Kid Muscle Growth

What lies beneath


By Muscl4life

Derek and Stan were still growing when the rest of James's gang entered the room. William and Derek exchanged looks as well as the rest of them. Although they were massively built, almost as big as James, they were in disadvantage. "It's payback time, William!" Derek said as he launhced his gargantuan body into the scientist. David and Hal rushed into Stan to who was standing next to his giant cum factory. Hal managed to take Stan down while David talked to his semi conscious brother. "James, are you alright, what they did to you?" "They've tricked me, my cum made them grow..." "That's right, you fool!" Derek said lifintg William's body over his head and throwing it against the wall. "Let him go, you motherfucker!" Danny said throwing a huge bar loaded with tons of weight. Derek wasn't prepared and he just fell down unconscious. Stan was busy pinning Hal in the ground. David had an idea, it was crazy, but it seemd their only chance. "Uncle Danny, bring William with you!" David said while he helped James to stay in his feet. When Stan realized his fellow scientist knocked down in the floor he let go of Hal who qucikly ran along with his friends. DAvid closed the heaviest titanium door of the lab. "That should stop them for a while..." "Derek, I knew he had to be behind Stan's plans" William said recovering his senses "Why don't we get out of here and kick their asses?" James asked furious. "If what they said is true, they've managed to equal James's capabilities, but their bodies didn't have time to absorb the power James gave them! "So what? The more we wait, the bigger they get!" Rutherford smiled "Derek thinks, I've scrwed him over the AMM research, but the truth is he was the one planning to do it! I was just smarter! But I knew he would come back some day! the scientist approached James. "Once more I will ask you, are you ready to grow more?" "What you mean, doctor?" Rutherford opened a secret valut and flashed them the two vials, one red and the other blue - "One thing we learn in this business is that we always have a backup plan! Remember the fail safe? Well, I've duplicated the components of the AMM booster and the blue serum. i told you they would suffer!" Rutherford gave the vials to James and he gulped them down! Immeadiately, James doubled over feeling his stomach cramping and his legs tremble with amazing power. "Doctor, you mean only James will get to grow?" Hal asked a little sad - "I was hopping to kick Stan's ass!" "I know that! Here, think fast!" William threw him a vial with red AMM booster - "I've fixed us a little cocktail!" Rutherford said as he drank his own booster, both David and Danny got their own vial and quickly popped them. A few seconds later, it was MUSCLE GROWTH all over the place. Danny and William grew faster, but less than Hal, due to his age. William saw his enlarging figure growing more muscular. "Each one of us will add at least 25% more muscular mass! And becuse of our large intake of AMM, it will be even more intense!" Hal was grwoing so fast, his arms looked disproporitonal to his chest, but soon it was arranged. DAvid screamed as his cock reached the enormous 2 feet long mark and his chest reached 150 inches around. But everyone forgot about their own amazing growth when James roaored in ecstasy - "I WANT MORE!" He was completely buzzed of the growth! He was so fucking large! He made his previous self look like a toothpick! James approached the table and reached for more AMM! "MORE MUCLE! MORE!" James demamded and William just nodded, so scared he was, he gave the kid a bunch of AMM boosters, and James gulped them down at the same time! "It must be the formula Derek gave him, it completely fucked with his self control!" The scientist screamed as he kept giving James more growth formulas. "Doctor, do something, HE'S HUMONGOUS!" Danny screamed terrifeid as James's growth only increased with the extra formulas Wiliam gave him!" "MORE!" James demamded flexing his now 150 inches biceps. "There's no more James, you've taken them all! Your total enhancement shall surpass 150%" James roared and punched the lab table, he was completely out of control! He reached for David and grabbed him - "Brother! MUSCLE! GIVE ME MUSCLE!" James just wrapped his mouth around Dave's enormous rod and sucked it hard. Dave didn't take long to feed his gargantuan brother with more and more of his cum, and James kept on growing with every drop of David's precious man juice. "MORE! MORE! MORE!" James yelled as he dropped David on the floor, reching for his uncle Danny and sucking on him too. "Whatever Derek gave to him, it seemed to work both ways, James is now capable of absorbing the AMM present in our emissions just like they did to him.

