Family Ties


By Muscl4life

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Alex woke up almost at 9 a.m. He had a slight headache, and his mouth tasted weird. Then he noticed he was completely naked on his bed, and he sported a huge boner. Smiling, he grabbed a bottle of lube in the nightstand drawer and applied the clear liquid all over his huge nine and a half inches, massaging the huge cut head, breathing deeply as his desiring hands traveled all the way down to the base of the long cock. The he stroked the member in his way back. Alex got used to those very rare moments of intimacy, when he could enjoy his so repressed and uptight sexuality. Since he had to run his so peculiar family very soon, he ended up leaving much too little time for his love life. And being gay didn’t make it any easier, he didn’t want his brothers to know about it – at least for the time being, Jamie and Randy were still so young, would they have the comprehension and kindness to accept him as a gay elder brother? So, instead of trying to avoid his affairs with hypocrite excuses Alex decided to simply cut any possible relationship from his life, all that left for him was his morning moments while he enjoyed his nice body and his huge cock. The blond man got up from the bed and watched himself at the full length mirror, admiring his dazzling beauty – His light brown eyes, high cheekbones, his strong jaw, the square face, his delicate nose line, his fabulous shoulders, and his torso, muscular and lean, his six pack abs, the thick legs, last but not least, his huge almost 10 inches cock, his very reason of proud! Every since he was at high school he loved when the other kids commented on his dick size, and over the years, he always caused a good impression, both on men and women, he was a real gorgeous man, no matter how hard he tried to hide it from himself! And raising someone like Randy was a very pleasure and risky thing! Alex really loved to see his 7’2” 420 pounds kid brother growing up each day stronger and more muscular; he barely believed the size of Randy’s guns, 33 and ½ inches! It was like having the HULK for his little brother! Those feelings, the sight of his desirable hot body, his luxurious thoughts and fantasies, mainly about his over muscular 11 year old brother, who made Arnold look like a toothpick, the SIZE on Randy’s muscles, his sweet naivety, his ever growing muscles, the mere sight of Randy near him, brought him to the very edge of orgasm, and he wanted so badly to release himself… “Alex, are you awake?” Alex’s eyes were wide open now – “Shit! Randy’s at home! I had forgotten about that!” Alex tried to wrap himself in the sheet, but he barely had time to grab the thing. The deep voice made Alex’s spine freeze and when Randy stormed into the room, he watched his elder brother moaning and kneeling before him trying to hide his delightful orgasm! The kid just froze shocked! He’s never seen such scene before. Alex moaning heavily, totally oozed with some strange liquid, and he had his cock on his hands, and… “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? ALEX, ARE YOU ALRIGHT? Randy hurried and quickly grabbed his brother in his arms, and it was the final drop! Feeling his immense brother gently squeezing him against the rock hard muscles, barely noticing that huge volleys of hot creamy cum soaked his muscles. Randy’s eyes were shocked, he didn’t know what to do! “Randy, put me down!” Alex said recovering his senses. Randy did as told and Alex wrapped himself with the sheet, seeming very angry: “How many times did I tell you to knock before you enter?” Alex went straight to his bathroom “Now, wait for me outside!” Alex closed the door and Randy remained there, still puzzled to the recent scene. The water started running and the youngster noticed the creamy liquid soaking him and the funky smell, the huge puddles on the carpet. The huge kid noticed the tube of lube on the bed, he grabbed it, in a mix of curiosity and disgust. The sweet mint smell was nice, but the very image of where it had been applied, was so strange! The water stopped and very soon the door opened, and Alex entered once more naked, and once more he went mad: “What are you doing here!?” Alex yelled, but then he just sighed. Dropping the towel on the floor, he grabbed a pair of boxers and finally sat down on the bed aside his silenced little brother, who was still all soaked with Alex’s cum. The elder brother grabbed some paper tissues and started cleaning his shocked sibling. “Look, I am mad at you, but it’s just because you invaded my personal privacy! I always knock on your door, why don’t you do the same?” Randy remained quiet and Alex realized that was not the main point of the whole scene. He sighed and grabbed a piece of paper towel, cleaning the hands and the impossibly huge chest of his brother. “What you saw is a very intimate moment, common, but very intimate! I was masturbating, you must have heard the expression “jerking off”!” Randy’s gaze looked deeply