Kid Muscle Growth

Love, it does good for your growth...


By Muscl4life

Derek and William talked about the odd details which caused their break up, and mostly the causes of their last terrible fight. "We have to be very careful, Derek. yhis Mike guy is the kid's father, I don't want to get cause any trouble among him, his brother and his sons!" William sighed as they planned thier next step. "William, you think that if this man was really the responsible for everything, we would find him so easily? He's one of the main executives, but my guess is that he's just a spokesman, a figurative worker that has a good appeal for the company's image on the media, just think - a young widower with two sons, succesful in his work, good physical look, he's the yuppie image from the next ceuntry!" "Yes, he might as well be used as we were!"" William concluded. "Whatever you guys think, I want you to know that I am going to spaek with Mike first! He's my older brother, and he has always been ther for me!" Danny exclaimed, unconsiously flexing his enormous biceps. "That will be good Danny, we think he may be a little shocked with our size, if you enter first, he'll be more secure about our intentions" "And what are they?" David asked coming from the kitchen with Hal. "Well, David, Derek and I had both developed something like the AMM for the supplements industry, but since Derek ddin't have my specifications his product wasn't so powerful..." "But the question is, who had tried to split us and why?" "Well, doc, I think it's a little obvious. You sold your fomrula for a lower price fearing that Derek could betray you." Hal tried. "We've considered that Hal, but one question remains!" "The company which finnanced my project wasn't any other but MegaCorp itself! If they had William's formula, why would they be interested in mine!" "Maybe, because you could come up with a better formula!" Danny added and the doctors looked to him. "Good, point you've got there Danny! In fact, I was developing someting a little different but the results could be just as impressive as AMM!" "What as that?" William asked intrigued. "Well, my research revealled that James' organism was actually producing not AMM itself, but some kind of derivate substance, something which didn't not seem to have the same results, at first." "You say that his organism had developed some kind of new formula?" "Yes, instead of increasing the muscular mass, by simple anabolizing more muscular mass, this substance actually caused a change in every cell, causing them to enhance their work, in other words, James whole organsm is not just growing stronger, it is developing, getting more efficient ways to gain muscle, but not just that, the kid's whole nervous system is also so more developed, I knew it could be used in my favor..." "Intead of just offering a mass suplemment, i could create a new kind of medicine capable of healing even loss of important cells, and probably enhancing the capabilities of the subjects..." "And it really interested them!" William considered. "So you mean, MegaCorp just wanted to get rid of one of you then negociates with the first who sold the formula!"David concluded. "It was then Derek came up with another revoltuionary pruposal, and they couldn't deny it!" William concluded. "But I'm afraidm they won't negociate with you anymore, dear! I sold your notes about the AMM, the booster and even the UMB formula, and I didn't care for money, my only object was revenge, I'm sorry I sware I'll split the money with you!" Derek said and William kissed him roughly. "Don't you ever mention it! That's their exact plan! Once you gave my formulas and the prior tests showed such good results, they wouldn't need me, especially if you had destroyed us!" "WOW! You don't mean my dad is after all this scheme do you?" "As we said , we don't know, and everything is possible, but we are assuming your father isn't responsible, for the time being!" Derek concluded. "The most important aspect is that they know about James, but not everything about hims as Derek concluded. We have to use it in our favor!" Danny said reflecting about the whole thing over. The guys were still talking when the unmistakable sounds of hot, wet sex became too loud to be ignored. The groans and moans were wild, animal, unbearable sexy. "Good lord! what are those two doing there?" William asked a little surprised. "Like you don't know!" David teased, "They are just "working their differences, just like you and Derek!" Hal added. "They are surely enjoying it!" Danny commented feeling his own 17 incches cock hardening. Suddenly they heard a loud CRACK noise and all the huge guys ran to the bedroom, fearing