By Corwin

Jeff was responsible for Jim's final break through. After the experiment on William Neal, Jim was freaked. It had never occurred to him that his research, his quest for strength and size could be used in this manner.

Jeff took the prisoner to a specially prepared jail. He would be given daily injections of horomone supressor for the next few weeks. Neal was already complaining about feeling like he had a cold. The mutation virus was working. He relayed the story to Jim in Jim's campus apartment.

"He tried to bend the bars of his cell. He looked big, but his muscles just couldn't do it. Kinda turned me on," admitted Jeff.

"Kinda scares me," admitted Jim. "I'm not the toughest of guys either, but if I were, I'm not sure how I'd feel if it was suddenly taken away."

"Hey, you heard Doc Apple. It's only going to be used against the bad guys." Jeff snuggled close to Jim and said in his softest, sexiest voice, "And you sir are one good guy." Jeff kissed Jim, and placed his hand on Jim's growing cock. "I've missed you."

"I was so worried about you. What if the experiment had failed? What if Neal had a gun? What if..."

Jeff placed his big hand on Jim's mouth. "What if you fuck me?" Jeff lifted Jim and carried him to the bed. He placed Jim down, and grabbed his pants. Jeff's arms bulged slightly and he tore the denim like it was tissue. Jim's huge meat slapped to attention against his shirt. Jim tore the shirt off next. He marvelled at the way Jim's meat came up over his navel and right below his nipples. "Damn. So big."

"Flex for me," whispered Jim. Jeff pulled off his pants and flexed his bicep. Jim stroked it. "Now, that's big." Jeff flipped Jim over, and they began to suck each other. Jim was amazed at the size and definition of Jeff's thighs. They were as big around as his whole chest! He knew that Jeff could squat many tons, even more than his twin, but it amazed him none-the-less.

Time seemed to stop as the men enjoyed each other. Jim was the first to stop sucking, and asked Jeff to role over. He only had to ask once. The sight of the landscape of Jeff's massive back made Jim's cock even harder. Even unflexed, the ridges of muscle were overwhelming. Jim's whole hand could get lost in the gap created by Jeff's lats around his spine. Jeff flexed his lats as Jim prepared to enter him. Jeff's back was so huge, Jim couldn't even wrap his arms around his lover to hug him. Jeff flexed his inner muscles, stimulating Jim's cock. It felt so good. The minutes passed like seconds. They came together in an orgasmic bliss.

As they lay together, Jeff began to talk. "I love you, Jim. You know that."

"Yes, I know. I just can't figure out why. You could have anyone. Why me?"

"Why not you?"

"I'm so... normal."

"So am I."

"No, I mean..."

"I know what you mean. You aren't strong. Who cares? All my life I was thin and weak. I don't care about that. Not like that asshole Neal."

"What do you mean?"

"Ah, nothing. Just began crying as I was leaving. Something about being like his brother -- weak like his brother."

Weak like his brother? Like Jim was to Tom? Jim couldn't get it out of his mind.

In the lab the next day, Jim looked up Neal's file. William Neal was an identical twin. His brother was Jacob, and Jacob showed no signs of the muscle hypertrophy. There was a phone number for Jacob, but the man didn't want to talk. He hadn't had anything to do with his brother for years, and said that he was dead to him. Only after he heard that he was in prison again, and there to stay, did he say anything.

"Look, kid, he was like my Dad. Mean. Kept mom and us kids terrified all the time. She said she fought back, once, when she was pregnant with us, and he beat her silly. I don't want nothing to do with my brother, just like I don't want nothin' to do with that abusive father of mine. Goodbye."

Jim began to think. Tom had always been different, from birth. Could the trigger be something environmental -- something that happened to his mother? Jacob mentioned strong, primitive emotions. Fear. Fight. There can be hormonal changes associated with those. Could that be the trigger? Jim called his mother.

"Well, now that you mention it, there was something. Your Dad took me on a camping trip before he knew I was pregnant. You know what a practical joker he is. Well, he went out of the tent, and when he came back, he pretended to be a bear. Scared me silly. My heart was racing, and he was screaming outside like the bear was killing him. He felt so bad after I told him I was pregnant. Why do you ask?"

Jim knew. Fear caused the body to produce adrenaline. He got some natural adrenaline from the lab, and mixed it with the muscle hormone. It reacted, creating two chemicals. For the next week, Jim tested these chemicals. One was similar to the muscle hormone. The other was similar to the chemical used to supress the hormone. Jim had a working hypothesis. When a pregnant women got scared, her body chemistry interacted with her children's mutant genes. Sometimes it activated them. Sometimes it supressed them. With twins, one twin got the muscle hormone, in the other it was suppressed.

