Family Ties


By Muscl4life

Alex kept listening to Coach Sanders, still mesmerized: “You see, Mr. Ferguson, your brother Randy has the most incredible potential I’ve ever seen in my 12 years of experience! Last week, he came only 0.74 seconds after the overall junior record for the 100 meters, and he weighs almost twice than the actual runner!” Alex smiled , and nervously tried to refuse the proposal: “Look, Mr. Sanders, Cliff, I don’t think it’ll be appropriate if Randy joins the football team. It’s not that he isn’t physically capable, but…” “Alex, your brother is THE sample of the pure and mightiest American Muscle! There isn’t almost anything he isn’t physically capable of accomplishing!” Sanders repeated. “But he is not much of clever, and he’s still on the seventh grade, I don’t think he could play for the High School, it could really interfere in his study”– Alex tried to sound very concerned to his mental capabilities. “Oh, yeah, about that” – Sanders took some paperwork out of his briefcase – “Ever since I got to know Randy’s condition, I asked the other teachers to test Randy’s skills, but it all went under informal and casual manner, just to see what did he actually know. See for yourself!” Alex looked at the comments of the teachers and they all were terrific; each once attested Randy had full potential to be attending higher grades. “I also asked the School Counselor to apply an IQ test on Randy and the results are rather amazing!” Clifford got nearer Alex – “I know it’s against the rules, but check this out” – Cliff showed the test, and Alex recognized Randy’s handwriting - “our Randy boy has the HIGHEST IQ in the school, and according to the Counselor, it’s also one of the highest scores in the whole country! That’s why I had a meeting with Mr. Redfield right after you left the school, I can make it possible for Randy to be enrolled in the tenth grade, and he’ll start attending the classes on Monday!” “What? It can’t be possible!” Alex’s face went red, he was loosing control _”Look. Cliff, I know you only want the best for the school, but you can’t just make my brother skip three whole years so you can have him playing for your team! Randy has serious relationship issues! Today he actually dragged one big jock through the catering service, just because he called him bad names! My brother has been seeing therapists for almost his entire life, I don’t think he has the emotional structure to be a member of a team!” Alex said roughly, then he took a deep breath, and Sanders got up, getting closer him and holding his shoulders: “Alex, I know it may sound strange, but it is more common than you think! Those specially gifted like Randy, many times can flunk at school, because they don’t feel any challenge at all, everything is too easy for them! Randy had already lost many precious years in his life, it’s time to give him the attention he deserves!” Sanders approached Alex and touched his shoulders: “I don’t know, it is all so sudden!” Alex mumbled as he sat back on his chair. “ It’s very hard for you Alex, I know it is, you must be ten years younger than me, and already has to raise two teenagers while I still live in a lousy apartment! Seriously, I believe Randy had very strong reasons for acting the way he’s been doing…” “What?” Alex said still recovering his breath: “Well, I’ve been watching Randy secretly, like I always do with potential players; and found out he is completely sociable most of the time. The only reason he got in so many troubles recently, was because he can’t stand unfairness!” Cliff said nicely: “What you mean?” “Well, I did some investigation around school, and realized Randy didn’t fight in vain, he was really protecting other people. Like today, for example, he gave Nate Phillips a lesson because the bastard was picking on your brother Jamie!” “Jamie? What’s he got to do with it?” Alex asked feeling the anger building within: “Calm down, he isn’t guilty of anything. That Phillips guy is a real bastard, all Jamie did was trying to keep his lunch money, suddenly Nate started threatening him, and almost hit the kid on his gut, if it wasn’t for Randy who taught him a very nutritive lesson!” Cliff laughed out loud – “Both Jamie and Randy are completely innocent in this incident!” “Cliff, I am still very doubtful about this whole situation…” “Alex, I guarantee you, Randy can’t be treated like a mentally challenged if he has such a tremendous learning potential! He’s a completely healthy and mentally stable teenager – if we assume a teenager can be mentally stable!” Sanders smiled. “Besides, practicing sports will help him when it comes to release the stress and the anger gathered during the day” “And what about Mr. Redfield?” Alex asked hesitating. “Don’t you worry about the old Richard, he’s pretty full of himself, but he’s good people. Once I told him the whole truth about those incidents he realized Randy shouldn’t be prejudiced by his physical or mental characters, but as a regular student!” Cliff seemed to foresee his upcoming victory: “Even so, we still have to know if Randy is willing to play for the team!” Alex concluded – “I’ll talk to him tonight over dinner and if he’s OK about being promoted to the tenth grade and take part in the team, I’ll give the permission!” “Now you’re talking, Alex!” Sanders hugged Alex strongly and they both shook hands “Your brother has the body of the biggest defense liner and the agility and strength of the smartest quarterback in just one mighty player! I know we can bring that trophy home if he plays for us! And we can get rid of Nate Phillips, I’ll make him warm the bench the whole championship!” Cliff laughed as he left the office. “I can’t believe in this! My nearly 11 year old brother is a genius and soon will be the quarterback of the High School Football Team!” Alex smiled and laughed alone in his office – “Randy, you never cease to amaze me, buddy”.