Derek woke up, his head still hurting - "What the hell?" "Guess you aren't used to all this power!" Stan said flexing his 70 inches guns. Derek smiled - "Qucik let's get them, before they can escape!" "No problem, doc! They must be hiding on the main lab! They've totally chickened out! Stan bragged as he helped Derek. "YEAH! LET'S GET THEM!" Derek yelled so buzzed he was because of James's cum, he had to be at least 700 pounds now, and over 7 feet tall. The evil duo rushed to the main lab, but it was sealed with a heavy titanium door. "Hey, Rutherford, you miserable fucker! You think that little door is gonna make us stop?" Stan said as he punched it heavily, crushing the metal with his giant fists! Derek and Stan punched the door with all their still increasing might, laughing and teasing, saying their hour had come. Suddenly, the heavy was just blown away! Both Stan and Derek almost get caught by the flying the door. When the invaders recovered from the incident, the dust still covered the place. "You shouldn't fuck with me!" William said getting out of the lab. He was indeed a lot bigger than a few minutes before. "I'm gonna kill you like a bug!" Derek said flexing his giant biceps, but William showed that his own guns were almost as massive. "No one tricks my boys!" Danny said showing that he was still bigger than William. "It doesn't matter, you're the smalles among them! If they sent you, I know thy should be fucked up!" Stan threatened by crossing his arms over his chest. "You should check out better, toothpick!" Hal said getting out of the lab with a bold attitude. He was every bit as big as Stan. "Enough talk, GET THEM!" Derek said to Stan. "HEY! ARE YOU DWEEBS GONNA START THE PARTY WITHOUT ME?" David just grabbed Derek's body with one hand around his tiny waist and simply lifted him. DAvid was so massive even Derek had to gulp down. James's brother laughed - "You shouldn't fuck with the Harris Bros!" Stan couldn't care less, he just launched against Hal, and his former fellow worker did the same. Their clash was indeed titanic. Derk fought aginst David and William, while Stan struggled against Danny and Hal. Derek was being severly pounded, but he kept trying to beat Will. "You've screwed me! We were lovers. how could you?" William laughed - "You were the one who betrayed me!" Stan, in the other hand, was quite stronger than Hal and Danny, because of James' s powerful cum. He managed to beat up them both and with each blow he seemd bigger. "Hey, doc! It seems that the kid's spunk is more potent on me!" Stan launched advanced against David while William and Derek worked on their differences. David was still pretty musch stronger than Stan, but it was an equal fight. Suddenly HE appeared. "STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHER SKINNY!" The voice thundered around the room. All the muscle behemoths stopped and looked to the emerging COLOSSUS!" James' growth was finally done. He bulged with each heartbeat, his muscles were enormous! He was almost nine feet tall, but his weight had gone to amazing 3000 pounds! His 220 inches chest really matched his 7'8" wide! The kid had 165 inches biceps, 180 inches legs. His arms were so much longer now, like those comic book freaks - He was the freak of freaks! But the most impressive feature was the enormous cock, almost 4'6" long cock, with at least 2 feet wide, the enormous mushroom head was purple so much blood it had. The precum oozed from the giant cock. James's face was disturbed. He had the face of a mad man and with his body it was terrfying. The kid just rushed againt Stan and with one mighty blow he launhced the fool right against the wall. The kid just looked at his brother and kissed him, huggin the smaller behemtoh tight. Then his eyes filled with anger - "YOU"VE USED ME!" The colossal kid grabbed Stan's limp body and punched hims in the stomach. Stan felt prety bad, but he had quick recover! He just absrobed the potency of those punches and managed to attack James. "You're a freak kid! But I am stronger!" Stan managed to punch the kid right in his chest, but he felt like hitting a moutain! The enormous pecs just absorbed the hit and suddenly it grew stronger and bigger. James looked at Stan and laughed. "Remeber the fucking fail safe shit? Well I had one for myself!" James took a step foward and Stan hit him right in the face. The kid barely felt it, just then his biceps bulged and he grew more! "I told you, FAIL SAFE, you, moreon!" James grabbed the dwarfed enemy and lifted him by the neck. Stan kicked, punched, struggled, and each time James grew stronger and more muscular. "James, enough already!" Danny said lifitng from the ground. "Yeah bro, You've got him!" David smiled approaching carefully his gargantuan brother. James stopped for a minute, his face finally recovering mental stability, and his beautiful smile once more shone in his lips. The kid put the enemy on his own feet. Then, he flexed his 168 inches guns - "TRY DENTING THEM!" he ordered and Stan obeyed, but he was jsut too damn hard, Stan squeezed as hard as he could, but James FLEXED harder adn his biceps grew to 170 inches around completely blowing up Stan's grip. "WHO'S THE BOSS AROUND HERE?" James shouted "Y-you are, James!" Stan said dumb folded. "ARE YOU AS HORNY AS I AM?" James smiled, and Stan tried to smile, but just collapsed on the ground, completely worn out. James smiled, grabbed him and put him on the shoulder - "I'll save this one for later!" Meanwhile Derek and William kept fighting, David just watched - "I think this is an old tip!" He commented to Danny who laughed. Finally, both of the scientists were completely worn out. They just passed out one at each side. "WHAT? THAT's IT? FUCK, THOSE NERDS ARE SUCH WIMPS!" James said laughing out loud. Derek woke up lying down in a hospital like bed. "Good morning, Derek!" William said coldly. Derek jumped out of the bed, prepared to another round of their fight, but William just caught him off guard and kissed him deeply. Their passion was out of control. derek and William felt their masive figures, drenched in AMM, thier huge cocks and the building horniness between them. "I've missed you!" William bursted as he dropped Derek's giant body in the bed and it just break down. They've fucked for at least two whole hours. When they woke up, their huge bodies were completly soaked with cum and sweat. "Better than old times!" William said as they prepared to wake up. Derek, in the other hand, was quiet. "Are you still mad at me? I didn't do anything!" Rutherford said. "Don't bullshit me! I saw the camera images, they show you taking our whole stuff, and leaving!" Derek said preparing to leave. Rutherford stopped. "Derek, come with me!" William showed him his private lab, and then some pictures in an envelope. It was Derek snuffing around William's files at night. "It was sent to me, a few days before I took my stuff with me! I was so devasted, you were the only whom I trusted!" "William, I sware I didn't do it! You know we had talked about this! We came up with the AMM idea together, it was our secret fantasy!" "I know, Derek, that's why I got so scared, I couldn't believe in this shit, then I found this in your drawer!" William showed him a yelow paper. It was a swiss bank account extract in the name of Derek Bouvier and it showed a huge deposit made in his favor - "When I saw that, i just freaked out!" "I have the same paper!" DErek said scared. The scientists looked at each other dumb folded, they have been fooled for all those years...

