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By Corwin

It was a fall evening of the twin's senior year. Charlie (Mr. McGuiness) had convinced Tommy to join the football team the prior year. They did win the state championship, and they were going to win it this year too. No one had found out about Tommy's unbelievable strength. It was their secret. Tommy used just enough speed to be where he was needed, and just enough strength to get the job done. He was a fantastic player.

Charlie had taken Tommy to an abandoned warehouse six years earlier. Inside were engines, hydrolics and other contraptions collected to train super strong mucles. Charlie trained here, and so did five other men. Charlie was the strongest. To prove it, he challenged the other five to a tug of war contest. Charlie won. Then Tommy did the same, and Tommy won. The five were demoralized that a six grader had beaten them, but they knew how to train him. And they did.

When Jimmy arrived, Charlie was training legs and Tommy was training triceps. More specifically, Tommy was using Charlie's legs to train his triceps, and vice versa. Charlie was laying on the floor, his back against a wall for support. Both his feet were in the air, pressing against a thick steel beam. Tommy was on the other side of that beam, pressing against it with one arm. Charlie strained, his hamstrings flexing and pushing with all his might in an effort to straighten his legs. Tommy's tricep was a massive horse-shoe shape that contained and mocked the power in the older man's legs. Slowly, Tommy let him straighten his legs, only to apply more power to force both legs back down again. They were on their ninth rep.

After one more cycle of muscle power against muscle power, Tommy shouted, "Ten!"

"Thanks, Tom. Gee that was a great leg workout."

"You're welcome, but I wish Harry and Max were here too. I get a better pump when it's the three of you against me. No offense, but you're legs alone just aren't strong enough." Tommy smiled.

"Damn kid." Charlie had grown accustomed to Tommy beating him and the rest of the men he trained with. When they first started, two of them could take Tommy. After the first year, it took three of them. Then four. Then five. Now, Tommy was stronger than all of them combined, and he was still growing.

Tommy walked over to a stack of old safes. He grabbed one, and flexing his triceps, pushed his hands into it. In seconds, it bent then imploded. He dug his fingers into the steel as if it were clay. Gabbing the inch thick metal, he pulled and ripped it like paper. Tommy never stopped grinning.

Charlie McGuiness was standing in front of a mirror. Both he and Tommy were shirtless. Both wore spandex shorts. Both displayed enough muscle to make Mr. Olympia cry with jealousy. Charlie was flexing his legs, looking and the mountains and values of his muscle. Tommy walked next to him and flexed a thigh. Though Charlie had the pump, Tommy's muscle was still bigger, thicker and more defined. Charlied looked at him, "Damn kid," he said and punched Tommy in the arm. Tommy responded with a huge double bicep. As he flexed, the muscle continued to grow, getting a pump from the isometrics.

"Ya, now that's real muscle, old man." Tommy grinned. He liked teasing Charlie, who was ten years older than he.

"Ya, ya ya. Time to hit the showers, stud." There was a nozzle coming out of the wall in a corner of the warehouse that they used to clean up after a hard workout. Charlie started to walk toward it.

In the six years since they first met, Jimmy, Charlie and Tommy had become best friends. Early on, Charlie had admitted to being gay. At first, Jimmy and Charlie didn't care. As they entered puberty, it became more of an issue. Tommy, being the jock, could get any girl he wanted, so he did. He also "experimented" with some guys, and found he liked that too. Although he identifies as "bisexual", in fact, Tommy enjoyed being with the guys more than the girls. "Uh huh. I know how much you like to look at THIS stud's body in the shower."

Charlie lowered his shorts, and turned naked toward Tommy. "I'm stud enough. Besides, I like men with some hair on their bodies, not boys with baby-bottom-smooth skin." Although Jimmy had seen Charlie hundreds of times before, he was still impressed. Charlie's red hair covered most of his body, yet the deep chords of his muscles were clearly visible. Most impressive was the man's cock. Soft, it hung long down his legs. His nuts were huge and were pushed forward by his huge, furry legs. Charlie had the biggest cock Jimmy had ever seen until he and Tommy hit puberty.