into Alex “You do this very often?” Alex smiled and thought “not nearly as much as I wanted to” but he knew it wasn’t the right answer: “Randy, I’m a grown man, and I have certain needs, you’ll figure out by yourself! I do this to please myself!” Alex said and got up. Randy did the same towering his brother for a whole foot in height. “Well, if I am bigger than you, shouldn’t I be doing the same thing?” The kid asked with his two big puppy green eyes shining: “Soon, you will Randy, it’s not a matter of size, but of sexual maturity!” Alex grabbed Randy’s hand and said: “Your body will soon pass by lots of transformations, your voice will change becoming lower and more mature, your body will show hair in the pits, the face and even on you groin, your muscles will develop, and even your cock will grow bigger and longer, as well as your testicles, those signals tells that your organism is reaching the sexual maturity, and you’ll develop your sexual instincts in the right time…” Alex turned his back on his brother and went to the door –“Now, let’s have some breakfast, if you left anything for me!” It must have been one of the most uncomfortable meals both Randy and Alex ever had The elder brother could only fear the horrible things going on Randy’s mind and the muscle kid felt so bad about making his beloved brother so mad at him! They tried not to look directly into each other eyes, avoiding confrontation, but the mere moment their gazes met during breakfast, Randy had to ask one more time: “Alex, when I entered the room, and got you in my arms, you looked in my eyes and squeezed me so hard, and your cock soaked me with that stuff! Why did you do that?” The elder brother just froze. The question was so tricky! He had to be honest, but without scaring the boy: “Randy, I’m gay!” Alex said at once “I know it may be a little weird to you, and I will understand if you get scared” “Not at all, some guy in my old class says his dad is gay too! And another girl told me she lives with her “two” mommies!” Now it was Alex’s turn to be amazed by Randy being so open minded. “Anyway, I am attracted to men, especially, big, huge strong men, and I fantasize about them! When you walked on me, I was about to spew my load, that’s when you grabbed me so tightly I had no choice unless cumming!” Alex thought about that for a moment and felt satisfied. It wasn’t exactly true, but could be enough for now! “Does Jamie know about it too?” Randy asked getting closer to his dwarfed brother: “No, he doesn’t! And I would appreciate if you didn’t tell him! I want to do it myself, but let’s just hope the whole adapting period is finishing! I’ve forced him to leave grandma’s house, his friends at school, I don’t wanna drop this on him right now…” Alex eyes were filled with tears, Randy just hugged him and the blond elder brother started crying “Alex, it’s alright! I don’t hate you because you are gay! You’re my elder brother! I love you no matter what! You gave up on your life because of me, I don’t have the right to be mad at you for such reason!” Alex looked at Randy’s face –“How come such a young kid be so mature? He is not just big, muscular, brightly genial, but also so kind and considering!” the elder brother smiled and hugged him once again. “I am so sorry I walked on you, but last night you got really drunk, so I wanted to make sure you were all right, then I hear you moaning, I couldn’t realize…” “That’s OK, Randy!” Alex dried his tears “Let’s just give time to time, we’ll figure out how we deal with this whole thing!” – Alex got up and took the dishes to the kitchen: “So, are we going shopping or what?” Randy’s eyes recovered their usual shine, and soon they were on their way to the mall, to buy the fake 17 year old muscle monster some clothing, that he really needed! But finding clothes for our dear Randy boy turned out to be quite a challenge! The only places he could buy pants which could fit on his giant thighs were the “Big and Tall” shops, but then the extra large pants got too wide on his tiny waist! And the T-shirts didn’t fit on the sleeves because of the sheer size of his biceps. It was then Randy noticed this sports store. It had all the equipment for athletes, especially bodybuilders and powerlifters – those guys are (almost) as big as Randy, maybe they could get any success. When the 7 feet tall over muscular figure entered the door, it attracted the gazes of the few people inside the store. A tall, dark haired handsome salesman came towards them. He was pretty big himself, a couple of inches taller than Alex, with a remarkable physique: “Hi, my name is Phil, may I help you?” The kid said in the usual caring tone of a salesman, but Alex was very used to this whole salesman talk. Quickly the pretty buffed boy turned his attention to the enormous bulk of Randy: “Are you looking for anything in particular?” The salesman asked nicely, offering his hand Randy smiled back at him and was about to gently complimented the handsome teen, when Alex interrupted: “Hello