Jim knew that Dr. Apple didn't approve of self-experimentation, but Dr. Apple didn't know about Jim's research. Jim prepared a vial of the muscle hormone activator. He had the genes, and he would see if he could activate them. He gave himself a shot. A few minutes later, he felt better than he had in his entire life.

Jim began to work out. He wore baggy clothes so no one could tell he was gaining size. Jeff noticed, but he didn't care. "Let's work out together, OK? You didn't take the stuff you gave me did you?"


"Well, you may not get as strong as me, but that doesn't matter. If you want some size, I'll help any way I can."

Over the next several months, Jeff was sent on assignment to round up other criminals and asocials. When Jeff was on campus, they'd work out together. When he was away, Jim would work out alone. Jim's strength and size was increasing faster than even he expected. It was like once activitated, his body had a lifetime of growing to make up for.

Jeff's targets all seemed to be criminals. One was a teenage rapist who liked to overpower bodybuilders and powerlifters. One was a hermit who destroyed a military base the last time they tried to bring him in. One was some kid that terrorized a town. Jeff had no problem with any of them.

Jim continued to spy, sneaking into the professor's office late at night. He knew about the targets, and so far, his fears seemed fruitless. That changed after the fourth subject was rounded up by Jeff.

The military had requested a proposal for follow-up research. They wanted to mass produce the muscle virus, to create a battalion of super soldiers. They were already preparing recruits.

"After a squadron of recruits are ready, phase two of the follow-up study will begin. As per the request for proposal, we shall attempt to inhibit the hormone production of an enhanced muscle hypertrope with the neutralizing agent. The subject from the initial study will be preparing to leave the miliary, and makes a likely candidate. As General Clark has pointed out, it would be a national security disaster to have a population of supermen not under military control."

Jim was numb. He dropped the proposal, spreading it on the floor and desk. He picked up the papers, putting them back in order. That's when he saw something else. It was the list of Jeff's next targets. After his current assignment, Jeff had to pick up two "asocials". "Charlie McGuinness and Tom ". He read, "Targets have refused to participate in study, and exhibit superior hyptertrophic characteristics. Their unsupervised actions are a threat to national security." Bullshit, thought Jim. He put everything back the way he found it and left to find Charlie and Tom.

He found them in the warehouse where they trained. The weights had increased over the years, and there were various machines and racks around. Charlie and Tommy had cleared out a ring in the center where they would wrestle. The concrete floor had cracked and the ring now resembled more of a pit after years of 'playing' as they called it. They were 'playing' when Jim arrived.

Both men were wearing speedos that struggled to contain their packages. Although Jimmy had the crush on Charlie, it was Tommy who got him. It was strange at first, since Charlie had been their teacher and coach, but Tom's rugged masculinity and superior strength were too much for the man. He became Tom's stud. Jim was a bit jealous, but now he had Jeff and everything was OK. Jim knew that any wrestling match was simply foreplay for these two men.

Tom had continued to grow. It had been several months since Jim had seen him in a state of undress like this, and he was amazed at the size of his brother's body. He was almost as large as Jeff, but not quite. What was more amazing was that Jim's body was now almost as big as Tom's. It had only been 10 weeks since he gave himself the shot, and he knew that he was growing like a weed, but the amount of his growth surprised even him.

The two men circled each other. Tom grabbed Charlie's arms, and they struggled. Each man seemed to pump up against the other's strength, but Charlie was no match for Tom. Charlie's arms were forced behind his down. Charlie tried to use his mass to throw Tom off, but in a feat of gymnastics, Tom flipped around and lifted Charlie up, throwing him onto the broken concrete. Tom jumped on him as Charlie tried to roll away, but too late. Tom wrapped his massive thighs around Charlie's abs. Charlie flexed, but Tom squeezed, crushing Charlie's brick-like abs between his steely thighs. Charlie grunted a submission. Tom let go and Charlie said, "Damn, you are just too fucking strong."

"Guess that means you get to submit any night."

"Guess that means I win," joked Charlie.

"Hi guys."

"Hey Jim. How's it goin? Got a new look I see -- kinda baggy."

"Ya, I've been workin out a bit," Jim lied. He didn't know how to break it to them that he had found the secret to unlock his muscular potential. He knew he'd have to do it sooner or later, but there were so many lies and half truths between them now, he didn't know how to come clean. He never told them about Jeff's strength. How does he tell them now? How to tell them about the anti-hormone treatment and they were the next targets? How does he tell them about his part in creating the hypomuscular virus that was now meant for them? Tom had always been bigger and stronger than him. Would it change the way his brother feels about him if that changed? At first, he wanted to protect Tom from knowing he'd created a superior man in Jeff, and it had snowballed on him. Now, to protect them both, he had to tell.