Tommy dropped his shorts. "Ya, I guess you're pretty good, just a little small, that's all." Though soft, Tommy's cock looked a good two inches longer and somewhat thicker than Charlie's. Once, after it became obvious that Tommy would surpass his mentor in that area too, Tommy got Charlie to compare. Well, it wasn't really fair. The teacher didn't want too, so Tommy wrestled him to the ground. Holding him with one hand, he began to play with the helpless man's dick. The sight of the muscle-bound teen totally dominating him and the stimulation of that strong hand on his cock got the desired results. Charlie was a good 11 inches, and Tommy topped 13, but he was still growing. Tommy never let Charlie forget it.

Jimmy watched the horseplay between Charlie and his brother. He was Tommy's twin, and though he lacked Tommy's strength, he was physically the same. Well, almost. His dick was a bit larger than his brother's, and Charlie made that dick hard. Charlie liked to show off, and Jimmy liked watching and feel Charlie's rock hard body. Too soon for Jimmy, they finished and started dressing.

"We did it bro!" Tommy said on the way home. "You and me. We always said that I'd be the strongest, and damned if I'm not. Five guys, each stronger than a fucking horse farm, yet no match for me. And you did it for me, Jimmy. I haven't forgotten that."

"No Tommy. You did it. And you know how I feel for Charlie. There's that in it for me."

"Ya, but I've been thinking. You need to go to a good college, and that costs money."

"Ya." Jimmy knew his brother, and he wasn't sure he liked where this was heading.

"Look. You saw what I did with that safe, and I didn't even work up a sweat. Nothing beats my arms, and their only part of this body. I bet I could break into our bank vault with no problems."

"No problems except for the police, security guards, alarms."

"That's where you come in. We need a plan. You got the brains, and I got the muscle." Tommy bounced his pecs and snarled. Jimmy laughed at the sight of his brother trying to intimidate him.

"I think it's not a good idea..." Jimmy thought of the possibilities. Sure, it was wrong, but Tommy could probably do it. And there might be ways to do it safely. "Maybe. Let me think about it."

Jimmy did think about it, and as the weeks past, he became more convinced that that they could do it. Security relied on electricity, and that could be shut off. The guards could be overpowered. The only problem was the unknown, and that scared Jimmy.

Jimmy's plan began to form over the next several weeks. First, he heard Max, Harry and John talking to Charlie. Max was excited. "Ten thousand bucks! That ain't no chump change."

"But then they know, and there will be a file," Charlie protested.

"Ya, I worried about that. Don't need no government types bugging me. But the doc, he seemed real cool. Said we didn't need to tell him our names."

"They use numbers to id us. I'm number four. Max is number three," Harry chimed in.

"I don't know. I don't trust science types," Charlie scoffed.

"Look. I don't trust them either, especially when they're trying to figure out what makes us so strong. I don't need more guys like you or Tommy around who can take me. But who's to say that they'll succeed. And they pay damn good. All we did was lift a few tons to prove we're strong, give them some blood and let them take some measurements. It took a couple of hours, then they paid us the cash and we're done. You might think about it."

"Maybe," said Charlie. "I still don't like it."

"We learned something while we were there," Harry confided. "Ya know that jail break? The one where they blew up the wall with explosives? There wasn't any explosives. It was a guy. A real psychopath. They kept him tranquilized, but apparently that didn't work. He punched his way out."

"That's why the science guys are interested. If guys like us start turning to crime, ain't no prison can hold us. They need some defenses."

"Maybe," repeated Charlie. He walked over to the locomotive and started lifting it for curls.

A few days later, Charlie did go in. It was no surprise when he bragged he was the strongest guy they had ever seen. Charlie's bragging was short lived, though. The next day, he showed up at school with a black eye and bruises all over his body. He told people he had gotten mugged, but came clean at the gym with the other guys.

"I never told you guys, but I belong to this fight club. It helps me get out my aggression, and nobody's ever been able to touch me. I've also met a few guys there, and after we fight, we go somewhere and have some other type of fun. Well, I went to the club last night, and there was this new guy there. He was pretty big, but nothing I thought couldn't handle. Then I saw him fight. Took down the first guy in less than 20 seconds, and I could tell he was holding back. I took my first fight in 15 seconds. His next fight lasted 10. I took out my next guy in one punch. I don't like doing that. Hell, it's not like any of the guys were ever a challenge, but I had something to prove to this guy. He took out his guy in one punch."