Phil! My brother Randy and I are looking for casual clothing, BIG sizes!” Alex smiled showing the enormous figure of his brother – “I think we may have what you’ve been looking for!” The salesman came back with lots of skin tight pants, spandex shorts, tore jeans and all kinds of tank tops, fitted T’s and similar kind of clothing. Not the kind of clothing Alex was looking for, but Randy got so carried away by brilliant colors, impressive drawings, bold attitude slogans and all that stuff he saw over the table that he ended up buying everything the salesman showed him. In fact, Alex bought almost the whole “XXXL” stock of the store! Randy was so excited about trying such “cool” clothing! He loved the many drawings of dragons, huge muscle men posing and flexing on the tank tops. Alex only nodded along and paid for the giant kid’s extravaganza: almost 1600 dollars in sports clothing! He handled the credit card to the happy salesman, and both of them dropped their jaws as Randy got of the dressing cabins. Due to his abnormal size, Randy’s entire wardrobe consisted, basically, in oversized versions of regular kid’s clothing: he wore huge plain T-shirts, and enormous cargo pants along with his humongous shoes. Dressing like that, it was no surprise entered the mall wearing semi baggy jeans, with a blue T-shirt and a flannel shirt over all, but now he had a total different look – Black spandex shorts and a white cotton tank top which could barely hide his huge chest. He also had this black bandanna and blue mirrored sunglasses. His already impressive figure now looked totally HULKING! Alex had to focus really hard to avoid having a huge erection in front of his kid brother, but the salesman couldn’t resist and whispered “I wish I had a brother like THAT!” while he handled the bags to a still shocked Alex. Randy came right behind him: “HOW DO I LOOK?” He asked in his usual deep voice tone, joined by his dazzling white shiny smile. “HOT!” the salesman mouthed to him, out of Alex’s sight, Randy’s face got puzzled but then Alex pulled him out of the store: “Randy! You look like a professional bodybuilder! They might as well think you’re here to make some promotion!” Alex smiled as they walked around the mall: “WOW! You think I look like a pro bodybuilder? COOL!” Randy adjusted his walk and pretended to be one of those famous “little” guys he read on the muscle mags he had. But Alex had other things to worry “Seriously, you can’t go to school in these clothes? They’ll never believe you’re only…” “EIGHTEEN?” Randy looked down at his brother and they both laughed. Alex gave up and they went to buy a few more clothing, but something not so “obvious” like the clothes Randy picked this time. They had lunch at an “ALL YOU CAN EAT” buffet – The only place Randy could eat just as much as he wanted with no further problems. During lunch the still impressive body builder disguised child commented: “That Phil guy told me that I was HOT when you were not looking, you think he’s gay too?” Randy asked between bites on his turkey leg. Alex blushed, he looked to the sides, but fortunately no one listened to Randy: “Randy, I told you to be discrete about this! How am I going to know if the salesman was gay too?” “Well, you are gay and you told me you fantasize about big strong men! I AM big and strong, that’s why the guy was all over me!” Randy simply concluded while lifting to reload his plate. Alex almost passed out, but again, no one seemed to pay attention. “But this is NOT the place to discuss about my sexuality!” Alex said roughly and Randy got the message. No matter how BIG and BOLD he looked, he would always obey his eldest brother. They arrived at home around four o’clock. Alex found Jamie’s note saying he would sleep over Nick’s. “Well, big guy it seems it’s just you and me tonight!” Alex commented as Randy kept the many shopping bags on his room. Randy smiled back at him still with his big sun glasses on – “You look so funny!” and Randy’s expression changed at the exact moment. “What’s wrong?” Alex asked almost at the same time “I thought you said I looked like a pro bodybuilder…” Randy concluded and returned to his room taking off his new clothes. “Randy, I thought you liked those clothes!” Alex asked holding Randy’s thick forearm gently. “I do, I really do! It was the first time I buy the clothes I want, going out and picking them by myself! All my other ones were just given to me, without even asking whether I liked them or not!” The muscular boy grabbed Alex’s hand: “Thank you Alex! I had such a great time shopping with you!” Alex smiled “Well, we can do it more often, maybe next time we may even get you some leather jacket and a Harley to go along with those glasses!” Alex joked as he headed to the kitchen. “Say Alex, you really think I could have a Harley?” Randy said putting his muscle T-shirt back on his glistening giant torso – “Don’t push it, young man!” Alex replied without even looking back. And then Randy caught him and locked him in a huge power