"Guys, I need to talk to you," he said seriously. He felt like crying. He started by telling them about the list.

"Asocials? Us?" asked Charlie.

"You didn't take part in their experiments. You're rogues as far as their concerned. Apparently, the government feels they can't have that."

"Hey, no problem bro." Tom hit a massive most muscular. It reminded Jim of those cartoons of the Incredible Hulk. "I've never been beat, right? They won't be able to get us."

"Yes, Tom. I think they will."

"Hey, remember what I did to that thief? The one that, well, you know."

"Tom, you aren't the strongest. Jeff is. I know. I trained him. Hell, I helped create him." Jim told them about the hormone, its levels and the correlation he'd discoverd.

"So, the reason I'm stronger than Charlie is because I got more of this hormone?" asked Tom.

"And a bigger dick," added Charlie.

"That's right."

"And Jeff..." started Tom.

"Is a real horse, with real horsepower." joked Charlie.

"This isn't funny, Charlie. He'll get you both. They'll put you through that aweful procedure. You'll..." Jim couldn't say it. His brother had always been his idol, his protector, his friend.

"We'll just have to fight, that's all. Fight him and get away. Do you know when he's coming? We can get Max, Harry and the rest of the guys to help," planned Charlie.

"No. Jeff's away on a mission now. I suspect when he gets back. He'll probably be told to come for you in a week or two. I can try and talk him out of it," said Jim.

"No, Jim. You've worked to hard. From what you've told us, they don't know about your connection to us. Don't tell Jeff. We'll handle this. Just let us know when he's coming," said Tom. "We'll handle it."

Jim had his doubts.

Jeff got back a couple weeks later. He was allowed a month break before his next task. "Told me it'd be different. Apparently, it's a couple guys next time. Locals too," he told Jim.

All the time, Jim was growing like a weed. Jeff seemed oblivious to it. Jim did test on his blood. He now had more hormone pumping through his body than anybody he knew of. Jeff was still stronger. Tom may have even been stronger, but Jim was catching up fast.

One day, Jeff told Jim that he wouldn't see him that night. "The missions on," was all he'd say. Jim got word to Tom.

Jim perched himself outside the warehouse. He needed to see what happened. He used his now powerful legs to jump a couple stories into the branches of a tree so he could look in the window. He saw Tom and Charlie working out. They did look huge. He noticed Harry, Charlie and few of their friends hiding. Jim waited and watched.

About 10 o'clock, he saw Jeff walking up. He wore fatigues that stretched against him like a second skin. When he got to the door, he ripped off his shirt, revealing his massive torso, superwide shoulders, and football sized bis. The door seemed too narrow for him.

Jeff felt like showing off. Intimidation always seemed to help. He pushed the door in, and it flew to the other side of the warehouse. The doorway was too narrow, so he pushed against the sides, causing cinderblocks to crack and become powder to accomidate his body. It wasn't even a struggle for him.

Charlie and Tom froze. Jeff was even bigger than Jim had led them to believe. He seemed to be twice as big as Charlie, and almost half again as massive as Tom. Tom's mind couldn't comprehend the power in Jeff's massive body.

"I'm here to take you two in. We can do this easy, or we can do this hard. Your choice," ordered Jeff.

Charlie gave a signal. The men in hiding rushed Jeff as Charlie plowed toward him shoulder first. Jeff treated them like flies, bashing them away. One punch for each, and six supermen were lying unconscious on the floor.

"That was easy," said Jeff in a monotone voice. "Now it's just you and me?"

Jeff stepped forward, until he was eye to eye with Tom. A gleen of recognition hit his eye. "Jim?" he said.

"The name's Tom." Tom put all his strength into a punch that hit Jeff in the chin. Jeff's head spun to the side, his massive neck absorbing the force of the punch.

"Sorry. My mistake. You reminded me of someone," Jeff said as he threw his own punch into Tom's abs. Tom's invincible abs crumbled like the cinder block wall. He bent over in pain, only to be met with Jeff's powerful knee. Tom flew 10 feet into the air. He landed with a thud. Tom tried to get up, but Jeff was on him.

Jeff got behind Tom, wrapped his massive arms around Tom, trapping Tom's arms at his side. Tom struggled, willed his arms to move up, and felt the full power of Jeff's crushing grip. Tom couldn't breath as Jeff squeezed harder and harder. Tom began to flail, never before feeling a man more powerful than he. He felt the world go black.

Jim watched as Jeff carried his brother, Charlie and the other men from the warehouse to a waiting army van. •

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