"'Looks like we got somethin' in common," he said to me after his bout.'"

"'Ya, looks that way,' I said"

"'Hey man, if this continues, it looks like it will be you against me.'"

"He flexed then, bouncing his meaty pecs and the boulders he had for arms. His abs were eight cobblestones that ended at the top of his jeans. Sure he looked tough -- he looked like one of us! And we're damn tough."

The other guys agreed.

"So, I flexed back, showing off this hot bod." Charlie hit a crab pose, then stopped from the pain of his sore body. "Anyway, he smiled. "

"'Yep, looks that way. Hey man, I got a proposition for you. I've been lookin' for a guy like you for a job. I'm a little low on funds, and thought about makin' a withdrawl from the bank. Whatya say? I don't want to hurt you in there if you're willin' to team up with me.'"

"'I'm undefeated here. You may be a big guy, but I'm pretty damn strong too.'"

"'Maybe I didn't make myself clear. Either we team up, or I take you down. Maybe you heard about me? I recently destroyed a state prison. They wanted me to make it my home, but I didn't like it, so I took out a few guards and a couple stone walls.' He made a double bicep. 'Walls can't contain THESE arms. Fuck, I didn't even work up a sweat.'"

"'Sure. But these arms aren't gonna be that easy.' I flexed my double bi, and we stood there. That's when I realized his arms were easily as big as mine. Maybe even a bit bigger, but I wasn't going to back down. He may have some size, but that didn't mean he had the strength. That was my hope, but I was wrong."

"When the fight began, he got in a couple punches, and so did I. I was feeling him out, and I think we was doing the same to me. I made the first move. I got him in a headlock, my bicep pressed into his neck. Never met anyone who could withstand that, until I met him. I felt his neck muscles flex, so I hardened my arm. That's when I felt it. I couldn't believe it. His muscular neck was actually flattening my bicep, pushing it out. I tried to tighten my grip, but he was resisting it!"

"'Gotta try harder than that,' he said matter-of-factly, a smile on his face. I put everything I had into it, and made some progress for a second or two until he flexed even harder. Then he reached one arm over and grabbed my wrist and began pulling. I used my other arm to fight back, but his one arm was stronger than both mine! It was like trying to resist Tom! In less than ten seconds he was free and let loose on me. The match lasted 5 minutes, but in the end, he was the victor and I was out cold. I came to in the locker room. He was standing over me, naked, with a huge hard-on. I was naked too, and he was playing with my cock."

"'Nice dick, but it looks like I'm bigger there too.' He was jerking me off. 'Ya know, no one's ever been able to fight me the way you did. Thought maybe I could get you to reconsider my proposition.' He kept looking at my defeated body. 'Damn, you're one pretty man. Tough too. That really turns me on.' He grabbed my pecs. I flexed and tried to push him away, but he was too strong. I hate to admit it, but I was getting off on him."

"So, you did the guy who beat you to a pulp."

"Hey, I got the black eye in the fight. Maybe a couple of the bruises. But man, what a great lover. He almost convinced me to join him, but I said no. He was a great fuck for a one night stand, but I'm not about to lose my job and my life for that."

The guys groaned, but Jimmy now had a plan.

That night, Tommy and Jimmy waited in alley across from the bank. They waited til sun up, but nothing happened. They returned the next night. Tommy was antsy. He kept curling a dumpster or bending the metal with his fingers then bending it back. Jimmy had to tell him to be quiet. Nothing happened. It wasn't until the forth night that he came. Charlie was right, he was big. Jimmy actually worried that Tommy might not be strong enough, but Tommy was determined. "Man, I'm doing this for you. Ain't no one stronger than me, no matter what Charlie says. Besides, I want to let loose."

The convict was walking around the bank. He looked like he was just planning on breaking down a wall or something, but that would set off the alarm. Jimmy didn't want that. Tommy knew what to do. He had a rock and threw it at the pole transformer that fed electricity to the bank. Threw is probably the wrong word. Tommy launched the rock like a bullet, only faster. His aim was perfect, of course. The rock punctured the transformer, and it exploded. The power flickered off.