that Stan had once more managed to fool Jamesd and another massive fight would starting all over again. When David opened the door he went quiet and shocked. "What the hell just happened?" Danny asked nervously. "s-ss-see for yourself!" David got out of the way. "OH GAWD!" Danny and the other yelled in unisson as they looked inside the bedroom - a real life CLASH OF TITANS! Immense, hugely muscular, abnormally strong, freakishly developed, humongously powerful, gargantualy massive muscle gods facing each other in an amazing roughly sex wrestling match. Both James and Stan were in a word gargantuan, and that came form guys who were at least 7 feet tall and weighed over 650 pounds! Stan was just as massive as James had been when they last saw him, he roared as his enrmous rod slided into James throat. He thrusted his immmese dick and felt the amazing muscle kid doing the same thing with him. James was so much more muscular (that I've just ran out of words to describehim), he looked almost godlike! The two titans collapsed as their orgasm finally seemd to stop. They justl aid down atop of each other. "Now i know where the hell my bag with my formulas ended!" Derek said poitning to the floor. The hugest boys looked to the amazed audience. One by one the other musclefreaks got their erections hard and ready to fuck. "I AM SORRY GUYS, BUT AFTER THIS I NEED SOME RECOVERY TIME!" Stan said with a much more powerful tone. He stopped realiing his now enormous body, a body he wanted for so long!" "I- I guess you can't compete this year! You're ten times the size of the biggest bodybuilder!" Hal said impressed. Stan smiled "I DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD BE SO POWERFUL!" Stan admited as he scratched the back of his head, revealing an ennormous 170 inches biceps! "HEY! CAN'T WE HAVE SOME PRIVACY AROUND HERE?" James asked pretending to be furious, he even FLEXED his mind blowing 200 inches guns, trying to scare them, but the only effect he had on the others was making their hard cocks all burst into cum, at the same time! David, Hal, Danny, Derek, William and even Stan who had just came for at least five minutes nonstop kneeled down such the intensity of their synchronized orgasms. James just sttod there in a mix of shock, joy and why not, fear. "Guys, are you okay?" He asked with a low voice. "WHOA! What was that!' David asked still feeling his enormous legs trembling. James quickly came and grabbed him, and nursed in his arms!' "David, did I hurt you?" "N-no, you you are OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO FUCKING HUGE!" Dave yelled as he once more came all over James. James smiled. He looked at the others. "GEE! I am so sorry!" He said with a beutiful boy face. After that incident, William and Derek ran lots of tests on both of the titanic boys! "Derek, if our calcuations are correct, those guys had really overdone it this time!" William commented. "Something wrong with us?" Stan asked while Danny felt his enormous chest muscles and Hal gave him a nice rub on his almost 7 seven feet wide back. "Well Stan, let's just say yo've got everything you wished and much more!" Derek said with his clipboard in his hand. "8'1" 2750 pounds, 220 inches chest, 173 inches guns, 185" legs, and an over four feet long cock!" Derek said smiling! "AND WHAT ABOUT ME?!" James asked carrying David in his arms "You, Mr. Harris is simply HUMONGOUS! 8'8" 4580 pounds of pure muscle! since your muscular desnity is 80 times enhacned, i believe such weight is normal to your standards! pratically 250 inches chest, 200" guns, 215" legs - your guns are almost as wide as your legs, which means, your gfenetic structure had been altered in such a way, your anatomy is also changing! Also your cock is over five feet long!" William said smiling. "And what about that sync orgasm?" David asked. "We still don't know for sure, but..." Derek hesitated. "WHAT?" James asked nervous. "James, did you wanted us to cum?" William asked a little afraid of the answer. "Well I wanted you to get horny, just like i was!" The kid refelcted. Derek and William exchanged looks. "James, we believe your brain acitivity is so much increased, you can actually interfere with other people minds" "HUH?" James was scared but at the same time so proud of himself. "In sum, you're becoming not just a freaking muscle monster, but you are also developing into some superior man!" Danny said at once!" "That's my Jimmy!" Stan said happily! "I told you I don't like being called Jimmy!" James said a little upset. Sudenly David had a brainstorm! "OH FUCK! Dad is in danger!" He screamed - "We gotta get him NOW!" •

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