grip – “What are you gonna do, little man?” Randy said with an arrogant voice. “Well, Mr. Universe wannabe, I could tell the whole school that the same guy who kicked Nate Phillips’ ass can’t watch any thriller movie or he wets his bed. Alex’ voice was low but Randy let him go – “Why you keep saying this? It was an accident! I had drunk almost a gallon of soda! It had nothing to do with me seeing those movies!” The giant protested and Alex started laughing – “Don’t worry big guy! You secret is safe with me!” Randy looked tenderly at him – “So is yours, bro!” And they hugged. A few hours later, dinner was served and Alex noticed for the first time in his whole life that Randy wasn’t already sat at the table demanding to be fed. “Randy, dinner’s ready!” Alex yelled, but he didn’t get any answer from his giant little brother. The blond eldest brother climbed the stairs calling for the behemoth child, but he wasn’t at his bedroom. Alex didn’t hear any sound of metal plates clapping against each other –“Where the hell did that boy go?” Alex got his answer almost immediately. He noticed his bedroom door opened and there he was, exposed in all his glory, Randy Ferguson, 11 years old – going on 12 – 7’2” 420 pounds of pure solid hard rock muscle NAKED, with his 14 inches flaccid cock! He was looking at his image on the full length mirror (which was very small to show all his glorious proportions). Alex gulped down, the kid didn’t seem him entering. He was lost looking at his biceps flexed, peeking at incredible 33 and half inches. His eyes had this youthful innocent look, exploring his magnificence for the first time. He focused now on his pecs, bouncing them up and down, feeling their enormous weight bobbing and making his whole body shake along with his chest. Alex had to concentrate really hard not to have an erection at such muscle power display. He knocked the door at his side, and suddenly Randy woke up from his trance. “Dinner’s ready, Randy!” Alex said gently, thinking that he would embarrass his nude giant little brother, but Randy’s expression remained calm, he smiled beautifully. “You were peeking on me! I’ve seen you there!” Randy turned his whole body to Alex, putting his hands on his hips. Then he looked so pure and naïve, Alex barely could believe that monstrous muscle man was his 11 year old brother – “Alex, can I ask you something?” “Sure, Alex said sitting on his bed, instinctively trying to get a better look at his gargantuan brother!” Randy knelled so their gazes were almost at the same level. “You think anybody will ever like me?” Randy had this sad look on his face. “What do you mean, Randy?” Alex said still shocked with the sudden question. “Well, if I keep growing like this, someday, I will be just TOO BIG even for a grown man, don’t you think people will be sacred of me?” Randy had this sad look on his face. “Randy, you don’t have to worry about the things which still didn’t happen!” Alex hugged him firmly – Jamie and I will be always there for you, you never forget that!” The behemoth boy got up, smiling but on his face remained the same look. “Alex, each day I feel that my muscles are getting bigger, and my body is more powerful, I don’t think it will ever stop! I am taller than most men, and my weight is increasing with pure muscular mass every month! Soon, I won’t seem normal, not even for a bodybuilder!” His tears rolled down as he finished the sentence – “Why, Alex? What’s wrong with me? Why am I so big?” Randy turned himself back to the mirror, trying to figure out an answer. Alex was devastated, he would anything to help Randy from suffering, he knew that Randy always counted on him to solve his problems, but what could he do now? “Randy, have you ever heard that mankind came from an evolutionary progress of the primates?” Alex asked seriously, and Randy shook his head in agreement – “I knew you did, you’re so smart!” Alex tapped on his enormous shoulders – “Anyway, this process took many eras, but it started simply – one day one member of the primal groups was just BORN different from his brothers or sisters! It may be simple to figure, but the importance of such thing changed the destiny of the whole human kind!” “And what do I have to do with that?” Randy asked sobbing. “WE can’t know for sure! But if you were born different from the rest of us, it doesn’t mean that you’re a freak, or something like that, maybe YOU are the FUTURE, Randy! Who knows, thousands of years from now, the whole mankind will be more like you – taller, stronger, more muscular, more intelligent and specially so kind and precious as you little bro?”