Kid Muscle Growth

Plans within plans


By Corwin

Stan couldn't have been more pleased. The strength and size that had been promised him was now his. He ran his hand over his chest and down his amazing 10 pack, feeling his body's incredible power. It made his dick hard.

How things had changed in just a few months. After his fall out with Hal and Dr. Rutherford, he was depressed. He rejoined his old gym and threw himself into his workouts, earning money as a personal trainer. His old buds were amazed at his size and strength, but knowing about the Harris boys made all their praise meaningless.

When he got a call from some guy named Derek, he thought it was just some wimp who wanted a big guy to 'show 'em how it's done'. He was surprised that the man who met him was pretty big. He had good 20 inch guns, a nice 6 pack, 50 inch chest and 28 inch legs. Not in Stan's league, but nice, and Stan didn't mind some eye candy while he made some bucks.

Derek had no problems with the workout Stan gave him, which confused Stan. Why hire a personal trainer when you don't need one. During the workout, they talked about nutrition, roids, and general stuff. As they headed to the locker room, Stan had to ask, "So, it seems like you have a good grasp of bodybuilding. Why hire me? Not that I don't appreciate the business, but..."

"Well, you see Stan, we have a proposition for you. I was here to check you out, and confirm what our intelligence said about you. I work for a supplement company, and we know about William Rutherford's research. We know you worked for him, and we want to make you a deal."

"What kinda deal?"

"Let me be blunt. We've been research into muscular growth too. We approached Dr. Rutherford, but too late. Our competitors in the market had gotten to him first, and our research is lagging behind his." Derek opened his gym bag and pulled out a picture of a naked man. The guy was skin and bones -- ribs showing and no muscle tone at all. "That was me 3 months ago, before I took our product. You can see the results. Unfortunately, I can see the results of Dr. Rutherford's work, and we aren't even in the same ballpark. We want you to come and work for us, Stan. We'll pay you well."

"What do you want me to do?"

"We want to do some blood tests and see if we can derive the formula for AMM. Also, any information you have on Rutherford's research would be helpful."

Stan didn't have to think twice. It turns out Derek wasn't just some guinea pig, but actually the head of the project. He and Rutherford had been at some university together, and Derek claimed Rutherford screwed him somehow. He wouldn't be more specific, but after that damned doctor cheated Stan out of what was rightfully his, he could believe anything.

Derek and his company ran tests on Stan's blood and seman. Stan told them all about the Harris boys, and their incredible power. This seemed to interest them, and they began to spy on the house where they lived.

Derek was able to isolate the AMM and synthesize it in the lab. Derek tested it on himself while Stan watched. Derek stood naked and drank an amount equal to what Stan said James had taken. Derek first doubled over in pain, then began to grow. His muscles seemed to inflate til his body became an almost exact copy of Stan's. What really amazed Stan was what happened to Derek's cock and balls. They grew huge. After the transformation, Derek demanded that Stan suck him. Derek's cum tasted of the AMM formula.

It was Derek's plan to steal the vials from the Harris's. Derek promised that Stan would be the biggest thing around, and Derek had lived up to that promise. Derek also told Stan to go to Rutherford's lab and take copies of his research on James and David Harris. Hal and the doctor had tried to stop him, but after taking the vials, Stan was an unstoppable hulk. Stan returned to Derek's lab with all Rutherford's research -- AMM and all its varients, the fail safe solutions, blood samples from James and genetic research they had been conducting, everything. "This will take months to analyze!" Derek was pleased.

Stan was upset to learn that the fail safe formula had been tampered with. "Fucking kid," was how he responded when he learned half the formula had been gatorade. Stan became depressed when he heard from Derek's spies that James had been given another formula. "His muscle density is now at least 80 times yours." James was the top dog again.

"The bad news is, they're looking for you. The good news is, they don't know about us." Derek's words were comforting. "Without his lab, Rutherford has been set back. Give us a month, and we'll figure something out."

A month passed. Stan trained hard, trippling his strength and adding 3 inches to his arms, 5 inches to his chest, and 7 inches to his legs. Their spies said that James was making similar gains in strength. That only caused Stan to train harder.

"Well, we've cracked Rutherford's work. We know what he did. He came up with a formula tailored to James' unique genetic makeup. When he took it, it caused James muscle tissue to become super dense, giving him unbelievable power and size. And he will continue to gain strength as long as he works out."