The door opened and both Derek and William walked in, everybody was finally reunited. The most interesting thing was Stan, he was completly charmed by James magnificent size. James stood there flexing his enormous guns, while Stan squeezed them, rubbed his face and kissed the enormous peaks. "Hey doc! I think I've domesticated our Stan!" James grabbed him and kissed his mouth - "We'll arrange everything so, Stan here will join the bodybuilding world! And since he;s way bigger than Uncle Danny, I guess we are looking at the next Mr. O!" James lifted Stan's arms and the 19 year old behetmoth blushed. "But I'll never be able to compete with you!" "Don't worry, pretty! I will never be able to compete, the world isn't ready for me!" James flexed his guns once more. "Dr. William I am so sorry, I think i lost my mind..." "I see, this competiton between us, is causing our ruin boys!" Rutherford continued "Look, guys, both me and Derek agree that James is the most powerful of us! Not even if we eat one ton of AMM, we would be able to reach half of his power!" "That's true! This kid had just absorbed and grown beyond the effects of AMM, the most we can do is trying to be more like him, if that is possible!" Derek added "I guess we know who's the top cat around huh?" James flexed his guns and both Stan and David came to squeeze them. "I'm afraid we have more serious problems now, and we have to stay together, otherwise, we'll be crushed!" William grabbed Derek's hand and they started telling the boys the whole story. "Look, docs, I still don't understand why would some one try to split the both of you!" Danny asked sit on DAvid's lap. "Probably to get the price to go down! any one of us would sell the formula for less but faster, under the menace of being left behind" Derek answered. "Anyway, I didn't sell the AMM fromula, but I've arraged to get some finnacial support from a huge conglo!" Rutherford added "And I have started a new research, thanks to the help of the same company who is being supporting William's work!" "What's that supposed to mean?" James asked confused. "We still don't know, but we can't let them know about our "Return"! William kissed Derek's face. - "WE can't let MegaCorp find about that!" "MegaCorp?" Danny asked shocked - "That's where Mike works!" "Yeah! My dad is a big exceutive in this company!" DAvid added "Guys, I think we need to have a little chat to your father!" William said flexing his immense chest... •

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