Kid Muscle Growth


By Corwin

Stan was in awe of James. Yes, Stan wanted the size, the strength, but never had he imagined anything like James. He was overpowering.

William and Derek talked with Dan about the supplement empire that had funded their research. Something wasn't kosher, but they need to figure out what before they made their move. David and Hal were otherwise engaged.

"Ya know, I keep thinking about how you could dent my muscles. It's weird. It made my cock grow and get hard," confided James.

"It turned you on?" asked Stan.

"I guess I don't understand all these feelings. I have the body of an adult, but I guess emotionally I'm still a kid."

"To be honest, James, I'm not much better. I may be ten years older, but I' m rather inexperienced. I've never been with anyone really. I spend all my time in the gym. I never really admitted it til now, but I guess I am gay," said Stan.

"I don't know what I feel, Stan. I do feel something for you. I thought it was hate, but that's not it. I keep thinking about you. You may think you tricked me, but when you sucked my dick, I liked it. I think I like you, Stan. Not like I love David, different but the same. I wanted to get bigger, not because of the happy-drugs you gave me, but because I want to impress you." James flexed his massive arms and chest. "Does this impress you Stan?"

Stan rubs his hands over Jame's arm. He buries his face in Jame's massive armpit and licks the salty sweat. It tastes good. James coos his appreciation. "James, you are magnificent."

"You know, Stan. You really are strong. Every time you touch me, I feel the fail safe activate. I feel stronger. I feel myself grow."

"James, I really want you."

"I'm horny too, Stan. Let's go."

Stan grabs Derek's bag, and they excuse themselves. James picks Stan up as if he were his teddybear, takes him to his room, and throws him on his bed. The bed nearly breaks with the force of Stan's substantial mass and the force of Jame's toss.

Stan takes Derek's duffle and puts it on the floor. He sees a bottle of the genetic modifier that they had taken earlier. He takes it and drinks. James watches him. "Sorry James, just a bit thirsty," Stan lies.

"Stan, flex for me. I can't get over your size, I mean, our size, I mean, it's been so fast. We've both grown so much..." James sounded confused, like the emotional child he was. A child in a supreme man's body.

Stan started to pose, making a crab-most-muscular to a double bicep with leg pose. James rubbed his hands over Stan's body. Stan's dick burst from it's overtaxed package. It slapped between his massive pecs. James stroked the big dick, and Jame's cock became erect.

"Squeeze my muscles, James. Show me that you're superior. Flex for me too."

James didn't have to be asked twice. He flexed his bi next to Stan, overshadowing the smaller man's mountain with his continent-sized arm. James place his hand on Stan's bicep and squeezed it, kneading it like soft bread dough -- the only man on the earth capable of treating Stan like that.

Stan lept forward and placed his mouth on James's cock. He sucked and lick like there was no tomorrow. Stan felt the hardness of James's body, the size, the strength as James manhandled the second-strongest man around.

James flipped Stan over to get at his cock, keeping Stan's mouth covering the head of James's massive meat. Stan grabbed James's balls, pulled and squeezed. He felt James's balls retract, prepared to fire load after load of spunk. Stan's balls returned the favor.

They exploded together. Stan's eruption was massive, but nothing compared to James's. James came for five minutes, and Stan swallowed it all.

Stan had taken a gamble. The genetic modifer had been designed for a pre-"fail safe" James. It was meant to work with the AMM and its enhancer. Stan had no idea what the fail safe might do.

As they lay there, Stan began to feel something. He rolled onto James and pushed against him. Stan started to grow, as did James. They began to wrestle, each feeding off the other's strength, growing stronger and larger trying to overcome the other's power. James was bigger, but Stan's body tried to catch up, causing James to grow bigger in a cycle of strength, power and size. They each came again and again, cumming as they felt their bodies growing against the other. •

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