Alex got home very happy, honking his car loud and cheerfully, he parked and grabbed the groceries – “Almost 200 dollars spent on food! But it was worth,” he was so proud of his brother, he decided to fix him a king sized dinner: “Hey Jamie, what’s up?” Alex said as he unloaded the many bags he brought with him. “Just washing the dishes, you know, Randy had another snack!” Jamie answered strangely nice – “What’s with all those bags?” “Nothing special, I just fell like cooking tonight!” Alex asked Jamie to go have some fun, he would take care of everything – “Tonight we’re having steaks, lots of steaks!” Alex smiled as he prepared himself to start cooking. The smell of Alex’s cooking filled the entire house and soon, you could hear the loud steps of the approaching huge kid: “Are we having steaks? AWESOME!” Randy said as he entered the kitchen. “Yes, we are, but you gotta take a shower first – MAN, YOU STINK!” Alex teased: “OK! OK! I am going! Gee, everybody likes to say I stink!” Randy repeated in low voice: “And don’t you think I won’t check under those hairless armpits of yours! You won’t have dinner until you smell properly!” Alex joked. Dinner was delicious just at sight only – Steaks, at least three for each one, French fries, risotto, stuffed onions, and many other delicious plates and for desert ice cream and apple pie! A real paradise for those not worried about calories! Alex wasn’t much into this kind of food, but he knew Randy could just eat anything, and he was by all means, in growth period. After the sixth plate, Randy still came back for one more steak (just to finish his juice): “ALEX! YOU ARE THE BEST COOK, BRO!” Randy said right after he burped loudly. Jamie frowned – “Man, you sound like a pig!” “Thanks, Randy, and you too Jamie” – The elder looked at his uptight younger brother – “I just wanted this evening to be very special”! “What’s the occasion?” Jamie asked harshly “Today, I found out you two very special things!” Alex made a strategic pause, just to increase the tension – “Randy, do you have an idea who showed up at my office this afternoon after I dropped you at home?” Randy barely shook his head for “no” and kept eating his enormous T-bone steak. Alex smiled and opened another beer can: “Coach Sanders, he’s a very nice guy, by the way!” The sound of the fork dropping and the fear on Randy’s face were the sign of his surprising: “ALEX, I TOLD HIM I COULDN’T PLAY FOR THE TEAM! I AM STILL ON JUNIOR HIGH! BUT HE KEPT TRYING TO CONVINCE ME!” Randy went on and on, until Alex tapped on his huge muscular thighs – “Randy, it’s all right buddy, I am not mad you!” Alex and Jamie exchanged looks and laughed at Randy’s face: “In fact, Cliff Sanders dropped by to tell me very nice things about you, and you too Jamie!” Alex looked at his middle brother – “He said that Jamie had the guts to stand against the bully and our super Randy boy taught that Nate guy to never mess with the Ferguson bros again!” Alex concluded lifting his glass for a toast, Randy and Jamie were a little surprised, but soon they both lifted their glasses. “I knew you couldn’t be that bad at School, Randy! Cliff told me that you were always defending the smaller kids, and it makes me so proud – from both of you!” Alex hugged his brothers, and dried his upcoming tears: “Oh, come on! Let’s not get all sentimental here!” Jamie protested with a false attitude. Randy kept silent, maybe he didn’t understand anything at all! Alex took a deep breath! “Look, Randy, all I wanna say is that I am very proud of what you did, but you can’t solve everybody’s problems! You got into much trouble pretending to be Superman! Although you have his size and strength” – Alex messed up his brother’s hair – “You’re still an 11 year old!” “I am turning 12 in less than a month!” Randy said in a unconscious protest which made Alex laugh hard: “OK! OK! Even so, you cannot beat up everyone because they were doing bad things, you have to stay out of trouble, and you know that you are…” “A freak!” Randy said staring the floor. Alex gently held his chin up: “DON’T YOU EVER SAY THAT AGAIN! YOU ARE NOT A FREAK, YOU ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL! YOU’RE