. Alex knew this whole thing was very hard to believe, but suddenly Randy had a different look on his face, he was more confident and secure. “You mean, I can be some kind of future man? COOL!” He said drying his face with his hands. “Who knows?” Alex said smiling – “But we will always be right at your side, supporting you! And no matter how big you become, you’re always gonna be my little brother, and I will be there to spank your ass, if you screw things up! Alex hugged randy and kissed his forehead. “Thanks, Alex!” Randy said with his eyes full of hope. “You’re welcome Randy, now put some clothes on and go have dinner, the food is cooling as we speak, I’ve made lasagna!” Alex smiled and got out of the room. Randy’s gaze followed him. From that moment on, Randy felt different about Alex. He didn’t buy any of that man of the future crap he came up, but deep inside, he knew that Alex loved him above everything; he was capable of any sacrifice to keep Randy safe from harmful things. Ever since he was a baby, Alex had been his father, his mother, his brother, his best friend, his financial and most important, he had been his emotional balance, always trying to make him feel better. He had given up on his own personal life in order to give Randy the chance to live a “normal” life, despite the illegal things he had to do! Father, brother, friend – Randy knew he was, undoubtedly, the most important person on Alex’s life, even Jamie didn’t demand such caring as the giant boy. He felt his heart warm and he got calm all of a sudden. Alex did it again, he managed to make things easier on Randy. The giant brother smiled – “Thanks, big bro!” The rest of the evening was really pleasant for both Randy and Alex. After dinner, they decided to watch some movies on DVD. Randy volunteered to go to the video club, and came back half an hour later with two movies, Indiana Jones (Alex’ favorite hero) and “Nightmare on Elm Street VI”. “Randy, you know that if you watch that movie, you’ll get sacred at night!” Randy smiled and approached Alex, towering over him with a glint in his eyes. “Don’t you always say that I make Arnold look like a piece of spaghetti? Well, I gotta stop being such a wuss and face my fears!” Randy flexed his biceps to emphasize his point, and Alex gave up. They sat on the sofa and watched the terror movie. Randy tried to look as bold as he could, even attempting to make lousy comments such as “Look at the make up on Kruger’s, it’s so fake!” but it was no use, every time the disfigured villain appeared on screen, with disgusting things on his hands and mouth, Randy almost jumped of the couch, getting each time closer to Alex who was being crushed by the freaking amount of mass of his brother. “Excuse me, Arnold, but you seem to be very scared, aren’t you?” Alex said with his arms crossed at his chest. “I don’t know what are you talking about!” Randy tried top sound cool, but once more the movie went scary and he jumped out of the couch. “Randy, it’s OK! It’s not true!” Alex turned the video off. “It’s almost midnight now, I’m gonna hit the sack! You come?” “N-no, I will watch Indiana Jones movie, then I’ll go sleep!” Randy put the disk and turned the movie on. Alex waved his head “Farewell!” Alex took his shower, brushed his teeth, and was finally about to sleep, when he noticed the huge figure next to his door frame. It was Randy, carrying his pillow with him. “I am not used to sleep alone on my room, and since Jamie is sleeping over…” “Randy you’re asking me to let you sleep in my bed? Have you checked your size lately? I will be crushed like a bug!” Alex said smiling. Then, he took the pillow from the giant boy and threw it on the bed. “I told you, you were gonna get scared! Now try not to kick me out of the bed, and don’t snore, you hear me?” Randy smiled and jumped in the bed. He was so gigantic his chest almost filled the entire space. He had this shiny look on his face. “I’ll leave the lights on!” Alex said as he came into the bed – “It’s Ok! You’re here with me, I won’t fear a thing! You can turn them off!” Randy said confident. Alex turned the lights off and tried to adjust himself on the tight space left, but he couldn’t. “It’s OK, Alex! Just use my chest as a pillow! Come on, it’s the minimum I can do for you!” The eldest brother would be happy in ding as told, but he had to remember Randy was just a boy. “Tell you what, I’ll sleep at this side of the bed, OK?” Randy didn’t seem very happy with the idea, but he complied anyway. As soon as Alex slept deeply, Randy gently took his brother in his arms and nested him carefully like Alex had turned into a puppy dog. Randy brushed his hair, and kissed his forehead warmly. “Good night, Alex! Don’t worry about anything, I’ll be here to watch over you, big brother!” Randy made sure Alex was comfortable in his arms before he fell asleep. During that night Alex woke up all of a sudden, realizing he was trapped in the mighty muscular arms of his 11 year old brother. He tried to break free, but it was useless, and frankly, he loved being held like that, his whole body enjoyed that feeling of muscular protection. Alex smiled and went back to sleep. Randy opened his right eye and smiled too, now he was absolutely sure that his older brother Alex was attracted to his gargantuan muscles, and it only made him proud of his impressive physique. •

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