The whine got louder as sweat poured off of Stan's and James's glistening bodies. "Arrrrgggghhh!" they both screamed, and the metal lost the battle to the men's muscles. The door opened.

David ran in, followed by Stan, James and the rest. The room looked like an ordinary office. There was a large picture window that looked out over the company's headquarters. There was a single desk in the room. Sitting behind the desk was a man in a three-piece suit. It was Mike. He was totally calm.

"Hello boys, Dan, gentlemen. Glad you could come."

Dan was the first to speak. "What's going on here, Mike."

"I figured it was time I saw my boys again. My, how they've grown. James, you've exceeded my expectations. I'm proud of you," said Mike.

"You're our dad? And you don't think this is freaky?" James said, hitting a most muscular pose that defied description.

"Not at all, son. You've done well."

"What's going on here, Mike!" demanded William.

"Why nothing, William, Derek. You don't think yours was the only research we sponsored, or that it was unsupervised. I've known all along what happened to my boys. It's nothing I can't handle."

"But you're in trouble."

"No." said Mike. Mike looked at the vault door, and it slammed shut and relocked. Mike looked at William. "Telekinetic abilities are useful. As is telepathy. James, I can feel your mind. Can you feel mine?"

James reached out with his new ability. Suddenly he felt a power like a nuclear bomb. It was his father's mind. It dwarfed his still developing abilities.

"I see that you can. That's not all boy. Take a look behind you."

There was a video screen on the wall. An image of Mike appeared, but it was different. He was shirtless, thin and small. Suddenly the image began to change, it grew bigger. Mike's height began to increase. The images showed Mike growing, massive muscle upon muscle, until his size rivaled the current James.

"You stole our research?" Derek asked.

"Oh, much more. I was nine and a half feet tall in the final image. I weighed close to 3 tons. My chest was over 300 inches, arms over 210, legs close to 250. James here is small compared to me." Mike bragged.

"But, Dad. You're nothing like that," said James.

Mike stood up. He walked toward James. Mike made a bicep pose. It looked as if balloons had appeared in the sleeves of the jacket -- a balloons that kept growing. Suddenly, the jacket began to rip, the fabric unable to contain Mike's growing muscle. Mike changed into a most muscular pose. The back of the jacket tore away. His shirt and pants began to shred. Mike held the pose for 90 seconds, until he rivaled Dan in size. He tossed the shredded clothes aside.

"Yours wasn't the only research we funded," Mike repeated. "The freaky size just wouldn't do. Too hard to run a company, so we invented the SuperMan formula. " A drawer in Mike's desk suddenly opened, and a gun floated to William. "Fire it at me, William."

William hesitated, then his arm came up and he fired 5 rounds at Mike. The bullets bounced off him.

"The superman formula works with AMM, your fail safe, and some of the other muscle growth features we found in James's ejaculate. It substitutes size for density, thought any exertion, like flexing, will cause the muscle to grow. James, flex that big arm of yours."

James did. Mike put on hand on top of the huge peak, the other below the tricep. He squeezed down. James resisted, but Mike crushed his arm, forcing the massive peak down and flattening it. James screamed.

"Let him go, you're hurting him." Stan rushed Mike, only to find himself floating in the air. His arms jerked to his side and he felt a crushing pressure all around him. Mike's mind was overpowering Stan's body.

Mike turned and looked at William. "No, William, you can't help them. You're mind is gone. You're nothing but a blank slate." William grabbed his head, then fell on the floor. Mike had erased his memory. William lay in a fetal position. "You're turn Derek." Derek fell to the floor. Both scientists were now mindless zombies.

Dan looked at his brother. "But how?"

"No, not how. Hal. Hal has been my spy all along. And Hal, here is your reward." A second drawer in Mike's desk opened. A test tube holder with 4 test tubes floated to the desk. One of the tubes floated out of the holder and into Hal's hand. "There's the superman formula I promised you. Welcome to the club."

Hal drank the formula, eyeing Stan as he consumed the liquid and felt the strength becoming his at last. •

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