SPECIAL! AND YOU KNOW ME AND JAMIE LOVE YOU JUST LIKE THE WAY YOU ARE!” Alex was a little high because of the beer, but he meant it! He hugged Randy as tight as he could and so did Jamie. Although their differences they were family above all things! Alex would never let anything bad happen to the boy: “You are just a king sized little brother” Alex said cleaning his face from his tears “Yeah, a KING KONG sized little brother” Jamie teased and Randy laughed hard, feeling all his sadness going away. In fact, he could go for a little sweet, so he just started digging the ice cream jar… “What was the other thing you said you found out, anyway?” Jamie asked while poring himself a little desert. Alex gave another sip on his beer and went on “Coach Sanders was more than thrilled when he first laid his eyes on you Randy” The boys giggled and Alex realized how awkward that sounded “I mean, as a potential athlete! Gee, you all have such dirty minds” Alex nodded “He said Randy has this incredible potential for being a top star athlete, and who could blame on him?” Alex said pointing to Randy’s mighty biceps and the boy FLEXED it, just playing along “They could be a little bigger, but I’m working on that!” Randy casually said between ice cream scoops. “Anyway, he didn’t feel good about having an 17 year old stuck on the seventh grade, like you supposedly were Randy, so he asked the other teachers to give you special tests, to evaluate your true learning potential, did you remember doing them Randy” “Sure, the teachers always asked me lots of questions during the classes, it was like they wanted to make me pass by stupid in front of the other students!” Randy commented a little resented. Alex tapped his knees: “All of them wrote great comments about you, that you are clever minded, polite and very nice boy” the elder brother kept talking “Their unanimous opinion is that you are totally capable of attending to a higher class! Isn’t it great?” Alex looked at Jamie: “Oh, yeah, great! The wiz kid will attend 8th grade before he turns eleven!” The middle brother commented as he took his dishes to the sink. “Actually, they also applied an IQ test on Randy, you remember?” Randy nodded his head “I didn’t know it was an IQ test, I just took it as a normal exercise routine” “Well, it doesn’t really matter, because they said you got the HIGHEST score of the entire school!” Alex lifted up from the chair and hugged Randy once more. By his way of lifting, both Randy and Jamie knew he was high, but since he wasn’t driving, he could drink a little more, Alex was always so uptight and controlled, he deserved some free time! He doesn’t even go out at night! “WOW! You’re saying that I am genius? COOL!” Randy said still hugging Alex. Jamie came from the kitchen: “You’re telling that Randy has an IQ score higher than those geeks from Chess club? Man! You are a 400 pound NERD!” Jamie laughed out loud, but Randy wasn’t paying much attention to him “Alex, are you sure about that?” Alex nodded, still hugging Randy “The Coach said it is also one of the highest scores of the country! My little brother is a genius!” Alex laughed and almost fell down, but Randy was there for him. “Wait a minute, you’re not saying he’s gonna attend classes at the ninth grade, are you? He would be at the same grade as me! How awful is that!” Jamie concluded, but Alex didn’t pay much attention to him either: “Randy, Coach talked to Mr. Redfield and told him all about your behavior at those bullies at school, and the guy understood it all! They all think you’re not mentally retarded at all, in fact, they now think you’re a gifted! And that you only flunked because school offered almost no challenge to you!” Alex tried to stand on his own feet again “Coach said you could perfectly start attending classes at the 9th GRADE!” Both Jamie and Alex dropped their jaws, but Jamie replied first: “OH! COME ON, ALEX! DON’T YOU SEE THIS COACH ONLY WANTS TO MAKE RANDY PLAY FOR THE TEAM? YOU THINK HE CAN REALLY BE ON 9TH GRADE? HE’S 11 YEARS OLD! HE’S NOT A GENIUS! WE WOULD HAVE NOTICED!” Alex tried calm down his brother: “Jamie, we both know Randy