"Can you do something to help me catch up?"

"No, I don't think so. Not yet, anyway. Rutherford never was very good at looking at the consequences of his formulas. James's transformation is the perfect example. And we found a glitch with his calculations here too."

"What kinda glitch?"

"The formula caused James to mature into a man and altered his genetic code. His body produces growth formula that other men can benefit from. We have found a formula that, if given to a recipient of James' seman, will give him James's powers. The recipients' will get James's genetic advantages. All we need is some of James's sperm."

"Well, the kid likes to share it with his harem, we know that," said Stan. "But how do we get him to share it with us."

"By tricking him, of course. Here's my plan."


James was working out in the gym, doing wrist curls with several tons of weight. The other guys were at William's lab, trying to recreate some of the lost data. James's workout was interrupted by a sound like someone knocking down their door. As he turned around, Stan walked into the gym. He wore nothing but a skimpy posing brief that barely contained his ample cock.

"Heard you been looking for me, runt?" Stan taunted.

James stood up. He flexed into an incredibly vascular most-muscular pose that shredded his workout clothes. Stan couldn't believe the size of James's snake that bulged in his underwear. James was huge, even bigger than Stan imagined.

"Got news for you asshole. I've been upgraded since the last time we met. I'm James 2.0 and your nothing but a wimp with a big mouth."

"We know all about Rutherford's juice. You think you're that much. Well, I got news for you." Stan pulled out a beaker of light blue liquid. "See this? It's got 10 times what Rutherford gave you. Thought you might want to see what it does to me, skinny."

In a flash, James lept to Stan's side. There was a struggle as Stan tried to out muscle the kid, but James was too strong. Stan pushed on James's pecs with all his might and couldn't even dent the muscle. Stan's cock began to get hard. James grabbed the beaker.

"I don't think so. Don't you get it? It's my destiny to be the biggest, strongest, hardest man on the planet. You'll never be as strong as me. "

James chugged the liquid as Derek appeared in the doorway. He was wearing a trenchcoat and carrying a backpack. "Who are you?"

"You can call me Dr. Rogers, James. I was a friend of Williams."

James giggled.

"Happy James?"

"Ya, this stuff was fun. I feel good. Kinda horny too."

"That's good James. Stan and I would love to have sex with you. You see, that formula was a sedative and aphrodesiac. not a muscle growth formula."

"Cool," was all James could say. His monster cock began to get hard. James began to stroke his meat, squeezing hard enough to make his muscles in his arm flex. "Oh ya."

Derek pulled out two bottles of a clear liquid. He handed one to Stan and they both drank them down. Derek removed his coat, and was wearing posing trunks like Stan. They moved toward James.

Stan placed his hands on James's cock and helped him stroke it. "Harder wimp," James commands. Stan squeezed with all his might, unable to dent the super-rigid man meat. Derek rubbed his hands over James's chest, and squeezed his nipples with all his might. James cooed an, "Oh ya. Feel those mighty pecs." Derek began to suck and bite James's nipples.

"Ya, feels good. Getting close." Stan moved to James's enormous balls and licked them. Precum began to ooze from James's dick. Stan tried to get one softball size nut in his mouth. James jerked and let out a cry of pleasure. "Do me. Ya, two studs. Do me. You'll like what I give you. Ah ya, getting close." Stan felt James's nut begin to retract. He felt the jism begin to travel up the massive snake. Moments before James squirts, Stan placed his mouth on the head of the huge cock. James squirted an enormous round into Stans mouth. As Stan felt James about to squirt a second huge load, he motioned for Derek to suck the huge boy/man off. That load was Derek's. Stan grabbed an empty bottle, and as James continued to squirt copious amounts of spunk, the two men collected it.

Then it happened. Both Derek and Stan felt wave after wave of power. They felt their bodies grow, muscles becoming engorged. Harder. Heavier. Stronger. POWER. The looked in the mirror. Each had become the size of James. Derek's cock was huge, as were his nuts. Stan's was inches bigger than either Derek's or James's.

"We did it, man! We did it!" Stan grabbed Derek and kissed him. Stan felt Derek's 65 inch guns, barely able to dent the incredibly dense muscle. Derek did the same to Stan's chest. Derek knew he'd never be able to get his arms around the massive torso, that he estimated to be 125 or more inches around.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" David entered the room with William, Hal and Danny close behind him. •

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