The sudden power failure startled the robber. He did a quick 360, but saw no one. He saw the transformer on fire and smiled. He walked down a dark alley on the side of the bank. Seconds later, Jimmy and Tommy heard a bang and the sound of bricks falling. A second bang and it looked like the whole building shook. There was the sound of more debris falling, then nothing. Tommy pulled a black spandex mask over his face and crossed the street. He wore a skin tight black spandex shirt, and black spandex tights. He was invisible in the dark.

Tommy stepped through the hole in the bank wall that the other robber had created. He walked through the bank, trying not to make any noise. He found the robber at the vault.

Tommy was impressed. The robber was gripping the vault door, his lats hulking hiding the central portion of the door. He was gripping the mechanism, the steel deformed by his grip. His triceps were flexed into striated horseshoes, and his biceps pumped into bowling balls as he pulled on the door. The man was clearly bigger than Charlie and maybe bigger than Tommy.

Tommy cleared his throat, and the thief jumped and quickly turned around. "Need some help with that?" Tommy asked.

The thief squinted, trying to distringuish Tommy from shadow. "Where'd you come from?"

Tommy said nothing, but stepped forward. With a quick shove, he pushed the surprised thief aside, sending him into the wall. Tommy grabbed the door and flexed, hard. His body burst into flexed hard muscle. The vault groaned. Tommy's body continued to pump as his lats flared and arms pulled. There was the sudden sound of steel shattering as the door popped backwards an inch, then two. Three inches of steel could not stand up to the teenagers strength. Seconds later, there was a final groan and snap as the door broke its hinges. It took Tommy less than 10 seconds to open the vault. He took several steps backward, and lifted the door over his head. Facing the motionless and still surprised thief, Tommy said, "That what you were trying to do? Good thing I came along to help you, huh?" Behind his mask, Tommy grinned.

"Fucking show off. I'm more than strong enough to have done that myself, asshole."

"Oh, sorry. Well then, here it is, catch." Tommy tossed the multi-ton door at the thief.

The door came right at the thief. Instinctively, the big man made a fist and smashed in into the door, warping the metal and causing it to fall in front of him. He bent down and picked the metal up. "Think you're so tough, watch this!" He said as his arms burst into veins and cables of thick muscle. The door began to bend in half. Flipping the folded door over, again the man began to bend the double door in quarters. Sweat poured down the man's body as he grunted, finishing the fold.

Tommy walked over to the folded door and picked it up. His arms and chest burst into massive pumped power and he folded the door into quarters. Only the closed, grimaced eyes betrayed that the steel was harder than paper.

As Tommy dropped the door, the thief's foot came up to knee Tommy in the groin, but Tommy was quicker. He grabbed the thiefs leg and tossed him to the ground. "Oh, sorry sir, but you should be more careful. Here, let me help you up." Tommy extended his arm and the thief grabbed it. With all his might the big man tried to toss Tommy. Instead, Tommy remained anchored, his mighty arm overcoming the other man's inertia and forcing the thief up off the floor.

Tommy was now pumped and looked huge. It was clear from his reflection in the metal he was bigger than the thief. Tommy decided to wrap this up.

"Look, little man. I don't got a lot of time. So why don't we end this." Tommy flexed into a huge double-bi pose. "If you really want to take on these muscles, I'm up for it. I should tell you though, I'm gonna win."

The thief responded by throwing a kidney punch into Tommy's flexed abs. Tommy heard the other man's fist crack as his steel-hard stomach repelled the attack. Tommy returned the punch, breaking through the thiefs ab flex, causing the once dominant man to double over in pain. Tommy kicked his foot into the man's face, shattering his nose. The thief jumped up and threw a fist at Tommy's face. Tommy caught it in his hand, stopped it and powered the man's arm behind his back. He wrapped his other hand around the man's neck, flexing his huge bicep and crushing the other man's neck muscles. The choker hold succeeded in knocking the thief out.

Tommy dropped the man. He grabbed a sack the man had and ran into the safe. Seconds later, he came back with the sack full. He dropped several bundles of bills on the unconscious thief and left. There were sirens in the distance and Jimmy and Tommy fled the scene. "Now, you have money for college," was all Tommy said. •

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