had the best tutors while he studied at home! Maybe he learned more than if he were in regular classes, besides, we still don’t know all of Randy’s capabilities, why can’t be this BIG and also be a GENIUS? Maybe he’s got the whole package!” Alex said as he hugged Jamie. Then he turned to Randy who was still completely shocked: “Randy, I want you to know, that it all depends on you, bro! I won’t let them do anything to you, unless you are willing to do it! I’ve always known you were special, and you’ll continue this way, no matter what you decide…” Randy looked down at his brother. He looked so tiny, so small, and yet he was his elder brother, the man he respected as his father, he loved him and he could never disappoint him, so if those guys think he is able to do it… “Alex, will you really let me do that, I mean attend the 9th grade, and play for the football team?” Randy said looking deep in his elder brother’s eyes. Alex smiled: “Whatever you decide, I’ll support your decision, I was the one who started all this story, if you are willing to go further, I can’t stop it now!” The brothers hugged and Randy had his eyes filled with tears: “I-I wanna do it! I wanna play for the team! I wanna attend the classes! At least at 9th grade, they will stop staring at me, like I was some kind of monster” “You’re not a monster, Randy! You’re just BIG! But you are also a wonderful kid, and pretty soon, you will live as any other big man in this world! Alex smiled and tried to walk “Now, since you are gonna do it, you can take the whole day off tomorrow, and on Monday morning you’ll start at the 10th grade!” Alex twisted a little too fast and would certainly fall if Randy wasn’t there for him. The 7’2” behemoth gently grabbed Alex and held him in his arms: “WHOA! It seems someone has overdone with the beer cans” Jamie said sarcastically. Randy just smiled at Alex’s funny reddish face: “Tomorrow, we’re gonna spend the day off buying your supplies for the 9th grade and the football team!” Alex smiled and Randy just waved his head “Whatever you say, boss, now let me put this baby here to sleep!” The 11 year old just shifted his brother gently on his 33 and ½ inches arms and carried him to his room on the second floor. Alex was asleep even before they reached his room, the household’s master room. Randy just held his elder brother with one arm pressing Alex’s hard body against his overdeveloped chest and opened the door. The bedroom was very neat and organized, just like everything on Alex’s life, he had to have control under each circumstance, otherwise he would just go freak! Maybe that’s why he was so scared about Randy’s sudden promotion to the 9th grade. Randy smiled and gently lowered Alex on his bed. Randy was ready to leave, but Alex moaned as he tried to get out of his clothing – He was still wearing his suit pants and his shirt, which were very uncomfortable to sleep in, so Randy guessed he’d better help his brother. He unzipped Alex’s pants and unbuttoned his shirt, but still his brother couldn’t get out of his clothing: “Alex, you barely had six beers and you already are in such a mess!” Randy smiled as he finally managed to free the elder brother from his clothes. In fact, Randy took the pants out so rapidly, he brought Alex’s underwear along, letting his brother totally naked on his bed. Randy ‘s eyes got wide, and he quickly tried to put them back on, but Alex had already fallen asleep again. Randy got out of the bed and prepared to leave, but something stronger than him, forced the over sized child to look at his elder brother’s body. “That’s weird!” Randy thought as he looked carefully to Alex’s sleeping figure – “Alex is WAY smaller than me, but his body is so different!”, the well over 400 pound kid observed Alex’s chiseled muscles. It had been a while since he left the University softball team, but he still got his good physique, his lean, well cut 180 pound musculature, but even when he was top shape, Randy was much taller and more muscular than Alex. The funny thing was that Alex had hair coming through his whole body! His armpits, his chest, and even on his groin! His cock was covered by this forest of thick hair. Randy looked closer, the curiosity got out of control, now – Alex’s cock was so different than his! For starters, Randy could never think his brother was such “small” in that area (if you call a flaccid almost seven inches cock “small”). Even so, it had a different shape than his one, the head had no skin covering it, and it seemed so perfectly made! Randy’s still had its foreskin and was MUCH longer and thicker (14 inches still flaccid)… “So, did you put the baby to sleep?” Jamie asked from downstairs. Randy woke up from his observation trance and quickly got out of the bedroom, turned the lights off and came running downstairs. Jamie looked at him: “What’s the matter, you are not afraid of the dark, are you?” The middle brother asked finished washing the last dish. Randy’s face frowned –“ It was just that night , OK? And you were the one who convinced me to watch that movie, anyway!” Randy said as he went to the kitchen to dry the dishes. Jamie laughed out loud: “Randy, you’re gonna be on 9th grade! You can’t get scared because some stupid movie anymore!” Jamie tapped his shoulder, but still the kid didn’t seem any happier. “Hey, dude! Have you checked your size? You’re MUCH bigger than Schwarzenegger! Fuck! No monster would like to take a chance on you, Randy! There’s nothing to be afraid of!” Jamie said laughing “Everything is gonna be just fine!” Randy smiled and Jamie helped him with the dishes –“ If they say you’re a genius, then you should be really in 9th grade! The whole school thinks my older brother is in 7th grade because he was retarded! Let’s show them that you’re the BEST both in classes and out there on the field!” Randy and Jamie high-fived and went to the living room. It was almost eleven, and they were supposed to be sleeping now, but since Alex was sleeping like a log upstairs and Randy would have the Friday off, Jamie decided they could at least watch all the TV he wanted. Randy didn’t like the late shows, but he wanted to be there with Jamie, mostly because he was still afraid to go to bed alone! He didn’t care about if he made Arnold look thin, he was just a kid, for Christ’s sake, it was normal for him to get scared at movies! But as time passed, Randy relaxed and started laughing of those programs Alex forbade him to watch! During the commercials, Randy just asked – “Jamie, your cock still has its foreskin right?” Randy looked at him seriously, but the older brother kept watching the TV: “Yep” Randy thought about for a while but he had to ask “So, why Alex’s doesn’t?” the enormous child asked, this time blocking the view of his brother. Jamie tried to see the screen, but obviously Randy was too damn wide to let that happen – “Alex is cut! The doctors cut the foreskin and stitched the excess, that’s why his cock has no skin on its head!” Jamie completed and moved aside to watch TV. Randy seemed satisfied with this information, he sat back on the floor they kept watching TV till midnight. Jamie turned the TV off and they went upstairs to sleep: “You’d never noticed that Alex was cut?” Jamie commented as they prepared to sleep “ I guess you were to young to notice, that!” Randy just nodded and got on his bed. Their room had a king sized bed (for Randy of course) and a single one for Jamie. “Jamie, you think this idea of playing for the team is good?” The kid said as he removed his shirt. “Randy, like Alex said, we still don’t know how far you can reach!” Jamie sat on the bed of his young brother “You already are so big and strong, and you are still a child, we don’t know how much you’re gonna grow, all we know is that you are not regular, you’re special! You’re SUPER! You’re my SUPER KID BROTHER!” Jamie hugged Randy, remembering their old child play – that is Randy was barely five or six and Jamie was ten year old, but the youngster already surpassed his older brother and weighed almost twice his bodyweight all in rippled hard muscles. “Night, Jamie! Thanks for the talk!” Randy said as he turned his lamp off. “Good night Randy, and don’t worry, you’ll be fine!” Jamie answered and also turned his lamp off. •

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